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Cheapest Way to Travel Maldives from India



Cheapest Way to Travel Maldives from India

Maldives is one of the expensive places to visit. So you need to find cheap & budget friendly ways to Travel Maldives from India. A one day tour in Maldives can cost you more than 1,000$. And one of the major reasons that Maldives is so expensive is because of the high value of real estate, high taxes applied on foreigners and tourists and just about everything you can get in Maldives is imported.

The breath-taking places of Maldives are all worth your money. This is why, even knowing that a trip to Maldives could cost a lot, many people still dream to tour Maldives. This is why in this article I will try to explain the cheapest way you can tour Maldives from India. But I don’t guarantee you that it will be less than 1,000$.

When I searched on Google about Maldives, I found a little interesting fact: The best month to visit Maldives is November to April. This really shocked me because even the cheapest month costs more than an average middle-class could afford.  

Though, the peak tourist season to book flights to Maldives is this only. The weather is perfect, sunny and bright for you to enjoy your vacation exploring Maldives’s islands.

You can just have a nice and peaceful walk around the beach, or you can just sit on the sands and enjoy watching the sunset and amazing water sports. The water is warm if you’re a diving expert or you love to dive then this will make your mood for diving.

India to Maldives for Honeymoon

From India to Maldives could be way too expensive for someone to enjoy their holidays and tour in Maldives, but you can minimize the expenses in Maldives by saving yourself from spending too much money. India to Maldives total flight duration is as much as 3 hours, 23 minutes so it will not take you too long to land your feet on Maldives.

If you want to tour Maldives from India, you need to know that the Indian people visiting Maldives as a tourist and they do not require any pre-arrival visa.

A free Maldives Tourist Visa will be given to you which is valid for no longer than 3 months and it will be issued to Indian national’s right after arriving at the Male airport.

To make your Maldives Honeymoon budget friendly, remember to check these top honeymoon hotels in Maldives to make the list of hotels & resorts in Maldives for romantic couples.

A real passport, along with an onward/return ticket and sufficient funds, is required to have a legal tour to Maldives. A no-cost visitor visa validity is a month and given to you on your arrival.

Without a preplan, a holiday in Maldives for a week could cost you MVR 25,888 for a single person.

 So, a trip to the Maldives for two people should cost around MVR 51,775 for one week.

A trip for two weeks for two people should cost MVR 103,551 in the Maldives.

But do you know that even though Maldives is expensive there are still some cheapest ways to visit Maldives.  And don’t worry we won’t be guiding you with some illegal ways. In fact all these ways are fully legal.

There is no doubt that Maldives is one of the most costly places to visit. But for some reasons July and August tend to be the cheapest months to travel to Maldives.  For Maldives it is always very hard to talk about money as there are so many types of accommodations and different activities to enjoy.

Even though we know Maldives for being a luxury destination, you also have more and more budget options available these days.

Resorts are the most expensive type of holidays but you can find all kind of resorts such as 2★, 3★, 4★, 5★ etc. And the price is according to your hotel category. You can search for a 2★ resort that starts with an all-inclusive package for USD 150 out of 200 per day each person.

But if you are searching for a 5★ resorts then you can go up to 1500 USD or much more on Bed and breakfast basis per night. Overall, you will have to add your excursions and water sports activities.

Guest’s houses business is rapidly growing in Maldives. This can become a good budget alternative to resort for you. Accommodations are cheap, they are between 50 and 100 USD per night, including Bed and breakfast.

If you are a full time traveler & you keep travelling for blogging then you must explore these best travel affiliate programs through which you can make money online being in Maldives. It’s simple the more you travel the more money you make.

If you want all your meals to be included (full board) you will have to add around 30 USD/pax per day. Overall, you will have to pay for your transfer (around 30$/pax) and all your excursions and watersports (between 20 and 100$ per excursion). Note that there is no alcohol to serve you on the local island.

Finally, a V.I.P cruise in Maldives could be the most interesting solution. This is an excellent solution as your accommodation includes food and all other activities in your package and you get to see beaches of Maldives, enjoy the real beauty of the country and avoid the tourist’s crowd. Usually for a 3★ star vessel you will have to pay around 150$/person/night, food, excursions, water will be included (alcoholic drinks will be an extra cost).

