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Joan James Muixi- Old School Leading Man



Joan James Muixi- Old School Leading Man

Joan James Muixi

Joan James Muixi, the European actor, has the strong silent type of features and personality that one looks for in a movie star. He is in tip-top physical shape all year round and has a work ethic that pushes him toward excellence. If you saw him on the street you would most likely do a double-take and think to yourself, who is that guy? He just has a great look and what’s even more important, he has the right mindset and is immensely talented. That talent is on display in the new film The Adversary.

In The Adversary, Joan James plays the Hitman. Not just any hitman but a detached assassin who never leaves anything undone, especially a live witness. The film is about a young woman, who is a campaign manager for a prominent political figure. She finds herself on the run after witnessing the murder of her famous client. She is running from Joan James’s hitman, who is relentless in his objective to end her life.

 Joan James has everything one needs to be a successful actor in today’s most competitive industry. The movie business was built not only on good looks, which Joan most certainly has but also on actor’s ability to enable the viewers to suspend their disbelief and believe in the character and the story that is in front of them. Joan James has that gift of authenticity and credibility.  He is a leading man and has the work ethic and the laser focus that will ultimately take him to the top as an “A” list actor. He has above all a unique presence, which many actors strive for but fall short of. When he walks into a scene all eyes follow him automatically. He epitomizes the strong and stoic, silent type, and those composed, cool, collected characters that he is so good at playing always keep the audience guessing as to what he will do next. Besides all of those attributes, Joan James possesses an aura of mystery so rare and distinguished in these times we live in which is a magnet that draws people to him. His hitman character in The Adversary is a bravo quiet and minimalistic performance. He only speaks when necessary, and like it seems to be a recurring theme in Joan James’s work, he is a loner professional with a job to do who will let nothing get in his way.