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Five minutes appreciations chat with Ariaa: A young female singer and performer



Five minutes appreciations chat with Ariaa A young female singer and performer

We were lucky enough to have time with the rising inspiration and extremely talented female singer of the new era, Ariaa. In a very short period, she has succeeded to gain the attention of and become an ultimate inspiration for millions of youngsters. She is extremely talented and a true inspiration for everyone trying to ace the music industry with their melodious voice. The success that she is enjoying today didn’t come just like that. Ariaa has a success story that we all need to hear out. So here we are. Let us give you an insight into our short interview with her.

Welcome, Ariaa!! Please tell our readers more about yourself and your career background-

“Hey, thanks. Well, I’m originally from Hartford, Connecticut but now I’m based in Los Angeles. I have a dancing background and I was inspired to pursue my career in music after watching my father and older brother perform in their family recording studio.”

What are your hobbies Ariaa and do you think you came into the music industry all of sudden or were you born to do this?

“In my free time, I love to enjoy workout sessions and watch Youtube videos. I also really love to dance in my free time. It Jewish me young. Well, keeping in sight the fact that I’ve sung since I can remember, I can tell that I was always born to do this.

You have a unique voice and attractive lyrics followed by a powerful stage presence every time Ariaa. How were you inspired to make your place in the music industry? Also, tell us to do you write your music.

“My origin of inspiration was truly my father and brother as mentioned above. Growing up, we always had a home studio and I saw them record music and felt like I was born to do the same. And yes I do write my music as a rising artist, all from my personal and honest place.”

Any music artists who were ever your inspiration? Plus your fans want to know how easy or difficult was it to put your music out there-  

“Yeah, I’ve drawn huge inspiration from some soulful artists of the music industry. Some of the big names are Brandy, Jazmine Sullivan, H.E.R., Tank, Jojo, and SZA. Putting out my music and being an artist is kind of new to me. I always wrote music but never found an opportunity to put it out there. Right now I have the momentum to do that and I’m not going to stop.”

People also want to know what normally your music is based upon.

“Luckily my music is always based upon my personal experiences.”

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People would love to know what you are doing currently.

I have recently dropped my single with the title “Brown skin” and it talks about communication in the bedroom.

Ariaa have you traveled around the world for your music career yet?

“I haven’t traveled around the world to other countries yet but I’m always looking forward to it and can’t wait to make that happen real soon.”

Ariaa what kind of role do you aim your music to play in society?

I genuinely strive to be a triple threat in the entertainment industry, delivering memorable performances that have ultimately positive impact on my listeners and audience.”

Ariaa where do you see yourself when it comes to motivating our young generation? Aim to be a role model for young people and motivate them to pursue their dreams. I want to tell every single reader, listener, or fan of mine to never let giving up be an option. Keep thriving, keep hustling, keep struggling, and keep trying. I know it sounds to be cliché but this industry is going to keep testing you for your true potential, and all you have to do is keep going and going. I learn so much every day and take it as an opportunity to do more and even better. It helps me grow in my craft and skill from within, taking out my true work potential.”


Wojtek Deregowski Highlights Caban Drummer Fest 2022



Wojtek Deregowski Highlights Caban Drummer Fest 2022

Over many years, Wojtek Deregowski’s tasteful drums work has graced the works of his influential ensembles with the successful Tina Karol, Rosalie, Sorry Boys, Bartek, and Dario Imaz, earning him a name as one of the best contemporary, and more specifically rock and pop drummers of his generation in Poland. Deregowski began his solo (and bands) career serving up a tasteful amalgam of intricate rhythmic lines over chugging, sensual modern rock grooves. Wojtek takes a more untraditional, metal-tinged approach to drums, favouring a rich, mellow toms tone and combining horn-like melodies with subtle chord sequences. Wojtek always takes a very exraordinary and innovative approach to building his own drum sets. At this particular festival he incorporated a second snare drum that served both as a fat meaty groove backbeat as well as perfectly tuned second tom tom when wires were off. Another clever addition to the kit – on the left Wojtek used a very interesting stack made of five bent cymbals that gave off the sound strikingly similar to an electronic clap sample.

Even though Wojtek may sound a little too technical to some, he has been a major force in the Polish scene, and helped establishing acclaimed halls (such as the National Stadium Warsaw, Hala Stulecia Wrocław, Netto Arena – Szczecin, Amfiteatr w Opolu – Opole, Palladium Warsaw, and Stodola – Warsaw) as a most forward thinking venues in the nation. And to add on top of all that, he is repeatedly featured as one of the scene’s most respected beat makers in the important professional Polish drums and music magazines, Perkusista Magazine, Info Drum, Poczuj Rytm, and Info Music. His week-long performances (of his highlighted solo sets, as well as a spectacular 4 drum sets concert) at the major Caban Drummer Fest 2022 was indeed, admittedly, the most distinct drums production of the season, and unequivocally underscored his stature as the preeminent drummer, effectively distinguishing him from his musical peers.

Later in 2022 Wojtek could have been seen performing at the prestigious stage of Tam Tam Festival in Seville Spain. Teatro Central – this time this famous venue with tradition was filled with explosive sounds of the electronic drums. Combined with Wojtek’s musicality and innovative approach created a performance never to be forgotten by all the audience that visited the festival.

To know more about Wojtek Deregowski, follow him on:




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