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6 Tips for How to Increase Hair Volume to Look Your Best



6 Tips for How to Increase Hair Volume to Look Your Best

Hair Volume

Did you know that the average human head has around 100,000 hairs on it? This number can vary based on your age, race, and even your hair color. Yes, it’s true.

Blondes can have as many as 150,000 hairs while redheads can have about 90,000. Brown and black-haired individuals have between 100,000 to 110,000 hairs. If your hair is curly, you may also have more hairs that will give your hair its appearance.

For many, enhancing the appearance of their hair volume is an issue. They don’t want their hair to look like it is flat and lifeless. If you are one of these people, it can be a challenge to find the right hair volume products and treatments to give you the volume you need and want.

Having good-looking hair can give you more confidence. Interested in better hair volume tips and tricks? Keep reading below for six ways you can increase your hair volume.

1. Maintain a Healthy Diet for Better Hair Volume

A good diet fuels everything in your body from your nails and skin to your hair. A poor diet can lead to decreased hair volume. Your hair relies on important vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin D, Biotin, fatty acids, and zinc to maintain a healthy hair volume.

Incorporating fish into your diet will give you the necessary fatty acids. Eating eggs provides Biotin, while a protein-rich diet of meat and poultry offers zinc which helps amp up hair volume.

However, if you don’t want to completely change your lifestyle and eating habits, you can take supplements on the side with meals that can add to the nourishment of your body. Consult with your doctor as to if you are truly deficient in any of these areas to avoid vitamin toxicity.

2. Use the Right Shampoo and Conditioner

Your hair takes on a lot. Over time, styling products can build up on the surface, making hair feel weighted down. This build-up can also make your hair look flat, dull, and lifeless and impact hair volume.

It’s important to use a volumizing clarifying shampoo to remove styling product buildup from hairspray and other hair volume products. Doing so will reveal healthier hair that is full of volume. Also, you should use only a small amount of conditioner, as too much can weigh hair down and make it look oily.

A good tip is to apply the shampoo to the roots where the source of build-up is. If you also apply conditioner, only use it on the ends. This will keep your hair volume looking its best.

3. Switch Up Your Hairstyle

If your hair is still looking flat and dull, it may be time to consider a new hairstyle altogether. Head down to your stylist and get a cut. Removing split ends and excess length can give hair volume a boost.

Layering your hair can make it feel much lighter and airier. This will allow you to achieve better hair volume. Shorter hair also has less weight to it, meaning that more of your own natural hair volume can come through.

If you don’t want to go too short with your hairstyle, even just a little trim now and then can offer you great benefits. It can help refresh and liven up your hair volume and restore its overall health and beauty.

4. Utilize the Right Hair Volume Products

71% of Americans spend the most money each year on hair products, but are they the right ones? A lot of this money could just be spent on ineffective products that get thrown away or tossed into a drawer if they don’t produce the right results. When it comes to hair volume, you need the right hair volumizer products on your side.

You’ll want to avoid hair volume products that have a heavy, creamy consistency to them. These products may only weigh your hair down more. Instead, use hair volume products like dry shampoo sprays, mists, and hair mousses.

Always start with a small amount and gradually add more if you need it. This will keep you from overloading your hair with product.

5. Change Up Your Hair Part

Believe it or not, the way you part your hair can also affect hair volume. If you’ve been attached to the same part in your hair for years, your hair will become more used to it. As a result, your hair will start to lie flatter on your head and lose volume.

If you change your part even just a little bit, it can have a dramatic effect on hair volume. For example, switching from a middle part to a side part allows your hair to achieve more volume. For an added effect, give it a little blast of volumizing hairspray to further enhance your hair volume.

6. Buy the Best Volumizing Tools

If you’re still struggling with your hair volume, using the right volumizing tools can also help. Looking for hair volumizing tools that meet your unique styling needs?

There are tools that incorporate a styler with a built-in blowdrying unit, which helps you lift and style your hair as it dries for extra hair volume. You can also buy tools like a volumizing iron.

Hair irons give you long-lasting hair volume with less heat damage than a traditional blow dryer. A hair iron also cuts down on hair damage, because there’s less need for frequent stylings and shampooings to restore volume.

A dryer-brush unit is another innovative type of hair-volumizing iron that is like having a professional blowout in the palm of your hand. It brushes, dries, and styles hair at the same time over a cylindrical ceramic barrel. The heat seals the cuticle while drying for a smooth and frizz-free style that is full of luxurious hair volume.

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Achieving the right hair volume for you can be tricky but with the right resources and information, you’ll always have great-looking hair you can’t wait to show off. It can take a little time and patience but it’s definitely worth it. If you enjoyed reading this article, feel free to browse the other categories available on The Hear UP.

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