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Startup Fortune founder Mervik Haums brings new platform to help startups with their online reputation management



Startup Fortune founder Mervik Haums brings new platform to help startups with their online reputation management

Young professionals and entrepreneurs hoping to build their brands need to be mindful of how their online footprint may affect their future success and the new platform by Startup Fortune founder Mervik Haums makes it easy to manage your online reputation.

That’s part of Mervik’s goal with his new venture called PRN which offers various marketing services that includes public relations, social media, branding and also a press release distribution service that will work with entrepreneurs and startup companies based in the Middle East.

“Maintaining a positive brand identity on the internet is critical for any business. More and more entrepreneurs and startups are realising the value of online reputation management in growing their business. With PRN, we wish to make that process easy and affordable.”

A good online presence can help people feel better trusting a person or company. It’s best to keep a variety of professional public profiles that are regularly updated with unique and useful content that will help establish you as an authority in your respective niche or industry.

Here are some things to know about managing your online reputation: 

  • Regularly searching for your name or company’s name online is a good way to understand what prospective clients know about you. If you don’t have a strong or up-to-date online presence, it will be harder to establish credibility and attract new business connections.
  • Always assume what you post is permanent. Even if you think you’ve deleted old posts, they could have been saved or archived by some sites. Being mindful about what you share will help you great with the efforts of your brand’s online reputation management.
  • It’s also important to monitor what others may be saying about you or your brand. Setting up alerts for your name or company name can quickly let you know if a third party is posting something about you.
  • If you do maintain personal social media accounts, be sure to check privacy settings regularly so you understand how you can control who sees your posts. Sites like Facebook and Twitter regularly change and update their privacy settings, and will usually notify users about them when they happen. 
  • Professional online reputation management services can help tailor search internet search results. They can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars each year, according to an article in Forbes Magazine. In return, they work to make your official online profile show up higher on internet search results.

Haums is a professional branding specialist, writer and technology enthusiast based in Dubai. In 2018 he founded Startup Fortune, an internet news publication that monitors trends and offers training for entrepreneurs. Startup Fortune helps professionals understand growth hacking, public relations and online marketing. PRN will be a new online platform designed to help entrepreneurs and startups build their professional brands and manage their online presence.