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How to Help Your Child Take Its Mind off the Divorce

Pierre Zarokian



How to Help Your Child Take Its Mind off the Divorce
Help Your Child Take Its Mind off the Divorce

Undoubtedly, divorce isn’t easy for any of the family members. However, most attention should be paid to children and their perception of what is happening in the family. Changes in relationships and living arrangements triggered by the end of a marriage may be hard for kids to both accept and process. Children are prone to letting their emotions get the best of them, and they often fail to be reasonable. However, there are healthy ways of handling the situation and taking the kids’ minds off the strains of the separation procedure, helping them adjust better to new circumstances. Let’s take a look at some of the most effective ways to help your children through a divorce with as little stress as possible.

Have a Heart to Heart

It may not be easy and it may not go as smoothly as you hoped, but having an open and sincere chat with your child is essential if you want to set the tone right for all that is to come. It would be even better if you can do it together with your ex. However, if this is not possible, agree to always be civilized when kids are around and support their emotions. Explain that this is not their fault and while the dynamics will change, both of you are going to do your best to make the experience as painless as possible. You might want to have this conversation while drawing together, doing a puzzle or taking a nice long walk. Just make sure that the child is focused on what you have to say, that they understand what’s happening and that you can interpret how they feel about it.

Get a Pet

An addition to the family may be just what you need in a time like this. This way you can really take the opportunity to bond with your child and take their mind off the separation. Try to decide on the pet together and discuss the responsibilities each of you will have once you get one. It’s definitely a positive beginning of a whole new period. Once the pet arrives, the kids are going to be busy playing with it as well as taking care of it. It will help them focus on other things and cuddling with their pet has enough of a therapeutic effect to calm them down when they need it most. As a parent, you’ll benefit from this little newcomer as well, since you’ll be busy turning your home into a pet-friendly oasis. Also, don’t forget to tend to your garden as well; fence off all things you don’t want to be dug up or stomped on, scatter some toys on the lawn, and, if you decide on a kitty, make sure the plants in your yard are the feline-friendly kind, that will be harmless to their instinctive curiosity.

Redecorate Their Room

This is a project you can enjoy together with your little ones. Spend some time chatting about new ideas that could give their bedroom a little facelift. See what your kids would like, surf the internet for inspiration and find some fun DIYs that will result in a cool makeover. Let them choose the things they like and don’t interfere too much if they are doing an independent project. They need to see that you are appreciating their needs and wants, that you are acknowledging them and their opinions. Not only is this a great way to pass the time, but it is also a wonderful and creative opportunity to bond. After you are finished with the major things you set out to do, why not build a little blanket fort in which you can read and tell stories to each other. Such forts give children a sense of privacy and security, and if you associate it with a healthy, productive activity such as reading, it will come in handy if emotions become overwhelming at a certain point.

Prepare Meals Together

Cooking together is another great way of establishing somewhat new daily routines. Mealtimes without the other parent tend to be a little melancholic, if not a bit awkward at first. Start planning and making meals together, and start a new ritual which includes just you and your kids from the preparation of the meal to enjoying the food at the table. Find some kid-friendly, colorful recipes and let the children help out. This way you are showing them that although you’re going through some major changes and emotions right now, they are still as important as they have always been. Their opinions matter and their emotions are not neglected. You are demonstrating that you need each other and the help is much appreciated.

What is important for a child’s wellbeing while the parents are going through a separation is that the kids understand that both mom and dad still love them the same, but that the upcoming changes have to be accepted and dealt with in a healthy manner. Include your kids in making those changes and try to look at it as a new, exciting beginning.


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10 things to make a lovely relation end with marriage




10 things to make a lovely relation end with marriage

We’ve all heard that a relationship “takes work,” however I’m not catching that’s meaning precisely? Cutting straight to the chase, it appears drudgery. Who needs to go through hours at an office just to return home to work number two? Wouldn’t it be progressively charming to think about your relationship as a wellspring of solace, fun, and joy?

It would. All things considered, here are some fundamental fixes if things feel stale if the great occasions are getting rare if contending is your principle type of correspondence, or on the off chance that you simply feel that you need a check-up. What’s more, they may even be charming.

How to preserve a wholesome relationship doesn’t need to belong winding, complicated process. Really! Allow me to tricky and as you examine on, you may additionally simply find it distinctly imaginative to maintain a wholesome relationship.

  1. Be Friendly:

Treat your partner however you’d manage a legitimate and relied upon companion: with deference, thought, and benevolence. It’ll go way in cultivating a solid relationship.

  1. Show warmth every day

Sex may be a bound one thing. Clasping hands, an embrace, a crush on the arm – all create association and trust. Just in case you are not obtaining as tons of thought as you would like, let or not it’s noted.

  1. Two Respect each other when arguing

It is all too tempting to use something ammunition you’ve got in the warmth of battle. Ask yourself, the place will it get you? Two a partner who is likely to come to your side, or one who will get even greater defensive? Ask your companion how he or she sees the problem.

  1. Make your partner a priority

That is why you’re in this relationship in the first place. This is the manner by which to keep a relationship solid and cheerful. Following these tips will get you closer to your life partner and improve the nature of your relationship. Connections, towards what is commonly accepted, are no longer as challenging to preserve up as they are portrayed. Instilling a few propensities and practices in your everyday life is adequate to keep your relationship solid, sound and cheerful.

  1. Resolve arguments together

At the point when couples battle, it’s very simple to get secured in success/lose dynamic. Think about your difference as an issue for you both to unravel, not a battle for you to win. Consider saying “we” before surrendering to the allurement of throwing fault on the other individual.

