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Former Pakistani super star cricket captain Shahid Afridi has announced that he will retire after completing a coronavirus-positive test in 2020.




Shahid Afridi

Aggressive all-rounders tweeted about the positive test for coronavirus, famous for cricket receiving an infectious virus.

“I’ve been ill since Thursday. My body terribly hurt. I took the test, but unfortunately positive. We need prayers for a speedy recovery.” I said.

However, hours after he was declared COVID-Positive, shahid Afridi made another tweet announcing that he had retired. “Since my revelation, my fans have sent support messages, such as Lara, to help them recover faster and recover faster,” he tweeted.

Forty-year-old he said, “I want to tell my fans. I’m listening and asking you. All I did is for my fans and now my fans Retired for.”

Afridi is reported to have notified team management that all forms are available for the England Tour.

shahid afridi

Shahid Afridi wanted a message after a positive test

Pakistani captain Shahid Afridi tested positive for Kovid-19. On Saturday, 40-year-old Afridi posted on Twitter. He suffered severe physical pain for a few days and the test was positive.

Pakistan’s Chief Elect and Head Coach Misbah-ul-Haq greeted his former teammates, showing that he had been infected by a virus while doing his community service.

“My prayer is with them,” Mizuba said. “All the best wishes are with them, as they come out soon.

“I think he did a lot of work in the Balochistan region and the north to help people. He helped the poor and did a very good job throughout COVID. Well, they want to be healed soon. is.”

Since the launch of Kovid-19, Afridi has extensively extended to remote parts of the country and has provided much to charity through his charity, the Shahid Afridi Foundation. Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa were the focus of their aid, which included bringing them home. While working, Afridi was in close contact with the beneficiaries. The beneficiaries showed appreciation by hugging and kissing the former all-rounder.

Afridi used to buy bats that were auctioned by Mashfikar Rahim in Bangladesh to raise money for fighting infectious diseases.

Afridi is Pakistan’s third cricket player and second only to the virus-infected former opener Tau Fake Umar. Zafar Sarfraz, a former top cricket player who died of this disease.

Afridi, who left international cricket in 2017, continues to trade in the domestic T20 league.

Early personal life

Afridi reveals in his autobiographical game-changer (2019) that he was born in 1975. He is reportedly a Pashtun of the Afridi tribe born in 1980 at the Khyber Agency in Pakistan.

He belongs to the Sufi Paris family (teacher or spiritual master), and his grandfather Maulana Muhammad Ilyas was a famous spiritual figure in the Bhutan Sharif, a region of the Thira Valley. His other grandfather, Sahibzada Abdulbaky, was awarded the title Gazie Kashmir (the winner of Kashmir) for his efforts during the first Kashmir war.

He is married to his maternal cousin Nadia Afridi and has five daughters.

Afridi joined Pakistan’s senior national team after a successful performance at the championship circuit under the age of 19 that began at the 1994-95 tournament. Played in Karachi Whites and won 42 wickets in 5 games, helping to win an average of 9.59 next season. After that season, Afridi made several first-class matches for visiting England A and West Indies youth teams and Karachi’s whites in the Senior National Championship.


His common way of batting is very dynamic and has received him the epithet “Boom Boom Afridi”. In addition, from the 7 fastest ODI centuries of all time, Afridi has created 3 of them. From May 2013, he has an ODI strike rate of 114.53 runs for every 100 balls, the third maximum in the game’s antiquity. This boldness has been conveyed to Test cricket also, with Afridi recording at a comparatively high strike rate of 86.97.

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Five Minutes Chit Chats With The Ultimately Young Content Creator & Actor Into- Grish Majethiya:

Umar Nisar



Young Content Creator & Actor Into- Grish Majethiya:

Nobody is too young or too old to be creating crazy and creative content. In fact, creativity is the ultimate way of showcasing your true fate and internal talent, and a bunch of thoughts. Some familiar vibes we get while talking about our young and true Indian inspiration, Grish Majethiya. Yes, you heard right. We had a crazy short time chit chat with this extremely talented, award-winning, and highly creative Television and Film actor, Grish Majethiya. Let us explore more about our session:

Grish!! People want to know more about you!! Tell us something more about yourself and your passion.

“Well, I’m currently working as an Indian film and television actor. My journey of this career started at a very early age as I got into the auditions for some annual play at my school, while I was barely 9. Even after that, I played multiple roles in various plays and also did some Marathi Theater Plays. This consequent participation led me to a serious turn of getting into acting and ended up earning me the title of “Acting Winner” in the reality show No.1 Dramebaaz Season.3.

So Grish, When did you start feeling like filmmaking though?

“Hmmm… all along with this journey of acting, this hidden interest in making films was consciously growing up in my mind somewhere. More precisely what I remember about his is while I was in class 10th when I was reading a story and I thought of making a film on the chapter right there. Anyhow my experience and knowledge of filmmaking were pretty insufficient so I kept learning it.

Does that sound like you have some serious plans for film making then?

“Yeah, that hard work and self-teaching resulted in me making a short film which will be releasing soon. I wrote, produced, and directed it all myself. This was all followed by the ultimate idea of opening my own production company. So here comes the ultimate start of GM productions.

Grish we have also heard a whole lot of gossips about your Latest Song Bewajaah. Tell us something about this as well.

“Yeah well, this song is a sad love story, basically, a breakup story which most of the youth would have gone through in their life. The song was inspired by the real-life situation of the music composer, singer & songwriter Shumiron Das. 

