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5 Tips To Put Together Your Digital Marketing Strategy



5 Tips To Put Together Your Digital Marketing Strategy

When you start a business, it is not enough for you to invest in an ecommerce website and have a presence on all existing social networks.

To make your channels more effective, develop a digital marketing strategy that leads your brand to become better known among your customers and prospects, and with a better projection over time.

Entrepreneurship involves more than having an idea and carrying it out and then making it known to the world. It also involves developing a strategy that allows your business to grow. And this has nothing to do with the amount of capital you have for it.

In this sense, it is key that you understand the digital world, especially if your intention is to prosper mainly in the online format.Whether you set out to develop a website or want to build a strong social media presence or both in parallel your efforts will be more effective if you design and implement an effective digital marketing strategy.

These are the best ways to do it:

1. Define Your Target Audience

As stated in the Digital Marketing Manual for Entrepreneurs of the Doing It site, the first thing to do is define the target audience or “buyer persona” of your brand through a fictitious representation of what your ideal client would be like.

To do this, investigate their behavior, their demographic characteristics, their motivations, their hobbies, what they do, and if they have family or children, which will also help you better empathize with them and devise more effective strategies to capture their attention.

At this point it is key that you focus on people and not on the numbers or number of followers that you can reach on social networks, since not all people are likely to buy what you offer and, therefore, not all of them are your consumers.

On the contrary, when you create value through your business, the good numbers and results come by themselves.

2. Generate Valuable Content

Once you define the buyer person (s), generate quality content and share it on the platforms that your prospects frequent the most.

For this phase of your strategy you have at your disposal the same website of your business, social networks, ads in search engines such as Google or other web pages, content marketing and even email marketing.

Whichever platform (s) you choose to reach your customers or prospects, consider that your content should be differentiated according to each of the engaged channels.

As this Business and Entrepreneurship material points out, today there are several types of content that you can use to reach audiences: videos, articles, infographics, ebooks, podcasts or webinars.

It all depends on the objectives of your strategy: Positioning the brand, building trust, educating people, building customer loyalty and even converting new prospects.

3. Interact With People

It is crucial that your marketing strategy considers that people no longer want to be simple consumers. If they like a brand, they want to be part of it and even create new products and services together.

And what, then, is the best way to listen to them so that, in this way, a community of people is generated that moves your brand on its own?

Among the actions that the creative marketing agency site like eventige.comindicates as the ideal ones to interact with consumers and clients, the following stand out:

  • Speak with an appropriate and empathetic tone.
  • Respond quickly to your questions.
  • Counter negative comments.
  • Send them simple, non-intrusive questions every so often.
  • Analyze the results of opening newsletters if they are used.

 All this, added to the fact of being creative to stand out among so many other brand customer services.

4. Invest In Online Advertising

When you invest money in online advertising, in addition to improving you’re positioning in search engines or social networks, you can segment your ads according to your different target audiences.

As the Business and Entrepreneurship experts also point out, the good news about this is that online advertising is much more accessible than traditional advertising, being able to obtain positive results with a small budget.

This section includes email marketing, which is a direct channel with your customers, who explicitly agree to receive information about your brand and / or products, as long as it is not invasive, as also explained by the Doing it site.

5. Measure the Results Of Your Strategy

To close the topic, we recommend that you analyze all the aforementioned actions, not only to verify that your investment of energy and money are triggering good numbers and results, but also to realize in time in the event that any action of your strategy is failing.

To do this, you can set your own KPIs such as a growth percentage, number of clicks on a certain ad or publication, and number of visits to your website.

As the Marketing Manual for Entrepreneurs suggests, in the case of social networks, each of them offers its own information on analytics and results, although there are also tools where you can see all the data you need to see if you are obtaining the proposed objectives.


Dirhami disrupts the Middle East eCommerce market with its revolutionary service “Buy Now, Pay Smarter.”



Dirhami disrupts the Middle East eCommerce market with its revolutionary service “Buy Now, Pay Smarter.”

Dirhami is proud to announce the launch of its ground-breaking service “Buy Now, Pay Smarter” that lets customers split purchases of AED 20 (≈USD 6) or more into 10 smaller, monthly instalments with zero additional cost, interest rate, or hidden fees.

Dirhami’s mission is to empower customers and enable them to enjoy their shopping experience through technology, trust and inclusion without worrying about budget constraints.

Customers who shop on deal with Dirhami directly. There are no third parties to sign up with or any paperwork involved. Payments and deliveries are processed by Dirhami, and there are no pre-approvals or minimum credit scores required. The simple and quick checkout process lets you pay using your debit/credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Every purchase is split into ten instalments. The first instalment is paid on order checkout, and the remaining nine instalments over the next nine months. Instalments are automatically deducted from the customers’ preferred payment method every month, giving them the peace of mind of not worrying about payment deadlines.

Dirhami also doesn’t charge late fees for missed payments. Eliminating late fees builds on Dirhami’s commitment to deliver the most customer-centric, regional instalment solution portfolio that helps meet the needs of today’s consumers.

“We take pride in being the first to offer such a disruptive service in the Middle East”, said Dr. Karim Mansour, CEO of Dirhami. “The current providers of instalment payment services offer a too short period of payment (three to six months) or require a very high order minimum (AED 1000 and above). Dirhami breaks down all these barriers by allowing its customers to enjoy a long payment period of ten months with minimal order amount of AED 20.”

Dirhami’s catalogue includes a wide range of products such as baby gear, beauty & makeup, perfumes, kitchen appliances, household equipment, TVs, computers, gaming consoles and much more. The catalogue is growing rapidly with Dirhami adding over 1000 new items every month.

