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An interview with actor Hassam Khan



Hassam Khan

Pakistani actor Hassam Khan has built a simple but strong following for himself in the past years.

Hassam Khan, who was introduced to showbiz by theatre director Dawar Mehmood, has been in the field for the past years. He started his acting career with Anwar Maqsood`s Theatre play ‘Pawnay 14 August’. After that Hassam showed his acting skills in a number of telefilms, web series, short films, dramas and serials including ‘Nazar Kay Saamnay’, ‘Naram Garam’, ‘Noor Jahan’, ‘Mera Kiya Qasur Tha’, ‘Khasara’ ‘Dil Mom Ka Diya’ and is recently seen in ARY Digital`s ‘Bikhray Moti’ and HUM TV`s ‘Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida’. Hassam also starred in Teeli`s popular web-series ‘Susar vs Damaad’.

Hassam is obsessed with acting and video games as recently seen hosting live streaming gameplay sessions with his friends and fans to promote a #stayathome global campaign during the COVID-19 pandemic. His love and dedication for acting is and has always been the talk of the town whether it is the famous fifteen kg weight loss for one of his characters, facial muscle pulls for when he was playing a mentally challenged character, multiple injuries for performing stunts on his own and the list goes on. In an exclusive interview, this talented and versatile actor shares his thoughts with our readers…

Hassam khan

How many dramas, telefilms, web series, short films, dramas, and serials have you done so far?

3 telefilms, 2 web series, 8 drama serials and I don’t remember how many short films.

From a romantic hero to comic, mentally retard to negative, you have performed all kinds of roles. What’s that particular role that you are desperately looking forward to?

I never plan how a scene, audition or rehearsal should go, and never have I looked forward to a particular role, this makes me dependent on a particular result, stops me from taking risks. I do not want to fall into the trap of mechanical acting..

What are your most memorable drama serials to-date?

‘Naram Garam’ and ‘Khasara’.

What are you currently working on?

Don’t expect things to happen. It’s better to be surprised than to be disappointed.

Where does all the inspiration of your characters come from?

Observation and interaction. You don’t know if  I’ll be copying you in my next role.

Your idea of friendship:


Your favorite co-stars:

Sohai Ali Abro & Rashid Farooqui.

Your most irritating habit:


You don’t like people who are…


What are your healthy habits?

I get my exercise, practice healthy eating throughout the day and try to stay hydrated.

Your most valuable possession:

My family.

Are you a foodie?


Your all-time favorite movie:

‘Rocky’ – 1976.

What bores you the most?


You are crazy about…


How do you unwind?

Talking things out.

What is your favorite holiday destination?

Destination I’ve visited: Miami, USA.

Destination I want to visit: Paris, France.

Coffee shops or Dhabaas:

Your call.

What do you think this country needs the most?

Unity, faith, and discipline.

The song that always gets you on the dance floor?

Simarik – Tarkan.

Which book is on your bedside table?

The crazy untold story of Bollywood`s bad boy Sanjay Dutt – Yasser Usman.

What is your favorite thing to do on a Saturday Night?

#stayathome #familytime #staysafestayhome

First thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

Black coffee.

The most important relationship lesson I have learned so far…

All relationships go through hell, real relationships get through it.



JoshfromYNC on BET with Mike Jones



JoshfromYNC on BET with Mike Jones

The young and passionate Hip-hop artist is making his way all to become the world’s big superstar. Surely, he will become through his amazing work and art. His recent in the air is breaking all the records, people are loving it. It has got such an amazing beat in it that you won’t help but listening to it again and again.

Josh has a music video on BET and MTV with Mike Jones called Ima Bout It – YNC Ft. (Mike Jones).

Joshua Heatherington is also known as JoshfromYNC is a hip-hop artist from Wheeling, West Virginia. He is 26 years old and was Born on September 22, 1993. He has not only made an impact in his small area of Wheeling West Virginia, but he has also traveled all over the world winning back-to-back showcases for This is 50 in Queens New York, and Bad Boy Records in Newark New Jersey. He has been touring with a lot of celebrity artists and creating an international buzz that has worked his way up creating attention. Josh has been collaborating with industry-level artists, such as Yo Gotti, Jimmy Wopo, Mike Jones, Frenchie from Brick Squad, Chingy, Dj Unk, Dizzy Wright, and more.

He is on a major tv show called Growing Up Hip-hop New York with Jo Jo Simmons. His grind is unstoppable getting cosigns from Sway, Tim West Wood, DJ Envy, Snoop Dog, and many more. He was on Snoop Dogs Top Ten Underground heat 6 weeks in a row, also had his song played on Snoop Dogs TV show the GGN Network. He was also on Hip Hop nation with DJ Envy breaking his new records all over Sirius XM. Mr. Peter Parker took the record that he made with Yo Gotti and played it on Shade 45 Sirius XM. He also has had interviews with DJ Smallz, Shade 45, This is 50, Mr. Peter Parker, Hip Hop Nation, The Source Magazine, Wamo, Hot 97, Power 105, and more.

Josh has also been in the XXL Freshman Magazine 6 times in a row becoming the first West Virginia artist that has been able to accomplish this. All of this has helped him reach various outlets and platforms that are making his career very successful.

