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Toya Wright Announces Her First Double Dutch Competition




Toya Wright Announces Her First Double Dutch Competition

At 12 o’clock, Toya and the rapper, Lil Wayne met during a corner store and Wayne stood outside New Orleans, Louisiana. She got pregnant with her fourteen-year-old daughter. Lil Wayne has already signed cash records as a successful rapper. Finally, he decided to pursue his rap career with Cash Money Records to support his son.

Toya Wright, a fan of overweight, is deeply hidden when Toya Wright announces her first double Dutch contest, an important event associated with this movement. WNM seeks to increase awareness of overweight and obesity.

There was another message to Toya: the case where you missed all the beautiful women who jumped in the Dutch double WNM competition

I am happy to organize the first Dutch double competition! This is a free youth event! All you have to do is register. Hurry up, seats are limited! Go to Eventbrite and register now!

Game fans know that he loves to play sports, and he put a lot of clips in the gym to show people how to do. Thanks to her decision, she was able to inspire her fans and admirers.

Toya lovers know that she agrees to exercise and that she takes a lot of clips in the gym to show people how this is done. She was an inspiration to her fans and fans due to her enthusiasm.

Along with Robert Rushing, he devised a weight movement no more, which aims to combat obesity and overweight.

Recently, Toya made fans happy with three visions in the gym and got his training partner: Rushing Reign.

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Sartorius ma37 moisture analyzer




Sartorius ma37 moisture analyzer

MA37 is a new basic model for the sartorius ma37 moisture analyzer. Because of its features and usage, it is especially suitable for daily analysis, with samples that can always be repeated, such as in production and receiving control. MA35 is easy to Used by all operators because it has programming options not available in these locations without reducing flexibility. And the accuracy of measurement


The basic compact prototype gives very accurate results. All automatic assessment criteria eliminate boring termination threshold settings. The moisture analyzer will track the drying process and stop the measurement when the sample weight is stable. The 1 mg accuracy total weight system has been optimized for use at higher temperatures and provides the necessary measurement accuracy.

  • Ideal for consistent, normal measurement work
  • There are two strong metal tubes to heat the sample. It heats up quickly, which reduces the measurement time.
  • The heating elements are fast, strong and durable. Compared to glass heating tubes, they are particularly resistant to dirt and vibration.
  • The indicator lights show the current measurement status: Inactive / start, end/stop, shut down analyzers or errors.
  • Indicator, the indicator can be seen from a maximum distance of 10 meters
  • The user interface is easy to use and has a touch screen and easy to understand menus.
  • BetterClean design allows users to wash tool parts with high accuracy.
  • The heating unit and the sample plate are removable and can be washed in the dishwasher.
  • Removable cover with wide-open corners, SoftClose mechanism
  • Language selection: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Polish, Japanese, Portuguese, Turkish
  • Sample room with LED lights, inspection window with grille
  • External calibration with additional calibration weights

SUPERFLUA Programming

Selecting an automatic endpoint device makes programming as an unnecessary separation standard.
MA35 will continuously monitor the drying path and complete the measurement when the fixed sample weight is reached. (Such as when the heat does not measure weight loss). The measurement accuracy required for this is provided by the 1 mg weighing system, which is suitable for use in areas with high temperatures. For heating, the MA35 sample uses two metal radiation tubes with a total power of 360 watts. These heating elements are called dark radiators, in particular, strong and durable. Compared to glass heat lamps such as p, for example, infrared light lamps or halogen radiators, these components are especially resistant to dirt and vibration. In addition to these advantages

Works clearly and without errors.

Use without errors and simplicity is the center of management concepts. A clear and well-organized screen helps users quickly get to know all the important information. Understanding symbols can be a simple measurement guide in three steps, from the space in the sample sheet to the beginning of the measurement. In MA35, the general program selection menu is pulled out with a constant amount of drying procedures. The memorable limit for greater flexibility. All important operating parameters can be called and edited directly in seconds. Using YDP03-0CE, which is Every extra device allows measurement results can be printed as a short protocol, which saves paper. If more complete documents are needed, the LPG protocol can be delivered in detail.


Fast measurements
Effortless cleaning
Easy to use
Show measurement status
Compatibility decreases with previous models MA35.


Analysis of food, beverage, medicine, chemicals, paper, and environmental protection products Suitable for daily work of periodic moisture analysis, as in production or inspection of incoming products.

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Clusters of Investors Around Initial Public Offerings




Clusters of Investors Around Initial Public Offerings

Why do we have clusters of investors around (IPO) initial public offerings? IPO is a vital part of financial markets as they create new investment opportunities, lure new investors into the market, and redistribute funds’ allocations. Let’s go into more detail about Initial Public Offering and why investors seem to be flocking towards it.

What is an Initial Public Offering?

An Initial Public Offering (IPO) is basically when a company goes public. In an IPO, a private limited company makes its shares available on the stock market for investors to purchase. The shares can either be issued newly or previously held by early investors or founders. Many entrepreneurs long for this Milestone of success, which is going public. This is because a successful initial public offering can result in fame, prestige, fortune, and power. However, not everyone can pull it off.

For a thorough understanding of IPO, you can visit the Eagles Investors platform.

Here are some valid reasons why investors choose IPO’s to invest in.

Financial Advantage

One of the main advantages of investing in IPO’s is the financial reward. The success of an IPO can mean millions or even billions of dollars for an investor. This is because companies often launch IPO’s when the market is bullish; therefore, the chances of a price increase are high.

Moreover, not only do you get to enjoy the benefits of your investment, but you get to do it knowing that you are providing capital to the economy and helping businesses to grow and provide real goods and real services to consumers.

Exit Opportunity

Private limited companies usually find it difficult to raise capital, because as an investor invests his money into the company, he gets locked into that company. On the other hand, public companies’ investors are able to enter the investment and exit when it suits them.

