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Water is a means of transport for cellular nutrients and their waste metabolites, facilitates the transport of CO2 and O2 gases, their quantity, molecular form and their location within the food product, are factors that significantly affect their characteristics specific as appearance, texture, color, etc.

Moisture determination

There are many methods for determining the moisture content of food, varying in its complication according to the three types of water and there is often a poor correlation between the results obtained.

However, the generality of the methods gives reproducible results, if the empirical instructions are followed faithfully and can be satisfactory for practical use.

The methods can be classified as by drying, distillation, by chemical and instrumental methods.

Determination of humidity by direct heating


Determine the moisture present in a food sample by a drying process, in this case, direct heating.


The stove has the ability to raise the t and keep it constant, in order to eliminate the moisture present in food for a long period of time.


We can conclude that the sample to which the moisture determination was performed contains a moisture percentage of 9.0351%, which is why it is within the parameters indicated.

The climatic humidity conditions that can influence this result must be taken into account.


A minimum weight is determined by dividing the standard deviation of repeatability (Rstd) of the balance by the required accuracy. In some cases, a safety factor is applied (for example, USP uses 2 x Rstd). To weigh a 50 mg sample, it could be assumed that a device with a readability of 0.1 mg is quite sufficient. Is this correct? Let’s look at an example to find out. If the maximum uncertainty tolerance is 0.1%, and the Rstd value of the balance is 0.1 mg, then the minimum weight would be equal to 2 * 0.1 mg / 0.001 or 200 mg. Therefore, a 0.1 mg device would be insufficient to meet the accuracy requirements established for this example, and a device with a readability of 0.01 mg should be used.

In this case, a semi-micro device, such as the Ohaus Moisture Balances, would be needed to ‘accurately’ weigh the 50 mg samples. In fact, the OHAUS Explorer equilibrium guarantees that samples can be weighed up to 20mg (in real cases, up to 10mg after an appropriate rating),

while maintaining compliance with the minimum weight standards USP41. In addition to their excellent weighing performance, OHAUS Explorer’s semi-micro scales contain features that help ensure maximum weighing accuracy, such as antistatic devices. Static accumulation can be a substantial source of error when weighing small samples. The Explorer series also contains several features that make balances easy to use and suitable for use in regulated environments,


Reasons to implement professional web development in your business




Reasons to implement professional web development in your business

Today it is practically impossible to live without a website to help you promote your business. An important decision in this regard is to create the website on your own or hire an expert who knows what he is doing and will deliver the custom work to you.

Today it is practically impossible to live without a website to help you promote your business. An important decision in this regard is to create the website on your own or hire an expert who knows what he is doing and will deliver the custom work to you.

Although there are economic options on the market to create a website, they do not always mean showing all the potential that you would like to give your clients, due to the lack of functionalities that prevent the development of a guaranteed project. In many cases, hiring a professional web developer to edit a WordPress theme or create a page from scratch may be the best decision. For more information, please visit the website

Why should your website have professional web development?

The initial investment to carry out the development of your website can give you many benefits in the long term. Let’s see how next.

  1. Professionals can customize custom templates

We do not mean that you do not know how to customize a theme, but that a professional has a lot of experience when it comes to designing and preparing templates, in addition to having cards up his sleeve and tricks that you may not know (yet). If you do it on your own, you will surely download a template (in some cases you will have them free when you hire a hosting plan), you will make some changes and that’s it. Unfortunately, this will leave you with a website very similar to others on the Internet that use the same theme.

Using the services of an expert also means improving the SEO of your website. A large majority of customers carry out previous searches on a certain product or service before deciding to buy or analyze the comments made by those users who have already experienced the positive or negative part of a product. If users don’t find you on the first page of search engines, your chances of being known are very limited. By improving SEO positioning, you can progress in the SERPs. If you don’t know how to do it, it is best to put yourself in the hands of an SEO expert who can get results in a few months.

  • The ROI you will have will offset the cost

Hiring a web developer from scratch pays off for a number of reasons. First, you can generate an attractive website that helps you get more leads and attract potential customers. Second, by collaborating with a professional you avoid having to start your web project from scratch afterward.

Finally, it is likely that you do not know how to develop yourself, which may simply not really knowing the expectations that you can generate with your website. By working with an expert from the get-go, they can deal with those expectations by giving you more clues on how to create your project to meet as many needs as possible.

  • You can choose the best developer available

How do you know who is the best specialist for your business? The best way to find out is to contact several professionals, get an idea of ​​the services they offer, what estimates they give you for their work. When you have everything, try to answer questions:

  • Are all your services homegrown or do you outsource them?
  • Do they work in my city or do they work remotely?
  • Has anyone else worked with these experts?
  • Have they worked with other companies in the sector?
  • Can they offer you the services of third parties such as photographers or content writers, since they are not specialists in these matters?
  • Do you use a CMS to create web pages?
  • Do they make updates or is it something they leave in the hand of the end customer?

If possible, look for comments that speak to all the professionals you have contacted. First of all, think that your website speaks for your company and first impressions say it all. Don’t settle.

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Databases: know 10 useful tools to manage them




Databases: know 10 useful tools to manage them

The first thing to know is that databases are a group of related information that is stored, in an orderly manner. We can compare them with a large library, only that instead of having physical books, documents or magazines, the data is digitized and stored on discs that allow access to them from anywhere in the world.

However, this explanation may fall a bit short in the light of experts Carlos Coronel, Steven Morris and Peter Rob. In their book ‘Databases: Design, Implementation and Administration’, they point out that databases “are specialized structures that allow computerized systems to save, manage and retrieve data very quickly.”

