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An interview with actor Hassam Khan



Hassam Khan

Pakistani actor Hassam Khan has built a simple but strong following for himself in the past years.

Hassam Khan, who was introduced to showbiz by theatre director Dawar Mehmood, has been in the field for the past years. He started his acting career with Anwar Maqsood`s Theatre play ‘Pawnay 14 August’. After that Hassam showed his acting skills in a number of telefilms, web series, short films, dramas and serials including ‘Nazar Kay Saamnay’, ‘Naram Garam’, ‘Noor Jahan’, ‘Mera Kiya Qasur Tha’, ‘Khasara’ ‘Dil Mom Ka Diya’ and is recently seen in ARY Digital`s ‘Bikhray Moti’ and HUM TV`s ‘Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida’. Hassam also starred in Teeli`s popular web-series ‘Susar vs Damaad’.

Hassam is obsessed with acting and video games as recently seen hosting live streaming gameplay sessions with his friends and fans to promote a #stayathome global campaign during the COVID-19 pandemic. His love and dedication for acting is and has always been the talk of the town whether it is the famous fifteen kg weight loss for one of his characters, facial muscle pulls for when he was playing a mentally challenged character, multiple injuries for performing stunts on his own and the list goes on. In an exclusive interview, this talented and versatile actor shares his thoughts with our readers…

Hassam khan

How many dramas, telefilms, web series, short films, dramas, and serials have you done so far?

3 telefilms, 2 web series, 8 drama serials and I don’t remember how many short films.

From a romantic hero to comic, mentally retard to negative, you have performed all kinds of roles. What’s that particular role that you are desperately looking forward to?

I never plan how a scene, audition or rehearsal should go, and never have I looked forward to a particular role, this makes me dependent on a particular result, stops me from taking risks. I do not want to fall into the trap of mechanical acting..

What are your most memorable drama serials to-date?

‘Naram Garam’ and ‘Khasara’.

What are you currently working on?

Don’t expect things to happen. It’s better to be surprised than to be disappointed.

Where does all the inspiration of your characters come from?

Observation and interaction. You don’t know if  I’ll be copying you in my next role.

Your idea of friendship:


Your favorite co-stars:

Sohai Ali Abro & Rashid Farooqui.

Your most irritating habit:


You don’t like people who are…


What are your healthy habits?

I get my exercise, practice healthy eating throughout the day and try to stay hydrated.

Your most valuable possession:

My family.

Are you a foodie?


Your all-time favorite movie:

‘Rocky’ – 1976.

What bores you the most?


You are crazy about…


How do you unwind?

Talking things out.

What is your favorite holiday destination?

Destination I’ve visited: Miami, USA.

Destination I want to visit: Paris, France.

Coffee shops or Dhabaas:

Your call.

What do you think this country needs the most?

Unity, faith, and discipline.

The song that always gets you on the dance floor?

Simarik – Tarkan.

Which book is on your bedside table?

The crazy untold story of Bollywood`s bad boy Sanjay Dutt – Yasser Usman.

What is your favorite thing to do on a Saturday Night?

#stayathome #familytime #staysafestayhome

First thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

Black coffee.

The most important relationship lesson I have learned so far…

All relationships go through hell, real relationships get through it.



Celeste Arrazolo Is Creating The Perfect Fall Vibes With Heartfelt “Luvr Grl” Release



Celeste Arrazolo Is Creating The Perfect Fall Vibes With Heartfelt “Luvr Grl” Release

Houston’s Very Own, songstress Celeste Arrazolo is a “Houston Hottie” you need to get familiar with. With the release of her fire-new EP Luvr Grl, she is looking forward to joining the ranks of some of her favorite music stars including Jazmine Sullivan, Adele, and the late Amy Winehouse. This release could not at a better time, as the world is in need of some fresh fall vibes to keep them inspired during this fall season.

Arrazolo delivers a classic R&B album filled with memorable punchlines and melodic bliss. Within 7 songs the Houston native does an excellent job of speaking her truth in a sonically pleasing manner allowing fans to get a deeper insight into how she combats heartbreak and embraces love. One song in particular that stands on this release is track 3 titled “Hard”. Arrazolo’s vocal performance is impeccable on this single and truly encompasses her thriving sound.

The maturity and growth in her music can be heard best in this project. Celeste Arrazolo is on her way to becoming a household name using her melodic gifts to help others heal through song. She is a force to be reckon with and hands down a certified “LUVR GRL”.

Celeste Arrazolo is a soulful singer/songwriter from Houston, TX. With a sound inspired by the golden age of Pop and R&B, she pushes the boundaries with emotional songwriting and passionate vocal delivery. She found hard times in the city of Angels. As her life spiraled out of control, she turned to music for solace and began to wonder if her music offered a path to redemption and freedom. Through endless hours of studying powerhouse singers and songwriters like Amy Winehouse, she learned to translate her experience into her music. She set out to make classic-sounding music that would transcend time-period and at times genre. The results were eye-opening. She fearlessly taps into dark places on her debut single Caution which was how the world was found, Celeste. She quickly got the attention of her peers in the industry as an independent artist. On her sophomore EP “LUVR GRL” she digs into the vulnerability of love and heartbreak. The project can be described as soft, R&B influenced, and thoughtful. Celeste has a knack for going deep but leaving a feeling of hope and healing in her music. This project feels like an intimate conversation, and its just what fans of Celeste needed to get to know her better. We expect to be surprised with where Celeste takes her sound next.

