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Developing Emotional Intelligence in the Classroom




Developing Emotional Intelligence in the Classroom

The debate on social-emotional learning, also known as emotional intelligence has taken on great proportions today; after all, it is increasingly evident how necessary it is to talk about the practices that people have focused on this topic. It is possible to notice that more and more young people, in general, find it difficult to resolve conflicts in the most diverse situations, especially when the focus is on the school environment. Thus, the importance of social-emotional learning cannot be overemphasized.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify one’s own and other people’s feelings, with the possibility of motivating and managing people, emotions, and relationships that are developed in life. Emotional intelligence can also be divided into five skills:

  1. Emotional self-knowledge: the ability to recognize and understand one’s feelings. Whoever can develop this skill, can “pilot” the path they decide to follow in life better.
  2. Self- motivation: knowing how to direct emotions around a goal or personal fulfillment, without being carried away by anxiety and problems that arise along the way.
  3. Recognition of emotions in other people: it is the ability to recognize what the other feels and empathize with that feeling.
  4. Interpersonal relationships: knowing how to interact with other individuals managing to deal with the feelings of others, after all, the relationship is, in the great majority, learning to deal with the other.
  5. Emotional control: it is the ability to deal with one’s own feelings in each situation that is experienced.

When the human being can control his own feelings, he can also develop his intelligence better. It is also necessary to understand emotions and their peculiarities to be able to learn to develop emotional education. Only then is it possible to work on each of the feelings in a more assertive way? With the development of this skill, it becomes easier to interact with others inside and outside the school.

The Debate about Emotional Intelligence in the School Environment

Currently, the actions of young people involving the school are more explicit. The school environment sometimes becomes the stage for situations such as the beginning of romantic relationships or bullying, for example. Thus, there must be a great deal of preparation to know how to deal with the individual student and understand that, in addition to being a student, he is also someone with feelings.

In the face of such situations, the school environment needs to be prepared to be the student’s support when developing their own ability to deal with emotions, which are intense.

Learning how to deal with emotions is crucial so that there is a greater possibility of success in problematic situations. The first step is to know how to recognize your own limitations and how they interfere in relationships with other people, and also knowing that there is a need for respect for others. One of the great aids for the student at this stage should be the teacher.

The school can and should assist both students and teachers so that the ability of self-knowledge, self-perception, and empathy are worked on by the student himself so that he understands them and knows how to deal with it, being helped by the teacher. With this, the work started in the educational environment can be easily extended beyond the classroom, making it possible to perceive the education of that student as part of society.

How is it possible to do this at School?

There are several ways to deal with emotional education; one of them, for example, is to have moments for reflection activities directed by a teacher. Thus, students can think about different issues and understand how they would behave before the world.

You can also work with dynamics, elaboration of works and murals, meditation and relaxation practices, always being guided by a school manager.

It is worth remembering that the teacher’s participation in this process is a fundamental part of the development of emotional intelligence to be done in the best possible way. The approach needs to happen in a natural way, which can be done through an informal chat about each other’s experiences, personal tastes, and telling how the reactions to the problems are. This way, the student will have a fixed point of confidence in the classroom.

When there is a concern to take care of the emotional health of their students, the educational environment is automatically transformed into a safe, strong, and emotionally healthy place. Thus, it is possible to form better students who are aware of their attitudes in today’s society.

The importance of Social-Emotional Learning

To deal with the daily pressures of the educational routine, the key is to know how to apply emotional intelligence in your favor, so it is possible to have the return of several positive results, some of which are:

– Decreased levels of anxiety and stress in classes;

– Improvement in interpersonal relationships in general;

– Development of more empathy for others;

– Greater control and emotional balance;

– Improvement of the ability to make decisions;

– Increased commitment to school objectives and goals.

When the student is made to understand that emotion is the greatest influence of personal decisions, it becomes easier to work on the development of it within the classroom. After all, when young people learn to deal with emotional intelligence, they discover how to think, feel, and act intelligently and consciously, without allowing feelings to hinder their development as a student.

How to improve Emotional Intelligence

After the process of learning and developing emotional education, it is of utmost importance that the student studies the subject, keeping it in focus. After all, you need to improve on what you’ve learned over time.

Some techniques for the evolution of emotional education are to observe your own reactions during routine events, to look carefully at your feelings, and to avoid judging your own emotions. In this way, it is possible to keep the work of developing emotional education in motion not only in the classroom but also outside it.

In conclusion, the importance of social-emotional learning cannot be overemphasized, and working further on these skills is also important to break down barriers that go beyond academic knowledge. With this, it further becomes easier to have balance, being possible to teach young people to deal with their emotions while in and out of school. In addition, even if each student has a different profile, it is possible to adapt to the reality of each one so that quality teaching is a guarantee. Students who manage to develop emotional intelligence are increasingly valued; after all, it is important to recognize their own limitations to live in the society since daily, it is necessary to deal with different people with different cultures, ways of thinking, attitudes, and general beliefs.

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Not to mention, the ongoing pandemic significantly increased the number of students turning to the World Wide Web to find study notes materials and answers for their school reports and exams. For this particular reason, opportunities for part-time work are a smart choice for most students these days.

