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Top Celebrity Publicist and Entrepreneur Magazine’s Resident Mentor, Danielle Sabrina



Resident Mentor, Danielle Sabrina

Anyone seeking out PR has most likely heard of Danielle Sabrina she’s a sought-after celebrity publicist and brand strategist. Her agency Tribe Builder Media is known for delivering award-winning PR strategies in addition to developing and managing some of today’s most prominent personal brands.   

The journey of Danielle Sabrina:

Danielle Sabrina started her career on Wall Street at just the age of 19, becoming one of the youngest traders in the industry. After working her way up the corporate ladder she decided to move on and try her hand at entrepreneurship. She became well known for her brand and media strategies, helping guide companies that were gearing up to go public. From there she gained the trust of celebrities and many high-profile CEOs. Additionally, she was named Female Entrepreneur of the Year in 2019 and 2020, was also named CIO’s Top 20 Female Entrepreneur to follow and Entrepreneur Magazine’s resident mentor and expert.  

Tribe Builder Media:

Danielle Sabrina founded Tribe Builder Media, a hybrid digital PR agency based in Los Angeles and NYC. She is the best publicist of this era and is working hard to take this agency to the top. She is doing an incredible job for her clients by developing their thought leadership and positioning them as industry experts by pitching their stories to the media. The company’s public relation strategies is helping put brands on the map by focusing on results and KPIs.

Why they are the Best in the Industry:

Tribe Builder Media has won several industry awards including but not limited to; Ranked #5 Best Entrepreneurial Company in America by Entrepreneur Magazine, Best Global PR Agency by Consumer World Awards, Best Reputation Management, Best Boutique PR Agency, Best Corporate Communication Agency, Best Marketing Agency by Clutch.

Brand Activation and Experiential Marketing:  

The sponsorships from conferences, celebrity appearances, trade shows, and VIP events have a good connection between teams and ideas.

Public Relation:

Tribe Builder media has a 97% success rate over getting their clients featured in the top-tier press. The success rate is high, and this is because of the team’s vast network and long-standing relationships. The agency’s team consists of backgrounds in advertising, journalism, and linguistics. The Top PR firm Los Angeles provides the best service and techniques to lead a company to the top. The leadership in a company is the source of success.

If you do a quick search of Tribe Builder Media and Danielle Sabrina you’ll find plenty of testimonials of their work.

“We came to Tribe Builder Media having just let go of our previous agency, and I have to say our expectations weren’t incredibly high as we were very disappointed with our last experience. We handle a lot of high-profile cases and need to have an agency on hand to field questions and also establish our attorneys as experts. Since signing on with Danielle and her agency, our partners have been on Fox Business, Bloomberg, and as well some local news segments. The account executive on our account is very responsive, informed, and consistently gets us featured across various verticals we’re targeting. We couldn’t be happier and look forward to continuing our relationship.”  Ed, Senior Partner NYC Law Firm

“We hired Danielle to get press coverage for two of our athletes at the Forbes 30 under 30 summit. She was able to land a BET interview on-site, with having just met our athlete only an hour prior, very impressive! Her team was incredibly professional and delivered exactly what we asked for, and I’m looking forward to continuing our relationship.” RedBull

“My business manager recommended Danielle to me when I was launching a new company. Bringing her agency onto my team has been great. Man, I love working with the folks at Tribe Builder, they’re authentic and excellent at what they do, and I feel they always have my best interest in mind.” ~Quarterback, NFL 

“We had spent the last year with a huge agency, the most well-known one in fact. After about six months into our 12-month contract, we couldn’t wait for it to end. Our account executive changed multiple times, and press releases slipped through the cracks among many other mistakes. When we weren’t getting any coverage, the agency’s response was that journalists were just not interested in covering our company. When our contract finally came to an end, we signed on with Tribe Builder, and have been consistently getting coverage in Forbes, Venture Beat, Inc, and many others. I was personally very relieved as it’s my job to oversee our marketing budget and make sure the right players are in place and we’re getting an ROI for our efforts.” -Andri, SVP of Marketing for Payments Company

“We’ve been with Danielle and her agency for over a year now and our brand exposure has grown so much to the point we’re starting to get journalists that reach out to us as a source. Her team is always so responsive and involved in our company that sometimes I forget they’re not actual employees of ours.” -Anna, Director of Content for eSports company.


