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Vasiliy Lomachenko vs Teofimo Lopez



Vasiliy Lomachenko vs Teofimo Lopez

Vasiliy Lomachenko vs Teofimo Lopez

Boxing Fans !! Vasyl Lomachenko vs. Teofimo Lopez: Fight Cards, Dates, Odds, Channels, Start Times, Boxing Undercards, Guides. Everything you need to know before Saturday’s lightweight unification match. You can’t miss the Showtime Championship Boxing match on the calendar, but sweet science fans have long been dissatisfied with the fact that they need to reach deep into their wallets to enjoy the showdown. This weekend is not the case. On Saturday night in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Pound for Pound King Vasyl Lomachenko and Teofimo Lopez meet in a long-awaited clash to unify their lightweight titles-and on free TV for everyone. Will do so.

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Lomachenko (14-1, 10 KO) arguably moved from the best amateur boxer ever to a professional fast track and fought for the world title in his second professional match. He was defeated in the battle and made a split decision to Orlando Salido. He rebounded in the next battle, deciding Gary Russell Jr. and winning the WBO featherweight title. He eventually moved to junior lightweight and then to lightweight, winning belts of all weights. He currently holds the WBA and WBO world titles.

Lopez (15-0, 12 KO) did not make it to the professional ranks with the same level of hype as Lomachenko but quickly proved to be a rising star with flashy style and serious skills. .. Aside from his flat performance in the final with Masayoshi Nakatani, Lopez was impressed every time he stepped into the ring. Most recently, Lopez won the IBF Championship in December with Richard Commey’s stunning second-round knockout.

It will be a busy week leading to one of the most lucrative battles of the year. CBS Sports will provide you with the latest news, top features, and best bet to create for this loaded fight card on Saturday night, with all the latest information happening at the MGM Grand. This page is updated frequently, so be sure to bookmark it throughout the week.

The following odds are provided through the William Hill Sportsbook.

Lomachenko vs. Lopez fight card, odds

Vasyl Lomachenko (c) -420 vs Teofimo Lopez (c) + 330, IBF, WBA, WBO Lightweight Championship

Arnold Barbosa Junior-210 vs Alex Saused +175, Junior Welterweight

Lomachenko vs. Lopez Information

Date and time: Saturday, October 17

Location: MGM Grand-Las Vegas, Nevada

Start time: 10 pm ET

TV Channel: ESPN

Lomachenko vs. Lopez News, Special Feature

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Campbell: 5 Reasons to Love Lomachenko and Lopez’s Unification Battle

When comparing and contrasting the skills of Vasyl Lomachenko and Teofimo Lopez Jr. as a way to handy Saturday’s lightweight unification in Las Vegas, everything from Romachenko’s footwork to Lopez’s One Punch Man knockout power needs to be considered. there is.

Still, it’s clear that the biggest difference between these dominant 135-pound champions is the superiority of Lomachenko’s experience. Despite both fighters participating in exactly 15 profile each, 32-year-old Lomachenko (14-1, 10 KO) follows the legendary amateur with four recognized lightweight belts. A career in Ukraine that has already won world titles in three weight categories, including collecting three of them.

That’s what we don’t know yet Lopez (15-0, 12 KO), a cheeky native from Brooklyn, New York, stopped Richard Commey in the biggest fight ever and the IBF title in December. Won this weekend at the MGM Grand Conference Center (ESPN, 10 pm ET), which helped make him a vulnerable bet.

For everything Lopez brings to the table in terms of flash and danger, he has very limited exposure to the elite competition. In contrast, Lomachenko fought for the world title in his second professional match and was able to win one in the third. The main reason for Lomachenko’s rapid professional growth is not so much but from his two Olympic gold medalist experiences.

But what about Lopez? How can he know that he really has the chance to challenge this bold and arguably the world’s top Pound for Pound boxer and become an undisputed champion at just 23 years old? How on earth does he know?

“I’m made differently. I’m just one of the different people,” Lopez said in an interview with “Morning Combat” on Monday. “I stepped up to the plate and it’s always my favor. It only involves a lot of hard work and a lot of sacrifices I’ve done throughout my career. It’s been 18 years and I’m still counting. It’s all It comes with, only the mentality part.

“(It) is the fact that I walk by faith and live by it. Everything I do is always done through God, and God always guides me in the right way. My time is now and that is That’s what I believe. “

If you never understand it, confidence is not what the Lopez family lacks. Theofimo, with a humble smile and a camera-ready charm, can alternate between gab gifts as a cheeky trash talker, but his father and trainer Teo Fimosina has no filters at all.