Some of the characteristics of these digital databases are the confluence of multiple users, data integrity, optimization of complex queries, secure access, data independence, standard programming language and backup, and information retrieval.

This model adds, removes, or updates rows of data, manages every detail in the database, and retrieves subsets of data for analysis and processing of transactions. For further information, you can visit website

Now yes, 10 database management tools!

Among the types of managers that we can find are MySQL, which is characterized by its speed and is used by large websites such as Facebook, Google, Wikipedia, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr. In addition, it is one of the most used with Microsoft SQL Server. The latter is widely used to handle large volumes of information.

And because MySQL is one of the most popular Database Management System, here are 10 tools to manage it:

1. MySQL Workbench – This is a tool that offers data modeling, SQL development, and database design, management, administration, and maintenance. It was manufactured by Oracle and is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

2. Navicat for MySQL: is a graphical manager and development software created by Premium Soft CyberTech Ltd. It has an intuitive graphical interface with great scope for the development, maintenance, and management of databases. Ideal for those starting with MySQL. It is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

3. Sequel Pro: is an exclusive tool for Mac OS, manufactured by Sequel Pro & CocoaMySQL Team. Among its characteristics are the exploration of tables for queries, a panel to launch queries quickly, allows the debugging of information in a comfortable way and the creation and modification of the table structure.

4. Heidi SQL: is a free and open source software that allows you to connect to MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL servers. It is only available for Windows and was manufactured by the German Ansgar Becker. Heidi allows you to view and edit data, you can export structures and data, as well as edit triggers, views, procedures and tables.

5. SQL Maestro, MySQL Tools Family: it is a manager used for operations with database objects, executing SQL queries and scripts, makes it easy to backup, export and import data. Its limitation is that it is only compatible with Windows.

6. SQLWave My SQL Client: is an intuitive graphical tool designed to automate and simplify database processes. It also provides an easy way to explore and maintain existing databases. Allows you to make connections with remote hosts. It was manufactured by Nerocode and can only be used with Windows.

7. DB Forge Studio: allows a developer to create and run queries, develop and debug MySQL routines, and also provides utilities to compare, synchronize, and backup databases. It is only compatible with Windows and was created by Devart.

8. DB Tools Manager: it is considered the most powerful application for data management. Only compatible with Windows, it was manufactured by DB Tools Software, this tool handles databases, tables (including indexed, triggers), domains, among others.

9.MyDb Studio : can only work with Windows, H2LSoft Inc. created a tool that can create, modify and delete databases, backup and restore databases, export tables to XML, Excel or Word, among other utilities.

10. Dream coder for MySQL: has an interface that allows you to quickly and easily perform tasks with the database. Objects can be created, edited, duplicated, exported, and deleted; compile and run stored procedures; export and import data, generate reports, monitor activity, and synchronize the database. It is manufactured by Mentat Technologies Database Solutions, Inc. and is only compatible with Windows.

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Using An Automatic Capping Machine In Organizations

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Using An Automatic Capping Machine In Organizations

When your organization uses an automatic capping machine to package liquid goods, using a cap or lid to each vessel securely is a vital part of the procedure. If you’re not presently shipping out a lot of item, or if you don’t have a total packaging align as well as operating fairly yet, you may not have actually carried out having a capping machine right into the system yet. If you’re currently capping your bottles by hand, you could be throwing away a lot of time making certain that each lid is tightened or snapped firmly into place. Rather, think about upgrading the process by integrating an Automated Cap Sealing machine into your system

How Can Capping Machines Advantage Your Company?

Capping machines can not only save time, but they can enhance the process of placing lids on vessels as well as having products prepared for delivery. For instance, as opposed to needing to manually sort caps or manually place and fasten caps, you can allow a device do all the work for a parallel, consistent outcome. If your containers call for plugs and not correct caps, there are additionally devices that can look after that work, such as automatic vertical wheel pluggers. Conserve time and generate even more constant packaging with computerized machinery. Include an item each time, or buy a whole system simultaneously– whatever your budget enables.

The Difference In Between Non-Automated Capping and Automated Capping Equipments

Naturally, when discussing mechanized capping equipments, as well as also most semi-automatic tools, a packager can seal off a greater number of canisters making use of devices versus manual screwing or sealing. While non-automated capping can perhaps accomplish the exact same outcomes as also automatic machinery, the price of labor to stay on par with such manufacturing rates would certainly much surpass any type of benefit to the packager. As well as once more, while some hand-operated capping equipments might not raise the containers per second that are sealed off, they still provide a lot more uniform as well as trusted capping than manual labor.

Ultimately, non-automated sealing can be done for just about any type of packaging project, thinking that the area is available to gather and close containers. The very same holds true of sealing machinery. Regardless of the existing procedure, both semi-automatic as well as automatic capping machines can be incorporated into an existing job. Whether this entails clearing an area on a desk around the filling up procedure or pushing up an automatic equipment to an already prevailing power conveyor, capping devices are functional sufficient to integrate right into almost any packaging line.

Relieve of Operation

After the device is working, the operator will simply need to re-supply the mass caps every now and then. The set up of a capping device consists of any type of modifications for the cap and also container combination being made use of to run. Nonetheless, in most cases, the adjustments will be made employing a switch for the height and simple hand knobs to cap the components, such as the gripper belts, spindle wheels, and other components of the machine. Bear in mind, the objective of any and all devices you must be is to streamline the work you have to do, hasten it up, and also make points a lot more effective. This is specifically what the capping machine offers.

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