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Discover Your Radiant Side With Microneedling



Discover Your Radiant Side With Microneedling

The world is gradually becoming visually obsessive, with people wanting to look their best on social media threads. If you have stretch marks, acne, and facial scars, you are likely to be in a frenzy looking for a way to eradicate them. The microneedling Sparks technique at Lux Dermatology allows you to achieve smooth, glowing skin and look your best with minimal side effects.

What is microneedling?

Microneedling is a minimally invasive cutting-edge technique that triggers your body’s natural healing powers to heal your skin, enhancing its smoothness. The specialists at Lux Dermatology employ a unique device with numerous tiny needles to create microscopic wounds on your skin surface. These tiny wounds trigger collagen and elastin production, skin-strengthening proteins that promote cell regeneration. After recovery, you can expect younger-looking glowing skin.

The supportive team at LUX Dermatology recommends microneedling with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to quicken the healing, giving you results earlier than expected. Your physician takes a small blood sample and spins it through a centrifuge to concentrate your platelets. Platelets consist of remarkable healing factors that boost your skin’s ability to repair and moisturize itself.

How can you know if you are eligible for microneedling?

If your skin imperfections make you feel less attractive, microneedling may be what you need to boost your confidence. If you have wrinkles and fine lines, uneven skin tone, age spots, and acne scars, you may be a great candidate for microneedling. You can also consult your physician about combining other treatments with microneedling to maximize your results, giving you an attractive, youthful appearance.

How does microneedling enhance your skin’s glow?

Microneedling is gaining popularity drastically due to its dramatic results and ability to unlock your hidden beauty without undergoing risky plastic surgery. The treatment plumps and rejuvenates your skin with negligible discomfort and minimal downtime, and the team can adjust to achieve your expectations and needs. You may start noticing the dramatic results a few days after your treatment.

As the days go by, the results get better as your body continues producing more collagen to promote the healing of the microscopic wounds. If you maintain an excellent skin care regimen and eat healthy meals, you can maintain the results for a long time. This treatment’s benefits include reduced enlarged pores, improved skin elasticity, even skin tone, and hair growth in individuals with alopecia. Patients with a darker complexion may find microneedling safer than laser therapy.

What are the possible side effects of microneedling?

As with most cosmetic procedures, microneedling comes with a few risks. Minor skin irritation is one of the side effects most patients get. You may also notice peeling, infection, redness, and mild bleeding at the treatment site. If you have a skin disease, are pregnant, or are undergoing radiation, you may not be eligible for this procedure due to the elevated risk. If you have open wounds or an infection, your doctor may ask you to wait until your skin heals before trying microneedling.

To explore the remarkable effects of microneedling, call the LUX Dermatology office or book your spot online.