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London based actor Dywayne Thomas plans on making a mark on the movie scene in 2021




London based actor Dywayne Thomas plans on making a mark on the movie scene in 2021

Dywayne Thomas

Dywayne Thomas MA, BFA, HNDip, Medal of Honor DHL, DPA. (Born May 17, 1977) is an actor, producer, and martial artist, born in London, England.

He is an actor known for “Mia”, “Surveillance”, “The Rise of the Infantry”, Penniworth in Washington DC, IF, “Ribbon Knot”, “Catalyst”, Hello Au Revoir and Ted Bundy Had Son. He is also the associate producer of the feature film Cyberlante produced by Raya Films.

Thomas (Thomas) has a black belt in karate, and has won many national, British and British karate championship awards. He was a British junior individual and team Kata champion and represented the London Goju Ryu Karate team from 1987 to 1992.

Early life

Thomas (Thomas) was born on May 17, 1977, in London, England. His parents are Patricia Sindy Thomas and Winston Roy Thomas of Caribbean, South American, and African descent. (Winston Roy Thomas).

He is the third oldest of six children of Caribbean and African descent. Many of his relatives live in the Caribbean and the United States of America, although his close relatives live in the UK.

Thomas grew up in Hackney and attended Gayhurst Primary, where he first set foot in acting.

The TV presenter (and long-term family friend) Jasmine Harman also went to the same elementary school as Thomas.

Thomas later attended the Cardinal Ball Catholic School in East London. During Cardinal Pole, he was in the same school year as a professional football player Darren Purse.

Acting career

Thomas started his acting career very early and participated in many dance and musical performances. The most famous work is the performance of “The Dyed Piper” starring Sylvester McCoy in 1986 at the Royal National Theatre on London’s South Bank.

Thomas received training at the Performing Arts Academy in Brixton and Gray’s Inn in London. He also conducted screen action training at the British Action Academy in Surrey, UK.

Thomas is currently preparing for Mario Colombo’s role as the new actor in the upcoming feature film Mia.

He will play a role in RAYA Films’ upcoming SURVEILLED film, and most recently as a boxing judge in Footsoldier 4: Marbella released at the end of last year.

He has appeared in the following feature films: Hello Au Revoir, Catylist, which is scheduled to be released next year. He was also involved in the crime/horror project “Ted Bundy gave birth to a son” and was the associate of the documentary “Forbidden, Exploited and Blacklisted: The Underground Works of Controversial Filmmaker Shane Ryan” Producers, including Bai Ling Clint Eastwood (Clint Eastwood) daughter Kathryn Reeves Eastwood (Kathryn Reeves Eastwood) and Jonah Hill (Jonah Hill) as people Part of the impressive cast.

Dywayne Thomas is currently preparing for the role of Mario Colombo (Mario Colombo) in the upcoming movie “Mia” in 2021.

Thomas will play the leading role in the upcoming feature film “Survival”. He is also an associate producer of the crime thriller “Cyberlante”, both of which are produced by Raya Films.

For latest updates on Raya Films and their latest film projects, please click on the link below:

Cyberlante Movie

Creative arts and music:

Thomas is passionate about carnival art, dance, and music. He has participated in vocal groups, bands, steel bands, and carnival clubs as a conference musician/singer and performer, including Permanent Beauty Carnival Association, Pentonnick The Steel Orchestra, Mangrove Steel Band, Eclipse Steel Band, Parchmore Project Choir, a sound community choir of the Voice of England star Bizzi Dixon, and the Black Theatre Cooperative with Felix Cross MBE.


Thomas has an honorary doctorate in humane literature, an honorary doctorate in performing arts, a master of fine arts from the University of Hertfordshire, a bachelor of fine arts and a high national diploma in fashion design and technology (HND) from the University of the Arts London London College of Fashion, formerly known as London College.

He is an alumnus of the London School of Fashion, including former Moroccan Prime Minister Driss Jettou; shoe designer Jimmy Choo and supermodel and designer Alek Wek.

