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Cheapest Way to Travel Maldives from India



Cheapest Way to Travel Maldives from India

Maldives is one of the expensive places to visit. So you need to find cheap & budget friendly ways to Travel Maldives from India. A one day tour in Maldives can cost you more than 1,000$. And one of the major reasons that Maldives is so expensive is because of the high value of real estate, high taxes applied on foreigners and tourists and just about everything you can get in Maldives is imported.

The breath-taking places of Maldives are all worth your money. This is why, even knowing that a trip to Maldives could cost a lot, many people still dream to tour Maldives. This is why in this article I will try to explain the cheapest way you can tour Maldives from India. But I don’t guarantee you that it will be less than 1,000$.

When I searched on Google about Maldives, I found a little interesting fact: The best month to visit Maldives is November to April. This really shocked me because even the cheapest month costs more than an average middle-class could afford.  

Though, the peak tourist season to book flights to Maldives is this only. The weather is perfect, sunny and bright for you to enjoy your vacation exploring Maldives’s islands.

You can just have a nice and peaceful walk around the beach, or you can just sit on the sands and enjoy watching the sunset and amazing water sports. The water is warm if you’re a diving expert or you love to dive then this will make your mood for diving.

India to Maldives for Honeymoon

From India to Maldives could be way too expensive for someone to enjoy their holidays and tour in Maldives, but you can minimize the expenses in Maldives by saving yourself from spending too much money. India to Maldives total flight duration is as much as 3 hours, 23 minutes so it will not take you too long to land your feet on Maldives.

If you want to tour Maldives from India, you need to know that the Indian people visiting Maldives as a tourist and they do not require any pre-arrival visa.

A free Maldives Tourist Visa will be given to you which is valid for no longer than 3 months and it will be issued to Indian national’s right after arriving at the Male airport.

To make your Maldives Honeymoon budget friendly, remember to check these top honeymoon hotels in Maldives to make the list of hotels & resorts in Maldives for romantic couples.

A real passport, along with an onward/return ticket and sufficient funds, is required to have a legal tour to Maldives. A no-cost visitor visa validity is a month and given to you on your arrival.

Without a preplan, a holiday in Maldives for a week could cost you MVR 25,888 for a single person.

 So, a trip to the Maldives for two people should cost around MVR 51,775 for one week.

A trip for two weeks for two people should cost MVR 103,551 in the Maldives.

But do you know that even though Maldives is expensive there are still some cheapest ways to visit Maldives.  And don’t worry we won’t be guiding you with some illegal ways. In fact all these ways are fully legal.

There is no doubt that Maldives is one of the most costly places to visit. But for some reasons July and August tend to be the cheapest months to travel to Maldives.  For Maldives it is always very hard to talk about money as there are so many types of accommodations and different activities to enjoy.

Even though we know Maldives for being a luxury destination, you also have more and more budget options available these days.

Resorts are the most expensive type of holidays but you can find all kind of resorts such as 2★, 3★, 4★, 5★ etc. And the price is according to your hotel category. You can search for a 2★ resort that starts with an all-inclusive package for USD 150 out of 200 per day each person.

But if you are searching for a 5★ resorts then you can go up to 1500 USD or much more on Bed and breakfast basis per night. Overall, you will have to add your excursions and water sports activities.

Guest’s houses business is rapidly growing in Maldives. This can become a good budget alternative to resort for you. Accommodations are cheap, they are between 50 and 100 USD per night, including Bed and breakfast.

If you are a full time traveler & you keep travelling for blogging then you must explore these best travel affiliate programs through which you can make money online being in Maldives. It’s simple the more you travel the more money you make.

If you want all your meals to be included (full board) you will have to add around 30 USD/pax per day. Overall, you will have to pay for your transfer (around 30$/pax) and all your excursions and watersports (between 20 and 100$ per excursion). Note that there is no alcohol to serve you on the local island.

Finally, a V.I.P cruise in Maldives could be the most interesting solution. This is an excellent solution as your accommodation includes food and all other activities in your package and you get to see beaches of Maldives, enjoy the real beauty of the country and avoid the tourist’s crowd. Usually for a 3★ star vessel you will have to pay around 150$/person/night, food, excursions, water will be included (alcoholic drinks will be an extra cost).

For cheap resort for seven nights count around 1200$ per person (Full board, no drinks included, no excursions, no activities and water sports)

What to see in Maldives?

Book your Maldives air ticket to experience the perfect tour for a relaxing holiday. Surrounded by islands of breath-taking beauty, white sand beaches all opening to an aquamarine ocean, Maldives is more like a paradise for tourists. When you are in Maldives, make sure that you visit the National Museum in Male.

