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How To Get Your Car Ready for Winter



How To Get Your Car Ready for Winter

Prepare for a cold winter season with the right auto equipment for your climate. Whether you’re expecting a light dusting of snow or several feet of snowfall, gather the best tire chains, tire snow socks, emergency gear and other equipment to drive safely in winter weather conditions.

Why It’s Always a Good Idea To Have a Pair of Tire Chains

Tire chains are sturdy chains that are designed to wrap around your tires. Once connected, they ensure that your vehicle will always have a chain under the front edge. This increases traction and reduces the risk of your vehicle slipping and losing control on snow and ice.

Snow chains are regulated in many areas. Depending on your state laws and the vehicle you drive, you may be required to use tire chains in certain areas during the winter. Local ordinances may prevent you from using tire chains within the city limits, so be sure to practice taking your tire chains on and off.

Chains are only the first item you should put in your winter-weather emergency kit. Find out how to winterize your car with these additional steps:

  • Top up automotive fluids
  • Pack a windshield ice scraper, warm clothing and an emergency medical kit
  • Inspect your light bulbs
  • Test your battery
  • Switch to snow tires
  • Check your rubber belts, tires and hoses

These items and safety check procedures go a long way in preventing a winter weather accident. Extreme temperature changes can cause rubber components to dry and crack. Cold temperatures also reduce the efficiency of your lead-acid battery. An older battery may not have sufficient power to start your engine in the cold.

Snow tires are specifically designed for cold temperatures and improved traction in the snow. All-terrain tires may still be suitable for winter driving, but summer tires won’t offer the tread type you need to avoid sliding on icy roads.

Finally, automotive fluids, light bulbs and windshield wipers are all maintenance items that keep you safe in the snow. Continue to maintain your vehicle to avoid sudden engine damage or a loss of vision as you drive in a snowstorm.

What a Tire Snow Sock Is

Consider picking up a set of tire socks for your vehicle. These dynamic automotive items offer similar results to tire chains, but with less risk of damage to the road. Snow socks may not be treated as tire chains for legal purposes, particularly when a state or county requires chain use in a certain area, but socks work in a similar way to improve traction.

Because they aren’t considered tire chains, this means you may be able to use tire snow socks in urban areas. Check your local laws and ordinances to see if tire snow socks are allowed or banned. Be sure to drive at safe speeds when using either chains or socks.

Pick up a set of tire snow socks today to complete your winter-weather emergency kit. Choose socks that fit the dimensions of your tires and put them on in areas where tire chains may not be suitable. Shop online to gather your gear and enjoy great prices on name-brand items.