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Manicure, is it harmful to the body?



, is it harmful to the body?

What is galglitter nail polish powder?

Nail polish, also known as kohl, is a nail lacquer. The nail polish is applied to the nails after the formation of the film, with firm and moderate coloring gloss that can protect the nails but alsogive the nails a sense of beauty, used by the majority of fellow women.

Nail polish is divided into good and bad. Good quality nail polish belongs to the plant nail polish, is a pure natural, has no pungent smell, is healthy, and is environmentally friendly. Some of them can even be used by pregnant women. For example, gel glitter nail polish powder is made from environmentally friendly materials.

In poor quality nail polish, in order to achieve the purpose of making the nail polish dry quickly, adding a lot of acetone and ethyl acetate ingredients, the characteristics of these two ingredients are extremely volatile, so the nail polish can quickly dry.

But acetone and ethyl acetate are dangerous chemicals; they are flammable and explosive, produce a dizzying and irritating odor when evaporated, stain the indoor air (their volume will expand a thousand times after evaporation), and in the case of long-term inhalation, may beharmful to the nervous system, and also have strong irritation to mucous membranes.

If you have a baby at home, exposure to such ingredients is even more dangerous. These organic solvents also have the bad effect of discoloring the nails, making them brittle and white after repeated use on the nails, resulting in nail art that is not ruined.

So some of the nail polish use instructions are written: it is best to apply nail polish in a ventilated room. Otherwise, it may cause dizziness; that is the reason.

In addition, the reason why nail polish has a good, as well as colorful effect, is that it contains a large number of chemical ingredients; these ingredients can make the nail polish color changeable but also ensure that the painted nail polish will not fall off in a period of time.

However, galglitter reminds us that many of these artificial colors are toxic, and some even have heavy metal elements, which can cause serious harm if used for a long time and absorbed by the body.

How to reduce the damage when painting nails?

To be beautiful, but also to minimize the harm of nail polish to the body, then we must pay attention in the process of selecting nail polish and painting nail polish.

First, check the label when buying. Choose to use the regular manufacturers of nail polish, do not want to be cheap and buy stall goods, three or no products.

Secondly, apply nail isolation nail polish. Like makeup isolation, the first step in nail art is to apply a primer to help isolate nails from nail polish damage. The base coat contains nourishing ingredients such as keratin amino acids and VE to help make the nail bed tougher, prevent nails from dulling and breaking, and improve the shine and toughness of the nail surface after removing nail polish.

Again, reduce the use of fast-drying nail polish. Fast drying nail polish most people think is convenient, but fast drying nail polish is often very volatile and, therefore, high chemical composition. Advocate the use of environmentally friendly natural nail polish professional nail products through the national quality inspection agency composition inspection, basically free of formaldehyde and other cheap raw materials harmful to the human body, in the use of higher safety, direct harm to the respiratory system is also reduced to a minimum.

Choose a ventilated environment to apply nail polish. By evaporating throughout the day, before going to sleep at night, the smell of nail polish residue for the respiratory system is naturally greatly reduced. Choose a large space with good ventilation to let the nail polish smell dissipate as soon as possible and reduce the inhalation of excessive chemical gases to avoid the

uncomfortable symptoms of dizziness and nausea.

In addition, we should usually pay attention to giving nails a calcium supplement. Fragile nails need intensive care, and this is when hard nail polish comes into play. Vitamin E with calcium formula and protein fortified formula can effectively accelerate the thickening of nails, form a protective film, strengthen and moisturize the nail surface, and increase the toughness of the nail bed. Finally, experts remind us that the interval between two coats of polish is at least 20 days, and it is best to paint nails in a better-ventilated room or outdoors, and it is best for people with skin allergies, pregnant women, and children not to use nail polish. This will help to reduce the harmful effects of nail polish on the human body


Hawaii’s ProYoga is listing the Best Yoga Studios



Hawaii’s ProYoga is listing the Best Yoga Studios

A person’s daily habits can have a direct impact on his or her experience with chronic pain issues. Between work, running errands, and getting through the day’s challenges, many people have had to deal with problems like lower back pain and muscle pain all over the body. Neck pain is one of the most common types of chronic pain and is suffered by countless individuals around the world. This type of chronic condition may be more common in those who work physically demanding jobs like construction workers, electricians, professional athletes, welders, and any other type of worker who engages in a lot of repetitive forward movement while performing daily tasks.

Poor posture is also linked to neck pain. A person who walks around with their head hanging for long periods of time may develop neck pain. Other instances include sleeping with the neck in the same position all night or keeping the head in the same position for a prolonged amount of time. Neck pain, if left untreated, can lead to injury and headaches. If neck pain is ignored for too long, it can spread to other areas of the body, such as the shoulders and back, causing discomfort.

Have you ever considered yoga as an alternative therapy for chronic pain disorders? Yoga has been steadily gaining steam as a common remedy suggested to patients by therapists and doctors all over the world. The foundation for this growth is not about opinion or belief. Yoga is proving to be a scientifically-backed method for some types of physical ailments. According to a 2016 peer-reviewed article about yoga for neck pain, 20% of the working population suffers from chronic neck conditions. While traditional hospital visits may be the preferred treatment for some people with neck pain, others are turning to yoga as a more natural and cost-effective alternative. Of course, you should consult with a doctor or healthcare professional about incorporating a therapeutic yoga practice into your routine, especially if you are currently being treated.

Some people avoid yoga because of the belief that it is not a form of therapy, or that it may, in fact, be damaging to their individual health conditions. Others believe that yoga is just expensive (which may be true if considering the average cost of a yoga studio membership can cost hundreds of dollars). The truth is yoga can actually benefit some individuals with neck and back issues and classes can be totally free of charge! Websites like proYoga offer a wide list of free and inexpensive yoga options, both online and in person with local yoga instructors. Whether a person is looking for yoga teacher training courses in Bali, Indonesia or yoga studios in Honolulu, Hawaii, proYoga is a great place to find the best options. For those who are less tech savvy, sifting through Google searches for the best yoga options may seem like an overwhelming task. The creators of proYoga hope to guide people who may lack resources and knowledge by providing a website that does all of the searching for them in seconds.

Yoga Poses and Meditation for Neck Pain

Yoga has been shown to be one of the most effective practices for reducing pain and enhancing mobility and function in areas where one experiences pain. When it comes to relieving pain, a variety of yoga poses have been proven effective. The Warrior II pose, Extended Triangle pose, Thread the Needle pose, and Cow Face pose, among others, are some of the best yoga poses that yogis practice for neck problems. Each of these poses strengthens the chest, back, and shoulder regions, which helps to stabilize the neck.

When it comes to easing neck pain, the meditative aspects of yoga can be just as important as the physical ones. According to a study published in The Journal of Pain (see “Effectiveness of Jyoti Meditation for Patients With Chronic Neck Pain and Psychological Distress—A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial”), patients with chronic neck pain often experience emotional distress. Researchers Michael Jeitler, Stefan Brunnhuber, et al., state that “Meditation has been increasingly used as a supportive treatment for individuals with chronic pain”. Those who practice yoga to alleviate neck pain may find that meditation, with its emphasis on deep breathing and mental relaxation, helps them feel less stressed.


People who are proactive about their posture throughout the day can avoid neck injuries. Even so, some pain issues may still be experienced by people whose jobs require physical stress and repetitive forward head and shoulder movements. Because of this, people are looking for a solution that does not come at a high cost and is more organic. Science has shown that a combination of yoga postures and meditation can help people with neck pain. More and more people all over the world are considering yoga for neck pain.

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