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‘First Kiss of Spring’: Musician and Recording Artist Rosie Minako Breaks Barrier with New Music



‘First Kiss of Spring’: Musician and Recording Artist Rosie Minako Breaks Barrier with New Music

Singer-songwriter Rosie Minako is well-known for being a strong advocate for equality across sex and race. Her new single ‘First Kiss of Spring’ may well be the song of Spring, being one of her most streamed songs on multiple musical platforms. The new album and music video, which will be released next month, is expected to storm up the charts.

Rosie’s New Music Style

Rosie’s music is known to be a blend of classical and pop styles. However, ‘First Kiss of Spring’ has heralded a new era for the artist. The song is about two girls falling in love in Spring, with the music video featuring the romance of a female couple. The theme of the single is to encourage people to embrace their own individuality, and to be proud of their sexuality and gender.

The song gives a very powerful impression to the audience. Magnificent melody, strong beats and catchy lyrics make it memorable to those who listen to it. Rosie’s strong voice further amplifies the power of the melody, raising the heartbeat of listeners.

Rosie’s new single will for sure be appreciated by the gender diverse community. However, it means a lot more than just an illustration of embracing one’s sexuality. It is a tribute that the music industry recognizes female representation and gender equality. The song spreads the important message to normalize sexual diversity on a greater scale.

Behind Rosie’s Tribute to Diversity

‘I grew up in East Asia, where people are very conservative. Gender and sexual diversity are not encouraged within the culture. However, I spent a considerable amount of years residing in Brighton, with its reputation as the UK’s LGBTQ capital. It is absolutely great to see people from different sexual or gender backgrounds being accepted by the society on a daily basis,’ says Rosie during her song premier. ‘I hope my song will be a voice for the underrepresented and spread a powerful message to my audience across the world,’ she added.

‘Most of my records are about breakups and heartaches. I want to write a song that is different and create more uplifting music this time. Acceptance and liberation are the main messages of my new single. It is my goal to make my listeners feel happy and strong when streaming my album,’ Rosie expressed during our interview.

Rosie Summer Tour 2023

The singer recently returned from Norway after her live concert and is due to perform in Asia in the summer. She will be visiting Hong Kong and Japan, where she will perform several live concerts for a selected group of her loyal fans to raise funds for children’s and women’s charities that are close to her heart.

Meanwhile, we are looking forward to Rosie’s next release. The singer-songwriter reveals her next song will be coming out on her birthday. It will be about a romantic tale in Venice. Her future singles are for sure to be expected to hit as much radio and streaming as the current ones. ‘I can’t wait to show you all soon!’ Rosie ended the interview with excitement and enthusiasm.