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What is the career planning in digital marketing?



career planning in digital marketing

Digital marketing is taking the world by storm and introducing innovative business development techniques in the market. With people of every age spending lot of time online and on social media, the power of digital marketing has soared high. Needless to say, our interactions and shopping are also shifting to the virtual world.

In a scenario where online marketing strategies have become the buzzing reality of today’s world, pursuing a BSc in Digital Marketing and Social Media will increase your career prospects. As we are moving into the world of the metaverse, establishing a career in the digital marketing sector is a great choice.

Let’s look at the various strategies and possibilities available in the digital marketing industry.

Career planning and opportunities

If you are planning to start a career in digital marketing, you must identify your area of interest to start with. The digital marketing sector is large with numerous social media platforms, search engines, etc. Understanding your skills and exploring career opportunities that suits your skillset is essential to succeed in any job role.

Once you identify and develop your skills and find a job role that matches your interests, you can be an efficient digital marketer. Here are a few career opportunities available after completing your digital marketing and social media programme.

  • SEO specialist

An SEO specialist finds different keywords for a topic and filters them to choose the most popular ones to incorporate in brand websites and ads. This helps a webpage to rank higher in various search engines such as Google and increases web traffic.

  • Social media manager

A social media manager is responsible for handling the brand engagement strategies on social media. You have to guide others in developing successful marketing strategies that align with the organization’s goals and ensure that it reaches the target audience. Social media brand campaigns are often the brainchild of social media managers.

  • Market research analyst

As a market research analyst, you will be involved more in the statistical work relating to marketing campaigns. You have to source data and derive patterns to predict trends in the market so that the marketing team can curate the strategies accordingly.

  • Content writer

A popular job role in the digital marketing sector, a content writer produces copies and develops content for the blogs and websites of a company. These write-ups follow the SEO guidelines and are often presented in a way that appeals to the audience.

  • Search engine marketing specialist

A search engine marketing specialist analyses various sources and data to figure out what drives customers to a website. SEM specialists then use these data to develop advertisements that feature on the top of search engines and appeal to the general public. Apart from these common roles, there are plenty of other options like digital marketing lead, content manager, conversion rate optimization specialist, etc. All you need is proper skills and a graduate certificate in related fields to get employed in any of these job roles.