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Adam Karim, Making his ways to success with an influencing personality




Adam Karim_ Making his ways to success with an influencing personality

To feel special to people, you have to do something special and a bit exceptional. You have to be worth attracting people around you with your skills and hard work. This is what makes you an inspirational and motivating personality. People feel influenced around you when you are the one. There is an alike personality we are talking about right here. Yes, he is Adam Karim. Don’t know much? I’ve got you.

Adam Karim- As An Actor & Model:

Well, Adam Karim is a famous inspiring and young actor and a model. Blessed with the breath-taking and some inherent looks, he is a true work of art by nature already. He was born in Marrakesh, Morocco on January 1st,1993. Surprisingly he is only 26 of age to be and already blessed with some astounding acting and modeling skills featured by a handsome exceptional height.

How did this life come to Adam Karim?

Adam Karim had been living a very normal life as a kid but then he met a random person in the streets who requested and proposed him to model for a foreign clothing brand. He was only 17 of his age at that time as he modeled and posed for the advertising campaigns of the British clothing brand for the first time.

Modeling life-impacting Adam’s student life:

His first shoot paved his way for more and more opportunities in the future. While getting into modeling and making his ways in the alike profession, he did not give up his studies, he graduated from high school, then he got graduated from university in Business & Administration. He was a student at the prestigious morocco university Al Akhawayn. He also went to Willamette university the USA & then The University of Texas at Austin.

Some of Adam’s famous work:

When Adam was 18 only, he already appeared on Television as he worked in a famous Arabic series featured on the MBC channel, known as “Omar”. Other than participating in some documentaries, Adam also got an opportunity of working with a famous Lebanese director Fadi Haddad. In this project, he played the role of the father of “Amer Zayan” in the song of “Mastahwena”. A busy routine of work did not let him carry on his professional life and studies in parallel. This, back in 2015s, also caused him to refuse many propositions for roles as he was facing a lack of time.

Working opportunities Adam got:

No doubt that acting and modeling were made for Adam but other than those, Adam is also blessed to be exceptionally talented at producing and beats making. Also, some of the songs he produced were big hits in France. Some of the globally recognized artists like Sean Paul, DJ Paul, and Kurupt have had working experience with Adam. Also, many famous artists mentioned him on various videos on his INSTAGRAM profile. Recently Adam is working on Adidas shooting for their new 2020 collection, also he also signed a project in DUBAI during 2019 with Wilhelmina models, an international model agency.

What was the secret behind his success?

Adam has always been unique & different when he stands in-crowd. The secret behind his success was true dedicational hard work and being yourself. As he says as well: “Be yourself and never copy others”. That is the secret behind his true success which he shares with people as well.

What Adam have to say to the world?

Well, all this was a long journey for Adam and his success. Yet this was not easy to come and that is why Adam says: “ I went through many things in this life, everybody was against me but I could defy the odds, you just have to believe in yourself because nobody will ”.
This is undoubtedly the most inspirational thing one could say. So keep supporting this young and rare talent so that they can throw more and more good content for you In the future.


The Relaunch of Carlita Cosmetics

Bobby Jansson



The Relaunch of Carlita Cosmetics

We recently caught up with the owner of Carlita cosmetics and here’s what she had to say about her upcoming website that will be relaunching later this year.
Our website will be expanding going more in the direction of a full cosmetics line. In addition to our lipsticks and lip glosses we will be adding foundations, pressed powders, eyeshadow palettes, blush palettes, lashes, and our line of skincare. And we’ll also carry accessories and eyewear.
Instagram: @carlita cosmetics

Carlita is a Dallas native she said growing up in Texas as a child while other kids were outside playing she was inside looking at her mother’s fashion magazines. She knew at a very young age that she wanted to be in the beauty industry. She didn’t go to college after graduating High School she went straight to Cosmetology School. Carlita had a 20-year career in the hair industry where she managed multiple hair cutting chains in the Dallas area. Eventually, that was not enough for her she wanted to turn her childhood dream into a reality by starting her own cosmetic line.