For cheap resort for seven nights count around 1200$ per person (Full board, no drinks included, no excursions, no activities and water sports)

What to see in Maldives?

Book your Maldives air ticket to experience the perfect tour for a relaxing holiday. Surrounded by islands of breath-taking beauty, white sand beaches all opening to an aquamarine ocean, Maldives is more like a paradise for tourists. When you are in Maldives, make sure that you visit the National Museum in Male.

It is the first international museum of the country and it’s definitely worth visiting. The famous Masjid-al-Sultan is another architectural wonder located in Male. The shining golden dome of the mosque is in a different level of beauty. If you ever loved art in your life or you’re still into it, then the Esjehi Art Gallery is a must-visit place for you.

Or, If you want to catch a glimpse of the local life in Maldives, then the Maldives Fish Market is the right place where you would want yourself to be.

What to Eat in Maldives

Maldives is well known and famous for its multi-flavored foods. The foods you’ll get to eat in Maldives are the combination of its neighbor countries India and Sri Lanka. This kind of combination in their foods attracts many Food Loggers to visit Maldives and test their foods. But what makes their food so delicious?  It’s their mixed rich flavors that makes their foods even more tasty and delicious.

It will be a waste if you just visit Maldives without eating all the delicious foods of Maldives. The food in Maldives has a mild spiciness and a delicate sweetness and is prepared using techniques passed down from generations. Since Maldives is a major tourist destination having resorts spread throughout the island, there is a wide range of food options for tourists, even vegetarians.

If you’re planning to tour Maldives, then do not forget to eat these delicious foods of Maldives: Garudhiya,Mas Huni,Masroshi,Bis Keemiya,Boshi Mashuni (Banana Flower Salad),Fried Yams, Maldivian Live Lobster, Saagu Bonifay, Reef Fish Cutlets and more. These are some of the famous foods of Maldives. Some celebrities even visit Maldives only to have these in their breakfast.


Even knowing that Maldives is way too expensive for a Middle-class average person, but still the money is worth spending to tour Maldives. The beach, the sands, the sky and especially their foods are all enough to make you feel that you’re in paradise.

Having a proper Holiday in Maldives could be the best day of your life. If we aside the expensive part, then we get a romantic luxurious paradise to spend a day or a week with your connection.

You can also select Maldives as your honeymoon destination afterall it is the Ideal place for every couple to enjoy their honeymoon. Many couples even visit Maldives after their honeymoon to feel the same experience they felt during their honeymoon.

 In the end to be honest with you all, I tried my best to explore the cheapest India to Maldives tour topic. But there’s no way that you could enjoy your holidays in Maldives without spending thousands of dollars.

But after a long research in above i have tried to mention the cheapest way anyone could visit Maldives from India without spending thousands dollars. There is more to explore about Maldives but I believe that it will be wise to explore Maldives all by yourself by having a cheapest tour to Maldives from India.

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5 reasons to visit Malta this summer



5 reasons to visit Malta this summer

Malta is a beautiful archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea, located between Sicily and the North African coast. The country is one of the smallest in the world with an area of ​​316 km2 and a population of about 500,000 people. An interesting fact about Malta is that most of its inhabitants speak 3 languages: Maltese, English, and Italian. This is due to the fact that Malta was occupied by many nations.

Malta’s location in the sweet corner of the Mediterranean makes it the perfect spot for your next sunny escape. That’s not the only thing that puts this beautiful place on the map, far from it! The Maltese islands, including Gozo and Comino, are on our holiday bucket list for many reasons, from stunning beaches to delicious food.

Although Malta is somewhat isolated, there is evidence that civilizations have lived in Malta since the early Neolithic Age (5000 BC). Malta is a great place to discover and here are the top 5 reasons why you should visit the country.