Consumers are looking for ways to manage their finances and pay fewer fees.  A recent study found 33 percent of consumers say that no late fees are an important feature in choosing a buy now, pay later payment option. Additionally, 57 percent of Gen Z and Millennials feel buy now, pay later is a smarter way to shop, while 37 percent say it gives them more control of their finances. 

According to the 156-page 2022 Global Payments Report released March 2 by Worldpay, Buy now, pay later will account for about $438 billion, or 5.3%, of the global e-commerce transaction value by 2025, up from 2.9%, or $157 billion, in 2021.

Licensed by the premier financial centre in the Middle East, Dirhami’s presence in the DIFC allows it easily serve customers from all over the Middle East. Dirhami currently delivers to the UAE, KSA, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman with plans to expand into Lebanon, Egypt and Jordan before the end of 2022.

You can checkout Dirhami at or by downloading “Dirhami Shopping” on Apple and Google app stores.

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Why Wholesale Hats Will Always Be a Successful Business?



Why Wholesale Hats Will Always Be a Successful Business?

There are many reasons why wholesale hats will always be successful, including the fact that they’re always in demand, but there are also other reasons that make it so business owners can feel comfortable about investing in them as part of their overall business plan. In order to succeed, you need to know exactly what to expect from your product, and wholesale hats are no exception when it comes to this rule of thumb. Here are just some of the ways you can make sure you get the most out of your investment in this type of product line.

Types of people who buy wholesale hats

Children, teens, and college students are more likely to spend their money on fashion. They are also more likely to have an income source that is regular and stable, so they can buy wholesale hats often. However, most of these people lack adult responsibilities like mortgages or rent payments. For example: Rent for college students is typically included in their monthly tuition fees, and children don’t need to pay for rent if they live with their parents.

Types of companies that sell wholesale hats

In most countries, there are three types of companies that sell wholesale hats: wholesalers, dropshippers and direct marketers. The type of company you choose to join will depend on your capital and experience with business. Dropshipping is usually associated with lower startup costs than other business models. You don’t need any stock or inventory to begin dropshipping; you simply advertise items and provide contact information for customers who wish to purchase them.

Steps to setting up a successful hat wholesaler

1. Know your product. This will ensure that you have an idea of what would sell better in your area and to whom you are marketing too. 2. Find out what’s available in your area – Research hat wholesalers in your local area, see who they stock and how much they charge per unit. 3. Choose your niche – You can choose to focus on hats for women or men, or both. 4. Set up shop – Once you know where you want to set up shop, start looking for a location that has plenty of foot traffic. 5. Advertise – It is important to let people know about your business so make sure you advertise it through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter as well as putting flyers up around town 6. Start selling! If you follow these steps, then setting up a successful wholesale hat business should be easy. If you don’t know where to begin then there are many places online that can help with advice and information. 7. Don’t forget profit – Make sure that you don’t forget to take into account profit when setting prices otherwise your customers may not be willing to pay them! 8. Expand – After you have made some money from your first venture then you can consider expanding your business by either buying more products or finding new premises in which to run it from. 9. Keep up-to-date – Keeping yourself updated with trends and fashions will keep your business relevant, even if you haven’t expanded yet. 10. Maintain customer relationships – A good relationship with your customers will mean that they come back time and time again and tell their friends about you too.

Final Remarks

Hats are an integral part of most people’s wardrobes. They are equally important for men and women, young and old. Most people wear hats once in a while, but there is always that person who wears hats everyday to work or on casual outings. Most companies producing wholesale hats go with high quality fur/felt materials, such as rabbit fur and beaver felt so that they can guarantee warmth in any weather condition. They have clever designs ranging from leather looking baseball caps to caps that look like deer antlers!

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How NZ post bags make parcel packing a breeze



How NZ post bags make parcel packing a breeze

If you’re like most people, you hate having to pack your parcels. You probably spend hours trying to get everything just right, and then the last thing you want to do is carry them all around. But that’s where post bags come in handy. They make parcel packing a breeze, and there are a lot of different styles available to suit your needs. Whether you need a large bag that can hold a lot of items or something more compact, NZ post bags are the perfect option. So why not give them a try next time you have to pack a parcel?

How NZ post bags make parcel packing a breeze:

NZ post bags have revolutionized parcel packing for New Zealanders. They are made from durable and lightweight materials, making them easy to transport and store.

1. NZ post bags are made from durable and lightweight materials, making them easy to transport and store.

2. They are perfect for smaller parcels, as they are well-ventilated and dividable.

3. NZ post bags come in a variety of sizes, so you can find the perfect one for your needs.

4. The zippered closure ensures that your parcels are secure while being transported.

5. NZ post bags are easy to clean and maintain, making them a great option for everyone.

Benefits of using NZ post bags:

There are many benefits to using NZ post bags when mailing packages. Firstly, they are small and lightweight, so they are easy to transport. Secondly, they are made from high-quality materials that will not tear or fray easily. Lastly, NZ post bags come with a discreet stamp that guarantees delivery in time for the recipient’s needs.

Why NZ post bags are popular in New Zealand?

NZ post bags have become popular in New Zealand for a few reasons. Firstly, they are environmentally friendly as they can be reused multiple times. Secondly, they are affordable and last long. Thirdly, they are sturdy and durable making them perfect for everyday use. Finally, they come in a variety of colors and styles to suit everyone’s needs.

Final Words

NZ post bags are the perfect option for sending parcels and letters all over the country. With a variety of sizes, colors, and designs to choose from, there is sure to be one that fits your needs. So if you’re looking for a reliable and affordable mail system, look no further than NZ post bag!

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