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JamesDJJ has released his new single “Want To Die” and his first music video



JamesDJJ has released his new single “Want To Die” and his first music video

On November 7th, JamesDJJ released the music video for his new song Want To Die on YouTube.

This is the first music video of the artist, and the picture is not only music, there is a twisted plot and a lot of acting, the video talks about euthanasia, which in many states of America and more countries in the world still doesn’t have a law permitting legal euthanasia.

In an interview JamesDJJ said:

“The song- says the artist, is born I think I should express my opinion on euthanasia. Even if the law in my country, Italy, seems to be the first step to the solution, but there is still a big problem, even more with the new government”.

In the music video, which opens up with sequences of scenes of the artist on the seashore on a rock, is followed by the story of the person in the video.

He speaks with his friends about what he has decided, to commit euthanasia, and after a debate, we get to know the reasons why.

The main character suffers from a (not specified) illness that provokes his pain, so not a normal life no more.

In the following sequence, we se the artist, JamesDJJ, that injects into an IV line a vial of drug, sequent to commit euthanasia,.

The character commits euthanasia with his friends close to him, with gloves on so that they don’t leave fingerprints because in the country where the story takes place has restrictful laws on euthanasia.

As before, we can see, (after seeing the character passing away) him on the seaside, like in the first scene, this means that he is in paradise now

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5 Key Steps for Launching Your Music on Streaming Platforms



5 Key Steps for Launching Your Music on Streaming Platforms

Are you ready to launch your music on streaming platforms and reach a wider audience? It’s time to get your music heard!

With the rise of streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal, it’s now easier to share your music with the world.

However, getting started on these platforms can be overwhelming for new artists. This blog post will walk you through the five key steps for launching your music on streaming platforms.

Step 1: Understand the Streaming Platforms

When launching your music on streaming platforms, it’s essential first to understand your different options.

Some of the most popular platforms include Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music, but there are many others to consider.

Each platform works slightly differently, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with the process for uploading your music and creating your artist profile.

You must prepare your music in the right format, choose the correct album art, and write a compelling bio to attract listeners.

You should also consider how much each platform pays per stream before uploading. Then, use an online streaming royalty calculator to estimate your earnings. 

This tool can help you understand how much revenue you can expect to generate based on your streams and which platforms to prioritize to maximize your earnings.

It’s also worth noting that each platform has its own target audience and marketing tools.

For example, Spotify is popular among younger listeners and offers features like personalized playlists and artist-curated playlists.

On the other hand, Apple Music has a more diverse user base and offers features like live radio and exclusive content.

Step 2: Create a Marketing Plan

The key to success on streaming platforms is visibility, so you’ll need to create a marketing plan to get your music noticed.

Start by setting clear goals for your music – what do you want to achieve? Do you want to build a fan base, increase your streams, or get discovered by industry professionals?

You also need to identify your target audience. For example, who is your music for? What kind of people will enjoy it?

You can use this information to create a marketing strategy that targets your ideal audience.

For example, if you’re an up-and-coming indie band, you might target college students or music bloggers interested in discovering new artists.

Choose the Right Marketing Channels to Promote Your Music

Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok are great for building a fan base and sharing updates about your music. Email marketing can also effectively reach fans directly and promote new releases.

Think creatively – what kind of content will resonate with your audience?

If your music is aimed at younger audiences (which is true for most artists), you should focus on TikTok and Reels. Short videos are great for promoting music!

Consider partnering with other artists or influencers, creating engaging content like music videos or behind-the-scenes footage, and running promotions or contests to encourage fans to share your music.

Step 3: Optimize Your Content

To succeed on streaming platforms, you must ensure your content is optimized for the platform. This means choosing the right metadata, including song titles, album art, and artist name.

Tagging and Metadata

Metadata refers to the information accompanying your music, such as the song title, album art, and artist name.

Streaming platforms use this information to categorize and promote your music, so it’s important to choose metadata that accurately reflects your music and helps it get noticed.

Your metadata should be consistent across all your profiles to avoid confusion.

Album Description

Write a compelling album description to entice listeners. Use this space to give listeners an idea of what to expect from your music and why they should give it a listen.

It’s also a great opportunity to share your story and build a connection with your audience.

Remember, the album description is your chance to make a great first impression, so make it count!

Sound Quality

You’ll also want to ensure your music sounds great on the platform.

Check the sound quality of your tracks, and make sure they’re in the right format for streaming. Streaming platforms have specific requirements for music file formatting.

You may need to work with a mastering engineer to ensure your music is mixed and mastered to a professional standard.

This will help your music stand out from the millions of other tracks on streaming platforms and make a great impression on listeners.

Step 4: Engage with Your Fans

One of the great things about streaming platforms is that they offer direct communication between you and your fans. Take advantage of this by engaging with your fans regularly.

Respond to comments and messages and share behind-the-scenes content on social media to give your fans a glimpse into your creative process.

You should also make the most of your data analytics to gain insights into your fans’ listening habits and preferences.

Step 5: Keep Creating and Collaborating

The key to success on streaming platforms is both quality and quantity.

Keep releasing new music regularly to keep your audience engaged, and consider collaborating with other artists to reach new listeners.

You can also take advantage of playlist placements and curated content to get your music in front of more people.

[Bonus Tip: You don’t require a license if you exclusively release a cover on streaming platforms because services such as Spotify and Apple Music already have licenses for songs and compensate with royalties.]


Launching your music on streaming platforms is just the beginning of your journey as an artist. You need to be patient and persistent.

Building a successful career in today’s music business requires hard work and dedication. But with the right approach and some luck, you can make your mark and achieve your dreams. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get your music heard!

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