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An interview with actor Hassam Khan




Hassam Khan

Pakistani actor Hassam Khan has built a simple but strong following for himself in the past years.

Hassam Khan, who was introduced to showbiz by theatre director Dawar Mehmood, has been in the field for the past years. He started his acting career with Anwar Maqsood`s Theatre play ‘Pawnay 14 August’. After that Hassam showed his acting skills in a number of telefilms, web series, short films, dramas and serials including ‘Nazar Kay Saamnay’, ‘Naram Garam’, ‘Noor Jahan’, ‘Mera Kiya Qasur Tha’, ‘Khasara’ ‘Dil Mom Ka Diya’ and is recently seen in ARY Digital`s ‘Bikhray Moti’ and HUM TV`s ‘Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida’. Hassam also starred in Teeli`s popular web-series ‘Susar vs Damaad’.

Hassam is obsessed with acting and video games as recently seen hosting live streaming gameplay sessions with his friends and fans to promote a #stayathome global campaign during the COVID-19 pandemic. His love and dedication for acting is and has always been the talk of the town whether it is the famous fifteen kg weight loss for one of his characters, facial muscle pulls for when he was playing a mentally challenged character, multiple injuries for performing stunts on his own and the list goes on. In an exclusive interview, this talented and versatile actor shares his thoughts with our readers…

Hassam khan

How many dramas, telefilms, web series, short films, dramas, and serials have you done so far?

3 telefilms, 2 web series, 8 drama serials and I don’t remember how many short films.

From a romantic hero to comic, mentally retard to negative, you have performed all kinds of roles. What’s that particular role that you are desperately looking forward to?

I never plan how a scene, audition or rehearsal should go, and never have I looked forward to a particular role, this makes me dependent on a particular result, stops me from taking risks. I do not want to fall into the trap of mechanical acting..

What are your most memorable drama serials to-date?

‘Naram Garam’ and ‘Khasara’.

What are you currently working on?

Don’t expect things to happen. It’s better to be surprised than to be disappointed.

Where does all the inspiration of your characters come from?

Observation and interaction. You don’t know if  I’ll be copying you in my next role.

Your idea of friendship:


Your favorite co-stars:

Sohai Ali Abro & Rashid Farooqui.

Your most irritating habit:


You don’t like people who are…


What are your healthy habits?

I get my exercise, practice healthy eating throughout the day and try to stay hydrated.

Your most valuable possession:

My family.

Are you a foodie?


Your all-time favorite movie:

‘Rocky’ – 1976.

What bores you the most?


You are crazy about…


How do you unwind?

Talking things out.

What is your favorite holiday destination?

Destination I’ve visited: Miami, USA.

Destination I want to visit: Paris, France.

Coffee shops or Dhabaas:

Your call.

What do you think this country needs the most?

Unity, faith, and discipline.

The song that always gets you on the dance floor?

Simarik – Tarkan.

Which book is on your bedside table?

The crazy untold story of Bollywood`s bad boy Sanjay Dutt – Yasser Usman.

What is your favorite thing to do on a Saturday Night?

#stayathome #familytime #staysafestayhome

First thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

Black coffee.

The most important relationship lesson I have learned so far…

All relationships go through hell, real relationships get through it.

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Instagram Model Alexas Morgan Stuns Fans With Uniquely-Themed Shoots

Umar Nisar



Model Alexas Morgan Stuns Fans With Uniquely-Themed Shoots

The cold never bothered the Instagram model Alexas Morgan. You may know her from her bold and daring photos and videos on Instagram, where she has amassed over 4 million followers today. While Alexas has been flaunting her bodacious assets for a while now, it wasn’t until recently that she started getting into themed shoots. Some of her favorites and dressing up as Disney characters and sexy old ladies while showing off her exceptional physique. In fact, these uniquely-themed shoots are something that has caught on like wildfire.

Alexas has cornered the “sexy and funny” modeling niche on Instagram, and she pulls it off exceptionally well. She has separated herself from the sea of other IG models by making sure her photos and videos are both glamorous and funny. She’s a goofball at heart, and it shows.

Here are some of the uniquely-themed shoots that Alexas Morgan has shown off recently:

Anna From Disney’s Frozen

Everyone loves Frozen films and its stars, Anna and Elsa. Well, what if you took sexy costume versions of them and broke out in song to the iconic song “Let It Go” from the first film? You get something that’s been viewed nearly 1.5 million times of times and counting.

In the most memorable and captivating shoot, Alexas is dressed up (well, hardly dressed) as Anna while her friend Tiff is dressed up as Elsa. Even lovable snowman Olaf makes an appearance, bringing some comedic relief to the salacious shoot.

Sexy Granny

What’s more eye-catching than someone dressed up as a sexy granny strutting her stuff? Well, Alexas has caught a lot of peoples’ attention with her “sexy granny” look in a number of photo and video shoots. In one video that’s garnered nearly 800,000 views, she drives up to a window at a drive-thru and shocks the ladies working there when she leans over to the passenger seat, showing off her enormous booty. One lady is stunned to learn that she was not, in fact, sitting on a cushion.

