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Relationship Between Hair Loss and Masturbation



Relationship Between Hair Loss and Masturbation

Anyone who has ever experienced hair loss and gotten curious to research the various reasons has probably come across legends like handjob is a common cause. Besides hair loss, you are likely to read other masturbation myths that it results in blindness, permanent genital damage, causes hair growth on your palms and infertility. However, according to Dr. Martin Maag in Lakewood Ranch, no scientific proof links masturbation to male pattern baldness. Additionally, there is no existing relationship between sex or ejaculations to your hair’s health.  

What are the myths and facts relating masturbation to hair loss?

Masturbation is perfectly healthy. Additionally, it is usual to masturbate for various health reasons, including helping you understand your sensations and your pleasure centers. Besides sexual pleasure, masturbation strengthens and supports your genitals’ nerve, muscular and circulatory systems. On the other hand, masturbation’s link to hair loss has good backing, thanks to the protein-filled ejaculate in every ejaculation. Below, we look at the myths surrounding masturbation and hair loss. 

Masturbation affects your protein levels, causing hair loss

As your system’s building block, proteins play a crucial role in the development of everything, including your nails, hair, internal organs and muscles. Keratin is a significant component of hair formation and is essential for the health of your shafts. Unfortunately, keratin malnutrition threatens hair loss, causing your hair strands to fall. The idea behind masturbation and hair loss is that semen is protein-filled. Therefore, every ejaculation robs your body of a vital nutrient that your system can use to enhance your hair’s health.

Though it is a fact that every ejaculate contains proteins, sex and masturbation might not lower the nutrient levels your hair follicles need by a significant amount. Thus, you might need to have intercourse or masturbate at least 30times daily to affect your hair’s protein levels.

·         Masturbation causes DHT production

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) as a male sex hormone is a common cause of male pattern baldness. The hormone is most likely to attach to hormone receptors throughout your scalp, causing the strands near the hairline to thin. A standard norm linking masturbation to hair loss is that masturbation releases various hormones, including DHT.

Masturbation results in hormonal imbalance

Though an ejaculate might affect your hormone levels, the effect is temporary and might not affect the health of your hair strands. Oxytocin is a significant hormone you will release during ejaculation and orgasm. However, the hormone does not affect hair loss. Instead, the peptide hormone triggers the brain’s pleasure centers, making sex or masturbation pleasurable.   

If masturbation were a common hair loss cause, a significant percentage of the world population would be bald since it affects both males and females. Several reasons cause your hair to fall. Thus, you may need to talk to your doctor about it to help you find a solution, with a detailed medical history and a thorough assessment. 

Male pattern baldness results from various reasons, including genetics and an androgen hormone (DHT) your system produces testosterone as a by-product. However, masturbation has no relationship between thinning or loss of your hair. Call your doctor to clarify other hair loss myths and discuss your unique concerns about the condition.  

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How to Prepare for a Long-Distance Move



How to Prepare for a Long-Distance Move

More than 27,059,000 people move each year, whether traveling across the state or the country. Regardless of when you’re preparing for a long-distance move, there are several things you’ve got to be aware of ahead of time.

We’ve created a checklist that you can use full of packing tips and other things you need to know, like the importance of hiring movers to aid in the big move. The more prepared you are, the easier and more stress-free the move will be.

Get ready to settle into your new home after you check out these need-to-know packing tips below.

Plan Ahead of Time

When moving to NY from California, you need to plan ahead. You need to do this to get everything in order, such as shutting off the utilities and turning it on at the new location before you’re scheduled to arrive.

The last thing you want to do is risk arriving at your new place and not having running water or working electricity when you get there. Another reason you want to plan ahead is that if you’ve decided to hire movers, you’ll need to coordinate the day they plan to pick up your items and deliver them to the new house.

Again you don’t want to arrive at your home and the movers not arrive with your items on the day you expect them to. Not only does this leave you without your necessities, but it could also mean you pay additional delivery fees that you’d not planned for.

If it helps, you could make a list of everything you need to do before you are set to move. We recommend making this list ahead of time so that you don’t feel rushed at the last minute to get everything completed.

Hire Professionals

Moving lots of items a long distance can be tricky, especially if you’re not used to driving a moving truck. Before you’re set to move, make a list of the best movers in your area.

You can do this by creating a list of mover names and estimates from your area. Ensure you have them clarify what you’re paying for because most rental companies provide a specific number of miles locally and out of state that could increase your overall rental price.

You’ll also want to inquire about the insurance needed to schedule movers to come and help transport your items. Ensure you get the estimates for each type of vehicle they offer.

When the move is complete, the larger the vehicle and the more movers you need, the higher the rental price. Once you’ve decided which moving company you’re going to work with, take the next steps to set your reservation.

If you’re making the appointment over the phone, ask the company to send you a confirmation email once the phone call has concluded. This will ensure you have tangible evidence of your appointment reservation just in case something comes up the day of the move where you need to contact the moving company.

Begin Packing Efficiently

When you move a long distance, it’s in your best interest to only pack the items you need and discard items you no longer use. The best way to do this is to take some time to declutter your home before you begin packing.

Make a pile of the items you need to get rid of, whether that means donating or discarding them accordingly. While it might prove to be a time-consuming process, in the long run, it will pay off when you don’t have to do these things while unpacking in your new home.

This is especially true if you’re downsizing and don’t have enough room to store all the items that you have currently in your home or apartment. Another reason to declutter your home is so that you can effectively determine how much packing material you need to pack, such as boxes and packing tape.

Check your local area for packing items because there are several places online where people want to get rid of their extra boxes for free. This can help you to save on packing expenses.

Forward Your Mail

When you move into your new place, the last thing you want to happen is for essential items to be mailed to your previous email. This means you need to take the steps necessary to forward your mail to your new address, which can be done online via the united states postal service website.

When forwarding your mail, ensure you list the names of everyone moving and the address of the new home. Then you will need to specify a date when you want the mail to begin being sent to the new location.

Along with forwarding your mail, you need to remember to change the address on other government documentation, such as:

  • Car registration
  • Drivers license
  • Voter registration
  • Insurance

When you don’t place your new address on these documentation forms, completing other things you need to complete after you’ve moved can become challenging.

When you’re moving a long distance, the last thing you want to do is travel back to your previous residence to take care of things that should’ve been completed before the move.

Preparing for a Long Distance Move & Things You Need to Know

When preparing for a long-distance move, you need to know several things, such as ensuring you forward your mail ahead of time. You should also remember to schedule movers and request estimates to help move your belongings from one place to another.

If you want to know more about this topic, continue to scroll through the posts in this section.

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