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Cheapest Way to Travel Maldives from India



Cheapest Way to Travel Maldives from India

Maldives is one of the expensive places to visit. So you need to find cheap & budget friendly ways to Travel Maldives from India. A one day tour in Maldives can cost you more than 1,000$. And one of the major reasons that Maldives is so expensive is because of the high value of real estate, high taxes applied on foreigners and tourists and just about everything you can get in Maldives is imported.

The breath-taking places of Maldives are all worth your money. This is why, even knowing that a trip to Maldives could cost a lot, many people still dream to tour Maldives. This is why in this article I will try to explain the cheapest way you can tour Maldives from India. But I don’t guarantee you that it will be less than 1,000$.

When I searched on Google about Maldives, I found a little interesting fact: The best month to visit Maldives is November to April. This really shocked me because even the cheapest month costs more than an average middle-class could afford.  

Though, the peak tourist season to book flights to Maldives is this only. The weather is perfect, sunny and bright for you to enjoy your vacation exploring Maldives’s islands.

You can just have a nice and peaceful walk around the beach, or you can just sit on the sands and enjoy watching the sunset and amazing water sports. The water is warm if you’re a diving expert or you love to dive then this will make your mood for diving.

India to Maldives for Honeymoon

From India to Maldives could be way too expensive for someone to enjoy their holidays and tour in Maldives, but you can minimize the expenses in Maldives by saving yourself from spending too much money. India to Maldives total flight duration is as much as 3 hours, 23 minutes so it will not take you too long to land your feet on Maldives.

If you want to tour Maldives from India, you need to know that the Indian people visiting Maldives as a tourist and they do not require any pre-arrival visa.

A free Maldives Tourist Visa will be given to you which is valid for no longer than 3 months and it will be issued to Indian national’s right after arriving at the Male airport.

To make your Maldives Honeymoon budget friendly, remember to check these top honeymoon hotels in Maldives to make the list of hotels & resorts in Maldives for romantic couples.

A real passport, along with an onward/return ticket and sufficient funds, is required to have a legal tour to Maldives. A no-cost visitor visa validity is a month and given to you on your arrival.

Without a preplan, a holiday in Maldives for a week could cost you MVR 25,888 for a single person.

 So, a trip to the Maldives for two people should cost around MVR 51,775 for one week.

A trip for two weeks for two people should cost MVR 103,551 in the Maldives.

But do you know that even though Maldives is expensive there are still some cheapest ways to visit Maldives.  And don’t worry we won’t be guiding you with some illegal ways. In fact all these ways are fully legal.

There is no doubt that Maldives is one of the most costly places to visit. But for some reasons July and August tend to be the cheapest months to travel to Maldives.  For Maldives it is always very hard to talk about money as there are so many types of accommodations and different activities to enjoy.

Even though we know Maldives for being a luxury destination, you also have more and more budget options available these days.

Resorts are the most expensive type of holidays but you can find all kind of resorts such as 2★, 3★, 4★, 5★ etc. And the price is according to your hotel category. You can search for a 2★ resort that starts with an all-inclusive package for USD 150 out of 200 per day each person.

But if you are searching for a 5★ resorts then you can go up to 1500 USD or much more on Bed and breakfast basis per night. Overall, you will have to add your excursions and water sports activities.

Guest’s houses business is rapidly growing in Maldives. This can become a good budget alternative to resort for you. Accommodations are cheap, they are between 50 and 100 USD per night, including Bed and breakfast.

If you are a full time traveler & you keep travelling for blogging then you must explore these best travel affiliate programs through which you can make money online being in Maldives. It’s simple the more you travel the more money you make.

If you want all your meals to be included (full board) you will have to add around 30 USD/pax per day. Overall, you will have to pay for your transfer (around 30$/pax) and all your excursions and watersports (between 20 and 100$ per excursion). Note that there is no alcohol to serve you on the local island.

