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7 Experts Tips From UnicornGoTo Take Your Online Content Marketing To The Next Level



7 Experts Tips From UnicornGoTo Take Your Online Content Marketing To The Next Level

1.         Focus On Quality Over Quantity

Businesses are churning out lots of content. As such, the online market is a crowded and noisy place in which you put in significant effort to stand out and be noticed. That means producing the best content, rivaling the competition.

But creating excellent content can take a back seat when you have other essential things to do. So,  make the most of the little time you get to produce the content to market your business to ensure you put your best foot forward and produce your best work. It is better to post one piece each month than several low-quality articles each week. The resources at your disposal often determine how often you will post the new content.

2.         All Content Is Deliberate

Many of us do not write because we love it; we do it out of necessity. Therefore, a strategic production process should entail robust research to identify the best search terms. Plan your content curation accordingly as you also aim for keywords that help gain a high ranking.

Moreover, do assessment tests, running a search engine optimization report to determine how your site ranks for those keywords. Consider creating fresh content with keywords your website didn’t rank for to ensure it features in the top 10 search results. Also, do your best to focus on the search terms people use and base to topics for your content on them.

3.         Have A Content Plan And Calendar

Your strategic content marketing’s success is dependent on having a concrete plan, which entails an elaborate content creation and posting calendar. It is a matter of documenting your strategy. Research shows that taking this approach increases the chances of success by as much as 33%. So, the content plan shapes the material you will produce and post on your website. Therefore, it is a strategy that includes:

•           Knowing and understanding the target audience’s needs and expectations

•           Identify the content to create

•           Determining the categories to write about

•           Planning how often to create new articles or posts

•           Identifying where to distribute and promote your content

•           Determining which content will be evergreen (timeless) thus the cornerstone

Your calendar can consist of a list of topics and the dates you must publish the articles. Alternatively, it can have the media to wish to use and monthly themes. Also, schedule a content audit, particularly before you start writing and periodically after a few weeks to know what to update, replace, or erase. You can perhaps benefit from unlimited content writing.

4.         Vary Your Media And Content Types

Content that captures people’s attention is a blend of great writing and visuals. That is how you will churn out content worth sharing on your social media networks. Many small businesses today are less into writing their thoughts. They prefer recording them and passing the audio to a writer to curate promotional materials.

For the audio and visual content, keep things short but educational and entertaining. Also, do things to ensure you can repurpose the material into different content types to share them across various social platforms. To achieve this, it is best to consider your audience’s needs to ensure what you deliver makes sense to them. Some of the elements that are worth noting when doing this include:

•           Determine each blog post’s tenure in educating the audience about a specific topic

•           Podcasts of interviews with experts in complementary sectors and industries

•           Curated guides that customers can use to solve problems

•           Videos of how your service or product works and the solutions it provides

•           Assessments and quizzes to help the audience identify and solve challenges

The diversity in the content you provide will help keep people interested in what you share or say. Moreover, this goes in tandem with identifying the right content to post regarding a problem that people need to be solved. In short, it should provide what the target audience needs and expects.

5.         Tell Stories

Everyone loves stories; however, how it is told is crucial to how receptive people are to the story. Therefore, hone your tale-telling skills. It is not about fictitious or fairy tales. But you most like have something to say if you are a veteran in your industry. Accomplished professionals such as financial planners, lawyers, and even CPAs can turn their learning experiences into exciting stories. They can form case studies from the same stories and used them to help others resolve problems.

It is easy to tell a story that makes emotional connects or is a source of motivation and helps build trust. You can cover aspects of why you chose a specific solution to address a particular problem and share this with your customers.

6.         Include Calls To Action

At times, people need a slight nudge in the right direction; to be encouraged to act. That is why it is best to have a call-to-action plan that will help elicit a fast response. It can be an invitation for your audience to do something such as sign up for your newsletters, watch a video, download helpful material, or learn more about what you have to offer.

Call-to-action (CTA) is an essential element in any content marketing strategy. However, CTAs often vary depending on the industry. That is why you cannot use a random CTA picked from another sector. What you use must match your content’s objective. For instance, if an article discusses determining if you have roof damage after a storm, you can use a call-to-action that includes a free roof inspection.

7.         Leverage Your Email

Getting your content online is not all about your website and social media network. It also must include your email. Build an email list so that you can have CTAs prompting people to registers and get extra content. It is an approach that ensures you reach out to the most interested customers, your subscribers.

A customer email list is a safe bet when it comes to leveraging your email for content marketing. It can be a tool you use to ensure your customers do not forget you or your business. You can achieve this by sending them helpful tips, newsletters, and special offers regularly. It is a tactic that also can see your customers buy more.


