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ADIN RAMDEDOVIC: „There is a reason why most Americans and Europeans are buying Teslas and not other Electric Vehicles“



ADIN RAMDEDOVIC: „There is a reason why most Americans and Europeans are buying Teslas and not other Electric Vehicles“


Most EVs sold in the U.S. and European Union in recent years have been sold by Tesla.

„When you look at the market share regarding electric vehicles in the United States, you can see that Tesla has accounted for the majority of EVs sold, at around 81% in 2020, the similar situation is in the European Union.“

German automakers have invested billions of euros to compete against Tesla, but it will take them years and years to get to the point where people would choose to buy their vehicles over Tesla vehicles.

„When you analyze everything, It’s hardly surprising that Tesla continues to dominate the electric car market as they are the only company with truly viable products operating at full capacity.“

In Adin’s opinion any Tesla model is currently far more superior to other automobiles (not only electric ones) because it offers free updates that keep giving existing cars new functionality.

They offer entertaining things that other automakers can’t because they take themselves too seriously, including video games and fart applications, and this is something that their customers love and he is sure that if other companies, particularly German companies, do this for their customers, their customers will love their products even more.

„The primary distinction between Tesla and other electric vehicles is that all Tesla models may be purchased online and produced to order. It’s possibly the most alluring aspect of the Tesla purchasing process. Other companies need to follow this model, customers want to get involved, they want to customize their cars directly and in a easy way, and the easiest way is to do it online, on that company’s website, EU companies lack so much in this area and I really hope this will change in the future to come.“


How to Choose the Right Retirement Community



How to Choose the Right Retirement Community

Conducting thorough research is crucial if you are considering moving into a retirement community. Determine your ideal retirement community by assessing your needs, preferences, and way of life.

Find out if you have access to nearby, reputable medical care. This includes a primary care physician and specialists accepting new patients.


Your retirement community should be conveniently located. This could mean being near your current medical care providers, shopping options and other amenities you enjoy. It may also be a matter of being near friends and family, allowing easy visits.

Touring retirement communities is a great way to get a feel for them. Try staying for lunch to sample their dining services and socialize with other residents. Ask for a calendar of daily activities, and look for hobbies you love, like art classes, exercise programs and cultural outings.

Also, consider if the retirement community is home to many of your favorite places of worship and other attractions you frequent regularly. This will help you feel connected to the area and make your transition to a new home easier.


Imagine luxurious surroundings, spa treatments, gourmet meals and the time to pursue neglected interests after years of caring for others. That’s what life at a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) can offer.

Look for a facility with amenities you’re most interested in via a web site, such as beauty salons, libraries, music rooms and exercise classes. Also, ask if the monthly fees include meal plans, housekeeping services, home maintenance and utilities.

It’s important to find out beforehand if pets, grilling, and gardening are allowed in your living space. Additionally, make sure to check for any restrictions, such as no smoking, to avoid any unexpected issues in the future. This knowledge can help you make an informed decision. You can also consult family, friends and valued advisors when researching. These individuals can provide recommendations and help you evaluate the details of each facility you’re considering.

Resident Reviews

Whether you’re searching for a retirement home for your parents or yourself, making informed decisions based on facts is important. Seeing is believing, but researching and visiting various communities can be overwhelming.

Ask for a calendar of monthly events, and pay attention to body language and staff interaction to gauge the culture. Then, ask what the pet policy is — some senior communities allow pets while others don’t.

Ask about pricing – it can vary greatly depending on the level of care and room size. Also, be sure to inquire about the availability of a continuum of care. Many seniors want the security of knowing their community can accommodate their changing health needs. A CCRC can provide that security. Learn more about the benefits of a CCRC by speaking with a life care consultant.


When shopping for retirement communities, costs are a major factor. Ask for a breakdown of monthly fees to help compare apples to apples. This will help you determine if the neighborhood fits your budget.

If you want to assess the financial well-being of a retirement home, a helpful measure is to examine its current assets versus its existing debts. This is a suggestion from a consultant who specializes in retirement communities. A high ratio means the facility brings in more cash than it spends, allowing it to generate positive equity for its residents.

Also, ask about a community’s transportation services. Do they have a robust program for getting around, essential to sustaining an active lifestyle? And what about local activities, like museums, cultural pursuits, and entertainment?


Choosing the right retirement community is about understanding your needs. If you need help with daily activities, for example, consider a retirement community that offers a continuum of care. This allows you to live independently and receive the level of care you need over time without the hassle of moving.

Many active seniors move into senior living for a sense of community and a more manageable lifestyle. They want to avoid being bothered with housekeeping or the maintenance of a large home. For them, smaller is better.

Ensure the retirement community you choose has a physician on staff or can provide detailed information about local, reputable medical providers that accept new patients. Also, find out if the retirement community allows pets.

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