It is the first international museum of the country and it’s definitely worth visiting. The famous Masjid-al-Sultan is another architectural wonder located in Male. The shining golden dome of the mosque is in a different level of beauty. If you ever loved art in your life or you’re still into it, then the Esjehi Art Gallery is a must-visit place for you.

Or, If you want to catch a glimpse of the local life in Maldives, then the Maldives Fish Market is the right place where you would want yourself to be.

What to Eat in Maldives

Maldives is well known and famous for its multi-flavored foods. The foods you’ll get to eat in Maldives are the combination of its neighbor countries India and Sri Lanka. This kind of combination in their foods attracts many Food Loggers to visit Maldives and test their foods. But what makes their food so delicious?  It’s their mixed rich flavors that makes their foods even more tasty and delicious.

It will be a waste if you just visit Maldives without eating all the delicious foods of Maldives. The food in Maldives has a mild spiciness and a delicate sweetness and is prepared using techniques passed down from generations. Since Maldives is a major tourist destination having resorts spread throughout the island, there is a wide range of food options for tourists, even vegetarians.

If you’re planning to tour Maldives, then do not forget to eat these delicious foods of Maldives: Garudhiya,Mas Huni,Masroshi,Bis Keemiya,Boshi Mashuni (Banana Flower Salad),Fried Yams, Maldivian Live Lobster, Saagu Bonifay, Reef Fish Cutlets and more. These are some of the famous foods of Maldives. Some celebrities even visit Maldives only to have these in their breakfast.


Even knowing that Maldives is way too expensive for a Middle-class average person, but still the money is worth spending to tour Maldives. The beach, the sands, the sky and especially their foods are all enough to make you feel that you’re in paradise.

Having a proper Holiday in Maldives could be the best day of your life. If we aside the expensive part, then we get a romantic luxurious paradise to spend a day or a week with your connection.

You can also select Maldives as your honeymoon destination afterall it is the Ideal place for every couple to enjoy their honeymoon. Many couples even visit Maldives after their honeymoon to feel the same experience they felt during their honeymoon.

 In the end to be honest with you all, I tried my best to explore the cheapest India to Maldives tour topic. But there’s no way that you could enjoy your holidays in Maldives without spending thousands of dollars.

But after a long research in above i have tried to mention the cheapest way anyone could visit Maldives from India without spending thousands dollars. There is more to explore about Maldives but I believe that it will be wise to explore Maldives all by yourself by having a cheapest tour to Maldives from India.

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Stick to Your Exercise Routine When You’re A Digital Nomad



Stick to Your Exercise Routine When You’re A Digital Nomad

Physical fitness refers to the ability of a person to perform some type of physical activity. It is the natural condition that human beings have to do any activity.

Physical fitness is something that a person develops over time. Any quality can be improved through practice and effort.

Each person has a different physical quality for what he/she develops better, however, whatever that quality is, one must have good physical fitness, which, among other components, consists of aerobic capacity and flexibility.

The healthy human being maintains a biopsychosocial balance. Physical and mental health are closely linked and impact productivity, functionality, and adaptability to daily demands. It is expected that the interrelation of the different human dimensions will manifest itself proportionally, that is, the greater the physical health, the greater the intellectual capacity, or vice versa. This study is based on the assumption that people who exercise frequently may be healthier and have greater cognitive or mental performance than people who do not exercise regularly.

If you are a digital nomad, you must probably feel very lucky, and rightly so. But being constantly on the road requires some extra physical effort through your poor body;  you only have one and this one keeps you going. So, respect it.

Three factors will determine your fitness level while you are on the move. Firstly the inner strength to achieve the desired results, then the actual body workout to remain in shape, and last but not least the healthy eating habits. Let’s have a look at them.

Tips for staying fit as a digital nomad

1: Work on your motivation

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, digital nomads need that extra motivation to convince themselves that they have to stay strong when following the nomadic lifestyle. Your routine has now changed; you find new ‘homes’ every now and then. It’s difficult to stick to a daily program. And what about all these wonderful temptations out there?

You can’t easily resist. And you don’t have to; at least not always. Just remember to make a commitment to yourself that you will find the courage to make up for that crazy last night. Everything is part of the journey. Finding the right balance is the key.

 2: Try to exercise once a day

If you decide to live and work in the developed world, and especially in big metropolises, things are rather easy regarding your workout choices. You will definitely find a gym around the city, where you can usually ask for membership according to the length of your stay.

If your nomad budget allows it, you may also stay at hotels that provide a swimming pool or again gym. Look for yoga or pilates lessons as an alternative workout; you can easily fit them into your schedule (Yoga is a very healthy habit!).