Top 6 Rules When Starting Your Journey as an Entrepreneur with IM Academy’s Chris Terry



Top 6 Rules When Starting Your Journey as an Entrepreneur with IM Academy’s Chris Terry

Starting your entrepreneur journey is no walk in the park. It can often be a scary, unclear path filled with obstacles made to deter you from your targets. However, as stated by IM Academy CEO Chris Terry, if you are willing to put in the work and do what is necessary for success, results will follow! Here are 6 rules that every entrepreneur should implement when forming the blueprint for their goals.


It may be an old saying but there is truth in: “The only limit is your imagination.” Being able to vividly picture where you want to go and who you want to be will not only motivate you to reach that goal but will also make the decision to do so a lot easier to make. Create that image in your mind. How long did it take to achieve this vision? What have you achieved? What kind of people are you surrounded by within your endeavours? The clearer you see exactly what you want, the easier it will be to take difficult steps.


Don’t allow yourself a backup plan. Once, you make a decision, make it irrevocable. Too often people prevent themselves from making tough decisions because they know they can fall back onto their plan B. All that this will do is prevent potential. Chris Terry suggests to put your all into plan A. Every thought, every action. Will yourself to give 100% into one plan.


It takes a lot of self-control to stick to a plan once it is made. You must train your brain to follow your command and not let yourself be deterred. For some, this may mean missing out on that Friday night party or skipping the junk food for a salad. Disciplining yourself isn’t always going to be fun – in fact, there may be times that you hate it. But persist and reap the benefits when you succeed.


Discipline requires focus. Focus on your plan, on your goals, on the steps you need to take. Don’t let yourself be pulled into a direction you aren’t meant to go. You planned out your goals for a reason, so stick with it. Constantly remind yourself of that picture you imagined so clearly and never let the focus of that image blur.


It is too easy to give up at the first inconvenience, and many do. They lack the determination required to meet their goals. Persistence, really, is a choice. You can choose to give up, or you can choose to keep pushing forward through that brick wall until you have reached your target. The same choice will come again once you reach a goal. Do you call it a day, or do you fight for that next level? When you decided to persist, the sky is the limit.


Gratitude isn’t about humility, but appreciation. Don’t get too swept up in your future goals. Take a moment to be thankful for what you have, what you’ve achieved. Taking stock of how far you’ve come will only make you more motivated to keep pushing forward.

About IM Academy

IM Academy is an online educational platform designed to teach unique strategies through live classrooms that can make it easier to understand forex, digital currency, high frequency, and e-commerce markets. The academy was founded in 2013 by Chris Terry and Isis Terry. If you’re looking for a way to change your life for the better, don’t miss out on the opportunity to enroll in IM Academy.

IM Academy does not offer access to online platforms for investment or online trading. International Markets Live Inc. is not liable for any loss or damage, including, without limitation, any loss of profit. IM Academy, its independent business owners, and educators do not provide personalized recommendations or advice on investment strategy, nor do they provide any regulated financial services, act as a registered investment advisor or broker-dealer.

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6 Must-Follow Tips To Choose The Best Kratom Vendors



6 Must-Follow Tips To Choose The Best Kratom Vendors

Are you excited to try the wonder product Kratom for the first time? Or are you an experienced user and lover of Mitrayna Speciosa who is searching for a trustworthy vendor? These tips will help you in your search.

1: Choose a vendor with AKA certificate

American Kratom Association (AKA) is an agency that is dedicated to advocating Mitragyna use. It dismisses any disinformation campaign by the government or private organizations and promotes its real efficacy among the populace. Hence, AKA is very much adept at identifying the right vendors and their products. It issues certificates of authenticity to the right vendors and makes it easy for you to identify them. Make sure to choose a vendor with AKA certification, and you will not go wrong with your choice. The AKA takes all the related selling information about the vendor. The most important information they would take also includes the delivery options and distributors the vendors use.

2: Inquire about the Procurement and Testing Methods

Basically, Kratom is a naturally occurring herb used for medical purposes in several Asian cultures for centuries. That’s why you must inquire with the vendor about their sources of the ingredients and their testing methods. This inquiry will ensure how safe it is to take their products.

Some vendors work very well in this department, and they know where the herbal product is coming from. Some of these kratom vendors are so involved in the procurement procedure that they make sure the process is as organic as possible. This dedication of vendors also helps them with the processing. For example, they would make sure that: 

● There are no heavy metals in the substance or any additives, as these elements could change the properties of the substance. In addition, they make sure there are no heavy metals as these metals can cause a distorted result of this product. So, keeping kratom safe from these metals is important.

● The complete processing has no extra chemicals involved. When a company has this quality, they have natural mitragyna products.

● People who provide them with this product have the expertise of what they are doing. These people do it the right way with the organic process of harvesting and nurturing the plant. The use of organic methods would include the least use of fertilizers and pesticides.