Shumiron says, ‘This is more than a song for me actually. It’s a sad yet real love story that is related to every young’s story of this age. Most of the youth have surely gone through the very same situation that I have put into my song. The same release was postponed a few years back because of some problem yet it came up again in 2020, made some improvements with lyrics and compositions following the upcoming Short Film “Unexpected Breakup” written, directed & produced by Grish Majethiya . We recorded it in AMD studio in Aurangabad, the “Join Films” team made the video anf Finally released it in Jan 2021.

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You can listen the song here

Well, that sounds great and is so much for your age. Grish. Have you any near plans.

“Yeah, definitely many projects are already lined up for my future to-do list and also I am looking forward to exploring more and more opportunities where I can work and collaborate with others.

So in the end, if there is something you want to say to your people?

Yeah, I have some crazy work to drop for you guys. I need the huge support of everyone in my journey to start it with. Thank you so much.

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Why Louch Is The Next Greatest Rapper Of Our Generation?

Bobby Jansson



Louch is an artist

Hailing from Liberia, West Africa, Louch is an artist, and Influencer who has risen to fame in a very short time. Nothing scares the actor; he’s the type of person who lives for entertaining others even if he gets bruised in the process.

In the Music industry, there’s constant competition between bands and individuals. When an album will make you appreciate your own thoughts and feelings, it takes hold in your heart forever. The music should shift in your inner mind and catch your ideals; you are valued more and the applause of your audience will ring louder than ever.

Louch’s life is full of surprises, he shows his followers that life is truly living and acts as an inspiration to people globally. Louch uses his platform to encourage and motivate other people to live their best life.

His aesthetic is exquisite and we are more than excited to read about Louch.

Through his music and inspiring prayer messages on social media, Louch has taken the world by storm. His voice is smooth over melodic trap beats, offering a feel and lifestyle to his followers that they can relate to. vbNotorious Rapper: Louch

Louch started singing the church with his grandma. He want to leave a dent in music history, Louch defy the norms but being able to make hit caliber records in multiple genres. He compare music to math and feel like he have a lot of equation, formulas that haven’t been explored so, in a nutshell, Louch end goal with music is to birth a new genre

Louch wants to have collaboration with Ed Sheeran, he said “On a serious note, He makes hits in any genre. A lot of artists think they’re versatile because they get on a replacement beat a rap an equivalent but he can wow u with two completely different styles”.

You can find more about Louch:


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Pial Huseyn Turkmen- Our rising young music sensation




Pial Huseyn Turkmen- Our rising young music sensation:

Pial Huseyn Turkmen: Pial Huseyn’s name is surely the first thing to pop up in our minds when we are talking about the word “struggles”. His story of hard work and facing troubles is undoubtedly inspiring for millions of youngsters around the globe. Excelling in the music industry, he has made himself stand out in public as a renowned and self-trained artist. Haven’t heard much? We’ve got you!  Let us know more about his story:

About Pial Huseyn Turkmen:

Pial Turkmen belongs to Kirkuk, Iraq. He was born there on February 17th, 1981. To date, he moved to multiple locations while growing, just like in Kirkuk during 1981-1995, in Istanbul 1995-2001, whereas his current place of residence is Stockholm since 2001.

Center of Artist:

As an artist, Pial Huseyn Turkmen has sharpened himself into the best of a professional singer, songwriter, musician, poet, director, computer technician, and interpreter, and above all the most fascinating, a hairstylist. No doubt that he is highly inspired and is a multi-talented being. His next-level talent is also followed by his exceptional ability to be able to speak four distinct languages. These include English, Swedish, Arabic, and Turkish. That is a whole lot of stuff for a youngster to be inspired of.

About Pial Turkmen’s musical career:

Having all of his music composed by him, Pial Turkmen initiated his career as a professional singer and a songwriter in the year 2016. He is also available online here. He is a solo songwriter and has composed his entire music on his own.

Struggles for a desire:

Pial has reached this position after a long duration of non-stop struggle and hard work of days and nights.  He often talks about the troubles and struggles he has undergone, also about his life.  He also speaks about his achievements which he has gained over the years of hid hard work.

Seeking exposure:

Pial Huseyn Turkmen is currently seeking more and more exposure to music art and artists while performing at various venues like birthdays, festivals, and weddings. His true desire comes out to be noticed for his exceptional and amazing talent in the world. Thus by working days and nights he has put him in the world to get more attention and exposure.

Pial’s music genre and musical inspirations:

Pial Huseyn Turkmen has succeeded already to get attention from television as he has been on some interviews on Turkish television and some radio shows. He has a very unique style of Middle Eastern music, thus having his genre of music as Arabesque and Fantezi. Isn’t that astounding and really unique. Pial has a vision of creating music purely for the sake of arts and not to earn.

Celebrity exposure:

Pial Huseyn has also succeeded to grab the attention of some famous music artists like salami Sahin who really loved and critiqued his work, Ahmet Seljuk whose meeting was proved to be a life-changing phase of Pial’s career.

Famous playlists:

Pial Huseyn has thrown some of the famous tracks for his fans and other listeners that have created a great hype of his talent in the music industry. Some of these tracks are listed here:

  • Ne Garegi Var
  • Sus
  • Salla
  • Ne Garegi Var club remix
  • Kor makas
  • Ask Olsun yar
  • Ama bana Var dendi.

So if you are thinking to check or follow him to keep up with his latest activities. Go to his official website by clicking here, email him here or call him at +905323235313.

You can find Huseyin Turkmen online at

Social Accounts: Twitter and facebook

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