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An Italian Pop artist, music producer, songwriter, and fashion designer Giulia Frangiluna releases a new song titled ‘Feel At Home



An Italian Pop artist, music producer, songwriter and fashion designer Giulia Frangiluna releases new song titled 'Feel At Home'

Giulia Scrimenti, known professionally as Giulia Frangiluna, is an Italian musical artist, producer, songwriter, and fashion designer. She was born on September 28, 2000, in Turin, Italy. She was raised in a very musical family so music has always been a huge influence in her life.

Giulia’s uncles played percussion, her aunts were songwriters, her great-grandmother was a songwriter and pianist, and her father was an artist, producer, and songwriter.

The new Italy sensation has been exposed to music from a very young age. Her music talents progressed over the years, She furthermore acquired more skills in songwriting, Guitar playing, and Music Software or Studio production.

She has always used music as a stress-coping mechanism and has been a positive influence on others like herself who want to sing and pursue higher education. Giulia’s love for music and songwriting continued to grow over the years. Since music has been always been an outlet for her, she hopes to continue to sing and write or compose for herself and also with others as well.

In 2022, Giulia started making music professionally and released her first EP titled; “Infinite Horizons” which featured with four tracks that include; Infinite Horizons, Blue Ice, Tribal Rhythm, and Old Vinyl. The EP’s performance was great considering the fact that it was highly listened to on all music platforms which include Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Tidal, Amazon, and many more.

Giulia has just dropped a new single titled ‘FEEL AT HOME’ which was composed and produced by herself since she’s a music producer.

The song is in Pop as its genre and it’s available on all digital music platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Tidal, Pandora, Boomplay, and many more.

Listen to her new single ‘Feel At Home’ here;



Instagram: giuliafrangiluna




Flac vs MP3: What Are the Differences?



Flac vs MP3: What Are the Differences?

Did you know that people listen to music on their phones more than on their computers?

Let’s be honest; listening to music on your phone is much more convenient. This means songs take up larger and larger amounts of space on our phones.

Maybe you are looking for ways to store songs while saving space on your phone and have heard of MP3 vs FLAC.

Are you wondering about the differences between the two? Fill up your new music device and read on to learn everything you need about these formats and their differences.

What Is a Flac File?

Flac is a lossless audio file format that is compressed without losing any audio quality. Flac files can be played on various devices, including computers, FLAC players, and smartphones.

What Is an MP3 File?

An MP3 file is a digital audio file that uses a compression algorithm to reduce the file size. MP3 files are typically much smaller than WAV files, making them easy to transfer and store. MP3 files can be played on various devices, including computers, MP3 players, and smartphones.

What Are the Differences Between FLAC vs MP3?

When it comes to digital audio compression, there are two major camps: MP3 and FLAC. Each has its own unique benefits and drawbacks. Here’s a quick rundown of the key differences between MP3 and FLAC files.

Compression Methods

FLAC is a lossless compression method, meaning that no data is lost in the compression process. MP3 is a lossy compression method, meaning that some data is lost in the compression process.

Sampling Rates

FLAC uses a higher sampling rate than MP3, meaning more samples are taken per second. This results in a higher-quality audio file but also a larger file size.

MP3 uses a lower sampling rate, meaning fewer samples are taken per second. This results in a lower-quality audio file but also a smaller file size.

Bit Depth

The bit depth is the number of bits used to encode each sample. A higher bit depth means a more accurate representation of the original analog signal.

FLAC uses more bits per sample, resulting in a higher-quality audio file. MP3 uses fewer bits per sample, resulting in a lower-quality audio file.

File Size

Regarding file size, FLAC files are much larger than MP3 files. A 3-minute song in MP3 format can be around 3MB, while the same song in FLAC format can be around 30MB. If you care about file size, FLAC is the better option.

Sound Quality

Audiophiles and audio engineers often use FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) files because they offer the best sound quality. But MP3 files are common because they provide good sound quality in small files.

This makes them ideal to use on music players and portable devices. If your music isn’t in MP3 format, here is an MP3 YouTube converter you can try.

Which One Is the Right Choice?

There are many differences between MP3 vs Flac files. Flac files are considerably higher quality than MP3 files but are also much larger in size. This can make them difficult to store and transfer.

MP3 files are more convenient for most people, but they sacrifice some sound quality. Ultimately, the decision between MP3 and Flac comes down to personal preference. To get the best of both worlds, consider using a lossless compression format like FLAC for your music library and MP3 for your mobile devices.

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