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A Beginner’s Guide on How to See Liked Reels on Instagram



A Beginner's Guide on How to See Liked Reels on Instagram

If you’re an avid Instagram user, chances are you’ve stumbled upon reels – the latest feature that allows users to create and share short videos.

With its popularity on the rise, it’s no surprise that you’ve probably liked a few reels yourself. But what happens to those liked reels? How can you find them again?

In this guide, we’ll show you exactly how to see liked reels on Instagram.

What Are Reels?

Reels are short-form videos that can last up to 30 seconds. They can be shared on your Instagram feed, stories, and the new Reels tab.

Similar to TikTok, reels allow users to showcase their creativity and engage with their followers in an entertaining way. With its music feature, filters, and editing tools, it’s no wonder why reels are becoming so popular.

How to Like and Unlike a Reel

Liking a reel is easy and only takes a second. You can like a reel by simply tapping on the heart icon that appears in the bottom right corner of the video.

The heart will turn red, indicating that you have successfully liked the reel. You can also double-tap on the screen to quickly like a reel.

Unlike a reel, simply tap on the heart icon again, and it will turn white. You can also tap on the heart icon on your profile to see all the reels you have liked and then select “Unlike” next to the video you want to remove your likes from.

Where Do Your Liked Reels Go?

So you’ve liked a few reels, but where do they go? When you like a reel, it gets automatically saved to your profile’s “Liked” section.

This section is only visible to you and can’t be seen by others. It’s similar to the “Posts You’ve Liked” section for regular Instagram posts.

How to See Your Liked Reels

If you’ve recently discovered the world of reels on Instagram and want to revisit your favorite ones, you may be wondering how to access the reels you’ve liked easily.

Luckily, it’s a simple process! To see your liked videos, do the following:

On Your Profile

Your Instagram profile is where you can see all your posts, followers, and following. It’s also where you can find your liked reels.

To see your liked reels on your profile, tap on the menu icon (three horizontal lines) in the top right corner. Then, tap on “Profile”.

Scroll down until you find the “Posts” section. Underneath it, you’ll see different tabs, including “IGTV” and “Reels.” Tap on “Reels” to see all your liked reels in one place.

On the Explore Page

The Explore page on Instagram is where you can discover new content and accounts that align with your interests.

To see your liked reels on the Explore page, tap on the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of your screen. Then, tap on “Reels” at the top of the page.

Here, you’ll see a mix of reels from accounts you follow and ones that may interest you based on your activity. You may also come across some of your own liked reels here.

On the Reels Tab

The Reels tab is a dedicated space on Instagram where you can find all the latest and trending reels. It’s located towards the bottom of your screen, next to the Home and Search tabs.

To see your liked reels on the Reels tab, simply tap on it and scroll through the videos. You can also use the search bar at the top to find specific reels or accounts.

On Your Activity Page

Your Activity page on Instagram is where you can see all your recent activity, including likes and comments.

To see your liked reels on your Activity page, tap on the heart icon at the bottom of your screen. Here, you can filter your activity by selecting “Following,” “You,” or “Comments.” Tap on “You” to see a list of all the reels you’ve liked.

Why Can’t I See My Liked Reels?

If you’re having trouble seeing your liked reels, there could be a few reasons why. These include the following:

Privacy Settings

Make sure your account is set to public. If it’s private, only your followers can see your activity and liked reels.

Deleted Reels

If the creator deletes their reel, it will no longer show up in your liked reels section.

App Update

Make sure you have the latest version of Instagram. Sometimes, older versions may not display all features properly.

Using Your Liked Reels for Inspiration

Now that you know how to see liked reels on Instagram, you can use this feature as a source of inspiration. You can discover new accounts and content through your liked reels, and even use them as references for your own videos.

To ensure engagement and visibility, you can purchase Instagram likes from a trusted provider! Buying likes can help boost your posts and reels, making them more likely to be featured on the Explore page. This can ultimately lead to increased followers.

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Organizing Your Liked Reels

With the increasing popularity of reels, you may find yourself liking more and more videos. This can make it challenging to keep track of your favorite content. Luckily, Instagram allows you to organize your liked reels into collections.

To create a collection, tap and hold on a reel that you want to add. A menu will appear, and from there, select “Add to Collection.” You can either add it to an existing collection or create a new one by tapping on the “+” icon.

To access your collections, go to your profile and tap on the “Saved” tab. From there, you can view all your saved content and organize it into different collections.

Exploring How to See Liked Reels on Instagram

Knowing how to see liked reels on Instagram is beneficial for discovering new and interesting content on the platform. By exploring the steps outlined in this beginner’s guide, you can easily access and save your liked reels.

So, go ahead! Start exploring the reels section and relive your favorite moments on Instagram now!

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