He has done various shows around the world with multiple celebrity artists, Some those artists include Cardi B Funk Flex, DJ Envy, DJ Drewski,  Don Q, Safari, DJ Unk, Montana of 300, Jimmy Wopo, Lil Scrappy, Lil Fiz, Cory Gunz, Freeway, Cassidy, Yung from Cali Swag District, Frenchie from Brick Squad, Cardi B, Phresher, Lil Flip, Philly Freeway, Afroman, Fred the Godson, Hypno Carlito, JR Writer, Vado, Waka Flocka, 50 Cent, Dizzy Wright, Hopsin, Chevy Woods, Fetty Wap, Young Dolph, Soulja Boy, Snooty Wild, and the list continues. His main goal is to be as big independently as he can unless the right deal comes his way. He is now pushing his hit single FLY produced by 808 mafia featuring Frenchie from Brick Squad.

Follow Josh on Spotify, YouTube, and all other social media apps to listen to his entertaining songs.

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Kaden3v: One of the youngest, sensational, and inspirational photographers



Kaden3v: One of the youngest, sensational, and inspirational photographers

Photography is a heavenly art. People are keen to learn photography. It’s not just that you buy a DSLR and become a professional photographer. It’s more about understanding the details and depth of capturing a photo. The background, from which angle to take a photo, how the focus should be set, all these things require an expertise and creativity. We are going to introduce you a man with all these qualities of an exceptional and fabulous photographer, who has taken the world by storm through its unique and mind-blowing photography. This is no other but kaden3v who has earned thousands of followers and fans. The photos that he uploads on Instagram, Snapchat and other social media apps are creating a word of mouth for him. Not only he has earned fans all around the world, he has also gained critical acclaim for his work. It is obviously an art of photographer who creates happy, sad, depressing or any moments that he wants. He sets background, angle, focuses from that accordingly. It is well understood that the photos have power in it, these endless memories live with us for the rest of our lives and have a tremendous impact on us. Let’s hear out the story of kaden3v, an amazing and creative photographer.

Kaden3v is one of the youngest and inspirational public figures around the world. He belongs to Arizona, USA. His art of photography has made him a celebrity. He keeps entertaining his fans and followers through his exceptional and heavenly photos, which are surely a delight for all of us. He is well equipped with different forms of photography. It’s not just that, he creates outstanding lenses on Snapchat. It would be not wrong to say that kaden3v is an amazing artist with a golden heart and with tremendous love for art and nature. He is contributing a lot in the field of art and it’s worth appreciating and celebrating.

Photography is a tool for motivating and inspiring youngsters. It is inarguably a high time and need of inspiration and motivation for youngsters. It would be much better if we have more and more youngsters like kaden3v who bring positive vibes and produces a sense of living and helps in finding their dreams. The youngster of today is imprisoned in many things, he needs someone like kadne3v to break the chains and fly to live to its full. He is adored and loved by all the youngsters around the globe. He has become a sensation for youngsters on social media. He gets millions of views and shares on every post on Instagram and Snapchat.

We strongly recommend you follow him on Instagram, Snapchat and on other social media apps. So that, you can too get amazed by his extraordinary and creative art. 

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Here Meet with the Youngest Bangladeshi Fashion Influencer, Model and Actor : Shahin Raaz



Here Meet with the Youngest Bangladeshi Fashion Influencer, Model and Actor : Shahin Raaz

SHAHIN RAAZ is an Bangladeshi Artist, Fashion Influencer, Model, Actor and Digital Creator, His birth name is MD Shahinur Rahman, people known as Shahin Raaz , He has started his Modeling journey since 2014, when he was just studying in college at (GIC) . He has been work in Fashion industry as a Model since 2014, but he professionally started the Career since 2015, when he was studying in university at Leading University, Sylhet Dpt. of BBA for completing the Graduation.

And he said that “The starting was so amazing firstly i have got to chance to work in a Fashion & Lifestyle Magazine as a Model, and i didn’t miss that opportunity to become a Fashion Model for the Magazine Cover , because i think that i can make perfectly Photoshoot, i never ever feel nervous or never feel shy to Standing in front of Camera, genuinely love to make photoshoots of mine i can give my all the efforts on Photoshoots in every Photoshoot try to give my best like outfits, expressions of face, different different poses each and everything i cared when i do photoshoot, always try to make my photos next leveln because this is my PASSION .

After Photoshoots all the pictures of mine i just upload one by one on Social media i think this is the reason behind, to getting so many message from media agency for Modeling to work in fashions magazine, and from online for fashion house as well as from online fashion accessories message for becoming a brand ambasador as a Model and digital creator.

He has done already so many photoshot for fashion house brand photoshoot . and he did also one music video as a model, Upcoming project also are coming soon he will announce to everyone hopefully everyone will love his work.

after that he is just work as a model on several Fashion & lifestyle Magazine, and day by day he is just gaining his Fan and Follower on social media , so many people are following him because of his stylist, dashing, charming pictures, as well as he started to making lip syncing videos on Musically which is now tiktok, people are also loving his Videos and they are always appreciated for his lovely work, Shahin Raaz Mostly known as Fashion Model, Actor and Fashion Influencer. And he said in life if anyone want to be something just make a goal and work for it, definitely today or tomorrow you will reach there.

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