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6 Ways To Wear Denim To The Office




6 Ways To Wear Denim To The Office

Dressing up is an instant mood lifter for most people, particularly when you are going to your office, as it increases your motivation to work better. However, the restricted work attire often takes away all the excitement of an individual for trying out the new clothes, as workplaces prefer boring formal garments. But the work attire must not always be boring, let your inner fashionista creep in and play with your fabrics to bring out new and stylish work clothes.

Many workplaces have become much more relaxed these days in terms of clothing as they believe their employees’ comfort matters the most. Therefore, they welcome the employees wearing jeans and denim, initially it started with casual Fridays only, but now they allow on other workdays as well. However, just because your workplace allows you to wear men’s slim jeans and women high waist jeans, it does not mean you can dress like your casual weekends. But the question arises, how can one flaunt their denim in the professional attire? Well, we will help you set up your personal style with our guide on how to wear denim to your office for both men and women.

1. Get more Classic Cut

While you are channelling your inner supermodel and want to flaunt denim to your workplace, make sure you are not overdoing it. Select the right cut for your office, choose the one that is more classic and goes with the formal trousers. Stay at an arm’s length from the pants that are too baggy as it takes away all the professional look and gives a cosy weekend-y look. On the other hand, skinny jeans for women could be considered pretty bold and sexy for the office; therefore, it’s better to keep these clothes for weekend nights and dress modestly for the workplace.

If you wish to go for a more chic look, then replace your most tailored 7/8 length chinos with the same denim cuts. You can find a whole lot of cropped denim styles on the internet; however, you must make sure your corporate policy allows you to show your ankles. My best go-to denim cut advice for office is moderate skinny for women and straight boot cuts for men.

2.Pair Your Denim With Blazers

Jeans alone give a little snugly look which is inappropriate for office culture, the best thing you can do with your jeans is to pair them up with the professional-looking blazers.

The boxier and well thought out blazer cut does not go well with the relaxed and comfy vibe of the blue jeans. You can wear the combination, but there are quite limited options available in this case. If you plan to dress in a double-breasted blazer, then they are pretty straight forward and looks odd with the denim. Similarly, the conventional blue coloured blazer along with blue denim will do too much of the blue colour.

The best and most appealing way of donning a blazer with the denim is to pair a light coloured blazers such as grey and light blue with the dark coloured denim or the vice versa.

3.Denim Trousers With A Formal Shirt

Just because your corporate policy has allowed you to wear denim does not mean you can go to your work in your ripped jeans with a casual t-shirt. You still need to look formal while you are in jeans; this is where the real challenge comes in. Nevertheless, you can never go wrong with the denim trousers along with the formal shirt. They are just right for your Monday office look.

You must try some wide bottom trousers if you believe your workplace wants a dressier and more professional way to wear denim. You can wear these trousers with the nice, formal tucked in blouse or even a button-down shirt. Further pair your overall attire with the high heeled sandals to make your legs look longer as the flats can make the whole dress up pretty casual for the workplace.

4.Ironed Dark Denims

Of all the pretty shades of denim, the ones that go best for the workplace include the dark denim. While light and acidic colours give away bright vibes, these are just not suitable for the workplace. Dark bottoms are the safest as they work as a middle-of-the-road palette and fasten the overall dress up as the black pants and skirts do.

It is strongly not advisable to wear the same jeans every day, which people tend to do a lot. While you are choosing your denim for your workday, make sure they are wrinkle-free, and you iron them appropriately. Wrinkles can put any one-off even on weekend nights, but at the workplace, it is more embarrassing. Therefore, before you put on your dark denim, make sure you have laundered and ironed them.

5.Polo Shirts And Jeans

The duo is pretty common and acceptable in all the places where they require people to dress decently and modestly. Pair your light coloured denim with your dark shades of polo to give off a look of day and night. Such combinations are the safest when it’s your first day at work, and you are confused about how to dress. Polo shirts and jeans are everyone’s go-to outfit when in doubt.

6. Be Sure Of Your Rise

While you are planning to wear your new denim to workplace tomorrow, make sure the rise of your jeans is high enough for the office environment. The most acceptable rise should not be lower than your belly button. Lower rises give off a bold look which is not recommended for a workplace at all. However, if it is quite low and it is too late to get it changed then pair it up with the longer tops that can cover your hips and thighs.


Workplaces should allow its employees to style in the snuggly clothes; however, it is the responsibility of the employees to ensure their decent dressing as well. There are many ways you can design your denim to your workplace but make sure you are not overdoing anything, and your attire is suitable for your workplace and then viola! You are good to go.

