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Anthony Denny Musician And How Music Saved His Life



Anthony Denny musician

Anthony Denny Musician — I’m a music artist from the United States, but before that, I was something else.

I was a lot of things:

Scared, alone, depressed.

A lot of people think you either get anxiety or depression. I was one of the lucky ones and got both.

It got so bad I started to develop nervous tics, and my life was pretty much eating itself away.

For a long time — longer than I am happy to admit — my pain was all about me. I didn’t realize what it was doing to other people. Other people like my father.

He was at this wits end too.

What he did next changed everything.

Anthony Denny

Anthony Denny

Dad bought me my first guitar and paid for the lessons that lead me to become Anthony Denny — Musical Artist.

Now, I want to use music to move beyond myself and my pain and use it to help other people with theirs.

My passion is for hard rock and metal; some of the most powerful and moving music genres. I play guitar, bass, and sing, and I want to write songs for all the people who have been down before, to bring them up.

I realise now that when I was bullied as a kid, I had a choice as to how Anthony Denny reacted to that, and thanks to my father instead of falling further into the dark we moved into the light together through music.

I listened to music from artists such as Trivium, Alter Bridge and Five Finger Death Punch and I came to the understanding that the stereotypes about metal are all wrong: this music is full of powerful feelings and I want to contribute my own to the movement.

I joined a band and enjoyed playing with others, but recently I’ve decided I want to move forward with my own message of empowerment. That’s what my new song ‘Mema’ conveys — we’re so much more powerful than we think.

We control our message.

We control how we react to the message of others.

Choose a future full of happiness like I did.

I’m working on an instrumental EP right now, pouring myself into it every day and you know what? The world is a challenging place right now, but we’re all on a journey,

I hope you’ll share mine with me, and if you’re feeling like I was before, know one thing is a fact: pain is temporary.

Anthony Denny.

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