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Your Network is Your NetWorth With Seth Francois



seth francois

Seth Francois is no stranger to Social Media, he has worked with some of the internet’s biggest stars and is a celebrity influencer in his own right.

Most influencers are very selective in who they work with but Seth has broken barriers with his talents, professionalism and positive energy. He’s worked with influencers like Bryce Hall, Than, Adam W, Lexi Rivera, Brent Rivera, Chris Chann, Jake Paul, Alex Ernst, Antony Padilla. Along with artists: Usher, Luke Banter, Kristen Hanby, Future & Suigeneris.

seth francois

The major companies and brands he’s done collaborations with include: Taco Bell, iHeartRadio, Credit Seseme, Jack in the Box and many more. Sertified Casting has given him the ability to bring celebs and brands together for the highest ROI in the history of marketing. Due to Seth’s success, we wanted to interview him and learn more.

Sertified Casting specializes in finding talent for social media

For the last 3 years Sertified Casting has been helping influencers with content creation and talent acquisition.

How do you create content?

I create content by working, my job allows me to always be around something interesting to record. Not to mention my coworkers are some of the most intriguing people on the internet

Whats the one video or piece of content you made that changed everything for you?

The one video that change everything for me was the casting we did for IHeartRadio and Taco Bell. It showed me that Sertified has potential to work with major companies.

How do you stand out from the other creators?

I stand out because I have the largest casting network for new media talent. Anything a client needs I can provide within hours in most cases.

Is dealing with trolls part of the job description?

I don’t really respond to hate because people only see bits and pieces of what they want to see on the internet. I wouldn’t like someone neither if I was judging them off of one piece of content I didn’t lik

What makes you youtube different from other social media?

YouTube is where you can fully express yourself. Having a YouTube fan base is the #1 most important platform for anyone trying to come up as a content creator

Has this made it easier for you to get dates and get recognized by strangers?

It’s pretty crazy I feel like I have an extended family now. Anywhere in the country, at least a few people know about me and Sertified Casting. I try to take as much advantage of this as possible. Sometimes even exchanging social media advice for a room to crash in.

For a week or so, although that’s not common but a lot of the times I can exchange my service for someone else’s skill. Which can save a ton of money. I love the idea of exchanging resources directly with other people.

You can find more about Sertified Casting visit:

Connect with Seth : @sethfrancois on instagram