● They know if the product is from the countries with the best environment for its harvesting, as some countries have soil and climate factors that help produce Kratom better than others.

3: Read Customer Reviews

Make sure to go through the customer reviews regarding vendors before buying Kratom from them. While some vendors generate fake reviews to attract clients, several platforms offer only genuine user reviews that do not allow the user to be misguided. Search for those platforms and study the reviews with rapt attention.  

To ensure that the reviews are not fake, you must read the wordings and check different platforms for the same company and product.

 The users with experience using your target product will be excellent guides to solidify or discard your choice.

4: Choose vendors with a money-back guarantee:

Vendors that are completely confident in the authenticity of their products often offer a full refund policy for unsatisfied customers because they know no customer will remain unhappy.

Some of the best vendors with money-back guarantees are top overall, like Golden monk and Kats botanicals.

That’s why you should choose a vendor that offers a money-back guarantee for your purchased Mitragyna speciosa products if you find them unsatisfying.

5: Choose vendors that offer free shipping:

Mitragyna products are affordable for many people. However, if you have no local vendor, the shipping charges may make you think twice before purchasing your desired products. That’s why you should check out your chosen vendor that offers free shipping to your address before making your purchase. So, if you wish to save some money to buy some extra pieces of this miraculous herbal product, there is always an option of getting the best solution. 

6: Top vendors to consider:

Some vendors are famous for their authenticity, like:

● Golden Monk–It is one of the topmost vendors for Kratom in the market. They have their authenticity and high-quality products with high priority shipping and cheaper bulk purchases.

● Coastline Kratom–This company offers you to grow Kratom at your own home if you are not satisfied with any market products or vendors. Buy the high-quality strain of your choice with a money-back guarantee and free US shipping.

● Mitragyna–This is one of the oldest vendors of authentic mitragyna products in the market. From capsules to tea extracts, it offers a wide range of options.

Supernatural Botanical – They are one of the top vendors with free shipment and 30 days full refund guarantee. Another thing that some others may not have is lab-tested products with more than 2000 reviews that show how reliable they are for buyers.

Shop Ketum Superior is another reliable store that offers the best quality products and has premium level kratom from the best farms. In addition, they have the reputation of providing an all-natural product variety with no filter chemicals. Another thing they have is that they test every product independently.


Even now, after years of introduction, mitragyna remains relatively unknown to a significant part of the population in the US.

Since there is a lack of regulation, this makes it harder to make a decision. However, as long as you follow the tips given above, your vendor choice will help you provide the best Kratom products for purchase.

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Boost your Business/Brand with the Best social media marketing services by Social Bros Official



Boost your Business/Brand with the Best social media marketing services by Social Bros Official

For the last two decades, social media has become the most powerful and famous tool for reaching out or exploring anything or anyone remotely. A similar thing has happened when it comes to smart platforms for the marketing of business structures and firms. Social media has been proven to be no joke lately. Undeniably, Virtual presence has become even more important for every business as well as for a common man in this digital era. Since it is all about the contribution of social media to the global boost of business, we see that social media strategies boost user engagement across the channels that engage customers and clients, social interaction between business & clients is now a forever growing trend that also increases the sales and improves the brand loyalty. You also must be wondering if you can reach out to any of such channels that can contribute to the growth of your business. Luckily, there is.

Social bros official:

We are talking about the channel that is already the talk of the town. Social bros Official is a Telegram Social media channel that provides Social media services for actually boosting and promoting your brand across the trending social platforms. You can grow your brand’s awareness, customers engagement, and net traffic on it.

Spread brand awareness on top social media platforms:

Widespread and increasing use of the internet has made it common to post about brands on top websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many other such trending channels. All of these tools have become undoubtedly the biggest resource of marketing with all the active users. So why can’t you benefit from it? Yes, you can.

Benefit from our top exclusive services:

While keeping in view, the exponentially growing need for digital marketing in today’s age, we have enlisted the most active options of social media marketing for our customers. These exclusive services include:

  • Social media optimization services
  • Likes
  • Followers
  • Subscribers
  • Custom comments
  • Active Group members

Customize or buy your favorite product:

You can avail the best opportunity by visiting our exclusive store online where you can have us customize any product for you. Not just that, you can also buy from the products we have in our store. Also fearlessly send us any questions or confusions.

Hire an experienced and professional team:

Social Bros consists of highly experienced and dedicated team members with more than 7 years of exclusive experience in the service of social media markets.  We are available 24/7 for your highly cared-for services.

Enjoy our best personal support:

Any kind of business can avail our services without worrying much. We have the trust of our uncountable customers worldwide who have contributed to where we are today. You can be one of them. We support in GERMAN, and ENGLISH language. So,  connect to us today by joining our Telegram channel and let us boost your business or brand across the top social media platforms and double your earnings right away.

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