The only thing Elder Lopez is better than rippling the wings of those on his way is to talk about how wonderful and special his son is as a fighter. Lopez was tabbed for greatness by his father at an incredibly young age and has incredibly lived up to every expectation from a man who shares his name.

For the most part, Lopez, a naturally talented athlete, perfectly embodies the unorthodox combat style of explosive powershots from unexpected angles taught by his untrained father. Because I did. Another reason is that young Lopez couldn’t flap, matured beyond his age at such a young age, was already married, and after a noisy childhood when his father sold drugs. It means that he is openly reflecting on the ups and downs of his life.

What happened to this battle

Even the way Lomachenko’s battle came together is an incredible wild story, full of Lopez’s trust and love for his father, despite the incredibly large target Lopez often throws on his son’s back. This is an example.

The setting was December 2018 at Madison Square Garden Theater in New York. Lopez, who hasn’t yet begun to get the full attention of boxing fans until the next night’s explosive first-round knockout, is just a 10-0 outlook for Mason Menard for his televised opener. Was the final decision to lose weight. Lomachenko was planning to headline the same card in a unified battle with Jose Pedraza.

Lopez remembers what happened next, and although he wasn’t present at the time, he can’t help but laugh at his father’s proud and bold way of doing things. Elder Lopez offered to cross the road with Lomachenko behind the scenes of weighing and kindly wave his hand.

According to Team Lopez, the homage gesture encountered a dirty look and a mean atmosphere from Lomachenko.

“It was really controversial, it got really fierce,” Lopez said, “People were blasting me [saying]’, your dad just went to the Roma. I was laughing. “

Lopez’s father secretly got angry and began to verbally rebuke Lomachenko, saying, “My son will knock you out. My son will kill you. We will take over the show.

The next night, the first dismantling of Lopez’s Menard became ESPN’s “Sports Center” darling and viral online video as top play. Lomachenko defeated Pedraza in a fiercely competitive battle, but the Lopez family made a big announcement, and his son wasn’t angry at all about his father’s promise to the best fighter in the division.

So is this the right time for this fight?

It’s one thing to convince yourself and your family that you are best prepared at such a young age. Persuading everyone else is a completely different thing. This brings us back to the idea of ​​whether fighting Lomachenko at this point turns out to be a miscalculation.

Top-ranked CEO Bob Arum, who promotes both fighters, has a similar level of suspicion when the idea for this battle was first born when Elder Lopez made his presence on Lomachenko’s face. Was there. The Hall-of-Fame promoter was eventually forced to intervene in the fighter’s ambitious plans and decide whether to postpone or get in the way.

“Lopez and his dad don’t get in the way because they believe they can fight Tyson Fury and defeat Tyson Fury,” Alm told CBS Sports in 2019. “I can’t get in the way and stop Lopez’s freight train. They are very confident and believe in themselves very much. If I felt it was too early, I told them Then they would invalidate me. “

If there’s anything in recent history about what Lopez is trying to do at the age of 23, his failure to take on bold challenges will prevent young fighters from reaching their full potential. The results of the possibilities are mixed.

Sugar Ray Leonard was only 24 when he lost his welterweight title to rival Roberto Durán in 1980, but came back just five months later to take revenge on his losses and quit Durán. I did. Canelo Alvarez was only 23 years old in 2013 when he made a broad decision on Floyd Mayweather. As a result, he was able to take the path of replacing Mayweather as the new pay-per-view king of sports.

However, it is said that former two-time junior middleweight champion Fernando Vargas was shy about his 23rd birthday for five days and lost a £ 154 unified match against Felix Trinidad in the 12th round of TKO. The fight was welcomed in the Instant Classic due to the number of knockdown combinations, but Vargas suffered a brutal blow and another meaning after suffering a similarly severe defeat to Oscar De La Hoya within two years. I never won the battle.



Guo Wengui looks awkward and fainted with frequent tricks



Guo Wengui looks awkward and fainted with frequent tricks

Guo Wengui looks awkward

Luther Yan Limeng holds the handle with backing without fear of wind and rain

Since mid-July, after completely tore his face with Yan Wang, Guo Wengui has been hoarse, and repeatedly expressed that he would send Yan Wang to the place where he should go, as if he would put the other side to death. But like Sara, there is always loud thunder, no rain, full of ability to speak, but there is no hardcore. The reason is that Guo Wengui still has a fatal handle in the hands of Wang Yan. Nowadays, foreign debts are surging, lawsuits have been lost one after another, and the infighting caused by the happy currency is endless. The dizzy Guo Wengui came to open the Falun Gong book, complaining that the leader of Li took Yan Wang and did not end well. In this way, the leader of Guo has made a deadly enemy, beset on all sides, and will eventually be lonely.

