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Rising Actress Alexandra Creteau and her Husband David Murrietta Jr. Grace the Silicon Beach Film Festival



Robby McBride, Alexandra Creteau and David Murrietta during the opening night of the Silicon Beach Film Festival (Red Carpet Event) .

Prominent Model and Rising Star Alexandra Creteau along with her husband, David Murrietta Jr, who is renowned social media activist and a rising actor as well, attended the screening and opening night for the Silicon Beach Film Festival, where a thriller and horror short film, “Vicious Circle” (directed and produced by : Robby McBride & Edith McBride) was displayed along with other entertaining stuff.

Silicon Beach Film Festival held in Los Angeles, which bring technology and film industry together. In this festival, short and feature narratives, documentaries, screenplays, experimental and short movies are displayed to the audience. Every year, the best movies are dignified with awards.

Vicious Circle is short thriller film, which is filmed in United States and so far has been screened in several Film Festivals. Alexandra Creteau played a key role in this thrilled movie as “Ninja”. On the other hand, David Murriettaa Jr. played role as “Bartender”. This movie was praised in almost every film festival due to best acting roles of actors and has won three film festival awards.

The storyline of the movie revolves around a nameless bar patron, who is happily tossing back a few at a nameless bar(ROBBY MCBRIDE). When he asked by the bartender, if he would like another drink, the guy decides to flip the coin; heads, he leaves, tails, he stays. In either case, a woman in black (Alexandra Creteau) enters as the “conflict”. Moreover, the photography is efficient and exhibits a nice grasp of the art of cinematography.

On October 4, 2021 in Hollywood California, during Silicon Beach Film Festival, Vicious Circle was screened. The film won “The Best Thriller” tag during this festival due to exceptional production, splendid horror story and matchless thriller acting by the actors; most importantly by Alexandra Creteau and David Murrietta Jr.

Due to their stunning work in the movie, Alexandra Creteau and David Murrietta Jr. won the “Best Short Thriller” during the Silicon Beach Film Festival.

 All the stakeholders of the film, from producer to photographer, did exceptionally well but many thanks to Alexandra Creteau, who was born and raised in Ukraine but later, moved to US to pursue her career in modeling and acting and now is Rising Star of Hollywood, for her fabulous role. Bundle of thanks to David Murrietta Jr. as well who is renowned actor of Hollywood and played main police officer roles in many well-known movies and tv series.



Interviewing Kiersten Cusick- A young entrepreneur with two brands listed in Shopify’s top ten stores:



Interviewing Kiersten Cusick- A young entrepreneur

Kiersten Cusick

We are all delighted and privileged to share with you our short yet exciting chit-chat with today’s young inspiration in the entrepreneurship world. We had a great time knowing the wonderful experience directly from Kiersten. Let us share it with you too:

“Hi Kiersten, people are finding you as a young yet great inspiration when it comes to entrepreneurship. Tell people a bit about yourself too”.

“Well, I am 23, born and raised in New York City. I went to a private school for my whole life and then to college for one year to learn business where I got dropped out and handled my family business. I belong to a wealthy real estate developers’ family. I moved to Florida when I was twenty-one one years old. I also love animals and like to eat clean food, my favorite food is sushi yet I keep trying new things out of my love for food. Also, I love working out in the gym almost five hours weekly. My whole life I played basketball and baseball. 

“So you started working at such a young age. How did that happen?”

Well, as I told you my family is a wealthy real estate developer so I happened to get my license at the age of 18 years only. I started making deals and eventually moved to Florida. There I partnered up with a billionaire developer and worked with him.

“Is that where you established your brands?”

Ah no actually. I worked with him running the job sites for two years until the COVID started. Then I came back to New York with my family. That is when it all happened. I started building two e-commerce websites.

“So how long it took you to launch the company? Share some of that experience with our youngsters”

It almost took us two years of building to launch the company and designing our first pieces. The launch date was 9th July which is more special for being my birthday and also my lucky number.  

“Kiersten you’ve been in hot waters for being listed in Shopify’s top ten online stores. First, tell us something about your two brands.”

I built two e-commerce websites one of them being It is all about swimwear for men and women and accessories for the beach and the second one is is supported by Grace Boor, my girlfriend. She has exceptional knowledge of business and has also worked with many swimsuit brands in Los Angeles. Grillo watches is a luxury timepiece and watch company.  Grillo watches were what I designed with my Italian grandfather Anthony Grillo. At Grillo watches, my grandfather has collected hundreds of valuable timepieces as he had some exceptional love for timepieces. We both worked hard on the company and it turned out to be worth it. We have always taken our companies as more than just being a business. We keep including surprises to our exclusive packages that are shipped worldwide and are affordable brands overall.

“You instantly reached in top ten on whole Shopify’s platform. Where else did it lead you to other than social fame?”

“Well yeah. In the very first week of launching our companies, we were soon in the top 10 on Shopify’s stores, followed by an exponential growth on my as well as my girlfriend @graceboor’s social websites. Our launches spread over two hundred countries globally. It led to a fast followers’ growth on my Instagram resulting in two hundred thousand followers and grace who is a bikini model ended up with more than one million followers on Instagram and one million followers on TikTok. We then strategically used our links for getting us to the foremost platform that was possible. We also witnessed many social media stars wearing our products globally which was all magical. Today we travel across the world and spread our work.”

“Bravo.  So how many bases do you currently have?”

