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How Much Internet Speed Does Your Business Need?



How Much Internet Speed Does Your Business Need?

Finding a reliable internet service is one of the most essential concerns when choosing services for your business. Several factors can affect your internet speed and you must consider all of them to perfectly meet your business requirements. Even the best internet service packages like Spectrum internet plans are generally priced based on speed, so you could choose the one that best fits your needs and budget.

So, what speed you require for your business? Read on to find out!

Table of Contents

  • How Much Internet Speed Does Your Business Need? 
  • Internet Speed – Definition      
  • What are Download & Upload Speeds?               
  • Average Business Internet Speeds         
  • Common Business Activities and Bandwidth Estimates
  • Bottom Line

Internet Speed – Definition

Internet speed is basically how much data you can download or upload in a second. This includes the whole network, so if two users are uploading files simultaneously, upload speed is halved for each of them.

What are Download & Upload Speeds?

Your internet connection has two speeds – one for downloading and the second for uploading. Download speed impacts your file receiving process like music, images, documents, etc. While the upload speed includes sending files.

According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), if your internet usage includes more downloading activities like showing videos to clients or streaming training content regularly, then you need at least 25 Mbps minimum speed to meet your daily connectivity needs.

It is easy to get an internet plan with your desired download speeds but do not overlook upload speeds. If you have to send large files to customers, a few seconds or minutes can turn into long waiting when information takes forever to load.

To prevent unplanned delays, get a strong 4G LTE connection. It should be enough to meet your most upload needs especially if your colleagues work remotely or are distributed across several locations. However, if your employees need to upload or download files daily or carry out other resource-intensive tasks, then you must get a high-speed internet connection of at least 100 Mbps or more.

Average Business Internet Speeds

One of the most baffling things when selecting the internet speed for your business is determining the upload and download speed. For example, if your internet service provider promises to deliver a speed of up to 30/5 Mbps, the first number represents the download speed, and the second one is the upload speed. So, 30/5 means you can access 30 Mbps of download speed and 5 Mbps of upload speed. For businesses, the most common speed options are 5/1, 10/1, 30/5, and 50/10 Mbps.

Also, internet speeds vary from business to business depending upon several factors, like the type of your business, the total number of employees, etc. On average, most businesses require an average internet speed of nearly 19 Mbps.

Common Business Activities and Bandwidth Estimates

Here is a list of some of the common business activities and the estimated internet speeds you need to perform them:

ActivityInternet Speed (Estimated)
Sending a basic email1 Mbps
Preparing a cloud backup2 Mbps
Cloud-based services5 Mbps
Cloud computing2 Mbps
Transferring data2 Mbps
Sending email with attachments15 Mbps
Sharing files500 Kbps – 5 Mbps
Browsing the web333 Kbps – 0.33 Mbps
General internet usage1 Mbps
Watching a high-resolution video4 Mbps
Sending instant messages500 Kbps – 5 Mbps
Bookkeeping and online banking2 Mbps
Conducting research online333 Kbps – 33 Mbps
Social media scheduling200 Kbps – 2 Mbps
Streaming a webinar (normal resolution)5 Mbps
Streaming training courses (normal resolution)5 Mbps
Uploading photos5 Mbps
Uploading large files2 Mbps
Online video conferencing4 Mbps
VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls100 Kbps – 1 Mbps
VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) video calls28 Mbps

Keep in mind that all of these estimates are for a single user only. For multiple users, just multiply each activity’s speed by the total number of employees or devices in your office. Once done, sum all the activities together and you will get a rough estimate of the average internet speeds you require to fulfill your business needs. 

Once you have proper knowledge about the needs of your employees and business overall, discuss your requirements with a good internet service provider. Check all the packages tailored specifically for different businesses before making a final decision.

Bottom Line

Remember that speed matters the most in deciding on a suitable internet connection for your business. If you try to scale back on this area, this could fire-back in the form of long waiting or an impediment in way of productivity in other critical areas. So, when it comes to choosing the internet speed for your business, you must make the right choice – Good luck!


Why Prefer Cheap Curtains in Dubai over Expensive Curtains?



Why Prefer Cheap Curtains in Dubai over Expensive Curtains?

Curtains can spoil and trivialize the most beautiful and thoughtful interior, or you can bring it to a new level. Choose only the finest fabrics you can afford and be as careful as possible when choosing a print.

The Best Place to Buy Cheap Curtains in Dubai

If you are looking for cheap curtains in Dubai, then Atlantis Curtains is your choice. It is even easier to shop online rather than in offline stores. Thanks to a well-thought-out system of filters, it is convenient to select only those products that meet your specific requirements. The more parameters are defined, the easier the search process becomes.

  • You can buy the cheapest curtains in Dubai UAE in a certain price range. Set the lower and upper level of the acceptable cost and view only those products that are in this range. Thanks to this option, you can buy cheap curtains online without spending a lot of time searching.
  • The assortment can also be filtered by curtain type. Long, short, arched or asymmetrical? Perhaps you want a kit, not just one curtain. Choose the options that suit you and view only relevant products.
  • The color filter is especially convenient. Thanks to it, you can save a lot of time. Color is the first thing we decide on before buying. Note that this filter allows you to select multiple options. For example, you can view curtains in blue, terracotta white, and green. You can even “tick” a dozen shades. The main thing is that they all can fit into the interior.
  • The filter system has such important parameters as purpose, height, type of fabric and print. Spending just a minute to mark the options you want, you can quickly find the right product.

The choice is so great that no matter what type of curtains, color or material you choose, we will have products at a promotional price and sales of curtains. What is important, the quality of these window treatments is not interior to the quality of other goods.