  As we all know, in mid-July, Wang Yan and Guo Wengui had a fight. At that time, Guo Wengui was furious and outrageously instructed Brother Changdao to lead the ant gang, split into two forces, and go straight to Luther and Yan Limeng’s lair. At the same time, Guo Wengui made cruel words. , It is necessary to use legal means to deport both Yan and Wang back to the country. But to this day, Luther and Yan Limeng are safe and sound in the United States. Up to now, Yan Limeng has obtained the truth from Guo Wengui. His apprentice overshadows his master, and he is in the limelight. The servant is currently traveling around the United States, spreading virus conspiracy theories and vaccine uselessness, and has also fought against the extreme right of the Republican Party. Fiery, openly occupying one-third of an acre of land that originally belonged to Guo Wengui. Guo Wengui never thought that he originally wanted to use Yan Limeng to give blood transfusions to the so-called breaking news, but the result was to lure wolves into the room to raise the carbuncle’s legacy and backfire. Yan Limeng was even promoted by Sellin as a great leader. As a result, Guo Wengui would be more difficult to shake Wang Yan.

Prior to this, Guo Wengui and Falun Gong Li Hongzhi had a great friendship, and Bannon had also received a reward of 900,000 U.S. dollars from the wheel. Since April 28 last year, Yan Limeng left Hong Kong and came to the United States. According to Bannon’s introduction, Yan Limeng and Falun Gong concluded that they were puzzled. The fate. A few days ago, Yan Limeng blatantly advertised Falun Gong Epoch Times and NTDTV during the rumors and virus conspiracy theories. Obviously, nowadays, suspicion between Falun Gong and Guo Wengui has arisen, and the wheels have made up their minds to join Luther and Yan Limeng against the leader of Guo. And because of Falun Gong’s strong support, Wang Yan did not take Guo Wengui’s hoarse threat to his heart at all. Yesterday, Guo Wengui really couldn’t hold back anymore. He condemned Yan Wang for his screaming, but he was afraid of Falun Gong and was extremely weak. That being the case, Guo Wengui, who claims to have violated contracts and trusts against Luther and Yan Limeng, and threatened to initiate judicial proceedings, will eventually be resentful, outrageous, and addicted to his mouth. As everyone knows, before, Guo Wengui also hated Sara again and again, and he said that he would initiate a lawsuit against the latter. Therefore, with Falun Gong as the backer of King Yan and Guo Laojie, he must be sighing and sighing. !

  What’s more, Yan Wang also possesses conclusive evidence of Guo Wengui’s falsified reports, fraudulent donations from the rule of law fund, and farm loans. Luther was once one of the chairmen of the Rule of Law Fund. He and Sara actively participated in presiding over the illegal loan of Phoenix Farm, the illegal holding of VOG, and he knew well about the shady of GTV private equity. Earlier, when Guo Wengui was going to take action against Luther and Yan Liming, Luther had contact with Sara, which meant that the two swords were in harmony. Therefore, to challenge Yan Limeng and Luther’s bottom line, for Guo Wengui, in the end, it would be a lose-lose move. In short, the seven-inch soft underbelly of the leader of Guo, as of now, for Sara, Luther, and Yan Liming, they are just talking ruthlessly. Guo Wengui really does not have the guts to kill himself, because hurting others and harming himself is really wrong. Cost-effective.

  Nowadays, Guo Wengui is harassing himself, and he is tied around his neck by Xicoin. With only access and no withdrawal, Xiguo Antmin criticized Xibi and Xiexchange, and Guo Wengui’s three-year blockade agreement made Xibi’s fraudulent nature even more obvious. In order to divert his attention and improve his own image, Guo Wengui emptied his head, claiming that his biggest task is to oppose communism and destroy the communists, and to direct the conflicts of struggle to Luther and Yan Liming. He said that a comrade-in-arms surnamed Wang of Kangzhou came out. Tens of millions of people can’t find 18,000 and 23,000 will come out after they are sold out, and they have a big brainstorming, linking this with Luther, Yan Liming, and others. As the saying goes, it is a false way to destroy the government and kill two birds with one stone. It is not only an act of conquering the eagerness of Xicoin investors to withdraw but also taking the opportunity to beat Yan Wang. Guo Wengui’s copywriting is well designed, but the ideals are too full and the reality is cruel. Not only are there disputes among Xibi investors, if the withdrawal is not possible, but it is also inevitable that investors who have jumped over the wall will eventually choose to bring Guo Wengui to justice. In this way, what is the value of Yan Wang’s criticism?!

