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5 Tips to Cope with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)



5 Tips to Cope with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Irritable bowel movement (IBS) might impact the ability to digest and absorb food effectively; moreover, it causes pain and discomfort. You can find a Cypress irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) doctor who can help with the symptoms and educate you on ways to ease digestive issues. The IBS flares may happen for minutes, hours, or days and the discomfort leads to agony. These tips will help you overcome IBS symptoms at home.

Use Gentle Heat

Place a hot water bottle in the microwave to warm or use a hot towel on your stomach. However, you should be careful with warm bottled water as it might burn your skin; you can place a towel between the water bottle and the skin to avoid accidents. Let the hot water bottle sit on the stomach for about 20 mins or as required. The heat from the water will ease stomach discomfort and relief the IBS symptoms leading to better health outcomes during the flare-ups. Furthermore, you will be relaxing for a few minutes when applying the hot treatment to the stomach; relaxation will help unwind from the disease and help improve your health.

Get Moving

Sometimes you may not want to move when the IBS flares start as your stomach muscles will tense, and you may develop a running stomach—exercising while experiencing diarrhea seems like a counterintuitive move. However, exercises ease IBS symptoms, but if the exercises make the bowels move, you would relax and wait until the symptoms reduce. Exercises increase blood flow to the stomach and strengthen the tissues leading to a better health outcome.

Avoid the Trigger Foods

IBS might be associated with certain trigger foods, and you should know the food which causes the flares. You can keep a food journal that shows the flares and intensity based on the food you have consumed. You will eliminate the food that induces IBS and opt for the safe-to-eat that reduces the IBS symptoms. Moreover, you can keep the meals light when IBS attacks as complex food combinations worsen the symptoms; fats and spices are highly likely to cause stomach upsets, and it would be better to regulate these foods in your diet. Try to apple cider vinegar and IBS relation before avoiding apple cider vinegar in foods for ibs cure.

Drink Non-Caffeinated Tea

Tea soothes bowel issues and might work for people with IBS, but you should consume the health-recommended teas like nettle, peppermint, lavender, turmeric, and ginger teas. Caffeinated teas might induce IBS symptoms; thus, it would be better to substitute them with healthier teas.

Incorporate Relaxation Techniques

Stress elevates the symptoms; you should relax during an IBS flare as the symptoms will go away with IBS-pain relieving techniques and time. You will get back to your routine when the flares go away, and you should; earn the proper relaxation techniques which offer the best comfort. You should meditate, paint your favorite art or listen to soothing music during the IBS attacks as they help alleviate the discomfort.

Final Thoughts

Irritable bowel movements can impact your life, leading to pain, discomfort, indigestion, and an inability to absorb the food. Although the flares last for a short time, you can practice the home remedies which alleviate the symptoms. You can practice relaxation techniques, avoid the foods which cause the complications, use heat pads, and exercise; good like finding a doctor who can help you overcome IBS.