Curtains Sales — Profitable Offers for You

Special offer curtains at Atlantis Curtains are beautiful window treatments that perfectly cope with their functional tasks. They will decorate any room — living room, bedroom, nursery or kitchen. You can choose curtains for an office, hotel or restaurant and any other room.

At our studio you will find everything your heart desires, and at the most pleasant price.

How to Make Cheap Curtains Look Expensive

The drapes should be voluminous and almost touch the floor, even lie on it, if possible — over the entire width of the window.

Volumetric two-layer curtains look expensive, while short and narrow canvases visually hide the window space and look cheap.

You are welcome to select the curtains to your liking. We will deliver your order all over the UAE.

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How an iOS App Will Give You Your Desired Customer Base?



How an iOS App Will Give You Your Desired Customer Base?

Smartphones are common and it is a rare occurrence that you will find someone without one. Moreover, Android and iOS are the only two key players when it comes to the mobile operating system as they control 99+ market share.

But among them, if we’re to compare then Google’s Android would take a lead with its 73% acquisition of user base out of the total smartphone users present in the market according to consensus 2021.

Then why are we suggesting you go for an ‘iOS App’ for your business instead of an android one? Well! There are reasons and not one, but we have a total of four of them.

Builds Brand Reputation

Brands work all their life towards building a brand reputation and they cannot manage to hamper that at any cost. With everything that they do, whether it be a big campaign or a social media post, they try to embed their brand inside everything.

Having an app developed for your business will provide a strong brand recall, recognition, and reputation system. Every time a notification pops up, or they get to see your app logo, which is usually your brand logo, they get to think about your organization, and such kind of free marketing should be bootstrapped at the earliest.

Customer With Better Purchasing Power

While targeting the audience should be your priority, many tend to ignore it, and then it hurts your business overall. But do you know that even with a 27% acquisition of user base in the smartphone market, iOS users would be a much better audience?

They have comparatively more purchasing power. Duh! They already have one of the most expensive phones on the market. So, they would end up subscribing to your services or purchasing the product that you sell.

Such a user base means that you’re sitting on a pot of gold and all you have to do is make sure your service/product is of some use and that it reaches your potential audience.

Better Security Than The Android Platform

The iOS platform is much more secure than Android and with that, we can say that it automatically makes sense that an iOS app will be much more secure than an Android one, wouldn’t it?

If you don’t believe that then you can refer to the San Bernardino terrorist case where Apple refused to decrypt iPhones acquired by the FBI from a group of terrorists. They claimed that with the iPhone they sell privacy and they cannot break their oath for whatever reason it might be.

So do you agree now that having an iOS app would be much better for your business? Well! You should, but one question still stands: ‘How To Get an iOS App Developed’?

Well! You would need to go and search for IOS App Development Company that can fix one up for you. But why go looking for one, when you can refer to the industry leader with about 11+ years of experience in the industry.

We are talking about ‘TechAhead’, a company that has been continuously bagging awards after awards and being the best Android App Development Company continuously.

What is their USP? Well! Not to say much, but they have been the trusted choice of Audi, AXA, ESPN, ICC, and much more high-profile clients. Now, what does that tell you about TechAhead?

Yes! They are the most trusted and preferred among the best, which is what you need for your business too because we believe that you’re someone who wants the best of the best only.

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Virtual Receptionist Guide: Start To End Game



Virtual Receptionist Guide: Start To End Game

In the course of your work, how frequently did your phone ring? As a consequence of not being able to pick up the phone, how many new positions have you lost during the current month? Have you forgotten to get in touch with them? Your probability of losing a couple is high. There are probably a lot of them.

Perhaps a reliable virtual receptionist for your business is an arrangement you are looking for. It is possible for them to handle that load of calls for you and to deliver exceptional client support. A seaward call reply mail is definitely not this.

Why does it need to be so complicated? How is this going to work? To help you make sense of virtual receptionist facilities for your business, we have gathered all the data you need to know here.

Is A Virtual Receptionist Service Right For Your Business?

Reevaluating conventional receptionist occupations for actual client support professionals is a virtual receptionist service. The virtual receptionists for your business are contacted by phone calls at your business number (or versatile). An accomplished client support expert at that point replies to those inquiries. You determine how they respond to a call based on the type of business you have and the type of cooperation you need from your customers.

Involvement in significant exchanges is a profound part of the work of virtual receptionists for your business. The answer to questions is unhesitating and exact owing to the information they possess.

A reliable virtual receptionist for your business provides you with the flexibility to use the facilities as much or as little as you require, which is a key distinction between a conventional secretary and a reliable virtual receptionist for your business.  

  • Full-time availability during business hours
  • During times when you are inaccessible or unable to contact you in a nonchalant manner
  • Break over the Easter holiday or Christmas
  • An absence of a current employee or their inaccessibility

Also, you can choose if the virtual secretary for your business handles only messages or everything related to reservations. Additionally, the system can be customized to meet the evolving needs of your business. To improve the business cycles and consolidate data for the receptionists, the facility is continually evaluated.

In Conclusion

To have it up and to run, you need to take action or present data to the virtual receptionist for your business to have it up and to run. Follow these steps to complete the process:

Your mobile phone and landline should be configured for call redirection. You can ask for directions if you do not know how to do this.

Access all the products you use to manage your occupations, including email, schedules, installment stages, and the administration framework. More importantly, we can provide guidelines on how this can be achieved.

Provide any business security you may need to oversee client requests and appointments, including client group record access, the value of the facility, and value records.

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