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The Vibes Are Immaculate With Saif Love’s New Music



Saif Love’s New Music

Saif Love is a modern-day heartbreak kid, he leaves his fans wanting more with his mysterious demeanor and melodic tunes.

His latest album “Your Love is Saif” is nothing short of a masterpiece. His album is perfect for a kickback with friends or cruising along Santa Monica in a droptop convertible with loved ones. The vibes are Immaculate with Saif Love and were curious to learn more about his upbringing in Orlando and how he came to be a musician.

Hi SaifLove

What first got you into music?

I’ve always enjoyed music. When I was younger my mom used to play pop, hip-hop, R&B, and Jazz music a lot so I grew up listening to good/popular music. As I grew up I started developing a deeper passion for it and wanted to pursue it further.

How would you describe the music that you typically create?

It depends on my mood but normally stick with R&B/Pop, House/Dance. Mostly slower tempo beats, late-night driving kind of music. Then the House/dance is more upbeat, party type of music.

What is your creative process like?

I normally smoke, pour myself some red wine and I play beats. As each beat is playing, I’m freestyling and trying to put together different melodies. Sometimes I go through 7-8 beats and sometimes I stop at the very first one. Once I’ve found a beat and have a few good melody ideas, I put the beat on replay, write and try to put the pieces together/create a story.

Who would you most like to collaborate with?

The Weeknd or Majid Jordan. They are probably my favorite artists and to have the opportunity to collab with them, learn from them would be crazy.

If you could go open a show for any artist, who would it be?

My top choices would be The Weeknd, Majid Jordan, Brent Faiyaz, Ty Dolla Sign, Saint Jhn

What is one message you would give to you fans?

-Be kind and always show others love. Be unapologetic for who you are

You can find more about SaifLove:

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Giovannie Pierre ItsGiovannie:The Musician



Giovannie Pierre ItsGiovannie:The Musician

Giovanni Pierre-Louis, professionally known as Gio, along with several of his Haitian compatriots, endure life well. Gio was born in Brooklyn to an Italian woman who couldn’t kiss her biracial children and a Haitian drug kingpin father who was exiled at the age of 2.After being kicked out of school for behavioral epidemics, Gio was sent to Haiti to live with her father. In Haiti, he learned to appreciate the little things in life and discovered his love for music.

ItsGiovannie was eventually sent to Haiti to live with her father. This is where she discovered her love of music and the rest was history. She is very talented and has a passion for music. ItsGiovannie’s musical talents eventually developed into a fusion of modern sounds mixed with trap and old school scat. Check her new single “Money Talk”.

Gio has been involved with music for as long as she can remember. His early musical abilities are not surprising given the musical background of his family. His father was a producer and sound engineer, and his uncle played guitar/bass and piano in the group Kompa ZORO. Gio’s musical development is influenced by the music of Haiti, which is a combination of European music derived primarily from French and Spanish influences from Cuba and the Dominican Republic border, as well as African migration through slavery. Upon returning to the United States, Gio’s younger sister, Cassandra, died in a fire at the age of 15. For years, she struggled with pain, self-loathing, and began to struggle with the weight of it. Gio felt very lonely and became deeply depressed.

Gio knows that with God at his side, everything is possible for him to achieve his goals and make his dreams come true. “I had a difficult childhood,” he says. “I get a lot of emotions and ideas from my journey, and I want my audience to connect with this experience, I’m going to the extreme!”

Gio wants her music to be heard around the world to promote Haiti and to also continue her sister Cassandra’s creative musical legacy. Gio’s music’s universal edge bridges many gaps. It ranges from Neo-Soul to Jazz, to R&B and Hip-Hop – but there’s no limit to the sounds Gio is bringing forth as she draws inspiration from her life’s lessons and blessings.

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Tomas Kuçi and his contributions in Hip Hop music



Tomas Kuçi and his contributions in Hip Hop music Tomas Kuci

Tomas Kuçi is 23 years old and is one of the best record producers at the moment. His name is Tomas Kuçi known for the people as the most multi-talented person. The intense passion for Tomas’s acting career made him to manage, even after having a break of some months due to the pandemic situation to have a hand over 10 projects since his comeback with his label called Melodi. Tomas is also known as a music producer for different artists. He can produce different styles like Dancehall, Reggae, Hip Hop Rap, and everything that his singers ask him to produce.

Even though the music producer is keeping very busy, he also is investing time for a passion project, related to singing at an old project where he promises will even yet to expand her performing skills. “It’s a passion project, that is taking life right now by itself. It was not planned, but it’s happening. I don’t wanna say much yet, because it’s a hobby becoming something else but I’m sure that will be amazing “ is what Tomas says to us.

After years and years producing for others, after good things with Marin and some other new names in Albanian music I think that I will do something good for myself with a well-known singer. Tomas interacts with his followers on his Instagram and shares important details about his work and life. Other than producing various resourceful music Supa Crank. It has got popular beats for different singers from different cities. His songs with Marin were selected and honored like the Song of the month in Albania. His music was clicked million times for 30 days and this makes him more strength to go ahead and work harder and harder.

As far as now, this multi-talented artist has shown what he is made of and for sure, doesn’t disappoint. We wish to Tomas all the best and so much success in the future in music and life too.

Instagram: Tomas Kuçi

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JamesDJJ releases “Crying Devil”, seems that the new album is ready



JamesDJJ releases "Crying Devil", seems that the new album is ready

JamesDJJ, after coming back on the music scene with Emily, just released a new song called Crying Devil, let’s see what this song is about.

The song is a mix between dance pop and Edm, with some synths on the base, giving the song a touch of 80s, but what is extremely strange and controversial are the lyrics, like every song wrote by JamesDJJ.
What is really nice is also the art cover, where James is a devil statue and whe can see at the left a good part that represents the angels in blue, and right there is the “bad” part  with red devils.
The artist didn’t actually told anything about the synopsis of his song, lyrics and cover, but whe can clearly see that there is a good part and a bad part, Angels and Demons, seems that JamesDJJ wants to make us choose is bad or good.

The song is nice, vibrant and the vibes that the chorus transmits are very nice, it’s seems that #J2 , JamesDJJ next album, is on the way, we hope so.

Go to follow JamesDJJ on
Instagram: @james.djj
Twitter: @iamjamesdjj

And stream his new song:

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