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Here’s How Carter Jamison Mastered Social Media



social media

Social Media. A seemingly easy platform to learn and grow on. Everyone wants to utilize this platform to try and become famous. Everyone wants to be an ‘influencer’ nowadays yet 99% of the people that try end up failing. The reason behind this is not due to the motivation or passion of the person trying to be an influencer, it lies in the actual ability for the influencer to know how to work and utilize the algorithm. S

ee, social media is an incredibly complicated space that may seem basic and easy to master at the surface. Yet, it is actually a complex web of algorithms, controls, and timing. So, companies often turn to an influencer to figure out the best steps moving forward. Most influencers are unable to master this art due to their lack of knowledge of the algorithm, its changes, or have never had to experience necessary for it. Despite this seemingly complicated and chaotic market, one influencer has been excelling and rising above all the other agencies in an attempt to truly make influencers, especially girls, how to blow up and monetize their audience.

Carter Jamison (@carterjamisn on Instagram) is the man that is breaking down the boundaries of what it means to be an influential influencer. As only a 17- year- old with a big dream and even bigger motivation, Carter has reached the stratosphere in terms of success for his age. Currently, Carter has over 20 accounts that make him passive income through his use of admins and people that he employs below him. For anyone of any age, this is an achievement but for someone as young as Carter, this is something that has stunned even the most experienced influencers.

No other influencer or even company has the range and diversification that Carter has built. Through its social media growth program, where real followers are organically delivered to your account, to actually building up the personality and developing the company for long term success, Carter does it all. This talent has not gone unnoticed either. In fact, Carter has been featured on Medium, The New York Times, and more.

They, as should anyone, see the prospect of Carter becoming an absolute titan in the business and social media world. The only path for Carter is up and it will be exciting to see how this young man matures and grows in the coming years.


Latest News

A Few Things to Check Before Hiring an Electrician



A Few Things to Check Before Hiring an Electrician

Hiring an Electrician

Many homeowners attempt to do home improvement projects themselves, and the results are often disappointing. However, trying to handle electrical work independently can lead to costly errors and injuries. Discover a few things to check before hiring an electrician to get the job done right and stay within the budget.

Proper Training

When looking for an electrician, the first thing to consider is whether they are properly trained. The electricians should attend a vocational school or other recognized institute to learn how to perform the work correctly. Discuss the training process to find the right team for the job.

Review Experience

Comparing electricians includes reviewing their relevant experience performing similar work. Homeowners should discuss the project scope with potential electricians and determine whether they have experience in that area. Also, ask for recommendations and referrals from previous satisfied customers.

Check Reviews

Once homeowners have a list of prospects, check online reviews to narrow down the possibilities based on customer experiences. Often, people discover more about an electrician or other service providers by reading reviews and talking to others. Also, discuss referrals with neighbors, co-workers, friends, and families to determine which services handled the work most efficiently.

Licensed and Insured

Verify your state’s requirement for license and insurance and then ensure the electrician is compliant to protect your most valuable asset. It is often tempting to hire an unlicensed or uninsured electrician to cut costs, but that often adds up to spending more money in the long run. Plus, you could be liable if an accident or injury occurs on your premises, adding even more to the costs.

Verify Credentials and Permits

The first step to verifying an electrician’s expertise is to inquire about licenses and insurance. The next step is to verify these credentials and permits to ensure they are valid and current. A quality electrician will immediately provide documentation for customers to verify.

Talk to Several Electricians

After comparing reviews and verifying credentials, consult with several electricians to find the right one for the project. While all of them might be qualified for the job, homeowners should find an electrician that understands their vision and wants to work with them every step of the way. Take notes during the interviews to review and determine the best candidate for the job.

Compare Costs

While qualifications are crucial to getting the job done correctly, homeowners must also stay within their budget to avoid financial stress associated with unexpected surprises. An electrician should provide a precise estimate and include everything to be done to complete the project for homeowners to plan for payment. The goal is to find a qualified electrician that provides all the services needed for the most competitive price. 

Look for Outstanding Customer Service

Finally, it helps to work with electricians dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service and that stand behind their work. Inquire about warranties and other guarantees to verify the project will be completed according to specifications. Then choose the electrician who communicates clearly and makes you feel comfortable about their skills.

Hiring an electrician is often critical to getting the job done right and avoiding additional costs related to injuries and errors. Use this checklist to find a qualified electrician that provides outstanding service within your budget.

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