1. The beautiful beaches

Well, where else would we start, if not for the beach? When it comes to golden sands and wonderful days by sea, the north and west coasts of Malta will give you plenty of pleasure. Malta is famous for its magnificent blue beaches, the best of which are along the north and west coasts. Malta’s beaches are known for their exceptional cleanliness and excellent water quality. The largest beach is Mellieha Bay, which offers a stretch of golden coastline that seems straight out of your vacation dreams. There is also the aptly named Golden Bay. Do you want something quiet and less frequented? Hop on a boat in Comino to swim in the Blue Lagoon, or cruise to Gozo and explore hidden coves.

Rent a boat in Malta will also include your own skipper who, besides ensuring your safety while taking you to your destination, you will also be aware of the places you must visit. You don’t have to visit beautiful but lively places like the Blue Lagoon in Comino, as there are many other magical and secluded places waiting to be discovered. Sit back and relax while we take care of your unforgettable experience on one of our yachts. Whether it’s a trip with family and friends, a good rest, a corporate event, or even a wedding, we will do everything to make you look perfect. Our package includes a selection of more than 90 of the best yachts, including sailboats, motor yachts, schooners, luxury, and inflatable yachts, with the most professional crew and the best service could wish for. Simply submit your request and we’ll find a solution for your ideal experience. This is our promise and to top it off you will find our prices to be the most competitive. Choose any boat from our wide selection of modern sailing and motor yachts that will leave you overwhelmed with options to choose from.

2. Variety of places to stay

Are you traveling with a group of friends? Are you going on a romantic trip for two? Or is a fun-filled family adventure more your style? Regardless of how you want to spend your stay, Malta has hotels and resorts to suit every type of vacation. From budget bases in the heart of the action to luxurious five-star hideaways, you can tailor your travel experiences to your liking. From self-catering apartments to all-inclusive holidays in Malta, you can’t go wrong. St. Julian’s, St. Paul’s Bay, Sliema, Qawra, and Bugibba are popular holiday destinations.

While in Malta, you may have the opportunity to go on a tour of the Islands. This Maltese archipelago consists of three main islands: Malta, Gozo, and Comino. You can easily get from Malta to Gozo and Comino by ferry, which takes 25 minutes and costs about 5 euros.

Malta is the largest island, commercial, cultural, and administrative center. Gozo is the second largest island, generally more rural and famous for its crafts, fishing, and agriculture. Comino is the smallest and largely less populated than the other islands, with only one hotel available. Comino is also home to the famous Laguna Azul, where you’ll find stunning blue waters perfect for a refreshing dip.

3. English is widely spoken in Malta

While we love learning foreign slang when we fly on vacation, most people in Malta speak English so you can easily communicate with the locals. No need to squirm over half-forgotten phrases or mispronounced greetings. If you want to earn bonus points, you can always brush up on your Maltese vocabulary; It is the official language of the country.

4. The whole capital city is a UNESCO Heritage Site

Only a handful of countries can boast an entire city protected as a site of international importance. Malta is one of those lucky few. The capital city of Valletta is famous for its high concentration of historic buildings, some dating back to the 16th century, in such a compact location and offering stunning sea views. The city has also been used as a backdrop in television and movies, most notably as King’s Landing in Game of Thrones.

5. The weather is fantastic

Malta has an average of 300 days of sunshine per year, making it a great option to bring a little sunshine into your life. Hot summers and mild, balmy winters make this destination popular year-round, with beach vacations on the menu mostly during peak season. Come here between May and October to enjoy the gray British skies and windy weather, especially between July and September if you want to feel the heat when you get off the plane. Malta is a year-round holiday destination; the winter season is moderately cold and the summer season is completely sunny.

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Feel the Augustness of Abu Simbel During Your Trip from Hurghada with Cost



Feel the Augustness of Abu Simbel During Your Trip from Hurghada with Cost

Having a tour from Hurghada to Abu Simbel Temple means being exposed to the unique intelligence of the Old Times’ Egypt builders that they have it in them to narrate a tale out of stone if they made their minds on it.

Through this very article, we will give you a glimpse of what your trip will look like step by step considering some tips.

