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Adam Karim, Making his ways to success with an influencing personality




Adam Karim_ Making his ways to success with an influencing personality

To feel special to people, you have to do something special and a bit exceptional. You have to be worth attracting people around you with your skills and hard work. This is what makes you an inspirational and motivating personality. People feel influenced around you when you are the one. There is an alike personality we are talking about right here. Yes, he is Adam Karim. Don’t know much? I’ve got you.

Adam Karim- As An Actor & Model:

Well, Adam Karim is a famous inspiring and young actor and a model. Blessed with the breath-taking and some inherent looks, he is a true work of art by nature already. He was born in Marrakesh, Morocco on January 1st,1993. Surprisingly he is only 26 of age to be and already blessed with some astounding acting and modeling skills featured by a handsome exceptional height.

How did this life come to Adam Karim?

Adam Karim had been living a very normal life as a kid but then he met a random person in the streets who requested and proposed him to model for a foreign clothing brand. He was only 17 of his age at that time as he modeled and posed for the advertising campaigns of the British clothing brand for the first time.

Modeling life-impacting Adam’s student life:

His first shoot paved his way for more and more opportunities in the future. While getting into modeling and making his ways in the alike profession, he did not give up his studies, he graduated from high school, then he got graduated from university in Business & Administration. He was a student at the prestigious morocco university Al Akhawayn. He also went to Willamette university the USA & then The University of Texas at Austin.

Some of Adam’s famous work:

When Adam was 18 only, he already appeared on Television as he worked in a famous Arabic series featured on the MBC channel, known as “Omar”. Other than participating in some documentaries, Adam also got an opportunity of working with a famous Lebanese director Fadi Haddad. In this project, he played the role of the father of “Amer Zayan” in the song of “Mastahwena”. A busy routine of work did not let him carry on his professional life and studies in parallel. This, back in 2015s, also caused him to refuse many propositions for roles as he was facing a lack of time.

Working opportunities Adam got:

No doubt that acting and modeling were made for Adam but other than those, Adam is also blessed to be exceptionally talented at producing and beats making. Also, some of the songs he produced were big hits in France. Some of the globally recognized artists like Sean Paul, DJ Paul, and Kurupt have had working experience with Adam. Also, many famous artists mentioned him on various videos on his INSTAGRAM profile. Recently Adam is working on Adidas shooting for their new 2020 collection, also he also signed a project in DUBAI during 2019 with Wilhelmina models, an international model agency.

What was the secret behind his success?

Adam has always been unique & different when he stands in-crowd. The secret behind his success was true dedicational hard work and being yourself. As he says as well: “Be yourself and never copy others”. That is the secret behind his true success which he shares with people as well.

What Adam have to say to the world?

Well, all this was a long journey for Adam and his success. Yet this was not easy to come and that is why Adam says: “ I went through many things in this life, everybody was against me but I could defy the odds, you just have to believe in yourself because nobody will ”.
This is undoubtedly the most inspirational thing one could say. So keep supporting this young and rare talent so that they can throw more and more good content for you In the future.


TOP NINJA – Leon Bodden Has Book Of Poems

Bobby Jansson



TOP NINJA - Leon Bodden Has Book Of Poems

Leon Bodden was born on 18th July 1990. He is a well-known rapper of the United States from Hempstead. He is famous as “Top Ninja”.

Leon Bodden is rapidly acquiring a great name in New York City. Also, his name has been included on the mixtapes with Jay Critch, Maino, Uncle Murda, Juelz Santana, Young Buck, and other top rappers.

In 2017, Top Ninja along with his ninja teams put forward a piece of Top Ninja music. Due to the incredibly amazing rapping of Leon Bodden, the Top Ninja has gained immense fame.

Leon Bodden’s music “Foreign Dream” crossed 150000+ views on Instagram before its release.

Leon Bodden’s startup in the Musical world:

Leon Bodden in 2011, trained many underground rap artists under his brand 6-TMG known as 6 train music group after releasing that new artists and music composers have no idea about rapping. In 2020, he came up with the idea of launching his own Indy label- Ninja worldwide. He knew that this Indy label will help a lot of new artists and the beginners will be greatly influenced through this initiative.

Leon Bodden studies computer for 5 years and found it challenging to gain technical ability. This was the main obstacle in his life. He has vast experience in the hacking fields. Although, this challenge accelerated in efforts in becoming what today he is. Leon Bodden addresses the audience by stating that always go for what you desire and have complete faith in it. Also, he offers great assistance to his followers. The most recent plan of Leon Bodden is to take a trip to DR with some creative people and create some music.

About Bodden est. 1990: book of poems:

Leon Bodden also has written a book known as Bodden EST.1990: book of poems. In his books of poems, he has stated about his life experiences, his career experiences, and his past relationships. To know more about his life, you can grab his piece of the book online and explore his life.

