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What is Mettler Balance?



What is Mettler Balance?

A precision scale, also known as a platform scale, is a scale designed for very accurate results (less than milligrams). Precision balances are used to measure small samples and provide a precise, fast and easy way to measure the weight of substances such as fine dust. Various electronic precision scales with a maximum load of 64 kg are available. Readability is in the range of 1 mg (0.001 g) to 1 g, so 0 to 3 decimal places are displayed. High-precision laboratory scales can weigh up to four digits after the decimal point, so the display can show values ​​up to 0.0001 g (0.1 mg).

Compared with analytical balances, the Mettler balance provides more stable readings in a wider range of environmental conditions. Analytical balances always require strictly defined conditions for accurate measurements. Because it is less susceptible to temperature fluctuations and wind, it is easier to use precision scales as measuring instruments. When using a draft shield in a fume hood, use a high-resolution precision balance with a readability of 1 mg to ensure stable performance, even if precision balances are not needed. This needs to be done.

Where to use precision scales? What are the uses of precision balances?

Various industries provide accurate results based on the accuracy of the scale, but chemistry is the most common. Precision scales range from research and quality control laboratories to educational institutions in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and textile industries.

Precision balances are used in laboratories for applications such as simple weighing, dynamic weighing, sample preparation, statistical quality control, mixing and interval weighing. With its high precision and precision, precision balances are perfect for everyday weighing tasks in the laboratory.

For additive, pharmaceutical, chemical and adhesive mixing applications, precision platform scales and larger platforms with loads of up to 10 kg or more are commonly used.

How does temperature affect accuracy balance?

Temperature fluctuations can affect the repeatability of weighing results. For best stability and performance, use a scale where the room temperature can be controlled and opened permanently. Ideally, the scale should be mounted on a workbench at a suitably controlled room temperature.

METTLER TOLEDO precision balances are equipped with fully automatic motor-driven internal self-adjustment (FACT) to compensate for temperature fluctuations. If the preset temperature difference is exceeded, the adjustment process is triggered automatically. This ensures the accuracy of the scale without operator intervention, which improves the performance of all applications.

Features and benefits

Accurate and reliable:

METTLER TOLEDO ensures accurate results with every weighing operation.

Compact design:

The ideal way to save space when space is limited. In many cases, the auxiliary display is easily mounted on the balance.

Backlit display:

A display showing all jewelry sales makes it easy and safe to read the results. Easy to read and with auxiliary display for customers.

Integrated application:

All jewelry gold scales have several applications already included in the software: basic weighing, piece counting, and weighing percentage.



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