Safety Measures of Your Trip

According to the Ministry of Health, there’s been set a number of rules regarding the travelers’ and the citizens’ safety, especially after the meanwhile stable situation of the Epic Covid-19. The safety measurements include the following:

  • Keep it always in mind to wash your hands permanently.
  • Do not let anyone step into your personal space.
  • Always keep your hand sanitized and clean.
  • Go for a check-up if you are to feel any suspicious symptoms.
  • Covid-19 negative test.
  • Make sure you are vaccinated!

What to Pack for Abu Simbel Tour?

What to stuff your bags with during your trip can be a big deal for lots of travelers, so here are some points to illuminate you about what to pack:

  • Heavy clothing to keep you warm during winter.
  • Light clothing during summer.
  • Baseball caps or bucket hats to keep your head away from the burning sun during summer.
  • A pair of flexible shoes.
  • Personal possessions.
  • Any traveling papers needed.

Where You Will Stay in Aswan?

Aswan owns a massive number of fine classy hotels for you to stay the night at, fully comfortable and safe.

The country’s hotels are of many kinds and costs, which are all no less of fine and sublime services that can be shown in the following:

Aswan Hotel Types:

  • Mövenpick Aswan
  • Sofitel Legend Old Cataract Aswan
  • Nub Inn
  • Pyramisa Island Hotel Aswan
  • Tolip Aswan Hotel

Transition & How to Reach Abu Simbel from Hurghada?

As there are no airlines accessibilities from Hurghada to Aswan, your remaining option will be to transfer from your hotel in Hurghada by private car all the distance to Luxor.

You will be around a 3-hour-and-57-minute ride and a distance of 309.5 km, and then the first-class train will transfer you transferred to Aswan that will be a 3-hour-and-7-minute ride and 208.3 km distance, then directly to your historical sites by private car.

How Many Days Should I Need to Enjoy Abu Simbel from Hurghada?

To rejoice fully in your trip from Hurghada to Abu Simbel, your only chance is to invest a duration of two days at least in your trip so that you can take your sweet time exploring.

The tour will give you the chance to explore Aswan Western Bank’s Abu Simbel; you might as well pay a visit to the city’s Eastern Bank’s monuments that are no less dazzling, which be planned out as the following:

The First Day: Aswan Attractions Tour

Your first day of the trip will include your arrival, in addition to your visit to Aswan’s Eastern Bank Monuments and have a fresh time to enjoy the Nubian city as well.

Relish in the singularity of Aswan’s Eastern Bank Monuments such as:

  • Philae Temple

The temple was strikingly architected during the 6th or the 7th century BC, inspiring its architecture from the Greco-Roman Era. The temple has double hypnotizing pylons nestled within it. The first pylon is weighed down by double massive towers along the side with an open spacious courtyard crawling into the other pylon that includes a Hypostyle Hall that consists of ten columns as well as three passages.

  • The High Dam

The dam was architected back in 1960 followed by being officially open ten years after. The dam acted as Egypt’s salvation back between 1972–73 and 1983–87 when the country used to be swallowed up by devastating droughts.

Thanks to the high dam, Egypt has a reclaimed quota of around two million rich feddan in both the Nile Valley as well as the Nile Delta, which worked in Egypt’s agriculture’s favor, overproducing the irrigated squares in Egypt by a third.

  • The Unfinished Obelisk

The Unfinished Obelisk was erected back throughout the 18th Dynasty according to the orders from Queen Hatshepsut. Its architecture is based, largely, on that of the Greeks’ building styles. It’s mainly erected to have 4 aspects that make it out into one point that resembles a mini pyramidal creation hovering over the obelisk’s top

The Second Day:

Give it all up to the Greatness of Abu Simbel Temple

The second day of your trip will spin around your visit to Abu Simbel two Temples and your departure.

  • Abu Simbel Temple

Abu Simbel Temple is two hypnotizing temples that are sprouted in Aswan’s Western Bank. They were put into construction over the course of the thirteenth century BC, during the reign of the 19th dynasty’s Pharaoh Ramses II to whom the out-of-this-world temples were devoted.

The holly creation came to host a one-of-a-kind phenomenon, which is the Sun Alignment Festival that had so many tales being told about throughout history.