Karate profession

Dywayne Thomas is a British karate, an aspiring actor, and big movie lover. He has a black belt in karate and has won many national, British and British karate championship awards. He is a former British individual youth and Kata team champion. He represented the Traditional Karate Association (TKA) London Goju Ryu team from 1987 to 1992.

In the early 1980s, Thomas had been training in judo every day since his adolescence. At that time, he was a very outstanding teacher. It was not until later that he realized that this was not suitable for him. A few years later, in January 1985, he started to learn Goju-ryu Karate under the guidance of Shihan Chris Rowen (7 Dan), when he was a student of 3 dan Sensei and Kaiso (founder) Gogen Yamaguchi (10 Dan) s student. . Yamaguchi unfortunately passed away on May 20, 1989. He is the founder of the International Karate-do Association.

In 1987, Thomas (Shihan Chris Rowen) was classified as Shodan (1st Dan) Junior Black belt. Shihan Rowen occasionally invites special guest coaches to train his Goju-Ryu karate students in Okinawa and Japan. Thomas will also receive expert guidance from Master Gōjū Kai, Sweden’s Shihan Ingo de Jong (Vice Chairman of the International Karate Do Goju Kai Association), and Saiko Shihan (Master) Yamaguchi Goshi (8th Hanshi City, Japan). , He is the current chairman of the International Karate Games.

Thomas (Thomas) took a break after participating in competitions and training in 1992, focusing more on his academic research. After two years of vacancy, in 1994, he returned to karate training under the guidance of Shihan Vic Charles MBE and taught Wado-Ryu karate at the N-16 fitness center opened by Charles in 1992 at the center of Stoke Newington. , Hackney.

Since retiring from karate competitions, Thomas has served as a short-term signaller in the British Army and has served as a close protection surgery and media security consultant in the private security industry. He currently focuses on acting and film production.

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Umar Nisar




Introducing Dywayne Thomas, a man of many hidden talents and extremely resourceful when it comes to giving advice on various subject matters.

Thomas got his first taste of acting back in the mid eighties after performing alongside lead actor Sylvester McCoy in the 1986 production of ‘The Pied Piper’ held at the Royal National Theatre, Southbank, London. This was by far his most notable experience of that period.

After an absence of nearly twenty years, Thomas returned. To get back into the swing of things, he decided to do bit of Screen Action training at the British Action Academy, which he intends to resume his stunts training with soon. He also completed training with acting coaches, Christopher Villiers & Matthew Ashforde (2020 Casting), Alex Fideslski (The Reel Scene), Benjamin Leonides-Morgan (Film & TV Firearm Training) and various subject tutors during his time at the Identity School of Acting.

Dywayne Thomas with industry friend, TV Personality, Bianca Maria.

Dywayne Thomas with industry friend, TV Personality, Bianca Maria.

Thomas is currently preparing for his new acting role of a charming Italian barman, Mario Colombo, in the feature film ‘MIA,’ expected to be released sometime next year.


Starring alongside lead actor GAVIN GORDON, Thomas has a featured role in the upcoming feature film ‘SURVEILLED‘ and he is also an Associate Producer of the crime thriller “CYBERLANTE,” both films are produced by Raya Films.

SURVEILLED is a frightening horror film about a young guy who believes he’s found the identity of a ghastly serial killer stalking his hometown of Clairmont.

GAVIN GORDON, who plays JOE BROOKE, the lead protagonist, is a professional Surveillance Operative with a love for horror films. Additional cast members includes actors JOHNNY KINCH, MELANIE AUMANN, ROBERT ROWORTH and KELLY CALABRESE.


SURVEILLED is currently in the post-production stage.

For the latest news and updates on film projects by Raya Films, please go to:

For more entertainment industry related credits on Dywayne Thomas, check out his Internet Movie Database.

