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PopWonders aims to be the Best Subscription E-Commerce Marketplace

Umar Nisar



PopWonders aims to be the Best Subscription E-Commerce Marketplace

PopWonders  is an e-commerce marketplace where users can create their own subscription businesses. It is an all-in-one subscription commerce platform that allows users to manage their websites and subscriptions for shipping and billing cycles.

PopWonders provides established companies, or indeed any business with an existing audience and loyal customers, a way to launch a monthly subscription service that makes sense for individual companies. PopWonders handles all financial trading activities, providing tools to track and manage inventory, print shipping labels, specially designed start pages, and how people respond to those shipments on a monthly basis. It provides a series of analyzes to confirm.

The subscription business model has taken over the entire software world. Currently, selling software on a non-subscription basis is literally silly. The reason is that the signup model is much stronger than the transaction model. Every month you know how much money is coming in. It’s almost the same as what happened last month, and a little more when you get new clients. Also, especially as the founder of the new company, he wants to forecast sales after three months and orders all the inventory. It is almost impossible to make sure you are there.

How can PopWonders help?

For retailers and online sellers, PopWonders is the ideal sales channel with reliable, recurring, and sustainable revenue.

For consumers, PopWonders provides an easy and convenient way to purchase products that are fairly basic, and monthly consumables.

PopWonders are used by retailers that operate:

  • An online company that wants to jointly introduce a business that stabilizes regular orders and revenues
  • An e-commerce store that wants to offer consumers a more competitive price for a product through bulk purchases at wholesale prices

(Start) a new web store that prefers to reduce the investment cost of its website or system, large inventory and warehousing (minimum cost)

  • A physical and traditional store that wants to offer a business with subscription without making a major investment in online systems

As a consumer you want:

Convenient to deliver basic or monthly consumables to the door monthly to save time and energy.

  • Get great deals by subscribing monthly to the products and interests you need
  • With special attention, experience the resonance and amusement of their characters with a monthly subscription
  • Be amazed every month with the subscription content and want to know how it was chosen based on the marketing materials

With the subscription model you get a predictability that comes with the revenue. So you’re not opening your store to get RM3,000.00 in sales one month and nothing the next month, and then RM20,000.00 in sales a few months later and you’ve really got no predictability of your life; and you can’t really plan for anything. With the subscription business model, every single month you’re getting that same recurring revenue, and it makes it easy for you to fit this into your life.

PopWonders aims to be the Best Subscription

The KOL/Influencer Factor in Social Commerce

PopWonders is like an e-Commerce scene matchmaker, leverage on KOL/Influencer to help merchants build and upgrade their brands, and marketing through traffic. They match each merchant with a suitable KOL (Key Opinion Leader) and KOC (Key Opinion Consumer) for influencing marketing.

Dominated by the taste and vision of Influencer, gathering popularity on social media to promote visually, relying on a large group of followers in targeted marketing, thus turning fans into a process of purchasing power.

PopWonders aims to be the Best Subscription

The Advanced Technology in Intelligence Commerce

 To help consumers with finding the right products, PopWonders has a Hybrid AI Chatbot equipped with machine learning and natural language processing that acts as a personal shopping assistant.

The AI can help customers by looking for the right products without even searching, make them recommendations based on their browsing habits, and even manage payment processes for faster checkout. And it also leverages it on customer big data analytics.

It’s sustainable. It keeps coming as opposed to a transactional business where you’re just selling things online. It can just go away, and that doesn’t really happen with subscription businesses.


PopWonders aims to become the leading B2B2C-platform for a subscription for all industries.


  • Check out PopWonders here.
  • Keep an eye out on PopWonders’ Facebook for the latest subscriptions on their platform.

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Finding the Best Deals and Discounts with the PCO Car Hire Company




Finding the Best Deals and Discounts with the PCO Car Hire Company

Hiring a PCO car service is a good idea to help you save time and money. You can take advantage of these services, especially if you are travelling abroad or in a foreign country.

Technical Support Service:

The best thing about PCO is that they have experienced drivers and they know the roads so well that it is easy for them to navigate around.

They also have the best of the technical support services, so you need not worry about anything in terms of technical problems with your vehicle. These are the things that you need to know before you hire a PCO car service.

Advanced Features:

You can also make use of the advanced features that the PCO has so that you do not have to call anyone for help in case of a problem. You should get some Cheap PCO Car Hire service from this company because they are experts when it comes to car servicing. These are services that can save you time and money, especially when you hire a PCO car service.

Ask Some Questions to Find Best:

If you want to rent a car in the United Kingdom, then you should go to PCO. This is the right car rental company that can help you in finding the best car rentals that you can afford.

The most important thing to remember is that you need to ask some questions so that you can make sure that you are going to be getting the best deal. Once you make use of their advanced features, you will never have to waste any time anymore looking for car rentals.

Check on the Internet About Company:

Hiring a PCO car service is not that hard. This is because many PCO companies offer car hire services and you just need to find one that can give you the best deals. You should check on the internet for the different companies so that you can see what they have to offer and what they charge for.

Once you find a good deal, then you should book the car hire in advance so that you will be able to avoid any late fees or overbooking charges that you may experience.

Variety of Colours and Models:

It is not that difficult to look for the car that you want when you hire a PCO car rental, because you can choose from a wide variety of colours and models. There are even some cars that have special options such as USB outlets so that you can plug in your portable digital device. and enjoy its features, even if it is in another country.

If you are planning to hire a PCO car for a short period, then you can choose the smaller and cheaper models. These models will be more convenient for you and will allow you to get your transportation and entertainment needs to be met in one place. Some Cheap PCO Car Hire companies also offer free roadside assistance, so you don’t have to worry about anything during your journey. So, instead of spending money on gas and parking fees, you can spend it on shopping and entertainment.