Finally, a V.I.P cruise in Maldives could be the most interesting solution. This is an excellent solution as your accommodation includes food and all other activities in your package and you get to see beaches of Maldives, enjoy the real beauty of the country and avoid the tourist’s crowd. Usually for a 3★ star vessel you will have to pay around 150$/person/night, food, excursions, water will be included (alcoholic drinks will be an extra cost).

For cheap resort for seven nights count around 1200$ per person (Full board, no drinks included, no excursions, no activities and water sports)

What to see in Maldives?

Book your Maldives air ticket to experience the perfect tour for a relaxing holiday. Surrounded by islands of breath-taking beauty, white sand beaches all opening to an aquamarine ocean, Maldives is more like a paradise for tourists. When you are in Maldives, make sure that you visit the National Museum in Male.

It is the first international museum of the country and it’s definitely worth visiting. The famous Masjid-al-Sultan is another architectural wonder located in Male. The shining golden dome of the mosque is in a different level of beauty. If you ever loved art in your life or you’re still into it, then the Esjehi Art Gallery is a must-visit place for you.

Or, If you want to catch a glimpse of the local life in Maldives, then the Maldives Fish Market is the right place where you would want yourself to be.

What to Eat in Maldives

Maldives is well known and famous for its multi-flavored foods. The foods you’ll get to eat in Maldives are the combination of its neighbor countries India and Sri Lanka. This kind of combination in their foods attracts many Food Loggers to visit Maldives and test their foods. But what makes their food so delicious?  It’s their mixed rich flavors that makes their foods even more tasty and delicious.

It will be a waste if you just visit Maldives without eating all the delicious foods of Maldives. The food in Maldives has a mild spiciness and a delicate sweetness and is prepared using techniques passed down from generations. Since Maldives is a major tourist destination having resorts spread throughout the island, there is a wide range of food options for tourists, even vegetarians.

If you’re planning to tour Maldives, then do not forget to eat these delicious foods of Maldives: Garudhiya,Mas Huni,Masroshi,Bis Keemiya,Boshi Mashuni (Banana Flower Salad),Fried Yams, Maldivian Live Lobster, Saagu Bonifay, Reef Fish Cutlets and more. These are some of the famous foods of Maldives. Some celebrities even visit Maldives only to have these in their breakfast.


Even knowing that Maldives is way too expensive for a Middle-class average person, but still the money is worth spending to tour Maldives. The beach, the sands, the sky and especially their foods are all enough to make you feel that you’re in paradise.

Having a proper Holiday in Maldives could be the best day of your life. If we aside the expensive part, then we get a romantic luxurious paradise to spend a day or a week with your connection.

You can also select Maldives as your honeymoon destination afterall it is the Ideal place for every couple to enjoy their honeymoon. Many couples even visit Maldives after their honeymoon to feel the same experience they felt during their honeymoon.

 In the end to be honest with you all, I tried my best to explore the cheapest India to Maldives tour topic. But there’s no way that you could enjoy your holidays in Maldives without spending thousands of dollars.

But after a long research in above i have tried to mention the cheapest way anyone could visit Maldives from India without spending thousands dollars. There is more to explore about Maldives but I believe that it will be wise to explore Maldives all by yourself by having a cheapest tour to Maldives from India.

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How to Select a Private Jet Charter



How to Select a Private Jet Charter

When you are choosing a private jet charter, you will need to check out the best quality, consistency, and service-perfect quality. These days, people are looking at developing their overall travel experience and so they look at completely customizing their flight preferences. When chartering private aircraft, you will have to check out few extra services that are being offered. Value-added services such as customized catering, and on-ground transportation are always good. In addition, you also need concierge services for spas, hotels, and fun.

Tips For Choosing The Best Private Jet Charter

When choosing the Private Jets, you will have to 1st check out the parent website and look for services offered by the private aircraft rental company. Along with the services, you may also want to know about the price. Some websites may have the prices listed and few may not have it. Always check for hidden prices when you are searching the excellent jet chartering services. Although there are some restrictions on the Private Jets or Jet charters, you will have to specify any particular travel requirements that you may have.

