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Tips for Better Rest with sleep-3



Tips for Better Rest with sleep-3

Keep a consistent sleep schedule

Sleep at the same time and get up at the same time every day including on the weekends. Sticking to a sleep schedule can regulate your biological body clock and help you sleep better at night.

Create A Good Bedtime Ritual and Practice It

Avoid doing a relaxing bedtime activity in a place with bright lights to separate your bedtime from things that cause stress, excitement, or anxiety. This is because these 3 things can make it hard to fall asleep, enjoy a good night’s sleep, or staying asleep at night. If you have trouble sleeping, it is a good idea to avoid late afternoon napping. While a power nap can make you feel energized and benefit you in many other ways, avoid it and catnaps if you have trouble sleeping.

Keep Exercises on A Daily Basis

Even though vigorous exercise can be more beneficial than light exercises when it comes to sleep, light exercises are better than no exercise. Any time is workout time but not at the expense of your sleep.



Ensure That Your Sleep Environment Is Sleep-Friendly

Try as much as you can to make your bedroom better for sleep. The temperature of your bedroom should be between 60 and 67 degrees for optimal sleep. You should also create a noise-free sleep sanctuary so that noise will not interfere with your sleep.

In addition, you should make your bedroom a light-free zone at night. Check your sleep environment for distractions such as noises including a bed partner’s sleep disruptions like snoring. It may be a good idea to use devices like eyeshades, blackout curtains, “white noise” machines, earplugs, fans, humidifiers, and so on.

Sleep on A Comfortable Mattress and Pillows

A comfortable mattress and pillows can ensure a good night’s sleep. Ensure that your mattress is comfortable and provides the best back support. A good quality mattress, like Tempurpedic, can last anywhere between 9 and 10 years. So, your mattress may have exceeded its life expectancy.


Comfortable pillows can make your sleep environment beautiful and inviting for sleep. Ensure that the pillows you have in your sleep environment are free of allergens which may affect you and free of objects that may make you slip or fall when you wake up at night.

Find activities that in a short time will help you relax

One of the problems in taking advantage of free time is that most people have very busy schedules. So it is important to find ways to relax that do not require much time and that are to the taste of everyone. Thus, in a short time, great benefits can be obtained. These activities can be watching or listening to a humorous program, reading, walking or running, or going out for coffee outside the workplace, among many other possibilities.

Manage Your Circadian Rhythms Using Bright Light

Avoid bright light in the evening. Expose your eyes to sunlight in the morning to sleep better at night. This is because this exposure will manage your circadian rhythms.

Avoid Cigarettes, Alcohol and Heavy Meals in The Evening

It is a good idea to avoid cigarettes, alcohol, and caffeine as these things can interfere with your sleep. A big or spicy meal can result in disruptions to healthy sleep patterns as it causes discomfort from indigestion. As such, it is good to try as much as possible to avoid eating a large meal 2-3 hours before going to bed. If you still feel hungry before bedtime, consider eating a light snack 45 minutes before going to bed.


Always remember that your body needs time to shift into sleep mode. Therefore, it is a good idea to shift your body into sleep mode by doing a relaxing activity like reading. Some people have trouble sleeping after using an electronic device like a laptop before bedtime as the light that emanates from electronic devices is activating to the brain. If you have trouble sleeping, don’t use electronics before going to bed or in the middle of the night.