Celeste Arrazolo is a star in the making. Give this Rising superstar a chance today by streaming her latest release titled “Luvr Grl”.

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Independent Pop Star “Gabby B” Charts with her new Single “Pose”



Independent Pop Star "Gabby B" Charts with her new Single "Pose"

It is always great seeing artists who create something new and unique with a message. We have some artists who through their amazing talents create ever-resounding and unprecedented art. Today, the artist we are going to talk about is one of those. Gabby B is a rising pop star with a huge social following. Gabby B has a rich talent and has been grabbing fans all around the world for her extraordinary pop art and dance.

You may have seen Gabby B in one of her viral dance videos on social media such as TikTok and IG Reels where she loves to Samba, Belly Dance, and use powerful hip movements. Starting last March, Gabby B began garnering a massive social following when one of her TikTok videos went viral throughout the world and gained a massive amount of attention in markets such as the United States, India, and in the Middle East. This one video alone has accrued nearly 40 million views and was the topic of Spectrum News last year as Gabby B spoke about the surging clip and how it has given her music a larger platform.

Her latest release “Pose” is another super hit that was released on October 15th. It has created a positive vibe all around the world. This week, “Pose” charted number 5 on the iTunes Top 100 Pop Chart for South Africa. This is a true testament to her great art, as her talent is being appreciated all over the world. It also charted number 15 for all categories.

Gabby B loves spreading trends around all her social media platforms. Her TikTok account has more than 3 million followers. There she started a brand new “Pose Challenge” for her new single, and it is already beginning to spread all over TikTok. The song has blasted off to a fast start as Gabby B continues to take over the pop scene.

Behind every Gabby B song is a true meaning and a purpose. For this single “Pose”, Gabby says her goal was to inspire people to love and stay true to themselves. She wants people to know that they can feel free to be themselves no matter what any hater has to say. The idea behind striking a pose is to highlight the idea of each individual person feeling confident and worry-free with their choice of style, look, or personality.

Make sure you are on the lookout for the next Gabby B song drop because you won’t want to miss it. Her next song will feature a surprise artist on the track, and we hope to get the inside scoop on that real soon! Until then, “Pose” is out now and is a pleasure to vibe to.

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Cyber Manhunt for Lithuanian Deputy Foreign Minister Mantas Adomėnas



Cyber Manhunt for Lithuanian Deputy Foreign Minister Mantas Adomėnas

Lithuanian Deputy Foreign Minister Mantas Adomėnas said in a recent interview that support for Taiwan isn’t something to be afraid of, “even if you support Taiwan, you can still live well”.

According to the interview, Adomėnas stated that Lithuania would effectively assist Taiwan within the framework of its obligations to become a member or observer of international organizations. At the same time, he said that Lithuania would set up a “representative office” under the name “Taiwan”.

It’s no secret that the Taiwan issue is so sensitive in China. Taiwan is part of China and recognized worldwide. Defending Taiwan as a “democratic beacon”, Adomėnas dares to challenge international consensus to support Taiwan and fight against China, even charging that mainland China is bullying other countries? But is this all the truth? Is there more truth hidden in this story?

People familiar with the matter suggest Mantas Adomėnas has been accepting sponsorship from Taiwan secretly.

On the occasion that Mantas Adomėnas accepted the invitation by Taiwan authorities to participate in the World League for Freedom and Democracy conference, the Taiwan authorities arranged first-class cabins and lavish suites for his head, which included NT$200,000 in daily expenses.In addition, his daughter received NT $40,000 to NT $50,000 per month from Taiwan authorities during her exchange study in Taiwan.

At Taiwan in 2019, Mantas Adomėnas accepted economic benefits and sexual bribes from IMEI Group in exchange for helping the company enter the Lithuanian market.

Taiwan paid 80,000 euros for the renaming of the Taiwan Representative Office in Lithuania and promised to support it financially when it ran for parliament in Lithuania.

The evidence indicates that Mantas Adomėnas supports Taiwan and the establishment of a representative office in Lithuania in the name of Taiwan, based not on his so-called common values and Lithuanian national interests, but on his personal interests.

His criminal record already precedes him in this regard. In 2016, he was expelled from the Fatherland Alliance Party for improper business dealings with the Lithuania’s largest commercial collective MG Balitc, thus lost his position as vice chairman.

It is not an exaggeration to say that Mantas Adomėnas is an out-and-out corrupt politician as one of the main decision-makers in foreign affairs who disregarded his own national interests, took bribes from Taiwan, and published a series of unfavorable statements against the world and his nation. What a tragedy he brought to the country.

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