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The CEO of The Commission JAM DOWN RECORDS INC

Umar Nisar



 who is Screwed up click Boss and the king of the BLACK Gorilla Family is at it yet again with his JAM DOWN RECORDS INC Which the leading outfit in the entertainment world having an artist in moves and sports they or about to shake up the music industry in every way from R&B to rap music by releasing a slew of artists from his infamous but yet very famous The COMMISSION JAM DOWN RECORDS INC. IN clouding his own 1-5 series THE KING OF THE BLACK GORILLA FAMILY. Artist like The real BIG BANK HANK whose single with Dj chose set RECORD breaking numbers on BET television and his R&B Artist RKM Legend and itzzacee and juice and screwed up click Dj red and tap tizzy and JAM DOWN RECORDS INC /1501 stunna bam and the whole screwed up click and 1017 and CMG the very powerful JAM DOWN RECORDS INC is the leading outfit of the entertainment world. their music separates them from the competition because simply put their world is all there own when house Artist that are mainstream and is on radio and in magazines believe us when we tell you they have been here and they or still at the top and will stay at the top.

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Looking for perfect fitness motivation? Carlo Castano is already the talk of the town




Carlo Castano aka 10castano

Carlo Castano aka 10castano, an American Instagram model is a highly motivated fitness inspiration for all of us.  Born on March 29th, 1997 10castano is a great legendary model for all youngsters. He is also known as 10castano on Instagram and is currently a senior bioinformatics student at the University of Buffalo. Let us explore some more interesting facts about him in the below section-

How he delivers his tips

10castano has adopted a very friendly way to deliver his tips to his followers. He posts his free and helpful tips on his Instagram handle where he aims to guide on how to enhance core strength and also uses it to get stronger overall. He knows best how to make the most of what you got.

Recent plans:

10castano has also some amazing plans for the near future where he can help his fitness community in the best way possible. He has been focusing on the creation of some new workout plans. His Holy Grail behind the plan is to help his fitness community to become even stronger. He is also working on introducing a superlative core workout guide specifically for 2021. He is also juggling school as he continues to live a life blessed with health and perfect fitness.

Other than working hard on his goals he also continues to spread his fitness journey with a lot of people around to make it worth it. He is also trying his level best intending to make it to the world record books for the heaviest weighted ab crunches. His motivation is way enough to make it to his dreams.


10castano has several hobbies that he loves to do, just like he loves playing futsal for a 3rd division team in Buffalo, New York. It is known as Dogwater FC. Not only that, but 10castano also plays semi-pro paintball for a team known as “Los Pistoleros”. Also, there is this video of Buffalo, New York that he is famous for; he recorded it at the campus doing crunching 225 pounds. It earned him a lot of appreciation from all around and also earned him the title of “Hulk” as a nickname.

Fitness inspiration:

10castano has also followed and been highly inspired by some legendary names including Bruce Lee who he believes to be a strong believer in core strength that is the key to true strength too.  Bruce Lee was the one to believe that you could become strong by great core strength in other aspects of health and fitness. That is what 10castano believes to be an example of.

The success story of 10castano:

Success never comes to us easily. It is always earned, with consequent hard work of months and years and a whole lot of dedication and passion. So is the case with 10castano.his success of fitness career also came with a lot of non-stop hard work and was never an overnight process. It took him many years to reach where he is today. He trained himself for several years and eventually, this consequent process made him one of the major needs of the fitness industry as an intellectual.

Hardships faced:

10castano faced a lot of hardships during his journey of success in his fitness career. He took the start of his career at a time when it was the hardest thing to do for him. He grew up in a less-privileged home and lacked the proper equipment for fitness and exercises; he also did not have enough money to accomplish his dreams and goals. He could not train himself efficiently and this eventually resulted in him finding new gateways for his workout without having the proper equipment. His aim of never giving up and dedication brought him to a place where he could perform amazing workouts like 115-pound weighted crunches.

His unorthodox workouts are what make him real king in fitness models on Instagram. He is ultimately becoming a viral sensation for workout freaks on social media as well. After 225-pounds, his goal of the near future is to do crunches of 315-pounds and get his name in the world record again. Check out his Instagram and get daily feeds of his amazing workout routine for inspiration.

Message for others:

10castano has a lot to inspire others including to say: “always believe in yourself, be your biggest fan and never rule out any possibilities as in a universe that is believed to be infinite, it means that there are infinite possibilities too. So never miss any and make the most of it.”

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