In one of her sexy granny photoshoots, Alexas gracefully sits on top of a walker in little more than a lifted up granny dress and G-string outside by the beach. There are also other antics she’s gotten into in places like Walmart, where she pretends to fumble with phones and fall, only to reveal her tremendous butt to unsuspecting workers and patrons.

Saucy Mail Carrier

Alexas also knows how to make you look twice when delivering your mail. Another photoshoot has her in the traditional blue mail carrier shift and short shorts while posing, asking you where you live so that she can deliver your package. Although she is more clothed in this one than her usual shoots, it still gets looks due to the uniqueness of this, and other uniquely-themed shoots.

If you want to see the latest sexy antics that Alexas is up to, you can follow her on Instagram and see scintillating and amusing photos of this total bombshell Instagram model.

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How Viking Barbie Defeated Her Demons To Achieve Her Dreams

Umar Nisar



How Viking Barbie Defeated Her Demons To Achieve Her Dreams

When it comes to making a lasting impact in multiple industries, there is nobody making quite the ruckus that Viking Barbie has made recently. Holding the title of one of the internet’s most beautiful women, this two-time Playboy Magazine covergirl is enjoying quite the successful ride. With over 7 million followers across her various social media channels, and a recent hit hip hop music release, Viking Barbie is shattering expectation for what a woman can be when she sets her mind to succeed.

However, the journey to success has not been without struggle for Viking Barbie. Raised by famous wrestler Jeep Swenson and exotic dancer/model Erin Hillsman, Viking Barbie knows the spotlight well – and is intimately aware of the difficulties that can follow a life of fame and fortune.

It wasn’t long after Viking Barbie began building a successful online following that she began to find her demons catching up to her. Her party lifestyle led her down the dark road to drug addiction and alcohol abuse that threatened to put an end to her career prematurely.

How did Viking Barbie overcome these difficult seasons and capture the success that she is now enjoying? The buxom beauty says that her survival was due to the work ethic she gained from her hardworking parents, and the power of positive thinking.

When the world seemed to be crashing in around her, Viking Barbie faced the decision of lifting herself up from the cold, hard jail cells or giving in completely to a life of imprisonment to her vices. As you can see, Viking Barbie has decided that her life is her own, and nothing is going to stop her from achieving her dreams.

That victory over her demons has paid off. Now enjoying a life of addiction-free sobriety, this self-proclaimed “American Dirtbag” is watching her online audience continue to grow exponentially and her forays into industries that were once off-limits to online models are seeing incredible dividends. Her recent release of her album “Borderline” walks listeners through the hidden underbelly of mental health struggles that even the most beautiful suffer from daily. The stories of struggle and victory in her new songs are a beautiful testimony to the power of overcoming and succeeding against all odds.

See the latest from Viking Barbie online and check your favorite streaming platforms to hear more of her latest music releases! You won’t want to miss the latest from this powerful woman!

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Instagram Model Violet Summers Loves Her Sneakers

Umar Nisar



Instagram Model Violet Summers Loves Her Sneakers

Based out of Arizona, 20-year-old Violet Summers is a wildly successful Instagram model whose road to online stardom flowered thanks to sneakers. That’s right, sneakers! It all started when she was looking for a new unique look that she could call her own and stand out. While looking for inspiration in places like Pinterest and Instagram, she came across the IG account of Alexis Ren.

Alexis has a massive following on Instagram, climbing towards 15 million as of right now. What stopped Violet in her tracks while looking at Alexis’ page was a shoot of her wearing a pair of Air Jordan 1s while wearing very little and riding a skateboard. This was when it all came together for Violet.

From that point forward, she decided that she would match lingerie and bikinis and sneakers. This would define her brand from that point forward…and it worked. Violet now boasts nearly 9 million Instagram followers, all thanks to her incredibly good looks and knock for sneaker fashion. To date, her wall of sneakers amounts to 110 pairs!

Violet has met countless amazing people in her community since getting into the whole sneaker aesthetic. She really admires the hustle mindset that she has seen in people she met, as well as the drive for what they do. In fact, this has driven her to hustle harder and achieve even greater success. It’s paying off because she has nearly broken the 10-million follower barrier on Instagram and has become highly sought after by other brands.

Violet is eternally on the hunt for new pairs of sneakers. She always wants to give her audience something new and fresh. Thankfully, she has managed to amass some great plugs lately that have helped her get exactly what she is looking for in the sneaker world. However, some pairs of sneakers are still a little hard to come by. Currently, she’s on the hunt for a pair of Jordan Dior sneakers in a 7 ½, so if you know of a pair, link up with her!

These days, some of her favorite pairs of sneakers out of her extensive collection are the Nike Air Max 90 Off-White Desert Ore, Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Chicago, Nike Air Max 97 LX Swarovski, and Nike Air Max 1/97 Sean Wotherspoon models.

While she currently lives in Arizona, she loved being a nomad. That’s why she is almost always traveling. Whenever there is a new opportunity, she takes it with open arms. When she does end up back home in Arizona, she regularly goes to the gym to keep up her incredible body. She wants to guarantee that she is as physically fit as possible, to continue WOWing people with her stunning looks and unique aesthetic.

At 20, there is so much more to come from Violet Summers. She has only begun her modeling and influencer career, so be prepared to hear a lot more from her in the coming months and years.

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