As per Leon Bodden’s statement fulfilling your desired goal is a success. And that goal can be anything in your life. That can be money, fame, or inner contentment. Also, according to him what you have gained from your trades is success.

To know more about Leon Bodden, you can follow him on Instagram and watch out for his every update at

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Five Minutes Chit Chats With The Ultimately Young Content Creator & Actor Into- Grish Majethiya:

Umar Nisar



Young Content Creator & Actor Into- Grish Majethiya:

Nobody is too young or too old to be creating crazy and creative content. In fact, creativity is the ultimate way of showcasing your true fate and internal talent, and a bunch of thoughts. Some familiar vibes we get while talking about our young and true Indian inspiration, Grish Majethiya. Yes, you heard right. We had a crazy short time chit chat with this extremely talented, award-winning, and highly creative Television and Film actor, Grish Majethiya. Let us explore more about our session:

Grish!! People want to know more about you!! Tell us something more about yourself and your passion.

“Well, I’m currently working as an Indian film and television actor. My journey of this career started at a very early age as I got into the auditions for some annual play at my school, while I was barely 9. Even after that, I played multiple roles in various plays and also did some Marathi Theater Plays. This consequent participation led me to a serious turn of getting into acting and ended up earning me the title of “Acting Winner” in the reality show No.1 Dramebaaz Season.3.

So Grish, When did you start feeling like filmmaking though?

“Hmmm… all along with this journey of acting, this hidden interest in making films was consciously growing up in my mind somewhere. More precisely what I remember about his is while I was in class 10th when I was reading a story and I thought of making a film on the chapter right there. Anyhow my experience and knowledge of filmmaking were pretty insufficient so I kept learning it.

Does that sound like you have some serious plans for film making then?

“Yeah, that hard work and self-teaching resulted in me making a short film which will be releasing soon. I wrote, produced, and directed it all myself. This was all followed by the ultimate idea of opening my own production company. So here comes the ultimate start of GM productions.

Grish we have also heard a whole lot of gossips about your Latest Song Bewajaah. Tell us something about this as well.

“Yeah well, this song is a sad love story, basically, a breakup story which most of the youth would have gone through in their life. The song was inspired by the real-life situation of the music composer, singer & songwriter Shumiron Das. 

Shumiron says, ‘This is more than a song for me actually. It’s a sad yet real love story that is related to every young’s story of this age. Most of the youth have surely gone through the very same situation that I have put into my song. The same release was postponed a few years back because of some problem yet it came up again in 2020, made some improvements with lyrics and compositions following the upcoming Short Film “Unexpected Breakup” written, directed & produced by Grish Majethiya . We recorded it in AMD studio in Aurangabad, the “Join Films” team made the video anf Finally released it in Jan 2021.

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You can listen the song here

Well, that sounds great and is so much for your age. Grish. Have you any near plans.

“Yeah, definitely many projects are already lined up for my future to-do list and also I am looking forward to exploring more and more opportunities where I can work and collaborate with others.

So in the end, if there is something you want to say to your people?

Yeah, I have some crazy work to drop for you guys. I need the huge support of everyone in my journey to start it with. Thank you so much.

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Why Louch Is The Next Greatest Rapper Of Our Generation?

Bobby Jansson



Louch is an artist

Hailing from Liberia, West Africa, Louch is an artist, and Influencer who has risen to fame in a very short time. Nothing scares the actor; he’s the type of person who lives for entertaining others even if he gets bruised in the process.

In the Music industry, there’s constant competition between bands and individuals. When an album will make you appreciate your own thoughts and feelings, it takes hold in your heart forever. The music should shift in your inner mind and catch your ideals; you are valued more and the applause of your audience will ring louder than ever.

Louch’s life is full of surprises, he shows his followers that life is truly living and acts as an inspiration to people globally. Louch uses his platform to encourage and motivate other people to live their best life.

His aesthetic is exquisite and we are more than excited to read about Louch.

Through his music and inspiring prayer messages on social media, Louch has taken the world by storm. His voice is smooth over melodic trap beats, offering a feel and lifestyle to his followers that they can relate to. vbNotorious Rapper: Louch

Louch started singing the church with his grandma. He want to leave a dent in music history, Louch defy the norms but being able to make hit caliber records in multiple genres. He compare music to math and feel like he have a lot of equation, formulas that haven’t been explored so, in a nutshell, Louch end goal with music is to birth a new genre

Louch wants to have collaboration with Ed Sheeran, he said “On a serious note, He makes hits in any genre. A lot of artists think they’re versatile because they get on a replacement beat a rap an equivalent but he can wow u with two completely different styles”.

You can find more about Louch:


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