Usually, a smaller private jet charter would not have any flight attendants, but if you want them, you may have to pay some extra price. In some Private Jets, you can even pick the flight attendants. When booking the executive jet charters, you will have to check the methods of booking. Some jet charters may allow booking on phone and for some, you will have to create an online payment 1st.

On the aircraft charter agent websites, you will get all the information on the kind of aircraft, the age of the aircraft, and other specifications of the aircraft. Your security is the main purpose of these companies and they will assure that all the security checks are complete before you fly to your target. There are various jet chartering services available these days that will provide their clients all that they need. You have a wide variety to pick from, make the most of it, and choose the good Aircraft Charter form Some aircraft charter services will give you great discounts if you are a frequent flier.

It is suggested that if you are traveling to and from a destination generally, utilize only one aircraft charter service. In this way, you can also get the best discount on flying deals. Most Private Jet Charter services these days are doing great business as more and more people are planning to travel with ease. The costs offered by the Private Jet Charter services are also very cheap these days.

You want to check with the Private Jet Charter service if they are offering the following:

* Primary source for your due-diligence

* Complete, in-depth security reports on your charter operators

* Instant access pilots experience and historical security ratings

* Instant search

Final words

In addition to the aforementioned things, you may also want access to Pilot Certificates, Aircraft Registration, Operator Certificates, Accident and Incident Reports, Enforcement Actions, and Ownership and best Management document

If you are traveling to a faraway place and you need to travel in style, check out midamericajet for good deals on private jet charters. Furthermore, you will also receive comprehensive information on jet chartering services.

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Travel Business Class!



Travel Business Class!

The modern-day nightmare of travel planning has become a place of complicated bookings, disruptive check-ins, and endless checklists, so it’s no surprise countless travelers find organizing a holiday a stressful experience.

Nearly 67% of vacationers in American have become stressed due to ‘information overload’ when researching the many options involved in a holiday booking and nearly two in five travelers become stressed about scheduling activities to do during their trip.

With so many Americans feeling stressed before they even reach the airport, countless have taken the choice to start using specialist travel advisors to make every part of their holiday as enjoyable as possible.

So, to help you make the decision and stay informed we have included a list of advantages to having one of our specialist travel advisors plan the perfect trip for you!

Advantages of using a travel advisor for the perfect trip.

1. Fast personalized customer service

By using a travel advisor, you have 24-hour access to an industry expert every day of the year, who with their unique contacts and local knowledge will not only be able to provide you with great regional advice but will also be able to give you a personalized customer experience that is suited to your busy daily schedule and lifestyle.

2. Expert advice and specialist industry contact

Our travel advisors not only have years of experience within the travel and airline industry that helps them to provide you with great first-hand advice on your location but also means that we have access to some of the most exclusive and discounted business class tickets available thanks to our industry contacts.

3. Fly in luxury for less

With years of industry expertise and select contact, our travel advisors have access to some of the most discounted business class fares at most major airline companies and we can provide you a deluxe flying experience with improved seating and service that costs less, helping your holiday get off to a flying start unlike any other.

Young lady typing on the keyboard of laptop in living room

4. Customized itineraries to suit you and your budget

By working directly with you, our expert travel advisors can not only design the perfect holiday travel itinerary that is catered to your exact needs but also with our exceptional industry contacts, we can create a diverse and varied travel plan that fits perfectly within your budget, letting you enjoy more for less!

5. Travel advisors provide real human expertise

While many companies have turned to use travel itinerary planning computer programs for their customers, we have stayed in line with our core values and ensure that all of our clients have access to a personal advisor. By doing this our advisors can not only take into consideration your every need and preference but can also provide an abundance of first-hand travel tips for your location and help your holiday have that personal touch.

6. Provides a stress-free travel experience

No holiday should start with balancing a thousand different dates, times, and problems and so by letting one of our knowledgeable travel advisors organize all those little details for your holidays all you have to do is arrive and unwind.