Takes place during the paranormal festival is the prevailing of the amber rays of the sun to leave its trails on every bit of Ramses II sculptures blessing your eyes with such a scene to behold. The striking festival occurs twice annually, on 22nd February and 22nd October to party the king’s coronation.

The temple, on one hand, has four terrific sculptures of Ramses II that are the first thing to behold miles away, saluting its anticipated visitors, while on the other hand, is stuffed with such unique contents that adorn its marvelously ornamented interiors.

Exists within the temple are a number of statues that commemorate the three esteemed deities; Ptah, Ra-Horakty, and Amun.

Moreover, loads of carves and sculptures embody Nefertari, Ramses II’s wife, as well as his children could be found unscathed inside Included as well, diving further in the temple, is so many carves that incredibly depict how conqueror the king was, which was a fact intensified by the so many victories sculptured on the walls.

Best Solution to Enjoy Abu Simbel from Hurghada

You need to target the agency that:

  • Has multiple offers to pamper the travelers.
  • Has a reliable staff.
  • Is approved by a handful of other travelers.
  • Is decently affordable.
  • Is legitimately registered.

Hurghada Excursions is a great choice to book your Abu Simbel tour from Hurghada as it specialized in creating the best tours option in or from the Red Sea resorts, its follows the rhythms of your dreams, not letting any chance slip from between its hand fulfilling all their fantasies.

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Camper Trailers Australia: 7 Best Australian Made Camper Trailers



Camper Trailers Australia: 7 Best Australian Made Camper Trailers

In present-day Australia, the camper trailer market is dominated by a small but zealous number of camper trailer manufacturers. Having been unable to compete on price with many imported campers from China, they compete on innovation and quality. Australia has one of the best camper trailer markets globally, and it sets the trend for other markets.

The benefit of getting an Australian-made RV is beyond the quality that manufacturers need to aspire to be relevant in the market. There are many Aussie campers with innovations and creativity that no other campers have. These innovations have brought forth campers that are easy and quick to pack up and set up and perfect for the styles of travel of many Australians.

It is difficult to get a bad Australia camper trailer; however, here are some of the best campers to purchase.

  1. Walkabout Campers

Many Australian caravanners know about the Gall Boys, their wild tours, and the adventures of northern Australia. Still, only a few know that one of the Gall Boys manufactures camper tents in Queensland.

Elegant, simple, and in beautiful colors, the camper tents are quality. The trailers are also made around the corner. Walkabout campers are a cheap and great option for all Australians. However, you might need to wait for yours because they can only make 45 a year.

  1. Cub Campers Frontier

Although the idea of the forward-folding camper was conceived in Australia, it took Australian manufacturers a long time to get the hang of it, and the Cub Frontier arguably has the best forward folding camper in Australia. It features the best tent set-up, including comfortable and simple camper features. It is the perfect camper for traveling couples.

  1. Jayco Eagle Outback

These campers are one of the most popular in the country. They are the perfect camper trailers for family adventures. The Eagle features the perfect floorplan, a lounge close to a big bed for adults, and a smaller compartment for children.

  1. Track Tvan Canning

Track Tvan Canning is famous for its exquisite space-age design, military durable suspension system, and incredible tent system. It is the pride of most outback caravanners, and this camper has four models with the right proportion of comfort.

  1. Cub Brumby

The maker of Cub Brumby is the oldest camper manufacturer in Australia, and Cub Brumby is one of its awe-inspiring models. Light-weight, small, strong, and simple, it is easy to pack up and set up. You’ll get the best value for your money by buying this rear-fold camper.

  1. Trackabout Explorer

A track about Explorer is a small walk-up camper featuring a walkway. You can easily get on the bed with a ladder. With the bed’s folding design, it is easier to set up. It also features an arm system. It is perfect for travelers who are always on the move. Those who love a lightweight off-road camper can also get it. It is the ideal camper for small families.

  1. Patriot X1

Patriot is likened to be that kid that is brilliant at everything. The new Patriot X1 has a soft-floor tent, hard-topped roof, which is very easy to set up. This trailer comes with large storage options, a good kitchen, and several innovative features.

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