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Why Vaping Is The Better Alternative to Smoking?




Why Vaping Is The Better Alternative to Smoking?

Vaping has become extremely popular in the past few years and it looks like it is only going to increase in the coming years. It is not only popular among smokers who are looking to quit the habit but also among non-smokers. If you have been thinking of vaping, it is essential to understand it better.

What is Vaping?

Vaping is consuming ‘vapor’ aka aerosol which is made available by a device like an e-cigarette or other similar devices. The device is termed an e-cigarette as it does not produce smoke from tobacco but vapor. The growth of vaping increased due to the popularity of e-cigarettes which was introduced in the year 2007. Apart from e-cigs, vape pens and MODS are also popular devices for vaping. While the E-cigs resembles the usual cigarettes, the vape pens look like fountain pens.

A vaping device has a battery, a mouthpiece, a cartridge where the e-liquid is filled, and a heating component that produces the vapor. This heating component is run by the battery. When the device is switched on, the battery heats the heating component which in turn converts the liquid into a vapor.

This vapor is what the vaper use to get similar effects as that of smoking a cigarette. According to the experts at, e-liquids can be chosen to resemble the flavors of your regular cigarette. These contain propylene glycol or liquid from vegetable glycerin with nicotine, flavors and few other chemicals. Instead of nicotine, there are many devices that use vape THC which has marijuana effects.

What are the Benefits of Vaping?

Vaping is believed to have bypassed the side effects of smoking and has become a healthier and more beneficial alternative. Some of the benefits of vaping are:

Affordable: The cost of cigarettes depends on the country you live in but most of the countries tax tobacco products very heavily. But when you switch to vaping, there is a product in every price range whatever the budget may be. Over the past few years vaping has become extremely popular and there are many products from disposable to sophisticated ones. Once the initial investment for the device is made, only the e-liquid needs to be purchased which once brought lasts for many months.

It is better for health than smoking: A prestigious organization called the Royal College of Physicians which has more than 35,000 doctors from all over the world, has suggested that vaping is 95% safer than smoking. They have conducted extensive research on it and come up with this stat. Since vaping does not involve combustion, and there is no ash or tar associated it is found that switching to vaping is better. When a user switches to vaping they also get the benefits of enjoying a smoke-free experience. That helps in better skin health, lung health, oral hygiene and boosts the sense of taste and smell which was reduced due to smoking cigarettes.

Controls over intake of nicotine: Nicotine intake can be controlled by the vaper as the e-juice comes in varying strengths of nicotine. There are many juices that are nicotine-free to some which have high content. If a smoker is trying to quit smoking, they can start with high nicotine juices and gradually reduce to lower levels before completely quitting.

Variety of flavors: There is an endless choice of flavors when it comes to e-juices. So you can switch to any flavor if you are bored with the ones you’ve been already using. Moreover, you can mix the flavors to find combination flavors of your choice so there is no limit to the choices. Some of the popular e-liquid flavors are those that have beverages, fruits, desserts, tobacco, foods, and menthol.

Convenience: As there is no health impact on passive smokers, vaping is more socially acceptable in many public places than smoking. When you don’t have to go outside the office or in a public place for smoking it makes for a huge advantage. Also, the vaping devices are designed in such a way that you can take one or two puffs taking in the desired nicotine amount rather than having to burn the whole cigarette.

No bad odor: Traditional tobacco smokers have a distinct bad odor that is present even when they are not smoking which is quite repelling. The same is not true with vaping. There is no smell that lingers forever and the e-juices last as long as the vaping is being done.

Vaping is for everyone which includes heavy smokers and non-smokers and benefits all.


Hair Transplant in Istanbul




Female hair transplant types

Hair transplant is an important issue for women. And clinics that perform this important and meticulous procedure and achieve successful results are always at the forefront. Hair Center of Turkey, which has achieved an undeniable success in this regard, does not leave women alone in this regard. Hair Center of Turkey, which has accomplished numerous successful operations with its professional team in Hair Transplant in Istanbul for more than 10 years and provides happy customer satisfaction, is with women …

Women usually want to end this situation as soon as possible because of their troubles and feelings of embarrassment. However, they want to take the right step and do research to eliminate the question marks on this issue. Here, as the Hair Center of Turkey team, we have compiled some of the questions you may have and may be worried about.

Unshaved Hair Transplant in Turkey

Unshaved Hair Transplant in Turkey is also known as FUE. In this technique, hair transplant is performed without shaving the recipient or donor area. It differs from traditional FUE, where the hair must be shaved to facilitate the process of graft removal and placement.

What are the Benefits of Unshaved Hair Transplant?

The biggest advantage of unshaved hair transplant is that it reduces downtime and the degree of detection. In cases where patients have long hair, redness and crusting can be hidden from their existing hair.

Who Are The Ideal Candidates For Unshaved Hair Transplant in Turkey ?

People who do not want their hair transplant surgeries to be noticeable, people in show business, TV personalities and public relations officials prefer unshaved transplants.

What Are The Techniques Used For Unshaved Hair Transplant in Turkey?

The following two techniques are used for Unshaved Hair Transplant in Turkey :

Direct Hair Transplant

In this application, donor hair is taken and implanted directly into the recipient area to minimize downtime.

Follicular Unit Extraction

In this technique, the donor or recipient area is left unshaved and the grafts taken are transplanted into the recipient area where the incisions are made.