Rising Actress Alexandra Creteau and her Husband David Murrietta Jr. Grace the Silicon Beach Film Festival



Robby McBride, Alexandra Creteau and David Murrietta during the opening night of the Silicon Beach Film Festival (Red Carpet Event) .

Prominent Model and Rising Star Alexandra Creteau along with her husband, David Murrietta Jr, who is renowned social media activist and a rising actor as well, attended the screening and opening night for the Silicon Beach Film Festival, where a thriller and horror short film, “Vicious Circle” (directed and produced by : Robby McBride & Edith McBride) was displayed along with other entertaining stuff.

Silicon Beach Film Festival held in Los Angeles, which bring technology and film industry together. In this festival, short and feature narratives, documentaries, screenplays, experimental and short movies are displayed to the audience. Every year, the best movies are dignified with awards.

Vicious Circle is short thriller film, which is filmed in United States and so far has been screened in several Film Festivals. Alexandra Creteau played a key role in this thrilled movie as “Ninja”. On the other hand, David Murriettaa Jr. played role as “Bartender”. This movie was praised in almost every film festival due to best acting roles of actors and has won three film festival awards.

The storyline of the movie revolves around a nameless bar patron, who is happily tossing back a few at a nameless bar(ROBBY MCBRIDE). When he asked by the bartender, if he would like another drink, the guy decides to flip the coin; heads, he leaves, tails, he stays. In either case, a woman in black (Alexandra Creteau) enters as the “conflict”. Moreover, the photography is efficient and exhibits a nice grasp of the art of cinematography.

On October 4, 2021 in Hollywood California, during Silicon Beach Film Festival, Vicious Circle was screened. The film won “The Best Thriller” tag during this festival due to exceptional production, splendid horror story and matchless thriller acting by the actors; most importantly by Alexandra Creteau and David Murrietta Jr.

Due to their stunning work in the movie, Alexandra Creteau and David Murrietta Jr. won the “Best Short Thriller” during the Silicon Beach Film Festival.

 All the stakeholders of the film, from producer to photographer, did exceptionally well but many thanks to Alexandra Creteau, who was born and raised in Ukraine but later, moved to US to pursue her career in modeling and acting and now is Rising Star of Hollywood, for her fabulous role. Bundle of thanks to David Murrietta Jr. as well who is renowned actor of Hollywood and played main police officer roles in many well-known movies and tv series.

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Youngest Successful Entrepreneur: Omar Abuhaif



Youngest Successful Entrepreneur: Omar Abuhaif

Omar Abuhaif is the youngest entrepreneur and investor of the current Era. He is an influencer and a Youtuber too. He is also known as 3moorhd. He is an example of determination as he thought he did hard work, believed in himself, and achieved all the success. he influenced youngsters and guided them on achieving goals in life. He shares his experience with others. He is a co-owner of a good pharmacist.

Man of thoughts

You are a man of untouchable thoughts. His outlook on life is very different. He has achieved a lot at a very young age. He is graduated from the University of Sharjah College Of Pharmacy in 2021 at the age of 22.

He is an entrepreneur with 4+ successful projects and startups, including 

  1. Stork (award-winning in hult prize):

He got 2nd place in the best business plan. Hult Prize is an annual competition that seeks university-level students’ opinions to solve various social issues like education, food, poverty, water, pollution, etc. It was made by Ahmad Ashkar and funded by Bertil Hult. Omar won the 2nd prize in the business plan category.

 Upcoming projects

  1. Smarten (a technology company that focuses on innovation and luxury. It is launching in Dubai. Its first launch product is a smart LCD touch screen car key that is universal for all cars. This is an innovative digital innovation that provides convenience and luxury to the drivers. It is one of the most advanced tools in the world. It has more than one function. You can use it for the best car experience. 

