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Want to know about the next game release in 2020? A calendar will be displayed showing the release dates of all games updated daily, letting you know which games were released in Happy Gamer News and which games will be released in 2020.

Click on the name of the game you want to access the file and see all relevant information. There is a variety of information, such as when initial sales and prices begin. Or, if necessary, select the month and year to search. Games to be released will be announced other days.

Ranking of Best Video Games in 2020

Here you can find the best games of 2020, ranked by user opinion, meta-analysis, or analyzer in descending order of scores.

This video game crop is constantly updated every 24 hours. This is done by averaging the analysis mark, the meta-analysis mark and the user mark.

In the ranking of all platforms, only PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PSVITA and Nintendo 3DS are considered. For each platform genre, only one of these three notes is needed to be part of the ranking.

Few Popular Games:     

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the new sequel to the Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing Saga. Developed by Nintendo, this series is another chapter in the series on managing, collecting, decorating and simulating the lives of Japanese companies, Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3D. On this occasion, we travel to an uninhabited island and take home from the start, making friends with other neighbors.

Warface: Warface for PC is a free, one-person action game with micro-payments for additional fees using the CryEngine graphics engine 3. One of its features is a strong emphasis on collaboration, suggesting that up to five players cooperate to overcome the mission. You can choose from four classes: Sniper, Engineer, Doctor, and Rifleman.


The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners: The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners is a virtual reality game that tells the original story, great freedom of decision, and bloody combat. This title presents a immersive virtual reality gaming experience, where players must fight to survive in the ruined city of New Orleans, surrounded by an endless horde of pedestrians and fighting with the rest of the survivors.

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