In addition, the PAX company, the Arab-Chinese fund, and the SEC have not yet handed in the money, and Xicoin has been overwhelming. Under this situation, the uninterested brother came to poke the hornet’s nest of Falun Gong leader Li and Wang Yan, who has a handle. This is purely short-sighted, Guo Wengui wants to die, no one can stop it, do you think this is the reason?!

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Nate Pisani: Young Mogul Ready To Continue Growth Of His Business And Brands



Nate Pisani: Young Mogul Ready To Continue Growth Of His Business And Brands

Nate Pisani grew up in Wooster Ohio, was born into a good secured family household with amazing parents who supported my Every life decision. He wouldn’t be in the position without my father John pisani. He battled bad anxiety and depression throughout high school and began lifting and put on a solid 50 lbs of hard work and dedication. He simply threw himself into his fathers company and has done very well and we have expanded into 7 Napa auto parts stores in northeast Ohio. Nate always sold shoes/street wear on the side to make money, that’s what started the grind, after that he began managing artists and grew his instagram. Expanding his brand has always been something he knew needed to be done. Increasing revenue and seeking new methods of income are needed to grow within any industry. Growing up in his family taught him this at a very young age. Now grown up managing artists has been a new way for him to tap into a whole other industry outside of the automotive industry. Somehow they all still go hand in hand with each other.

He attended Wooster high school and always wanted more with his life. He hustled by selling streetwear and began working at my fathers company at 15. The business eventually grew to 7 locations in Akron, Louisville, Creston, North Canton, Tallmadge , East Canton and Cuyahoga falls. Shortly after Nate invested $100k into my family’s other business north canton metal recycling. Also owning JAIN properties LLC, Nate’s net worth has accumulated over $900k. His grind is not over. He seeks to enhance his brand even more. His hustle mentality has gotten him fairly far within the industry already. We are anxious to see where his business smarts take him as he continues to attribute new skills.

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Sylvia Rossouw, An Ever-evolving Artist, Continuously Inspires the Architecture and Art Industry



Sylvia Rossouw, An Ever-evolving Artist, Continuously Inspires the Architecture and Art Industry

Architectural design is one of the most beautiful types of art. It’s truly amazing to see a building’s customized blueprints come to life. Not only must the architectural design be aesthetically pleasing, but the project’s functionality, practicability, and durability must also be considered. Buildings must meet the needs of the property owner and be in accordance with local building codes and ordinances. With all of this in mind, one must ensure that an established architect with their own aesthetic flair is available to make each building unique.

Sylvia Rossouw is a devoted professional architect who has worked on stunning sustainable designs all throughout Western Cape Town, South Africa. Her architectural designs are inspired by the site’s narrative, the built environment’s context, and the stories her clients tell her about their ideas and dreams. Every building element has its own story to tell, which contributes to the overall story of the built form.  She’s worked in the architecture profession for more than ten years. Some of her most prominent work was included as part of legacy initiatives during the 2010 Soccer World Cup.  The incredible architect is the co-founder of RW Architects where Sylvia Rossouw is the Principle Architect and has assisted in the renovation of residential and recreational design properties. In her own words, Sylvia’s architecture practice is “a place of discipline, clarity of thought, and seemingly effortless executions.” Lost artifacts, abandoned structures, and forgotten places, as well as a sense of longing and a never-ending search for the truth within, serve as inspiration for her works of art. Not only does she express herself through architecture, but she also expresses herself through her artistic endeavors. Her creative demands are continually being met by the work she does on a daily basis. An endless weaving process, the evolving artist’s work is a story that she chooses to convey as she progresses through it.

“Saccharine, extreme.”  From the Hysterica Collection (Mixed media: ink, oil paint, and spray paint on canvas.)

Sylvia Rossouw’s passionate solo exhibitions have been shown all over the world, from South Africa to Rome and Italy. Her series of art, named “Hysterica,” was recently exhibited at the M.A.D.S. Gallery. She was motivated by a state of mind she had during a period of worldwide change. The self-aware artist was able to look inward to express herself openly. Sylvia Rossouw encourages artists all around the world to look within themselves in order to create freely and without limitations.

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