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Interview with the award-winning composer, Li Yang Yang AKA TheLight OI



winning composer, Li Yang Yang AKA TheLight OI

The self-taught pianist and prolific composer, Li Yang Yang AKA TheLight OI has been publishing music for almost half a decade now. Li Yang kick-started his musical journey in 2015 by putting out his compositions on, which earned him massive recognition and prestigious titles like “MuseScorer of the Month”. As of today, all his work of music is available on His compositions comprise a variety of music styles, including classical, contemporary, and romantic music. Li Yang has created more than 100 original musical pieces that are highly loved by all his fans and listeners worldwide.

Interviewer: Tell us about your first ever gig as a performer.

Li Yang Yang: As I grew older, my passion for music led me to perform at my high school graduation end-of-year concert, the famous “Black Keys Etude” by Chopin. For me, this was a huge milestone.

Interviewer: What does music symbolizes for you?

Li Yang Yang: Music is like water to the soul, a source of healing for the spirit. Upon listening to it, we go on a magical journey, and that journey is filled with vivid images that are reminiscence of the elements we wonder about.

Interviewer: How would you define your music style?

Li Yang Yang: My style of music ranges from contemporary/classical to children’s/world music.  

Interviewer: Tell our readers about your first accomplishment as a musician.

Li Yang Yang: In 2015, I started publishing my music on Years after, I was awarded the prestigious “MuseScorer of the Month” title, and my song “Star of the North” was featured for one month. As of today, it has over ten thousand views. 

Interviewer: Tell us about your forthcoming musical projects.

Li Yang Yang: I’m currently writing a symphony. It will be my greatest investment in music. I can’t wait for the finished sheet. 

Interviewer: Where can we find your music?

Li Yang Yang:My music is available on my website ( and on various platforms such as Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube and MuseScore.

Interviewer: Any message for your fans?

Li Yang Yang: My goal is to spread the love of music to anyone on earth; music is literally one of the best gifts ever created. I hope you enjoy my music, as it will guide through a wonderful journey that is beyond existence.