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Atomee offers hot Deal on beauty products at the end of this financial year 2020




Atomee offers hot Deal on beauty products at the end of this financial year 2020


If you are looking for discounts on beauty products, you are in luck because Atomee is here to offer great deals on its beauty products at the end of this fiscal year 2020, it is offering hot deals on beauty products, cloth, jewelry, shoes, sports, and outdoor items.

So if you are looking to take advantage of massive discounts, you should buy more products with Atomee Hot Deals.

Do you know Atome and its beauty products?

What is Atomee

Atomee operates more than 1,000,000 online businesses worldwide, providing systematic services and strategic support to every vendor.

Atomee makes searches full of surprises and makes shopping fun. Here you can explore anything wonderful around the world and spice up your life with ease, which means you can make your home, make your day, and make your life as you wish.

Atomee offers a hot deal on beauty products

What’s Included in Hot Deal beauty products

Clothes, shoes and jewelry

Women love cloth and jewelry more than any other fashion accessory. Talk to the woman about a new fashion for the fabric or a new design for jewelry and her eyes will undoubtedly light up. Jewelry is made of precious metals like gold, silver or other low-cost materials.

So here at Atomee a wide range of jewelry available like rings, chains, earrings, necklaces, etc. so the clothes and jewelry allow the young woman to enhance her look and enable the modern woman to appear elegant and attractive.

Beauty products

Cosmetics are a category of health and beauty products that are used for face and body care or used to accentuate or alter a person’s appearance. Although cosmetics are generally seen as makeup that is only used to alter a person’s appearance, cosmetics can also refer to a number of products used for skin and body care, in addition to those used to add fragrance to them. There are a large number of cosmetics available within these different categories, each designed for different purposes and with different properties.

Personal care products

They also deal in personal care products like face wash, face cream, shampoo and many other items so we recommend that you do not visit any local online store as they have no honesty. Atomee online store gives you the opportunity to discover all kinds of fashion accessories under one roof.

Sports and outdoors

An active lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle. Spending time outdoors or exercising can reduce your stress levels, reduce your waistline, and give you an overall sense of improved well-being. Even playing games with your friends can boost your coordination and interest. If you are looking for a new way to get your body moving or need to upgrade your gear, head over to our esports and outdoor items collection where you get a lot of truth.

To make the world’s e-commerce store convenient for doing business with ease.

Atomee operates more than 1,000,000 online businesses worldwide, providing systematic services and strategic support to every vendor. We help them reduce barriers to business to make e-commerce easier.

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Popular Questions That People Asked About Botox in Singapore




Popular Questions That People Asked About Botox in Singapore

Botox in Singapore

Thinking of getting rid of your wrinkles with Botox? Well, make sure you do thorough research first so that you can make an informed decision! And one way to do that is to look at the questions that many people ask about Botox!

Who should not do Botox?

There are conditions where Botox will not be a good and safe alternative for you. If you are pregnant, you shouldn’t opt for Botox. If you are breastfeeding, you also shouldn’t opt for Botox. [1] Pushing to do it while you are pregnant and breastfeeding might endanger your baby to experience unwanted side effects.

Another group of people that should not use Botox are those who have an underlying neurological disease. Because the main purpose of Botox is to block the signaling process that affect the muscle movements of the skin, this might cause a negative side effect to the disease that you already have. It is so important to consult with a medical professional before opting for a Botox and have them explain to you why you should or should not go for a Botox.

Are Botox and filler the same?

No, they are not the same. The results might look very similar and people might not be able to tell whether this is from a Botox treatment or from filler treatment. However, the way Botox and filler work are completely different. As explained in the previous questions, the way Botox works is to somehow make sure that the signaling process in the nerve isn’t successful so that it doesn’t lead to muscle movements. Botox is supposed to relax the muscles or even paralyze it temporarily so it stops moving.

As for fillers, fillers are injected to fill up certain areas, or in other words “plump up” the areas. So fillers might be used to fix the symmetry between one cheek with another, or to plump up the chin for example. Again, the desired results might be very similar between filler treatments and Botox treatments, but the procedure and the way the treatment works are very different.

How much does Botox cost in Singapore?

The cost of Botox in Singapore ranges from around  $250 to around $2000. This depends on the type of treatment you are getting, the units you are purchasing in your package, and also the clinic or doctor of your choice.

Is there other alternatives besides Botox to get rid of my wrinkles?

Yes, there are other alternatives besides Botox to get rid of your wrinkles. The easiest ways to do that include buying and using the right skincare products that are specifically made to treat wrinkles. You will have to find the right face cream products for this because not all of them work. Basically taking a good care of your skin, consuming vitamins that helps keep the skin healthy, and using products that are fitting to your skin type and condition.

