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In the style of The Rolling Stones: bands formed under the influence of the band



In the style of The Rolling Stones: bands formed under the influence of the band

Rolling Stones

In its time the band struck the music industry with its audacity and innovation, and even nearly half a century later it is called “the greatest rock and roll band in the world”. Of course, behind every great band, there are many fans ready to support their favorite artist. Someone does not miss the concerts, someone buys all the goods with the team’s symbols, and someone is so inspired that he creates their own bands to play royalty-free music on a par with their idols. We offer you a selection of artists who were inspired by The Rolling Stones in their time.

The Black Crowes

This band was formed in 1984 in Atlanta by brothers Chris and Rich Robinson, the band had a different name, and the main genre was 1970s blues rock. But everything changed dramatically when the band recorded their first demo tape in 1989, the sound of which was heavily influenced by The Rolling Stones. After that, they were noticed by a famous American music label, and their career went uphill. At the moment the band is one of the most successful rock’n’roll bands of our time: they are in 92nd place in “100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock” and have the title of “the most rock’n’roll band in the world”, according to the Melody Maker magazine. Fans of blues and hard rock are recommended to listen to them.

Royal Trux

The history of the band dates back to 1987. At that time Neil Hagerty was still a teenager and a member of the Washington band Pussy Galore, which performed garage punk. Soon the band recorded a remake of the whole album “Exile on Main Street”, which had been released by The Rolling Stones back in 1972. It is not to say that after that the band became instantly famous, but this release had a certain influence on the formation of Neil’s musical views. In 1988 Hagerty and his girlfriend moved to San Francisco, where they recorded their first album under the pseudonym Royal Trux. The main period of activity of the band fell at the end of the ’90s, at that time the albums “Cats and Dogs”, “Accelerator” and others were released, and in 2019 the band broke up due to different views on the development of music. If you like indie rock with a slice of psychedelic, then you will definitely like the work of this duo.


This band appeared in Manchester in 1991 thanks to the Gallagher brothers. In the early years, Noel and Liam had disagreements over their musical creativity. Noel liked to play the guitar, while Liam didn’t like music and even rebelled against his brother’s hobby. Everything changed when Liam heard some songs by The Rolling Stones. After that, he encouraged his brother to create his own band Oasis, which gradually began to expand. The band broke up because of conflicts between the members, and each of the brothers went their own way: Noel created the rock band Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, and Liam put together the band Beady Eye, which broke up in 2014. We recommend listening to this band if you like Brit-pop and alternative music in general.

Stevie Wonder.

You can’t say that Stevie Wonder’s work was created entirely under the influence of The Rolling Stones, but a certain contribution was made by the band. Stevieland Judkins started a little bit before The Rolling Stones, but they performed in different genres, Wonder played music in the R’n’B style. Fame came to Stevie gradually, starting from his first album Recorded Live: The 12-Year Old Genius, which was recorded by Stevland when he was 13, to more mature works such as the album Innervision. Stevie has also recorded medleys of The Rolling Stones’s music as a tribute to their talent. At the moment Stevie is experimenting and performing songs in the genres of pop and rap.

New York Dolls

New York Dolls is a great example of how quickly a band can come together and fall apart. The original lineup consisted of three members: drummer Billy Mursia, guitarist Sylvain Mizrahi, and frontman David Johansen, whose ideas led the band to begin to somewhat emulate The Rolling Stones. In 1972, the band reached the peak of their musical career: with the album “New York Dolls” and the single “Personality Crisis”, the band became world famous. In 1976 the band disintegrated due to huge internal disagreements, but was reborn in 2004 and existed till 2011. Formally, the band still exists, but each of the participants is engaged in their own projects. Let the creative way of the band was short-lived but very bright and rich. If you like heavy or glam rock, then you should pay attention to the flamboyant New York Dolls.

Primal Scream

The Scottish rock band was born in 1982 with the idea of Bobby Gillespie and Jim Beattie. In the nineties, the band stood out very much due to the fact that they were not afraid to experiment. Blues-rock from Rolling Stone, psychedelia from Pink Floyd, and some funk: 11 studio albums was made: “Primal Scream”, “Evil Heart”, “Chaosmosis” and many others.



Wojtek Deregowski Highlights Caban Drummer Fest 2022



Wojtek Deregowski Highlights Caban Drummer Fest 2022

Over many years, Wojtek Deregowski’s tasteful drums work has graced the works of his influential ensembles with the successful Tina Karol, Rosalie, Sorry Boys, Bartek, and Dario Imaz, earning him a name as one of the best contemporary, and more specifically rock and pop drummers of his generation in Poland. Deregowski began his solo (and bands) career serving up a tasteful amalgam of intricate rhythmic lines over chugging, sensual modern rock grooves. Wojtek takes a more untraditional, metal-tinged approach to drums, favouring a rich, mellow toms tone and combining horn-like melodies with subtle chord sequences. Wojtek always takes a very exraordinary and innovative approach to building his own drum sets. At this particular festival he incorporated a second snare drum that served both as a fat meaty groove backbeat as well as perfectly tuned second tom tom when wires were off. Another clever addition to the kit – on the left Wojtek used a very interesting stack made of five bent cymbals that gave off the sound strikingly similar to an electronic clap sample.

Even though Wojtek may sound a little too technical to some, he has been a major force in the Polish scene, and helped establishing acclaimed halls (such as the National Stadium Warsaw, Hala Stulecia Wrocław, Netto Arena – Szczecin, Amfiteatr w Opolu – Opole, Palladium Warsaw, and Stodola – Warsaw) as a most forward thinking venues in the nation. And to add on top of all that, he is repeatedly featured as one of the scene’s most respected beat makers in the important professional Polish drums and music magazines, Perkusista Magazine, Info Drum, Poczuj Rytm, and Info Music. His week-long performances (of his highlighted solo sets, as well as a spectacular 4 drum sets concert) at the major Caban Drummer Fest 2022 was indeed, admittedly, the most distinct drums production of the season, and unequivocally underscored his stature as the preeminent drummer, effectively distinguishing him from his musical peers.

Later in 2022 Wojtek could have been seen performing at the prestigious stage of Tam Tam Festival in Seville Spain. Teatro Central – this time this famous venue with tradition was filled with explosive sounds of the electronic drums. Combined with Wojtek’s musicality and innovative approach created a performance never to be forgotten by all the audience that visited the festival.

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