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The Vibes Are Immaculate With Saif Love’s New Music



Saif Love’s New Music

Saif Love is a modern-day heartbreak kid, he leaves his fans wanting more with his mysterious demeanor and melodic tunes.

His latest album “Your Love is Saif” is nothing short of a masterpiece. His album is perfect for a kickback with friends or cruising along Santa Monica in a droptop convertible with loved ones. The vibes are Immaculate with Saif Love and were curious to learn more about his upbringing in Orlando and how he came to be a musician.

Hi SaifLove

What first got you into music?

I’ve always enjoyed music. When I was younger my mom used to play pop, hip-hop, R&B, and Jazz music a lot so I grew up listening to good/popular music. As I grew up I started developing a deeper passion for it and wanted to pursue it further.

How would you describe the music that you typically create?

It depends on my mood but normally stick with R&B/Pop, House/Dance. Mostly slower tempo beats, late-night driving kind of music. Then the House/dance is more upbeat, party type of music.

What is your creative process like?

I normally smoke, pour myself some red wine and I play beats. As each beat is playing, I’m freestyling and trying to put together different melodies. Sometimes I go through 7-8 beats and sometimes I stop at the very first one. Once I’ve found a beat and have a few good melody ideas, I put the beat on replay, write and try to put the pieces together/create a story.

Who would you most like to collaborate with?

The Weeknd or Majid Jordan. They are probably my favorite artists and to have the opportunity to collab with them, learn from them would be crazy.

If you could go open a show for any artist, who would it be?

My top choices would be The Weeknd, Majid Jordan, Brent Faiyaz, Ty Dolla Sign, Saint Jhn

What is one message you would give to you fans?

-Be kind and always show others love. Be unapologetic for who you are

You can find more about SaifLove:

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Malcolm Al-Leem is the next big thing



Malcolm Al-Leem

“Where words fail, music speaks,” they say. We often see such quotations in our daily lives and realize that music is one of the truest companions of a soul. People have an exceptional love and affection towards music that can be seen in their eyes and behavior. They know to their best how to feel it and make others feel through their music. Something similar we have witnessed in the music of our favorite Turkish music artist Malcolm Al-Leem. He is known for his exceptional and unique music formation with a special hidden message for his listeners.

New debut release:

People are already in awe of his new releasing the debut album “pure” in late July. Everyone is waiting restlessly for it. Al-Leem’s other lead single called “Capital Gains” is already the talk of the town and is rocking Turkish radio. His new work is earning him nothing less than what his artistic work truly deserves.

A debut with the message:

Malcolm Al-Leem has always come up with the most exciting and engaging songs that have some certain message inside. Just like this one. Al-Leem believes that his message in the song is vivid to everyone into whom he has poured his eternal thoughts in it.

Al-Leem’s music inspires his listeners with the feelings of life struggles he has gone through. His music comes with the loud message that expressing what you are feeling at a certain time is perfectly okay. One of the deepest messages Al-Leem has for us is: “All our lives, we were made to believe that we aren’t supposed to cry. That’s a lie we were taught as a child. It’s not so. That is one reason there are so many divorces today; because of our stupid pride.”

Communication:  A god-gifted skill:

Regarding our practical lives, we see that very few of us can communicate our hearts while others cannot. Once some of us get to talk it out, the pride becomes the barrier between our hearts, keeping two people away. These beliefs of Al-Leem are sufficient to draw his fans to his story of losing his loved ones in life.

The music of Al-Leem is his true work of art that aims to communicate to his fans and supporters to say what their heart carries for someone. Say it without any slightest chances of hesitation or holding it back due to pride or shame.

Malcolm summarized this vibe in the following words: “After you listen to this, I’m sure you will find the right words to say.” What a hope-giving message for everyone out there.  

Biggest music inspiration:

Highly inspired by Craig David’s music, Malcolm Al-Leem has been trying out new amazing approaches to reach out to his fans with his music. New wonders can be expected to happen undoubtedly, as he has always surprised us with his creativity.

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Virginia Artist Flair Plans To Tear The Streets Up This Summer



Virginia Artist Flair Plans To Tear The Streets Up This Summer

Get Rich or Die Tryin, Ready To Die, The Blueprint– these are titles of staple bodies of work that are all defining moments in the careers of their respectable artists. These magnum opus masterpieces are household name albums that go down in history as culture grasping releases. However, with big moments such as those to compare to, seldom do we as listeners, especially in rap, appreciate the moments that led to those huge projects like we ought to. The ‘Guess Who’s Back’ or theDynasty: Roc La Familia’s get overlooked the most. It’s in these moments where we see an artist perform at a level which exudes that they have nothing to lose, that they want ‘it’ all, that the game so to speak is theirs. Well word has it that hip-hop can expect another moment like this summer of 2022, and that this moment can come from a very unlikely source.

What source may that be? Well Virginia, and specifically in Alexandria. This small town about 25 minutes south of the nation’s capital Washington D.C, serves as the home to upcoming rapper and artist, Flair. Much hasn’t been heard from Flair since his 2021 fall mixtape ‘No Love In These Streets’. The 10-track album was accepted fairly well by the DMV rap scene and generated a bit of buzz for the artist, which soon came to a halt after his Instagram was hacked in November of last year. To make matters worse the album wasn’t supported by any music videos which would naturally come off as disappointing to the eager listener. However, Flair has since been working on his next project which he says will be titled, ‘Street Pastor’. The project is slated to drop at the top of June 2022 and if it’s anything like the mixtape that preceded it rap fans are in for a treat.

 If you want to stay updated on Flair and Street Pastor please visit any of the links below and tap in:

Flair’s Instagram:

Flair’s Apple Music:

Flair’s Pandora:

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Samuel Guzza Helps Musician Get Over 900K Followers On Instagram!



Samuel Guzza Helps Musician Get Over 900K Followers On Instagram!

Samuel Guzza

Musician Jennifer Messina who recently got over 240,000 YouTube views on her music video “Define Me” has turned to Samuel Guzza again for help expanding her reach on Instagram. Over the course of 124 days, Samuel helped Jennifer go from 26,000 followers to over 900,000 followers on Instagram!

“We definitely have plans to get her to over a million on IG, her numbers are going crazy both on YouTube and Instagram. That’s exactly what a dedicated social media expert does. They get hired for the job, and they give the specific results wanted to the client.”

“Her YouTube video will probably get to a million before the end of the year, been working on that by using some YouTube ads and Instagram ads. The next step is to start a TikTok trend possibly. Her TikTok account was hacked last year and since I’ve recovered it for her, we’ve been behind the scenes trying to figure out how to work back the algorithm on our side. Expect good things to come.”

Stated Samuel when asked about her rapid growth and his role.

If you’re looking to grow your social media presence, get YouTube promotion, or have an overall well-rounded social media manager, Samuel would be the go-to person for those jobs. Just one look at his search results, and you’ll see for yourself he’s fit for the job.

With that being said you should follow and message him below for more information and to keep up to date with what he does!

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