Whenever an investor wants to sell his investment, he can do it with ease because there is a secondary market for all the stocks that are listed on the exchange, and it is always active; so someone is always available and willing to buy as well. Such liquidity is what encourages investors to let go of their money comfortably.

Price Transparency

Price transparency is something that is very important when it comes to investing. With Initial Public Offerings, the price per security that is issued is stated clearly in the IPO order document; therefore, you can easily access the same information that bigger investors have access to as well.

Nevertheless, it would be different in the case of post-IPO. After the IPO, the share price would be contingent on fluctuating market rates as well as the stockbroker’s best price offer.

Cheap Purchase, Big Earnings

Usually, the IPO price is at its lowest when you are looking to invest in a small business that has great potential to grow into a hugely successful company. Due to its size, and perhaps the stage it is in its growth process, the company might give a discounted rate.

Once you miss that opportunity, investing in that company will be hard because the stock price will most likely rise steeply, and those that would have grabbed the opportunity would gain from it.

Easier Analysis

The Initial Public Offering catalog provides enough information any investor would need to analyze stocks easily. A lot of this information is often unavailable when you purchase stocks from a secondary market. This is a great advantage, indeed, as it helps investors to make informed decisions.

Final Thoughts

We could go on about the advantages of investing in IPO’s, but it would take all day. Even though there are some cons to this investment, the pros outweigh them or rather are worth the risk. The year 2020 looks promising for IPO’s.

Even accounting firm (E and Y) Ernst and Young wrote in a fairly recent report that they are expecting a flood of IPO to come to the market. They also continue to express how they see global IPO activity picking up as we approach the traditional peak Initial Public Offering season.

Clearly, a lot of money is up to grab in the next couple of years with IPO’s; the cluster of investors around initial public offerings right now proves nothing. Don’t be left out.

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How Justin Escalona Turned $100 into $5M with 1340 COLLECTIVE – PR




How Justin Escalona Turned $100 into $5M with 1340 COLLECTIVE - PR

When most students move away from home to go to college the only thing on their mind is partying and going to class. Unlike those students, Justin Escalona was able to turn a $100 investment into a company worth over $5 million dollars in only three years while attending the USC Film school. When Justin was living in his freshman dorm he created an e-commerce streetwear company called 1340 COLLECTIVE. The company was created as a joke to prove to his friend living down the hall that he could make a better clothing company. The name “1340” was actually just the number of his dorm room at USC. In only the first week of the company being activated, 1340 generated over $20,000 in sales. Since then, Justin has been scaling the company at a rapid pace. Celebrities such as Ethan Cutkosky, Khalid & David Dobrik have been spotted wearing 1340 clothes.

In today’s world, the barrier of entry to building an e-commerce store is very low. Pretty much anyone can make their own shop if they have a few hundred bucks to pay for a website and samples. Justin found extreme success during the early stages of his growth by drop shipping his garments direct to consumers. 1340 classifies their new clothing collections by monthly “ROUNDS”. When Escalona was marketing ROUND 1, he found himself in a tough position where most print shops had a minimum order quantity that he could not afford. With only $100 to his name, he found a place that would print just one unit. With that one unit, Justin was able to photograph all of the marketing material and pretend like he had a massive inventory when in reality he only had one shirt. The shirts went live on the website and Justin would use the money from the orders to pay for the production of the shirts he was selling. With this model, it allowed Escalona to have zero overhead while selling hundreds of t-shirts.

Justin believes in the philosophy of selling stories, not products. With every piece, he tells a story through his clothes. In his most recent collection, it is inspired by him growing up in the suburbs. On the back of one of the pieces titled, “SUBURBIA”, it has a quote that says, “This boring life isn’t boring at all. This place will forever be my home”. It serves as an homage to the place he’s from while also providing commentary towards the idea that a lot of people overlook the importance of where they grew up. Having relatable stories in his clothing has allowed him to sell so many units over the years.

Before Justin’s primary focus was on designing clothes, he used to be a concert photographer for rappers in the Chicagoland area. When he was only in 8th grade, he would sneak into concerts at local venues and pretend to be a press photographer. Justin would put his dad’s camera around his neck and walk right past security. He was known for being able to get backstage and meet many of the artists performing. Justin did this every single weekend for four years building up a massive Rolodex of people in the industry. He developed many friendships with these artists which have proven to be a vital aspect of 1340 COLLECTIVE.

When Justin would go to these concerts or asked to take pictures on a tour, he would always do it for free. Many of the musicians he would photograph took notice of this. In the world of freelancing, doing things for free is more valuable than asking for a small payment. Justin is quoted saying, “Money doesn’t make you rich, relationships do.” By sacrificing a standard fee of $200 to take photos and doing it for free, Justin built up very strong friendships with some of the top artists in the industry. In our interview with Justin he went on to say, “Many of the artists I would shoot had the money to pay me and even offered, but I would always say no. One day down the line this will all pay off in a much bigger way rather than taking a few hundred dollars. You have to think when one of these artists thinks to themselves “oh who should I hit up to take photos?” There’s a 90% chance they’re going to hit up the guy who’s always down to work for free instead of the person charging $150.”

The way Justin cashed in on all of his favors was by having his friends take photos wearing 1340 clothes and posting it on social media. This is how he was able to garner so much attention toward his clothing almost overnight. Having artists with over 1 million followers post a branded photo can cost anywhere from $50,000-$250,000. Social media is the new gold mine for advertising if done correctly. Whenever Justin does marketing campaigns on Instagram, he makes sure to always target a niche at a time. He is currently running a large scale campaign right now with NFL and NHL athletes. He has yet to pay a single dollar for a post.


You can check out 1340 COLLECTIVE here!

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