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PopWonders aims to be the Best Subscription E-Commerce Marketplace



PopWonders aims to be the Best Subscription E-Commerce Marketplace

PopWonders  is an e-commerce marketplace where users can create their own subscription businesses. It is an all-in-one subscription commerce platform that allows users to manage their websites and subscriptions for shipping and billing cycles.

PopWonders provides established companies, or indeed any business with an existing audience and loyal customers, a way to launch a monthly subscription service that makes sense for individual companies. PopWonders handles all financial trading activities, providing tools to track and manage inventory, print shipping labels, specially designed start pages, and how people respond to those shipments on a monthly basis. It provides a series of analyzes to confirm.

The subscription business model has taken over the entire software world. Currently, selling software on a non-subscription basis is literally silly. The reason is that the signup model is much stronger than the transaction model. Every month you know how much money is coming in. It’s almost the same as what happened last month, and a little more when you get new clients. Also, especially as the founder of the new company, he wants to forecast sales after three months and orders all the inventory. It is almost impossible to make sure you are there.

How can PopWonders help?

For retailers and online sellers, PopWonders is the ideal sales channel with reliable, recurring, and sustainable revenue.

For consumers, PopWonders provides an easy and convenient way to purchase products that are fairly basic, and monthly consumables.

PopWonders are used by retailers that operate:

  • An online company that wants to jointly introduce a business that stabilizes regular orders and revenues
  • An e-commerce store that wants to offer consumers a more competitive price for a product through bulk purchases at wholesale prices

(Start) a new web store that prefers to reduce the investment cost of its website or system, large inventory and warehousing (minimum cost)

  • A physical and traditional store that wants to offer a business with subscription without making a major investment in online systems

As a consumer you want:

Convenient to deliver basic or monthly consumables to the door monthly to save time and energy.

  • Get great deals by subscribing monthly to the products and interests you need
  • With special attention, experience the resonance and amusement of their characters with a monthly subscription
  • Be amazed every month with the subscription content and want to know how it was chosen based on the marketing materials

With the subscription model you get a predictability that comes with the revenue. So you’re not opening your store to get RM3,000.00 in sales one month and nothing the next month, and then RM20,000.00 in sales a few months later and you’ve really got no predictability of your life; and you can’t really plan for anything. With the subscription business model, every single month you’re getting that same recurring revenue, and it makes it easy for you to fit this into your life.

PopWonders aims to be the Best Subscription

The KOL/Influencer Factor in Social Commerce

PopWonders is like an e-Commerce scene matchmaker, leverage on KOL/Influencer to help merchants build and upgrade their brands, and marketing through traffic. They match each merchant with a suitable KOL (Key Opinion Leader) and KOC (Key Opinion Consumer) for influencing marketing.

Dominated by the taste and vision of Influencer, gathering popularity on social media to promote visually, relying on a large group of followers in targeted marketing, thus turning fans into a process of purchasing power.

PopWonders aims to be the Best Subscription

The Advanced Technology in Intelligence Commerce

 To help consumers with finding the right products, PopWonders has a Hybrid AI Chatbot equipped with machine learning and natural language processing that acts as a personal shopping assistant.

The AI can help customers by looking for the right products without even searching, make them recommendations based on their browsing habits, and even manage payment processes for faster checkout. And it also leverages it on customer big data analytics.

It’s sustainable. It keeps coming as opposed to a transactional business where you’re just selling things online. It can just go away, and that doesn’t really happen with subscription businesses.


PopWonders aims to become the leading B2B2C-platform for a subscription for all industries.


  • Check out PopWonders here.
  • Keep an eye out on PopWonders’ Facebook for the latest subscriptions on their platform.



Do you buy auto parts online?



Do you buy auto parts online?

At a time when most sales take place online, the question arises as to whether this type of purchase is also good for buying auto parts. On the Internet, the time required to purchase a car service is considerably shortened. In auto delovi we have learned how we can buy not only faster but also better quality parts. We will tell you the facts from many years of practice and based on that you decide for yourself whether you can save time and money without endangering your safety.

The auto delovi online agree that you can shop online quickly, but there are problems with choosing online retailers. If you buy car parts locally, your choice is limited in terms of price and quality. Therefore, your choice is quite limited to your neighborhood or city. An online store takes you to a market that has unlimited offers. There are hundreds of stores on the Internet that offer different brands of auto parts.

We will try with this text to introduce you to the advantages and disadvantages that you can have by buying auto parts online. We hope you find the article useful.

How to save your time?

Sometimes on sites that deal with this topic, you can’t find which part fits your vehicle because this type of store is very specific and requires a lot of knowledge. Of course, by entering the OEM number in the search engine on the seller’s website located in your area, you can get a choice of brands and prices. It is up to you to choose the part, brand and price that suits you and put them in the basket and order. If you do not have the original number, most stores have a call center that can provide you with the necessary help and find a part for you. Thanks to this way of fast communication, you can easily and quickly reach a solution for your car.

How to save money?

When deciding to shop online, saving money is an important factor in deciding. You are probably wondering how to save money without thinking about your safety. The solution is very simple. As we have explained, going online gives you the opportunity to choose from a wide range of stores. There is a big game on the internet today and sellers are competing there because of the competition who will offer the best speed, service and price. Visit as many store websites as possible or call them and find out as many prices as possible. So you can see that for the same parts and brands stores have different prices, sometimes a difference of 50%. Compare all offers and choose the best option for your pocket.