Compare the Prices:

PCO car rental can give you a lot of options, so you should look for a car rental service that you think suits you the best and which will also make you save a lot of time and money.

You should always check on the different websites so that you can compare the different prices offered by each company. When you have found a good deal, you can book your rental car online so that you can avoid any hassle or problems in the future.

Read the Reviews:

If you want to know how to get discounts on PCO car hire services, you should read the various reviews that are available. These reviews are written by people who have already used the services of different companies.

They are willing to share their experiences with others so that they can help you get the best car for you and save lots of time and money.

Hire from Travel Agent:

Sometimes, it is also possible to get PCO car hire services through travel agents. They can give you more options than you can think of and will give you a variety of choices and discounts. Also, you will get to enjoy a safe and secure journey, which is also important especially if you are travelling abroad.


You will be able to book your car hire services online so that you will be able to get all the information to make sure that you get the car of your dreams and choose the car that you will love. It is also important to compare prices and choose a reputable company so that you will not regret your choice.

After you have found the perfect deal for you and your budget, all you have to do is to sit back and relax and enjoy the ride. You can contact Pace Hire to get more detailed information about the PCO car hiring services.

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Buy Instagram Followers online




Buy Instagram Followers online

Buy Instagram Followers online


Instagram is a free online photo-sharing application, purchased by Facebook in 2012, it is an informal organization stage. Instagram allows customers to modify and move photos and a short chronicle through a convenient application. …Customers can also choose to make personal information private, the purpose of which is to allow supporters to see their posts.

Followers on Instagram:

Instagram followers are customers who attract you; these followers can see your information in their profile and feeds. If your Instagram is set to private, these are the main individuals who can see your posts. They can also view your Instagram stories and send you direct messages.

Purpose of Instagram followers

Organizations, brands, and Instagram influencers may try to maintain a positive supporter/follower ratio (the number of followers is more than their followers) to improve their record and allow different devotees to see their fascinating Records must be followed. The devotee/follower ratio on Instagram is very good because it is cool and therefore notorious on Instagram, or, if your ratio is bad, malicious records that track individuals will not be followed.

Get more Instagram followers:

Whether you are an influencer who needs more material attention or a first-class brand that needs more potential customers, whether it is the number of devotees, the measurement of vanity is important. If you know that the path of followers is lower than the customers you follow, you can fix your proportions by attracting more Instagram devotees. For this, you can buy Instagram followers cheap.

Reasons to keep the follow/follow ratio:

Records that follow many individuals but few devotees are generally regarded as low-quality records, and may even be false records. Normally, records that are proportional to the proportion of devotees are considered typical records. Customers who have more devotees than their followers are seen as acceptable or even incredible. These customers may be VIP or Instagram influencers.

Advantages of Instagram fans:

Whether you are an influencer who needs to pay more attention to your influence or a first-class brand that needs more potential customers, the measurement of vanity (such as the number of devotees) is important, at this stage, just like other informal organizations, The more followers the brand, organization or individual has, the more mainstream it is considered, and many organizations put forward complete procedures to consider this, so that they can establish importance and reputation among the customers of interpersonal organizations And deceptive.

Therefore, it is absolutely certain that buy Instagram followers is an inevitable repetitive activity because in most cases, it can improve the positioning of Instagram profiles faster than achieving these comparable results. Or on the other hand, use other promotion and publicity programs.

How Can You Earn Real Followers on Instagram?

  • Use Hashtags Smartly
  • Post and Interact Consistently
  • Attract Traffic from Other Channels
  • Create a compelling bio and profile

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Cruz Cases Top 5 Best Cell Phone Radiation (EMF) Blocking Phone Cases




Cell Phone

Cell phones transmit powerful radio signals into cell towers. These microwave radio signals also are directed into the body of the consumer. EMF (radiation) protective phone cases are considered the solution for Mobile Phone health warnings resulting in a weakened immune system, brain tumors, and other numerous health concerns. But only a few phone cases actually provide adequate protection.

Two key factors for our evaluation were the quality of the shielding material used and the case construction using the shielding material. Our safety concern was directed towards the brain of the consumers.

Those listed below show our most effective anti-radiation phone cases ranked in order of their ability to block cell phone radiation (EMF) absorbed by the body.

1.Cruz CasesA+ Our top-rated pick uses Reflectrixcore shielding material implemented very well into the case construction. Well-designed case.
2.Radiarmor CasesB+ rated shielding material. Some radiation leaks around the edges.  Construction could be improved.
3.RF Safe Anti-Radiation CasesB. Low-grade shielding material limits radiation protection. Very good construction.
4.SYB (Shield Your Body)B rated shield material but not designed for maximum efficiency in case construction.
5.SafesleeveC+ low-cost shielding material is sewn into the well-constructed case. Some protection, but not recommended for long term use.

The best cases use the best materials for radiation (EMF) protection. Cruz cases ( topped our list of effective anti-radiation phone cases as a result of the materials they used and the design incorporated the shielding material. The case used soft-touch materials, double stitched for durability, and could be cleaned with a damp cloth. Cruz also offered their superior protection into Universal cases which could be attached to many different makes and models of cell phones.

Radiarmor’s case could be more competitive with some shielding material upgrades. Safesleeve’s use of the shielding material needed revamping to be effective.  Our overall evaluation gives consumers health consideration options. For our final analysis, we give Cruz a thumbs up for topping our Best Anti-radiation Mobile Phone Case List.

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