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A Cut Above the Rest: How to Choose an Engagement Ring Shape



A Cut Above the Rest: How to Choose an Engagement Ring Shape

Engagement Ring Shape

Did you know it typically takes a groom 3 months to find the perfect engagement ring? Perhaps this isn’t surprising as there are so many factors to take into account, and choosing the right shape is a crucial decision.

But how can you pick the ideal engagement ring shape? Whether you’re surprising your partner with a ring, or choosing it together, it’s important to know what to look for.

Fortunately, you can enjoy the engagement ring shopping experience by learning which ring shapes can complement your hand.

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A round engagement ring has a classic shape that is a popular choice year in and year out. The elegance of a round engagement ring draws the eye without being overbearing. This can highlight your ring finger and provide a brilliant sparkle you’ll love looking at every day.

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If you have a larger hand size, you can make your ring finger look slimmer by picking an oval-cut diamond. You can also enhance this effect by using a thin band that doesn’t take up too much room on your finger.

Due to their shape, oval rings can also look bigger than other cuts of the same size. This can be an attractive option as you can buy a smaller oval ring that will still appear substantial when you put it on.


When considering your engagement ring size and shape, princess cuts are worth a closer look. This shape tends to come with a cheaper price tag, so you might be able to have some money from your engagement ring budget left over for the wedding.

Although you need to be careful not to hit the corners of your princess cut ring off any hard objects, this shape can look dazzling on your finger.


You can select from various shapes when it comes to an emerald engagement ring stone. The corners aren’t as sharp as those on a princess-cut diamond, making them less prone to damage, and you’ll notice that an emerald cut can make your finger look longer.

It’s worth noting that emerald cuts don’t always reflect light as well as some other rings, but this may not be noticeable.

Choose Your Ideal Engagement Ring Shape

Picking an engagement ring is a huge decision, but finding the right shape can be simple when you know what qualities to look for. A round diamond is always a stylish choice, while a princess-cut can be ideal if you’re looking for a more affordable engagement ring. An oval-cut can make your fingers look slimmer, while an emerald-cut offers a wide variety of choices.

Whichever ring you choose, it’s sure to look amazing as you wear it for the rest of your life.

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