7. Saves you time and provides peace of mind

With daily life filled with work, family and all those little tasks that take away from your day, adding the time-consuming project of planning a trip on top means you have even less time to rest after a long day. This is why by letting one of our travel advisors coordinate your holiday experience, you save time to enjoy the things that matter with your family and friends while remaining confident that your trip will be nothing but picture-perfect.

By using a advisor not only are you guaranteed a first-class service that is customized to you and backed by years of industry expertise, but you can also remain confident that your holiday and flights will be hassle-free yet luxurious for less.

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8 Proven Tips to Have a Sound Sleep During a Long-Haul International Flight



8 Proven Tips to Have a Sound Sleep During a Long-Haul International Flight

There’s nothing worse than a 12-hours long international flight across the ocean and your eyes wide-open throughout the journey with no hope of sleep.

Deprived of sleep, you will experience significant jetlag for at least two days. And, this could be a problem regardless of whether you are headed out on a family vacation or an International client presentation.

While having a sound sleep on an aeroplane is challenging, some practical tips help you ease some discomfort.

So, read on as we put forth proven tips for you to enjoy good sleep during a long International flight.

#1 Overcome Your Phobia of Flying

First things first, if you have a fear of flying, then you will probably be anxious during the trip. And, anxiety won’t let you sleep. There are several ways to fight anxiety but the most effective one being enrolling on an online fearless-flyer program.

An effective fear of flying course includes lectures from veteran flight captains and crew members that will help you deal with your claustrophobia, fear of heights, panic attacks, and fear of turbulence.

By undergoing the course, you will be able to deal with your fear permanently, so that the next time you fly with confidence.

#2 Choose Your Seat Wisely

The window seat is the most preferred pick if you have plans to sleep during your entire trip. Since the seat is against the wall of the aeroplane, you can lean on it.

You will have more space and won’t be nudged by your neighbour thus you can easily drift off. Those in the aisle and middle seat are often jolted by other passengers. Also, you will have some control of the window shade.

Think twice about opting for an exit row seat.  Yes, you will get the extra room space, but the exit row seats do not recline.

#3 Skip the Caffeine

3 Skip the Caffeine

Especially, for a daytime flight — even when the slightest ray of light through the window is a distraction— you should stay clear of caffeine. You will find it baffling to sleep if the caffeine is coursing through the veins.

Avoid the temptation to have a cup of coffee before boarding the plane. Stick to water or lemonade and no alcohol.

#4 Bring Noise-Canceling Headphones

For better sleep, you need to drown out all the surrounding noises. High-quality noise-cancelling headphones are effective at preventing disturbance caused by the kids in the back seats or the chatting passengers.

Opt for wireless headphones which are Bluetooth enabled so that you can play the music via your smartphone. 

#5 Hydrate

You need to understand there is a fine line between staying hydrated on a long-haul flight and distributing your co-passengers now and then as you rush to the restroom.

But, during the long flight, you may get dehydrated if you are not taking enough fluids. Dehydration can lead to headaches and nausea eventually disturb sleep.

Do not count on beer for hydration.

#6 Bring an Eye Mask

Bring an Eye Mask

The more you can block external plane elements such as plane noise and light, the more quickly you will fall asleep.

Buy an eye mask that blocks the lights from your neighbour’s laptop screen, also easily contours to your face for great comfort.

#7 Watch What You Eat

Avoid foods that are heavy on carbs and no spicy stuff, as such foods cause indigestion. The ingestion may cause anxiety which may not let you sleep.

You know your body better, so eat what is easy to digest and comfortable on the body before heading on to sleep.

#8 Pack a Pillow

Yes, the crew may give you a pillow, airline pillows are not too comfortable. You will sleep better and more comfortably if you bring your pillow.

Opt for a pillow that supports your slides. It would be helpful if your seat does not have a recliner option.

Final Piece of Advice

If all the above fails, there are several options for over-the-counter medicine to assist you in sleep. Take medicine prescribed by your doctor. Do a ground test to be assured that there are side effects before you pop the pill while on the aeroplane.

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