Tech company in the Gulf

Omar is one of the founders of this company. He is passionate about making this company the best tech company in the Gulf. He is enthusiastic about growing the company and determined to make the company a success. If you want to be successful and live, it is not politeness but the passion that will get you there. Life is 10% of what you experience and 90% of how you respond to it, and Omar meets all the criteria. Omar trust himself. It’s that simple. And when you have that unshakeable confidence in yourself, you are already one step closer to success.

Jobs creator:

As he owns many projects, he hires others in this way. He is creating jobs for others that are good for the economy of the country. It’s covers unemployment.

 Clothing brand Fikra Styles

  1. He also owns a clothing brand called Fikra Styles, known for its unique designs and fast delivery. Fikra Styles’ designs are stylish as well as trendy. It is located in Dubai. His brand is well known to everyone.

Omar is a creative person and loves to experiment. He is capable of making his dreams come true. He understands the needs of his customers and is capable of fulfilling them satisfyingly. He is committed to working hard and making sure things work out. He takes pride in seeing things done and takes charge when necessary. He drives himself with purpose and aligns himself perfectly. He can take responsibility and be accountable. He makes tough decisions and stands by them. He has the power to see things – he doesn’t delay or delay. When he wants it, he makes it. The world’s outstanding achievements are those who stay focused on their goals and persevere in their endeavors.


 He also has a company called “Ideate,” where he helps innovative young people to find their passion and turn it into a money-making machine. This company is located in Egypt. he works to focus on and communicate with others around him. Most importantly, he hears what is being said. Follow up with trust and respect when communication exists.

Nobody intends to be mediocre. Moderation happens when you don’t plan. If you want to be successful, learn the qualities that will make you successful and keep them alive every day.

Omar is humble and extraordinary. Brave and determined. Honest and fearless. This is who he is and what he has always been.

    Emirates Mustang Club

He is also a member of the Emirates Mustang Club.

He owns a 1 of 1 black ice 2017 mustang Gt where he wons best interior and exterior.

He knows that there is more to this world than meets the eye, and he knows what it takes to fight for it. Optimism is a strategy for building a better future – unless he believes that the future can be better, he is unlikely to move forward and take responsibility for making it.


He also has over 100,000 AED worth of cryptocurrency in his crypto portfolio and invested 50,000 AED in stocks and index funds.

He also offers free mentorship for anyone who DMS him on his Instagram and uses his Instagram link.

If you want membership, you can DM him and also guide you. His motive is to share his experience and help youngsters to become independent.

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Killa Vuitton’s Friendship with Nipsey Hussle & Pop Smoke



Killa Vuitton’s Friendship with Nipsey Hussle & Pop Smoke

Musical artist Killa Vuitton came from Haiti to America to achieve the American dream. Since his arrival, he has recorded more than 100 songs in his own studio which is built in his million-dollar home. The music will be released soon for everyone to relish.

Killa Vuitton is today friends with contemporary rap artists like Bobby Shmurda, Rowdy Rebel, Meek Mill, MiG Arogan, and Kodak Black. He had also befriended the late greats Nipsey Hussle and Pop Smoke. Vuitton still remembers Nipsey coming to Flatbush or the first meeting with Pop Smoke like it happened just yesterday.

Nipsey Hussle’s story of becoming a famous American rapper, activist, and entrepreneur in the mid-2000’sinspires Vuitton. Vuitton says he had the honor of Nipsey Hussle visiting the studio on multiple occasions.

Like Hussle who independently released his first mixtape, Slauson Boy Volume 1, and later on, went to be signed by Cinematic Music Group and Epic Records; Vuitton is also making his way inroads. He still remembers the day Hussle had heard his music and appreciated it when Pop Smoke was taking a break from recording and Vuitton’s music was playing in the background.

Nipsey fell in love with the track and wanted to hop on it. Pop Smoke’s latest album has a track ‘The Money Man’ laid down by Pop Smoke & Killa Vuitton to be working with the two men. They shared their work and experience with him, giving him motivation. Today Vuitton is about to release its work and go viral.

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