Follow Dywayne on Twitter and Instagram: @dywayne_thomas


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Isaiah Freeman – Give Your Heart Today

Umar Nisar



Isaiah Freeman

Isaiah Freeman Releases Feel-Good & Atmospheric Gospel Single ‘Give Your Heart Today’

About The Release
Isaiah Freeman drops his latest catchy single, “Give Your Heart Today.” The publication of the Gospel includes all aspects of motivating and promoting listeners. “Give Your Heart Today” takes the listener on a musical journey in a nostalgic gospel/soul style alongside a modern R&B sound. The audio instrument and connector work perfectly for listening to recordings. Surrender your heart today
There is a lyric poem that draws the listener to tell the story. Under the influence of God, the song lifts people up and motivates them to serve. A living instrument with melodic elements that give the song an intimate and relaxing air. With catchy vocals, this talented artist maintains a fully loaded arsenal of high-octane music that backs up the fact that he’s ready to deliver.
A strong influence in the music industry and in people’s hearts. This post is the first collaboration between writers Gerald Mickens, Shawn Mickens, and Isaiah Freeman. This is evidence of Isaiah Freeman’s prowess as a musician and his innate talent. Give Your Heart Today offers a happy tool with a powerful message that makes listeners want more.

About Isaiah Freeman
Isaiah is a classically trained, singer/songwriter from Cincinnati, OH. In the summer of 2011, he was chosen to be one of the top 20 contestants on BET’s Award-Winning Gospel talent show “Sunday Best.” Isaiah has had the privilege to write songs for several gospel artists over the years, including but not limited to Darwin Hobbs, Geoffrey Golden, and Leon Timbo. He has also been blessed to work with Tasha Cobbs, William Murphy, Rance Allen, Kevin Bond, and Bishop Paul Morton to name a few.” As a firm believer of artists serving in a local fellowship, Isaiah has had the privilege of partnering with and serving in several ministries of varying demographics around the country over the years. As a worship artist, Isaiah has accepted the responsibility of leading God’s people in worship all over the world, aiding them in becoming more aware of the nearness of our God and connecting with His heart through song.
Follow Isaiah Freeman: Instagram Facebook YouTube

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Soraya Azzabi: The Global Sensation




Soraya Azzabi

Soraya Azzabi is an extremely talented woman.
She is not only stunning with her Middle Eastern and European features but she is an actress, on-air personality, filmmaker, and model.

She is well known for modeling in Vogue and Cosmopolitan and walking runway for high fashion shows around the world. She co-represented the Eastern realm at the finale of the Elite Model Look World competition however many of her talents lie in behind the scenes work.

Her voice-acting debut was last year in 2019 when she was apart of the computer-animated family film, Arctic Dogs.

Her most impressive work is when she directed and wrote: “Making It Against All Odds” which was released on Amazon Prime.

It’s an animated documentary about Tracey Mills who was abandoned by his mother and abused by his father as a child. It shows how he overcame adversity against all odds. Starting under the wings of Christian Audiger on his rise with Von Dutch and Ed Hardy, Tracey became the creative consultant to Kanye West’s Yeezy collections which then led him to launch his own brand Visitor on Earth.

Soraya wasn’t always in these positions she originally came from very humble beginnings.
Once her family moved from Casablanca, Morrocco to Montreal, Canada her life faced many challenges but she kept studying and dreaming for a better future for herself and her family. She now has traveled the world, opened up “Samo Films” in Toronto. She has turned her survival story into a success story where she is able to push everyone around her to do better and be better.

She is now enjoying her life in Toronto as a brilliant model, actress, and filmmaker. Her future is full of so many possibilities and triumphs.

When asked by Voyage about her journey this is what she had to say :

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc. – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
“It’s never a smooth road if it’s a smooth road its cause the challenge is not great enough for you. For me, the key is to surround yourself with positive women but also men that encourage you to be the best of yourself, and its imperative to give that same energy back.

No matter what you decided to peruse its gonna be a challenging road but we have to learn to enjoy the journey that gets you to the result.”

The documentary series Making it Against All Odds produced by Samo films story. Tell us more about the business.
“I’m a model and a TV host. That is now producing and directing a documentary called Making it Against All Odds, from survival to success. The documentary is about people that came from poverty or and a difficult upbringing and became successful.”

To see more of her:


Soraya Azzabi

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