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Yukesh Chaudhary, He’s currently one of the best Social Media Maestro (Manager) in the country



Yukesh Chaudhary, He's currently one of the best Social Media Maestro (Manager) in the country

Yukesh Chaudhary

Yukesh Chaudhary started out as a freelancer and then slowly started gaining useful clients, so he wasted no time and set up his own company called Yukesh Media. Yukesh Media is currently the Publishing Platform Company operating in Morang, Nepal.

He is from Dania, Morang, and currently lives with his mother, Yashoda Devi Choudhury, in the Sundararaincha municipality. He completed his twelfth education (college) from Socona Polytechnic. Yukesh started in internet marketing and digital promotion at the age of 18 as an independent agent in Nepal’s eastern development region.

Born on May 7, 1995, Yukesh Choudhury grew up in a lower-middle-class family, always feeling fear, uncertainty, poverty, and inferiority in addition to a life of deprivation.

 His parents sacrificed everything they could to ensure that Yukesh and his younger brothers Aditya Choudhury and Abinash Choudhury were well-educated.

From a young age, Yukesh had always dreamed of earning a lot of money, so that he could help his family overcome the poverty inherent in his family.

Yukesh Chaudhary coded his first website when he was in the eighth grade. He always wanted to start something small. He realized that formal education was not something to help him fulfill his dream. So I prioritize self-education over formal education.

Yukesh has made entrepreneurship the main goal of his life. The focus on entrepreneurship and the self-skill building was his true hope. So, he chose social media as a start.

He was learning new skills every day. Yukesh Choudhury, a young digital marketing expert, feels that digital marketing is not so simple now. You need to refresh yourself every day. Since the rules change on every social media platform, one wrong move can get you out of the competition.

 In only 5 years, he became very popular, and the reason is his hard work and passion for digital marketing.

In the field of social media management and marketing, yukesh has come a long way in a few years. He is also the co-owner of the social media agency Biwi Media. His company manages social media accounts, especially Instagram, for Western celebrities, millionaires, and business tycoons.

Yukesh sees a huge opportunity in the social media sector. It is believed that everyone can thrive using social media platforms, but young people should not stop learning and improving their skills every day.