Remember that since your job is mostly done through a computer screen in a seated position, it is advised to take regular breaks; for the sake of both your eyes and your body. A brief rejuvenating workout will not only get your blood flowing but help you concentrate better as well. You are fine if you manage to exercise 3-4 times a week, while in the meantime you do some beautiful full-body stretching exercises.

 3: Keep moving around!

A good idea to keep you moving while working, would be to change often corners within your workstation, or simply change the workspace (if possible) a lot of times, daily. Sitting for a prolonged time at the same spot will only harm you, and you don’t want that.

When it comes to living in the developing world, trying to find and stick to a workout routine might be a more challenging task. Here, you probably have to improvise a lot. The easiest thing you can do is to walk around the place, which has double benefits: sightseeing and exercise. Same with hiking; find out about hiking trails in your location and start walking.

Depending on where you stay, you may also take part in local recreation activities, which is also a great way to meet new people. For example, you can take salsa lessons in Brazil, practice martial arts in India or go snorkeling in Zanzibar. Biking is another good option since you can find it almost everywhere and it’s cheap as well.

The point is that wherever you are, look out for workout facilities. If you don’t really fancy the gum cause you find it rather impersonal, try a local park during off-peak hours; or go for jogging early morning when the town is still asleep. You may even do some bodyweight in your room (if there is enough space): you need no equipment, it can be short in time, plus, you do see results.

However, exercise alone won’t be enough to get the results you want. And this is where eating habits come in the game.

4: Master your diet and eating habits!

Don’t freak out; by diet, I definitely don’t mean a weekly diet plan or the like, neither I am planning to bombard you with do’s and don’ts. It’s just that there are a few nice tips that seem to keep up well with your workouts. Cause creating healthy eating habits is one more vital factor to keep you strong as you move.

Number one on your list should be hydration, especially when you live in hot-climate countries. Keep a bottle of water with you when you go outdoors and don’t underestimate its necessity.

While preparing for a trip, it’s good to pack some healthy snacks; this way you avoid eating here and there like a pig (aka junk food). And try to eat healthy meals most of the time. Alright, you don’t have to be perfect. Besides, you only live once. So, yes, go for that yummy extra fattening local specialty without feeling much guilty (well…once in a while).

As to what this ‘diet’ would be nice to consist of, here we are: Look for protein-based food. Protein will fill your stomach with ‘healthy’ calories, plus it will help build muscle. Moreover, be generous when consuming vegetables, especially the green ones, as they are very rich in nutrients, much needed for your body.

The combination of a regular workout with a relatively right diet, will not only make you stronger and healthier, which you need when you travel often. It will also make sure that the calories are there to build muscle instead of making you fat. Remember that no one expects you to follow advice 100%.

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What Unique Experiences in Hurghada are good for avoiding crowds? my trip to Egypt



What Unique Experiences in Hurghada are good for avoiding crowds? my trip to Egypt

If you are looking forward to spending your vacation in the tourist city of Hurghada in Egypt, I share with you my experience during my trip to Egypt this year.

Where I spent 10 days in the city of Hurghada and 5 days in the capital city of Cairo, if you are looking for the best trips, I recommend the best Hurghada Snorkeling Tripsthat you can choose from and suitable for families, newlyweds on honeymoon and youth for adventure.

  1. Orange Bay Hurghada | VIP Snorkeling Trip in Hurghada
  2. Dolphin House Hurghada
  3. Hurghada Paradise Island Trip | Full Day Snorkeling Tours Hurghada
  4. Hurghada Giftun Island Trip
  5. Mahmya Island Hurghada Trip
  6. Utopia Island Hurghada
  7. Sharm EL Naga Snorkeling
  8. Hamata Snorkeling Trip
  9. Dolphin House Snorkeling Trip Reef Marsa Alam.
  10. Glass Bottom Boat Excursion from Marina Hurghada
  11. Catamaran Sailing from El Gouna
  12. Hurghada Seascope Semi Submarine from Marina Hurghada
  13. Pirates Snorkeling Cruise from Hurghada
  14. Private Boat Trip in Hurghada
  15. Intro Diving Trip

My experience with Vendors on the streets and transport in  Hurghada Egypt:

This is a very frustrating experience. especially in places where the attractions you visit, you will find many people who want to sell you things, and this is very annoying.

People will want to sell you things wherever you go, which is very annoying, whether it’s statues or accessories.

You will feel uncomfortable whenever I go anywhere, don’t worry, it will be a new experience in your life to get to know a certain culture,

Despite attempts to be regulated by the Anti-Begging and Utilities Department, to no avail.

My experience with street vendors in Hurghada .:

Just thinking about walking down Sheraton’s main street in Hurghada, you find that many shopkeepers are trying to drag you into their store.Plus the people selling watches and leather belts and some kids toys lurking around town is really annoying.

