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Health benefits of listening to music



Health benefits of listening to music

Health benefits

Listening to music is one of the most enjoyable activities we can do. Music makes us feel, revive others, dream, think, catharsis, create, enjoy, and even help us connect with others. Obviously this is a very useful activity, but let’s see below how it lists all the good things we can do.

Listening to music is effective in relieving pain

  • Slow music slows down your breathing and heart rate so you don’t feel pain.
  • It reduces chronic pain due to various pain conditions such as osteoarthritis and arthritis. In fact, music therapy is part of a treatment program for these types of patients.
  • Helps people with migraines in general. This study, published in the journal Ene in 2016, helps reduce the severity and duration of chronic headaches.
  • Therefore, music therapy is commonly used in hospitals for the following purposes:
  • Reduces the need for ation cushions during labor.
  • Reduce postoperative pain.
  • Supplement the use of anesthesia during surgery.

This happens because the music acts as a distraction, it gives you a sense of control and the body releases endorphins to deal with the pain.

Reduces blood pressure

By listening to relaxing music in the morning and afternoon, people with high blood pressure can lower their blood pressure and lower it. This comes from a 2003 study published in the Cuban Journal of Psychology.

Speed ​​of recovery after stroke

As ulates from the Avila 2014 study, the daily dose of your favorite song can recover from bleeding and paralysis wasting.

When paralyzed patients listen to music for several hours every day, they often improve their oral memory and alertness.

Increase immunity

Scientists explain that music can create a deep and positive emotional experience that leads to the secretion of immunostimulatory hormones. It also helps reduce the risk factors for the disease.

Similarly, listening to music can also lower the stress-related hormone cortisol levels. High cortisol levels reduce the immune response.

Music brings about an increase in several hormones: serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin.

Improves memory and learning performance

Listening to music or playing an instrument will help you learn.

For Mozart and Baroque music, they activate the left and right brains. Simultaneous left and right brain movements enhance learning and information retention.

On the other hand, music activates the left hemisphere and music activates the right hemisphere of the brain.

In addition, activities for both sides of the brain, such as playing and playing musical instruments, improve the brain’s ability to process information.

Improves concentration and focus

As Tobar explained in his 2013 Revista Education Axion article, relaxing music improves the duration and focus of your concentration. Furthermore, it occurs at all ages and skill levels.

Improves body movement and coordination

Ultimately, music reduces muscle tension and movement, improving coordination. It plays an important role in the development, maintenance, and recovery of physical activity in the rehabilitation of people with movement disorders.

In short, music is a cultural phenomenon that directly affects our mood. Listening to music has been successful in activating parts of the brain that are beneficial to our health. Finally, it allows us to release endorphins and is always good.

What benefits does music have for our health?

Listening to concerts stimulates various brain activities and stimuli that directly affect important aspects of life, such as mood, stress management, anxiety, and fatigue. In fact, more and more hospitals incorporate music therapy into more therapies. So, to commemorate International Music Day, Albert Okano, the head of healthcare at the insurance company Aygon, explored the major health benefits that music can bring to you.

Reduce anxiety: Listening to your favorite songs can reduce anxiety. Music helps reduce the stress-related hormone cortisol.

It helps to relieve pain: Music therapy leads to the release of endorphins, which can be used as natural painkillers. In fact, many studies have shown that music can alleviate the pain of certain chronic diseases such as osteoarthritis.

Help treat neurological diseases such as all Zimmerman, Parkinson’s, and autism. Music is like a gymnasium in the brain because it enhances neuronal communication, elasticity, and organ plasticity.

Enhance immunity. It can increase platelet production, stimulate lymphocytes, and provide cell protection against certain diseases. Similarly, listening to music can reduce cortisol levels and reduce immune response.

Improve optimism and protect the brain from aging. Especially for people with depression. According to a study published in Frontiers of Human Neuroscience, playing a musical instrument can reduce the effects of age-related decline in intelligence.

Increase memory: Listening to music can activate different areas of the brain to better process information. Numerous reports confirm that listening to and playing music can improve learning. Therefore, according to research published by scientists at the University of Helsinki, Mozart’s music can activate the left and right brains, enhancing learning and information retention.

Fighting headaches: Another benefit of listening to music is that it can help people with migraines and headaches due to relaxation and stress.

Lowering blood pressure: A study by the American Hypertension Society of New Orleans shows that listening to 30 minutes of classical music, Celtic music, or music every day can significantly reduce high blood pressure.


1924 Music Group Signs 90’s R&B Vocalist Qui Qui Martin To Independent Label



1924 Music Group Signs 90's R&B Vocalist Qui Qui Martin To Independent Label

1924 Music Group is creating opportunities for the next generation of music stars. Founded by brothers Ivory and Jay Hawthorne, these two siblings are bringing a dream of theirs to life while ushering in the next set of music stars. Hailing from the historic city of Baltimore, Maryland, this independent label is changing the landscape in Baltimore. By creating a musical safe haven in an area that does not possess a major recording label, 1924 stands out among the other emerging indie labels opening the door to much success and influence.