Whether home delivery is really ideal?

If you have decided on a good seller, he always has home delivery on offer. In most cases it is free. The double benefit, of course, is that it saves your time that you need to go to the local store. This is a very important factor in decision-making because the appearance of an increasing number of cars on the streets has significantly increased the time we spend on the road from point a to point b.

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Why Has SEO Completely Changed The Way Small Businesses Work



Why Has SEO Completely Changed The Way Small Businesses Work

Nowadays, many businesses are functioning online, and it has become a pretty difficult task for business owners to get their businesses noticed online. There is an increased competition among business owners to get reliable clients for themselves. 

So, what exactly should one do to create an excellent online presence for the business? Well, the best and the easiest way is to take the help of SEO. So, let us look at what SEO is all about and how the company or businesses use SEO to improve our online visibility.

What is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization is one of the processes that can provide the website with the required visibility. By taking the help of SEO, one can improve the website ranking on search engine results. This, in turn, will allow driving more audience towards the website, and gradually, it will turn the audience into potential customers.

Why is SEO Essential For Small-Scale Businesses?

Small businesses and start-ups primarily function on a tight budget, and it becomes challenging for them to invest a lot of money in traditional marketing methods. So, what these businesses do is that they try to adopt digital marketing strategies so that they can reach out to a larger audience on a smaller budget. Apart from that, there are multiple reasons small businesses are trying to include SEO as a part of their marketing strategies. Let us have a look at a few of those strategies:

  • SEO can provide you with result-based outcomes.
  • Building an SEO strategy is quite affordable.
  • We can get positive outcomes with little effort.
  • We can reach out to a larger audience within a concise period.

How Precisely Should One Build an SEO Strategy?

To build an SEO strategy all by ourselves, one should be aware of the basics of SEO. It might seem to be a challenging task for you, and however, it is not. It is easy to create an SEO strategy for business with proper research and the right SEO tools.

Let’s look at some points that should be kept in mind to create an effective SEO strategy.

  • Know Your Keywords. 
  • Write High-Quality Content 
  • Use Keywords in Your Website Page URLs.
  • Don’t Overlook Page Titles.
  • Review Every Page for Additional Keyword Placement. 
  • Improve User Experience. 

Keyword optimization:  What is the first thing that comes to our mind when we speak of SEO?

Well, it is keyword optimization.

By taking the help of the right keywords, it is easy to create an excellent online presence for the brand and also improve its visibility. Keyword optimization also opens up a lot of new opportunities for the brand. With the proper keyword optimization, it becomes easy for

 small businesses to reach out to the target audience and also take the success of the business to an entirely new level.

Backlink building: Backlink building is also really important from an SEO point of view. By including the right backlinks on our website, we will be able to provide the visitors with an entry point to the website. Backlinks also allow the users to spend a considerable amount of time on a particular website. However, the backlinks that are being used for the website should be from quality sources only. Otherwise, they may have a negative impact on our website.

Content creation: The SEO performance of a website is largely dependent on the quality of content that we post on the website. The content should provide the users with some food for thought. It should be unique and written in a creative way.

And this is how small businesses can build an elaborate content marketing strategy for themselves. They can also opt for SEO Consulting Services and get your job done by an expert.

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Purchasing Commercial Property in Dubai



Purchasing Commercial Property in Dubai

To make a smart investment decision, it is of paramount value that you remember how the property market of Dubai operates. This is very essential because the Dubai property market is still in its initial stages. Therefore, it is simply a surprise to know that the property market of Dubai operates from the US or United Kingdom market.

Getting Professional Help

If you are interested in buying a Commercial Property For Sale In Dubai, make assured that you take a few professional help 1st. Some of the real estate brokers have direct access to commercial properties from real estate developers. Real estate brokers will not simply take into account your requirements but also provide you advice throughout the purchasing process and assist you to deal with the legal aspects too.

Off-plan Properties

Real estate developers of Dubai have realized the reality that today, the real estate market is buzzing with high demand for commercial property. Because of this, recent months have seen several new off-plan best projects being released in the market. Plenty of businesses are seeing this new trend as the best opportunity to pay high rents that are being commanded in few portions of Dubai.

With the high growth rate in Dubai, lots of foreign business houses are involved in doing business here. The Dubai government has recognized that the need of the day is quality commercial space that is in huge demand by local as well as foreign companies. If the government is not capable to give that, the possibilities of achieving an even bigger growth rate get slim. It is worth mentioning in this regard that there is quite a bit of undersupply of office space for businesses in Dubai at the time. For more detail please visit retail space in Dubai.

Less Volatile Investment

The point to be noted here is that commercial property investment is usually much less volatile as compared to residential property investment. It has been mentioned that as a tenant you are required to stay on the premises for a longer time. Based on the lease agreement, you are limited to hold on to your investment.

Ready Occupancy

At this time, there are only little completed commercial developments finished in Dubai. If you are one of the best investors who want quick returns on your investment, then buying commercial property in Dubai is excellent for you. Because of the shortage of finished property in Dubai at present and a large number of new businesses also coming, there is the best opportunity that demand may outweigh supply.

To conclude it can be said that buying commercial property in Dubai is recommended and extremely profitable at this time. Not only it is profitable as an investment opportunity but also quite beneficial if you want to start a new business. However, before you purchase commercial property in Dubai, contact 1 or 2 reputed real estate brokers to get few insight into the property market of Dubai. Following this process will assure that you will not make any mistakes during the purchasing process.

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