Other treatments include going for acupuncture. There are more studies around the success of Botox to treat wrinkles and there are way less records of acupuncture as a an alternative as good as Botox. However, acupuncture is known to make the skin more elastic and also make the skin more hydrated. [2] All of these are great to prevent and reduce wrinkles and lines in the face.

You can also probably try for other treatments similar like Botox in your beauty clinics. Where professionals inject other substances that work similar like Botox. The issue with this is that you have to really make sure the substances are safe and that the medical professional really confirm that these substances are medically approved. You can try chemical peels and also face patches, which are popular alternatives that people have used instead of Botox.

[1] Cassoobhoy, Arefa, 2020. Botox, from

[2] Brusie, Chaunie, 2018. 7 Alternatives to Botox for Treating Wrinkles, from

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Ideas to make a start as a cosmetic company




Ideas to make a start as a cosmetic company


Starting a cosmetics company can be a profitable option for the entrepreneur’s finances, as they require a moderate initial investment and can be an excellent challenge for personal and professional growth. The business model involves sourcing or manufacturing quality cosmetic products, following an established model at the franchise level, or starting with a new line of products, which can influence the amount of money that is spent.

Another point to take into account is the positioning of cosmetic companies, which usually have a department dedicated exclusively to this issue. Positioning yourself professionally is easier than ever thanks to Web. Moreover, in the physical stores, custom cosmetic packaging boxesplay a vital role in positioning of the brand in the market.

Finally, at the sales force level, the performance of the reseller or leaders will determine the success of the company itself, which is why a profit structure must be put in place in line with the expectations of independent sellers.

Market and competition

The market, in all ventures, is king. You must target a market that is not yet satisfied, which allows you to satisfy needs that no other cosmetics company covers at this time. The cosmetics market implies seriousness, optimal product development, and image. By opening a web page, with a beautiful design of custom cosmetic boxes, offers and promotions, you can get to position yourself efficiently, depending on the market you are targeting.

Logistics is everything. The availability of the products, whether at points of sale, or through the sales force and independent sellers, will determine the arrival on the market that the entrepreneur will have.

For this, motivation is essential. The achievements that they can achieve thanks to the level of sale, and the ability to generate their own work team, will make independent resellers greatly improve the profits of the entrepreneur. Taking these aspects into account, the user will be able to efficiently position them in a competitive and ever-changing market, which will make the investor grow a lot as an entrepreneur and businessman.

How to set up a cosmetics store Do good planning!

What you need to understand from now on is that formal planning is like an instruction manual for your store. There you have to put all your objectives, your goals and from there see how your structure will be.

All the most important decisions in a business are made at that moment. It is important to do this in advance because you can see the whole scene, avoiding errors, losses and even having shiny bullets.

Define your target audience!

Cosmetics market is for men and women, only from the moment you set up a store do you have to define your target audience and work converting your efforts to it. Of course, you can build a huge store that caters to many people, but that requires more financial investment and dedication. As there are several niches, there is great caution not to leave anyone out.

In many cases, starting in a specific segment can give you a greater chance of success. For you to make the best decision in this regard, it is necessary to analyze how consumption is in your region. Who else buys the cosmetics? Or is there not a group that is not so well represented? How innovative can you do?

Go through all the details and choose the audience that also has identification.

How to open a cosmetics store in the right place

The location of a business is a fundamental point for its results. Perhaps the most important point on how to open a cosmetic store. From the moment you know who your target audience is, it is much easier to define where in the city you are going to establish.

Regardless of the public, what I can say now is that you need a region that has a large flow of people. The more people see your business, the greater your sales opportunity! Look where you live for a commercial region, or even an area where there are other stores that have similar services or even beauty salons where custom cosmetic packaging boxesfrom other brands will also be displayed.

This sure is not a decision that you have to make on impulse! Caution is required. In addition to analyzing the place, you have to think about the costs that you will have. Remember to find a region that is easily accessible to customers and employee.         

Publicize your business a lot

There is no use setting up the best cosmetics store in the region if people don’t even know it exists. That’s why you need to (a lot) import with the disclosure part – before even opening the doors of your business.

Depending on the region where you are going to open your business it is still worth investing in the production and distribution of folders (or brochures). Hire well-ordered and friendly people for distribution. It is also essential that you invest in outreach over the Internet. If you can’t set up a site, no problem, be at least on the main social networks – like Instagram or Facebook.

In this way, by following these steps, you can easily open up a cosmetic business and make it flourish in no time through proper strategy.

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