My experience with street vendors in Cairo.:

I had problems with shopkeepers trying to cheat and sell type antiques for overpricing, despite my seriousness n buying a souvenir to bring home.

A little tip:

Do not talk to street vendors until you get all of your guarantees that there is no shortage of the product.

Please take a photo with you during your trip to Hurghada Egypt.

There are many disturbing situations when a group of young Egyptians asks to be photographed with female tourists, especially if a beautiful blonde with delicate white skin.

It is very interesting for us to communicate with Egyptians, especially with children who love to take pictures, but young people who annoy us interfere.

I hope I never see this behavior from young Egyptian people again.

You can freely take pictures with Egyptians of all classes without hassle, they are friendly people with whom it is very pleasant to communicate.

Clothing for tourists in Egypt:

You are free, man or woman, to wear whatever comfortable clothing you want, to historical sites in Egypt, sea travel, etc. But when it comes to respecting other cultures, it’s best to wear the right dress for the situation.

A little tip:

It is best to wear clothes in such a way that you and others feel comfortable, you are a guest in another country, therefore, you must respect the culture, especially the Muslim majority of Egypt, who care about the clothes of Islam.

You can shop in Egyptian markets and buy local Egyptian clothing in Egypt. And take a picture in it.

You’ll find it’s cheap, starting at £ 300 for an Egyptian robe for women and £ 500 for an Egyptian robe for men.

You can wear a shirt or a T-shirt with jeans during boat trips to Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh, safari, excursion to visit the temples in Luxor, Aswan, Giza, and the Sphinx in Cairo with the Egyptian Museum.

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London Travel Industry Slowly Rebuilding After COVID-19 Shutdowns



London Travel Industry Slowly Rebuilding After COVID-19 Shutdowns

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the travel industry experienced a boom for years. The talk for the cruise industry was more about increasingly newer and bigger liners, more passengers and creating an enticing atmosphere for tourism. London airport transfer service was full of every passenger’s dream. Then came the year 2020 that brought the transport sector and many other sectors to a devastating halt. Coronavirus travel shutdowns and social distancing calls saw many private transportation and cruising firms close their services.

Transportation from London to Southampton and London cruise transfers experienced the most devastating moments. The optimism that crowned the private transportation services in London and other major cities worldwide petered out. The players in the sector could only wait while praying for better times ahead.

Before cruise companies hoist anchors again, and the rest of the travel industry regain full life, hopes are pinned on the vaccines being developed and approved to curb the pandemic. This aside, how are the cruise industry and private transportation services trying to recover from the pandemic’s setbacks?

Pandemic Pressure on London Transportation Gradually Ebbing Down

Thanks to the determination to see the Coronavirus pandemic phase-out, many sectors have begun registering some incredibly positive feedback. The transport sector that was almost completely shattered by the crisis seems to be on the recovery path. It’s no longer a question of if travellers would want to sail, fly or aboard a bus again, but when they’re going to fully enjoy a comfortable and safe trip.

The once halted passengers’ operations are gradually rejuvenating. Your desired cruise port travel from London to Southampton and cruise terminal Dover Cruise transfers are quickly getting on track. Cruise and other transport companies are consulting with scientists and doctors to set safety protocols. Even the small to medium private transportation enterprises in London such as EC Minibus fleet are forming a great part of this swing back.

The reliance on temperature scanners, disinfection foggers, elimination of group activities, and upgraded ventilation systems seems to work in the same determined spirit of coming up with approved vaccines. Otherwise, who would want to cruise London to Southampton transfers if it feels like going on a hospital ship?

The New Southampton’s Fifth Cruise Terminal

The dedication to phase out the COVID-19 pandemic has seen some great ports around the world start regaining life. Some mega-cruise terminals are springing up. Horizon Cruise Terminal, Southampton’s fifth, is seeing its completion awaiting use by Norwegian Cruise Line and MSC Cruises this summer.

The next generation’s cruise terminal at the port has shore power connectivity installed for ships, with roof-mounted solar power. Cruise being such an important part of the city’s heritage, culture and history, the terminal offers high hopes of the transportation industry jumping back to its feet. The new terminal looks forward to welcoming its first cruise passengers this summer, a great indication of the rest of the transport sector slowly swinging back to life.

Whether the travel industry can truly recover in 2021 is fully dependent on the management of the Coronavirus. We’ve seen many countries trying to be ahead in the stiff competition of developing a vaccine approved by the World Health Organization (WHO). A few results are already turning out positive, a reassuring pointer to the possibility of curbing the pandemic so that life turns to normalcy. Many financial backers are on board to see businesses worldwide return to their usual lucrative operations.

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