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How to Get 10x More Instagram Story Views in 2024?



More Instagram Story Views in 2024

The 24-hour limited content, a.k.a. the IG stories, has become a game changer for the platform. A single viral story can change the course of anyone’s fame game. IG stories are viewed more than regular posts; the facts say that more than a billion users view stories regularly.

So, whether you are an influencer or a brand owner, if you want to remain in the hotspot, you have to catapult your Instagram stories. On the internet, you’ll see hundreds of online tools and platforms that promise to skyrocket your story views.

Never go for those options because nothing beats organic views. Here, we’re suggesting and recommending the tips and tricks that will work on getting you 10x more Instagram story views in 2024.

Boost Instagram Stories Views to 10x in 2024

2024 is your year to shine, and Instagram could be your one-way ticket to online glories. Follow the below ways to propel your IG stories.

1. Use Location Tags

Adding location tags in your stories allows you to target specific groups of people based on one or different locations. Users in that particular location can easily locate you, and this can increase engagement and interactions. If you are a business owner, adding location tags can connect you to people and other businesses.

2. Go Live Often

Other than Instagram, live sessions have become immensely popular on YouTube and Facebook. This is especially beneficial for users who run businesses on Instagram. Going live gives viewers the benefit of WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). Live sessions give an idea of a virtual shop. Going live skyward, your engagement and views. You can update the details of going live on your story and get an extra edge.

3. Add Questions and Polls

Instagram is filled with people who just want to react instead of saying things and adding polls in your stories will mount your story views. Polls are a great way of showing how many active and inactive users you have. If the number of views exceeds the votes, you know what to do!

About the questions, if you think you have quality followers, start asking questions, and this will bring engagements and views to a whole new level.

4. Content Diversity

2024 will only give the IG users the center stage who believe in diversity, and if you are a hard-headed person, you’ll be behind the prominence. It is obvious that if you keep adding the same story niche, soon, people will be skipping your stories. With diversified content, you’ll be getting followers from all walks of life, and who knows, you’ll get a follow or a view by a big shot!

5. Posting Stories at the Right Time

This is the most discussed topic on IG, ‘what is the right time to post.’ The answer lies in your research. This means you have to keep changing times to see what is the right time in your geolocation that gets more views on stories. You can use the analytics tools furnished by Instagram to see peak hours when the app’s usage is high.

6. Adding Trendy Stickers

Many of us are not super creative to come up with catchy stories. Most of the time, the stories have a lot of weight, but they are skipped as they seem tedious at first glance. This is why stickers have become handy, and adding trendy stickers can make people stop and pay attention to your story, resulting in increased views.

7. Add an Extra Story at Day-End

People usually dead-scroll IG stories before nighttime, and if you post a day-end story by 12 a.m., you’ll surely wake up to a lot of views. This also keeps the story up till the next day, allowing you to come up with brighter ideas for the rest of the day.

8. Ask Morning Question

Users on Instagram want to see a perfect person who wakes up goal-oriented in the morning and has goals. You can schedule stories and ask different head start questions in your morning stories. This not only increases story views but also makes your persona of a super disciplined person – making you people’s ideal.

9. Add Hashtags in Stories

You’ll see people tipping you to avoid adding hashtags in stories, but when you have the option to do so, then why ignore it? Instagram works on hashtags, and the same goes for stories. Although it is suggested not to fill your IG story with hashtags, add one or two relevant hashtags.

10. Share Your Story

Don’t hesitate to share your stories, share as much as you can – share on Facebook and WhatsApp. Since 3 platforms are under the roof, it matters a lot when you share on related platforms.

11. Be Consistent

You will see some of the biggest influencers asking to take a break from posting stories, but the point is that they are already there, and people are waiting for them to post. You, on the other hand, Getting 10x views on your Instagram stories need a lot of work to be done and be super consistent. Consistency will slowly bring you to the public eye and make you a public figure soon, hence having 10x more views on your IG stories.


How does Instagram rank story viewers?

People who regularly view and interact with your stories are ranked among the top 10 viewers. This also includes their comments and their messages.

What is the Instagram story algorithm?

The Instagram story algorithm is simple: users who view your story as soon as you post and those who also interact will be displayed as top viewers.


You just have to research the right time of posting; the content should be creative, interactive, and according to the latest trends. Adding polls and questions can bring your stories near virality. With simple strategizing and consistency, your IG stories can get regular 10x views.