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5 Fun Things to Do in Lauderhill, Florida



5 Fun Things to Do in Lauderhill, Florida

When you think of Florida, your mind probably drifts toward the family-friendly fun of Orlando or the thriving nightlife scene in Miami. If that’s the case, we’re willing to be you’ve been sleeping on one of the Sunshine State’s best-kept secrets. Lauderhill, Florida is a charming city along Florida’s Atlantic coast, where culture, natural beauty, and good times collide.

Lauderhill is only an hour or two from all of the state’s most popular attractions, but it has plenty of charm. It’s a hip, affordable alternative to staying in a major city.

We’ve created this guide to share our five favorite things to do in Lauderhill, Florida year-round. Read on to discover exactly why you should visit Lauderhill on your next trip to Florida.

1. Catch a Show

You can sample a taste of Broadway when you visit Lauderhill Performing Arts Center, an 1106-seat professional theatre. The venue hosts a complete Broadway-inspired season. Visitors can catch concerts, dance events, plays, or other performances nearly any day of the week.

2. Grow for It

Did you know there’s a two-acre botanical garden right in the city? The Ilene Lieberman Botanical Garden is a destination for art and live musical performances. Time your trip to catch the famous Jazz Picnic in the Park, February through May.

3. Get Your Drink On

Have you fallen in love with hard seltzer yet? What if we told you that you haven’t even begun to explore the possibilities inherent in the humble, fizzy drink of the summer? While in Lauderhill, check out Yeasty Brews, Fort Lauderdale’s hottest artisanal brewery.

The vibes are immaculate, and the menu contains inventive, small-batch brews you won’t find anywhere else. Who needs a Miami bar when the best drink in town is in Lauderhill?

4. Try a River Tour

When you hear “gondola,” you probably think of Venice—but once you visit Florida, you’ll change your mind! Nearby Fort Lauderdale is full of inland waterways. Up to six passengers can enjoy an eco-friendly river cruise in a gondola.

Why take a river tour in Florida? You won’t see gators and manatees in Italy!

5. Observe the Mighty Gator

Lauderhill was once home to the Miccosukee, and you can explore their heritage when you visit the Miccosukee Indian Village. While some tourists come for the museum, most come for the main attraction. Miccosukee Indian Village offers daily alligator wrestling performances that take your breath away!

Don’t Sleep on Lauderhill, Florida

There are few places more beautiful than Florida’s Atlantic coast. When you stay in Lauderhill, Florida, you’ll enjoy stunning views as you explore the city. It’s a blast to discover all the culture and entertainment Lauderhill has to offer.

If Disney magic is feeling stale, don’t sleep on Lauderhill during your next Florida vacation!

For members of the jet set, one thrilling new destination is never enough! Check out the rest of the blog for more travel guides and tips to help you enjoy the adventure of a lifetime.


6 Care And Maintenance Tips For Your Watch



Maintenance Tips For Your Watch

Your watch can serve as a functional accessory and a solid investment. Given the variety of designs and styles, your watch can add flair to your everyday attire. For this reason, it’s unsurprising that other people have more than one watch to pair with various outfits.   

Owning one or more watches may also suit those who love to build their collections. If it’s a rare timepiece, it can be passed down to future generations as an heirloom since its value will increase over time. However, it will only remain functional, stylish, and valuable if regularly maintained.   

Your watch has plenty of components working together to ensure its functionality. Thus, it requires proper and regular maintenance to ensure that all those components remain in good condition for a long time.   

You can give your watch the proper care it requires or hire a professional to do it. You might need help to do tasks like changing your Australian watch straps if you don’t have the necessary tools. But if you’re interested in learning how you can do the essential maintenance and care for your watch, consider the following tips:   

  1. Clean Your Watch Regularly   

The first tip to consider is to keep your watch clean consistently. Doing so will reduce the likelihood of particles and debris entering the watch and damaging its inner mechanisms.  

However, note that you must avoid using soap when cleaning your watch as its molecules might enter your watch and cause damage. Instead, consider using a polishing cloth and water if the crown is sealed and the leather strap is detached.   

It would help if you also cleaned the clasp and bracelet using a soft brush, mild soap, and water. If the bracelet is made of less water-resistant material, you will need to use a gentler cleaning method. 

  1. Ensure That Your Watch Is Wound   

Another tip for effectively caring for your watch is ensuring it’s wound correctly. While your watch contains a lubricant to ensure that its components move smoothly, winding the watch ensures that the lubricant is adequately spread across all moving parts of your watch.   

When winding your watch, there are several practices you can consider to properly do it, such as the following:   

  • Don’t wind your watch on your wrist, as the watch’s stem might break.   
  • Wind your watch at the same time every period.   
  • Wind your watch in appropriate environments, particularly where you won’t risk dropping it from a high place.   

Besides this, regularly winding your watch ensures that the time indicated is accurate, as isochronism errors inevitably occur.  

  1. Keep Magnets Away From Your Watch   

The third tip for proper watch care is keeping magnets away from your valuable accessory. This is because the gears and components within your timepiece may be made of magnetic metals. When magnets are near your watch, these components and the timekeeping will be negatively affected. Thus, avoid allowing any magnets to come close to your timepiece.   

  1. Understand The Watch’s Water Resistance Capabilities   

Fourth, you must understand the water resistance capabilities of your watch to maintain its condition. With modern technology, more watches are growing more water resistant and durable.  

However, your timepieces, especially vintage watches, lose water resistance over time. Besides this, leather straps may also be damaged when wet, as water tends to weaken the leather.   

Thus, consider making sure you’re submersing your watch within a depth that it can handle and that it’s sealed well for water resistance.   

  1. Ensure Proper Storage   

Fifth, place your watch in a secure container that doesn’t absorb moisture, such as the original box it came in. Proper storage also involves keeping it in a room with an appropriate temperature and away from sunlight. Doing so will ensure that your watch will be safe from scratches, fading, and other types of damage due to environmental factors or poor storage.   

  1. Have Your Watch Serviced Regularly   

Finally, to effectively maintain your watch, consider having your watch serviced regularly. Note that you don’t have to do this every month. You may have it checked by a professional every 2-3 years to ensure its pristine condition. 

Regularly having it serviced also enables you to identify issues early on and have them fixed immediately before more damage is done.   


A watch can be a good and valuable possession if it’s maintained properly. This is because proper maintenance and care will ensure its functionality and long-term value, especially if you intend to keep it as an investment. With the watch care and maintenance tips above, you may now be a better watch owner knowledgeable on basic watch preservation.

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