Having signed rising stars Yung Inkky, Tio Taylor, GG C Mals,TPT Moody, Danger Aurora, Doll E Taylor, Chris Michael, Official Arri, Lotto Supreme, and engaged in a Co-Management deal with Kiya Alexius, 1924 Music Group has all of the resources necessary to take talent to the mainstream music market. With the diverse relationships they have built in the music industry with music legends such as Troy Taylor, and Drumma Boy Fresh, they have the backing from some of music’s most influential hitmakers in the game. Co-founder and owner of this independent label Ivory Hawthorne has had the pleasure of working with Lyfe Jennings, Just’us (formerly signed to Mary J Blige’s Matriarchs Records), Riplay, and currently has a joint partnership with Phantom Boyz Music.

Working with so many gifted and talented acts in music, 1924 is thrilled to announce the signing of Qui Qui Martin, the former lead singer of the 90’s girl group Isyss. Martin had this to say about signing with 1924: “1924 is more than just a label, it’s a family unit, a comradery. I feel my most creative when working with my team at 1924. Everyone seems to work organically with one another. 1924 isn’t just in the business of signing anyone. They must have a special talent and stardom that coincides with the other label mates. This in turn solidifies what 1924 music group is all about. Facilitating the careers of future stars. When I think of 1924 I think of a new age bad boy records.

It is clear that this label has all of its artists‘ best interests at heart and is applying pressure to creating diamonds that will shine brightly for the world to see. Currently, 1924 is working on putting out Qui Qui Martin’s forthcoming EP with the help of Lil Ronnie and working on Yung Inkky’s new material.

Press play below to stream Qui Qui Martin’s new “Nobody” single featuring fellow 1924 artist Tio Taylor.

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2022 Looks Like a pleasing year for Uva Musix Group (UMG)



2022 Looks Like a pleasing year for Uva Musix Group (UMG)

Uva Musix Group (UMG)

New times have brought new challenges everywhere, especially in the music industry. With the new technology, anyone with access to the internet can make music, share it and promote it with the world. Because of this, it is difficult for new musicians to find the right music company to stand behind them and support them. So how do we know what is best? Life is a series of experiences, each one of which makes us bigger, smarter, and stronger, with a big desire to get things right. We want to help people with the experience gained and guide them to do the right thing.

A new music record label, founded early in 2021, from High Point, North Carolina, UMG (Uva Musix Group) is taking action with their uniqueness, offering a pleasant music experience for their clients, owned by three young men, Jordan Dillard, Derek Marshall, and Olaf Moreno, with their hearts in Hip-Hop/ Rap/ Melodic genre.

What makes them different from others? They will provide full support, stand strong behind their clients, let them focus on their originality, making great music and they will do the rest for them. “Putting the artist first and trying to help the artists grow and gain exposure,” they said.

UMG is all about passion and respect, which nowadays is very difficult to find. They will help their artist with their creativity, bringing out the best of them and feeding their fans with it. For one music artist, the most important thing is for his music to be heard everywhere and to achieve positive results, and for that to happen, it needs the support of a good and honest record label.

Once Bobby Unser said “Success is where preparation and opportunity meet”, and UMG is a big golden opportunity, especially for a local artist who seeks to leap into action with success. For starters, people can follow them on their Twitter and Instagram accounts which will follow in addition, and in the future on more platforms.

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No one took Sven Zwetsloot seriously when he stated his intentions of getting into the music industry. Even those closest to him thought it was a phase because, after all, he didn’t come from a musical family. However, Sven was determined to prove everyone wrong. Despite the mockery, he’d work hard and silenced his detractors once and for all.

Today, Sven Zwetsloot, better known by his stage name Eyah, is a Reggaeton music producer based in Texel, the Netherlands. Eyah is popular in the industry for originality, which is showcased in his last tracks.

As a composer, Eyah takes pride in his original compositions and tunes. One would believe that his journey in the music industry has therefore been easy, but that is not the case.

Eyah has had to learn a few things that have kept him going. By the time he was in the 12th grade, he was making house beats despite having no support system. Even though he didn’t have a proper place to practice, he made 2 tracks every day for two years until he got his own place. That’s how he developed his adaptable workflow, something he appreciates as a producer today. When Eyah turned 18, he started looking for ways to turn his passion into something profitable, but it didn’t happen overnight.

Eyah’s biggest influences are Tainy and Sky Rompiendo. He has learned how to creatively incorporate influences from science fiction and horror genres to create a sound that resonates with a wider audience.

Crafting recognizable lyrics, coupled with a groovy beat that the listener can appreciate is one of Eyah’s greatest joys. He conveys his feelings through every song he works on, and this is something very few producers can do. For now, he is working on some new projects that are waiting to be released. He’s been working with three big names in the industry and the works are in the final stages of production.

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