  1. Share your thoughts

Your expectations. Your apprehensions. Your interests. Tell your accomplice who you truly are. Set aside sooner or later consistently just to talk about the things that are basic to all of you, as individuals. This is one of the most essential intentions for making your relationship more grounded.

  1. Don’t argue over money

It’s an ensured relationship executioner. If you haven’t yet discussed how cash is earned, spent, spared, and shared, do it now. Endeavor to get a perception of how all of you see your cash related life, and where the differentiations are. At that point address them.

  1. Set goals as a couple

Discussion about how you need your relationship to glance in a year, five years, ten years. By then advancement toward that target.

  1. Perceive that all connections have high points and low points

Think long haul. Your relationship is a venture, as the securities exchange. Brave the personal times. With the correct sort of consideration, they will be transitory.

  1. Words in addition to deeds

Saying “I love you” conveys significantly more weight when you reliably do things that your accomplice esteems.

The above tips for a healthy relationship work when you are actually willing to work towards it. Also, it doesn’t come overnight and takes time to get maturity.

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Keylun J. Cruz, Karlian Cruz Ortega, Kloee Sky Ortega, and Karsi Cruz Ortega: Meet The Real Ortega Family




From Family Life To Showbiz, Meet The Real Ortega Family

Who says that a family can not build an empire together from ground up? Well, in Atlanta, one family has done just that! Keylun J. Cruz is the mother of The Ortega Kids: Karlian Cruz Ortega, Karsi Cruz Ortega, and Kloee Sky Ortega. This family has not only inspired many within their community but has opened doors to so many talent in Atlanta.

Keylun Johnson Cruz, born in Atlanta, GA, raised by her Grandmother, Annie Woodward. She grew up always having a passion for the performing arts. The acting bug bit Keylun at the age of 13 when she received her 1st audition for the soap opera, General Hospital. Mentored by Tony award-winning Kenny Leon at her High School, she began to write improv scenes and later, the scenes grew into various stage plays. The late Public Figure/Actress/Activist (daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr) Yolanda King recognized her gifts and continued to mentor Keylun J. Cruz throughout her teen years, casting her in the theater troupe, The Youth Dream Team. Keylun went on in her career cast in several commercials, films, and voice-over national projects.

Obtaining a degree in theater, Keylun also studied in both Atlanta and New York City later winning several playwright awards and recognized by the NAACP. In 2013, Keylun and her son, Karlian Cruz Ortega created and wrote the project, The Ortega Show, which is loosely based on their actual life, with The Ortega Kids being the 1st American-born kids of an immigrant parent. Known from the hit popular Show, Secret Lives of Women, many craved to see more of this eccentric family. So Keylun and Karlian also created a musical part of The Ortega Show, The Ortega Family Musical. This multicultural show opened first in 2017 at the historic Earl Strand Theater in Marietta, GA. With great reviews, Keylun J. Cruz and Karlian Cruz Ortega (mother and son) brought The Ortega Family Musical back to Atlanta in September 2019. At the age of 15, Karlian is the Co-Creator of this project. The reason for creating multi-cultural content is because being bi-racial, The Ortega Kids needed a platform to design, re-create, and open the doors to many actors of multicultural backgrounds, changing the face of television and film through telling their stories as kids of an immigrant parent. In Atlanta, they were rarely cast for roles so they decided to build their own platform.
Even the youngest of The Ortega Kids, Kloee Sky, is the 1st kid to ever launch a scented fragrance earring line. As a young 8 year old entrepreneur, her youth business is flourishing.

Their new, popular theater production, The Ortega Family Musical in 2019, proudly sponsored by Hardy Family Automotive of Paulding County in Dallas GA, Sparkles Family Fun Center of Hiram GA, Raymona Thompson, Krystals of Hiram, GA, Michaels of Hiram GA, Kupkake Blue, Senior Life Services, Ibummerang as Corporate sponsors, the Paulding County community in Georgia is a strong supporter of this talented family.

With a background in acting, taking on multiple tasks were no problem for Keylun J. Cruz. As the Writer, Creator and Producer, Keylun also played the lead role of Layla Ortega alongside her children, Karsi, Karlian, and Kloee in the 2019 show. As this family has cast upcoming/rising actors in both Atlanta and Los Angeles, they aim to also open doors to actors even with disabilities. With that being said, after opening the doors to their new, family-owned production company inside of the historic Dallas Theater of their community named Kapture 7 Entertainment, 10-year-old Karsi Cruz Ortega is the youngest Executive Producer coming out of Atlanta to attach to a documentary film project. The health, faith-based documentary film, Inside of My Mysterious, another one of Keylun J. Cruz’s’ films, was directed by her 15-year-old son, Karlian Cruz Ortega. Inside of My Mysterious Life deals with exposing the causes and effects of people suffering from the disability, Lymphedema featuring medical physician, Dr. Crystal Champion. Inside of My Mysterious Life is officially Academy Qualified for the Oscars 2020. This is such great news for this rising, talented family who have built at rock bottom to ground up, captivating the hearts of many through story-telling. The greatest of all…they are giving other talent opportunities who have been rejected for years. This family believes that all good talent deserves a chance to live their dreams, even if they are the “underdog”.

Follow the family journey at officialkeylunj.cruz on Instagram
karliancruz.ortega on Instagram

KarsiCruzOrtega on Instagram

kupkakeblue on Instagram

keylunj.cruz on Facebook

Karliancruzortega on Facebook

THE ORTEGA KIDS on Facebook at

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