Students looking into earning extra income while studying at home should consider selling their study notes online. Here are five convincing reasons why:

  1. There is an instant target market

A couple of websites enable students from different universities to create an account and exchange their study notes and research papers. It also offers students with excellent papers to put a price tag on the resources they provide. It is quite a smart choice since there is already an existing market for resources. Fellow students who need immediate and accessible references for their school work would gladly get valuable data in exchange for a little amount.

  1. It allows students to collaborate

Another advantage of earning through selling or exchanging study notes and essays is it promotes collaboration between students. At times, students understand specific lectures and subjects best when they discuss it with their classmates. Students also find it easier to consult their schoolmates whenever they want to expound on an idea or data involving the topic they are researching about.

  1. Selling essays challenge students to produce quality output

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  1. It hits two birds with one stone

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  1. It can serve as a source of motivation

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5 Trends you need to know about intelligent SEO

Umar Nisar



5 Trends you need to know about intelligent SEO

There was a time when all you needed for SEO success was backlinking and placing keywords. While these two are still important functions of SEO, the field itself has evolved to encompass a lot more. I am a freelance SEO expert who works from home using my Spectrum Tv packages. Over recent years, and especially this year, I have felt keen changes in the field that businesses need to know. In this blog, I will attempt to list down some important changing trends in SEO

Changing SEO trends

Google has been gathering data for more than a decade, constantly refining its algorithm in the process. Now, compared to just a few years ago, a Google search is much more timely, accurate, and most importantly personalized. This means that SEO is no longer just about backlinks, keywords, metadata or content. SEO is now the practice of assuring a frictionless, seamless user experience. All this while delivering relevant information to the user at the right time. Last year, there were many significant changes in SEO, but to get into all of them will require much more words than we can accommodate in this blog. So, in the interest of easy reading, here are the 5 most important trends on a macro scale in SEO:

  1. Snippets everywhere
  2. Voice Search on the rise
  3. Mobile first
  4. Focus on user experience
  5. Optimization for intent

Without further ado, let’s dive right into them.

Snippets everywhere

Featured snippets are a feature on Google that is fast becoming very visible when displaying search results. In fact, it is estimated that a significant 30% of all searches on Google are answered instantly through featured snippets. SEO gurus term it the new #1 position, the ultimate SEO goal. Experts maintain that 10% of traffic from top pages on the results page is now being stolen away by snippets. A growing trend towards structured data and instant, accurate answers, means snippets will probably continue to steal away traffic. Snippets are even giving birth to a new form of online content in the form of Q&A content. This type of content is essentially a short answer in response to long-tailed keywords. A lot of attention from SEO experts also goes into making the format and structure of the content easy for Google to pull snippets. From an SEO perspective, featured snippets are an important new SEO objective.

Voice Search on the rise

One important fact to absorb this year is that 1 out of every 5 Google queries comes from voice search. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. After all, we now have new tech like Alexa and Google Home which are centered around voice commands. Google is particularly working hard on the adoption of voice-operated hardware. The main reason for the growing popularity of voice search is its ease of use compared to typing out searches manually. With Google Assistant for Android devices, the adoption of voice searches is aimed at the huge number of smartphone users. The accuracy of assistants like Google Assistant is continually improving, which means more and more people will be getting onboard. This means that it is important to have voice search as a key component of your SEO strategy. There needs to be more focus on long-tailed keywords and conversational syntax when creating content. Snippets are becoming popular as a result of an increased focus on voice search.

Mobile first

With Google’s shift towards its long-awaited mobile-first index, the focus on mobile responsive websites has considerably increased. Google now ranks pages based on the mobile version of those pages. Previously, Google’s evaluation of a specific website was based on the desktop version. With the growing trend of mobile searches (making up 60% of total searches), this system of ranking has become obsolete. This has prompted Google to start indexing sites by mobile pages, which are more likely to be accessed than desktop. This is perhaps the biggest algorithmic change by Google to date. In response to this, many SEO experts are concentrating on accelerated mobile-responsive pages and mobile optimizing. Everything from load time to design is optimized from the mobile user’s perspective.

Focus on user experience

Other than a growing demand for mobile, user search demands and expectations are also on the rise. Users are typically looking for instantaneous solutions, regardless of device type. Generally, a site that takes longer than 3 seconds to load loses approximately 40% of traffic. The difference a mere few seconds can make is crucial for any business. Beyond that, even if you have perfect load time but your site is not easily navigable, you will lose traffic. If your content is not readable, visitors will bounce. Google places a lot of importance on a seamless user experience, for all devices. Which brings us to our final point.

Optimization for intent The demand for search results is on the rise in terms of instant and relevant results. Google has incorporated AI into its algorithm to provide the right content at the right time against the right user intent. In short, the most relevant and personalized answer to a user’s query. One important example is keyword intent, which Google admits plays a big part in its ranking factors. Google, for example, prioritizes e-commerce content in response to buying content keywords. This is in response to the intent or goal of the searcher, i.e. buying. Conversely, keywords with a clear intent to find information will see a prioritization of credible media sites. Many SEO experts are now factoring in user intent behind queries to optimize experience and content on websites. This is why a search for Spectrum Phone (1-855-837-6837) area will take you to Spectrum Phone locator map and not to a reseller site.

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