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Blizzard Applies Hotfixes To World Of Warcraft To Fix Socketing Bugs



Blizzard Applies Hotfixes To World Of Warcraft To Fix Socketing Bugs, Mythic il'gynoth, And More

World of Warcraft: The battle for Azeroth continues as the next Shadowlands expansion approaches, but the content is still pending. The last major title, 8.3, fulfilled N’Zoth’s vision when the last supposed god approved his complete plans to conquer Azeroth.

The main objective is to end the battle for Azeroth, and Blizzard is there to help Azeroth’s opponents do just that. This week’s fixes include Nerfs in Mythic Il’gynoth, Corruption Reborn and a bite on Nouzoth’s gouged eye that prevents him from using it for the intended purpose.

The first thing to change is the Nif for the fabulous Il’ginot, Reborn Corruption, during Nialota’s last trip to the city of enlightenment. This change affects the ability of the curse, reducing damage to smaller rings by 30%. This means that we must stop punishing raids that repair the damage at the right time and allow for an easier time. Keep in mind that this change only applies to mythical difficulties.

N’Zoth’s carnival bailed out when his players’ legendary captains caused trouble twice. Watching the changes in the legendary decision is an unusual result of the draconian launch which now gives the player 3648 of its original attributes instead of 3386.

N’Zoth’s gouged eye, which adds a selection of objects that don’t have any, has also been fixed. Players could not add items already built into the damaging effect. With this solution, players can use the gouged eye to apply a location to an appropriate object.

In the end, there was an error that does not, in truth, make it possible to shorten the skill set. This affects demon hunters, monks, magicians, and wars because they “recharge” some of their abilities by recharging.

It is good to see that Blizzard did not leave the last days of the battle for Azetot. Their commitment to solving the problems, rather than allowing them to prepare for the next expansion, is a big spectacle that has kept some populist extensions even worse in the mouth of some people. However, the final phase is the final phase, and it seems that the last days of the battle for Azeroth are still coming. All players hope to meet the dark terrain.



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