Our bases are in multiple states like New York City, Miami, and Los Angeles California.

“We have heard you love charity work. Is that so?”

We love to do charity and give back to our community. We love taking care of people who need us. We thus donate money and other essentials to those in need and also to homeless and hungry ones. Other than that, we donate other essential products and clothes among people as a give back to the community. This is because my dream throughout life was to build the brand and community for people where they would come together and enjoy a better life and quality time. This is just the execution of that. 

“Great Kiersten, what message do you want to give to the young generation?”

Just focus on bringing smiles to faces. Help the people in need and enjoy a great life, my dear friends.

Instagram: John grillo

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Annabgo shares her secrets to making money



Annabgo shares her secrets to making money

The Colombian model Annabgo explains to us how she can dedicate herself to creating content for her profiles on Tiktok @annabgoitsmeagain and Instagram @annabgomodel from the comfort of her home and at the same time generate large amounts of money.

When we ask her what her magic formula is to generate money, she states with laughter that we are not the first to ask her this question and that although many believe that it is an easy process, they give up when they see that the secret is constancy and create their community, “Anyone can create a profile on social networks and get money from there, I used to have a dropshipping store for sunglasses and before that, I also had a clothing store and the formula has always been the same. Create relevant, valuable content, quality photos, and videos that will redirect your audience to your store and therefore help sell your product or service. Of course, all accompanied by excellent customer service ”.

On her Tiktok profile @annabgoitsmeagain with close to 900k followers, she follows dance trends and makes humorous videos, stating that now it is easier to connect with his followers because she is no longer after photos of glasses and pants and can exploit his effusiveness and hyperactivity to the maximum, which makes people have fun with it and even identify with her. However, in the stories on her Instagram profile @annabgomodel, it is a space where she shows her lifestyle, her travels and experiences around the world, being a more aspirational profile and “free of advertising” she always affirms in the middle laughs because he assures that nowadays we only follow those who tell us what to buy but in @annabgomodel you only find photos of their activities in Medellín (Colombia), the model’s hometown, their fun adventures with friends in the USA and others a little more fashionistas in Europe.

“I am aware that the people who follow me want to know more about me and that is why in each of my profiles they will always find different content made with love for them and that is the key. Segment your audiences and not make the mistake of replicating content everywhere. For example, I have a profile on Tiktok, Instagram, YouTube, and others where access is paid but to earn money in these is precisely to publish something different and attractive to be able to give value to exclusive content”.

Talking a little more with Anna, we discovered that she studied Social Communication and Journalism at a prestigious private university in Medellín, Colombia, and almost immediately began her master’s degree in Marketing and Sales in the same city, which allowed her to apply what she learned and pay the remainder of their studies. Anna does her best to learn and to improve every day more in the field of customer service in sales.

“What I want the most is for all of us to learn that we can create businesses and be profitable without having to be large companies, you cannot imagine how many times I have paid for makeup courses, English classes, and even dance or how I buy everything online, but to get there and achieve that happens, you decide to add value to your business and put it on the internet as if it were the most valuable treasure. When you believe it, others see it and that is how the idea of ​​selling a simple lipstick becomes a business that turns into billionaires who society said that they could only earn money because of the size of their attributes”.

After this little interview, I managed to understand that online businesses must pursue more than short-term sales; they must have as a goal survival in time that helps the community need their products (whatever it is) and convert them themselves into a referent.

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Abu Zahid Jakaria Partho Is Well On His Way To Become A Famous Musician.



Abu Zahid Jakaria Partho Is Well On His Way To Become A Famous Musician.

Abu Zahid Jakaria Partho has achieved extraordinary success through digital marketing at the age of just 21, Instead of looking for work during the current employment crisis. It has provided many young people with job opportunities as well as self-sufficiency. As a result of his success, many more young people have expressed interest in this vocation. His business mostly focuses on creating Facebook content. They carry out digital marketing on behalf of a variety of agencies by projecting and distributing material.

In Bangladesh, Partho is also a well-known and respected musician. He has been promoting brands, celebrities, and enterprises for the past five years. On social media and through a range of music platforms, his songs and melodies have already received a lot of attention. Following the publication of his debut single, ‘The Matha Nosto Beats,’ an enthusiastic and hip-hop track that shakes up his new career as a singer/music composer. His music was released by ‘Noyon Tara Media,’ and he partnered with well-known musical director ‘A S M Zulfiqur Rahman.’ He’s worked and contributed with a wide range of musicians and bands since then. This vibrant and young personality not only uses his influence to recruit and promote businesses, but also to inspire and motivate those who look up to him as a role model.

Among his songs, “The Matha Nosto Beats” and “Rock Melody Sound” have become very popular. YouTube Music and YouTube have announced ‘Abu Zahid Jakaria Partho’ as the Verified Artist and give the Artist Badge next to his channel. At the same time, big Musical platforms like Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, JioSaavn, Deezer, MusixMatch, Jaxsta, Anghami, Tidal have declared him as a verified artist and have given him a blue-verification tick next to his name. His songs are now available on all platforms. Music lovers can listen to his music on those platforms. Many popular music directors, artists have inspired and greeted him with statuses on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Partho was exceptional from the start, and as a result, he had a wide range of ideas and skills. He has shared his thoughts with the digital world, making him one of the world’s youngest and most successful artists. He now wishes to raise his level of achievement.

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