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Rasheeda Frost Announces The ”Women Of Power” Live Event For March 8



Rasheeda Frost

Rasheeda Frost encouraged his fans when he announced an upcoming Live event “Women of Power” on March 8. See the message he shared on his social media account.

Welcome, everybody! She met Shawnee O’Neill, Jackie Christie, Tuya Wright and Amara to Negra on March 8th at the Atlanta Symphony Hall for a lively and exciting event designed to empower and empower. Don’t let this unique event in the world bring the evilest directors of VH1 on stage to talk about money, strength and love. I hope you see there!

This is another money-earning event for the couple, whose business efforts are popular according to the VH1 program. Rasheeda owns a popular store. The store has a great online presence but has shop windows at Phipps Plaza in Atlanta and Houston.

Someone said: I want everyone to bring this to Seattle! Few women may be able to use strength and height. ”

Another trailer said: Can Kandy be replaced by Shawnee? In my opinion, we would like to see strong women who do not distort people because of their colour and classify them as aggressive even though they are expressing someone who needs a lease. ”

Another person asked to post this: “Rasheeda, you are beautiful, this is what I like about you, you have to stay alive and alive, and that you kept your family together, no matter how good a blessing your wife is to your husband continues with your grandfather. I was thinking that you were getting a little Very but you kill them you go to a girlfriend.

Another commentator says: “Two beautiful and elegant women did a very beautiful job by declaring that the two women looked beautiful and beautiful.”

One of the followers wrote: “Yes, I am a strong and strong woman who has to think about, sometimes I make good suggestions to others and sometimes I need some strength. I like to attend this event, give me more details. Peace and blessings. ‘

On that day, Rasheeda’s lovers were afraid to think about cutting her beautiful hair, but she wore a very good wig.



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