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Zinobe Being Sponsored by Monachil Capital Partners



Zinobe Being Sponsored by Monachil Capital Partners

Zinobe, one of Columbia’s top online companies offering financial aids to Columbian citizens and businesses, expanded their initially planned credit line up to $30 million, all thanks to Ali Meli and his venture.

Zinobe is the first fully online fintech company in Columbia to use in-depth analytics for the development of its financial products. Lineru, a service launched by Zinobe in 2012, offers consumer loans to the general public. Zinobe went on to become the first fintech partner of the Columbian government, offering loans to citizens and businesses amidst COVID-19.

The CEO of Zinobe, Tarek El Sherif, stated that they are working towards their goal of futuristic and advanced financial services. They are busy working on the technological and data analysis products that would support workers affected by the pandemic. Monachil invested Zinobe in their project of providing Columbians with the liquidity.

What Does Zinobe Do?

Zinobe is a Columbian-based company that offers financial services for small startups. The company aims to use technology to provide premium-quality customer experience and automation for a higher efficiency rate. The data-centric credit model of Zinobe aims to help small businesses of Columbia during the recession.

What Is MCP?

Monachil Capital Partners (MCP) is a globally recognized investment venture, specializing in structured credit, specialty finance, and consumer finance investments. Ali Meli came up with the idea of forming the Stamford-based company after spending 15 glorious years at Goldman. At Goldman, he was one of the youngest partners of his class and Co-Head of structured finance, investing, and lending. The team members of MCP specialize in identifying investment opportunities, underwriting risks, negotiating the terms, and structuring transactions across the globe. The thing that sets this venture apart from the rest is their ability to combine technology and investment insights while focusing on their investors’ needs.