Why Should You Prefer Hair Center of Turkey for  your Unshaved Hair Transplant in Turkey?

Hair Center of Turkey guarantees 100% success with a team of dedicated experts with more than 10 years of experience. Hair Center of Turkey is the pioneer of the latest technologies and provides the best pre-operative and post-operative care and support. At the same time plantation produces about prices in Turkey are always solutions alongside their customers.

Can Long Hair Transplant Be Performed?

Long Hair Transplant in Turkey Surgery is a technique used in patients who need a good hair volume in a shorter time. This is mostly preferred by people who have to attend an important function or event, such as a wedding, within the next 15 to 20 days.

What is Long Hair Transplant?

In long hair transplant, long hair from the donor area is taken and transplanted without cutting it short to see immediate results after surgery.

What are the Benefits of Long Hair Transplant in Turkey Surgery?

• Full volume is achieved within 10 to 15 days.

• Usually a single transplant session is needed.

What Are the Various Techniques Used in Long Hair Transplant?

Two techniques are used in long hair transplant surgery:

Direct Hair Transplant

In this technique, long hair taken from the donor area is directly transplanted into the recipient area.

Follicular Unit Extraction

In this technique, long hair is taken from the donor area. They are then placed in small holes created in the receiver.

Why Should You Prefer Long Hair Transplant in Turkey ?

Long hair transplant surgery is performed to obtain a good hair volume in a shorter time. The best results in this surgery can only be achieved if the surgery is performed by experienced and dedicated surgeons. Otherwise, the risk of failure is very high and most of the transplanted hair tends to fall out within the first 3 months. Hair Center of Turkey guarantees 100% results with first class hair restoration experts.

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Vitamin D: Deficiency V/S Excess

Umar Nisar



Vitamin D: Deficiency V/S Excess

Vitamin D is an important vitamin that has three forms, Vitamin D1, D2, and D3, all of which have important functions in the body.

Sunshine Vitamin: 

Yes, Vitamin D is obtained from sunlight, that is why it is called the sunshine vitamin. Regular sun exposure is the most natural way to get enough vitamin D. When your skin is exposed to sunlight, it manufactures vitamin D. Skin contain a protein called 7-DHC which is converted into Vitamin D when exposed to the ultraviolet B radiations from the sun light.

Duration of sun exposure for Vitamin D: 

The duration of sunlight exposure to obtain enough vitamin d depend largely on your skin tone. The time range from 10 to 30 minutes generally.

  • Fair-skinned people: If you have a fair complexion, 10 minutes per day of sun exposure without sunscreen, wearing shorts and a tank top will provide you enough radiation to a secret about 10 thousand IU of vitamin D.
  • Dark-skinned people: If you are having a darker complexion sun exposure maybe a little more than is required for the fair-skinned ones. 30 minutes of daily sunlight exposure in the mid-day will give a dark-skinned person enough radiation to complement the vitamin D requirements. 

Other sources of Vitamin D: 

Besides sun exposure there are other ways you can get the required amount of Vitamin D for your body, in case you live in a region having fewer sunny days.

  1. Ultraviolet Radiation Therapy is used to enhance the production of Vitamin D in the body and the mechanism for this is the same as sunlight exposure. 
  2. Vitamin D-rich diet such as fish oil, salmon, beef liver, fortifies milk, egg yolk, cheese, and yogurt e.t.c.
  3. Vitamin D supplements that available in the markets, or you can take multivitamins that also contain Vitamin D along with other vital ingredients.

What will happen if your body has a very less amount of Vitamin D?

A lower level of blood vitamin D can result in some serious health conditions for men, women, and children as well. 

  • In children the most common disease due to Vitamin D deficiency is Rickets, which is characterized by underdeveloped, weak, and soft bones. Due to Vitamin D deficiency, the bones don’t get enough calcium, and the child remains with weak bones.
  • Osteomalacia is a similar condition of lower bone mass density but occurs in adults, and it increases the risk of fractures in later ages.
  • In males vitamin D deficiency is associated with a low level of testosterone, depression, and erectile dysfunction. Studies found that males having a low level of Vitamin D have problems maintaining and obtaining an erection. A better treatment for erectile dysfunction is the use of drugs including Erection Tablets Australia that is easily available in Australia, and you can buy online from our website. 
  • In females specifically in pregnant women, low vitamin D levels are linked to pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, and adverse pregnancy outcomes. 
  • In people having older age and cardiovascular complications, there is a lower level of vitamin D as compared to the healthy older adults.
  • Moreover, the risk of type 1 diabetes also rises as the vitamin D level lowers in the body because vitamin D also helps regular blood glucose. 

What will happen if you have a very high amount of Vitamin D?

A higher than normal level of vitamin D in the body may also cause problems as it can damage various systems. You may experience the following symptoms if you are taking an excessive amount of vitamin D,

  • Weakness
  • Fatigue
  • Sleepiness
  • Headache
  • Loss of appetite
  • Dry mouth
  • Metallic taste
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting

Besides these symptoms, and excessive vitamin D levels in the blood can cause Vitamin D toxicity, bone pain, kidney problems, and a high level of calcium in the blood referred to as hypercalcemia.

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All You Need to Know About Denture Implants




All You Need to Know About Denture Implants

Denture Implants

If you are living in Brisbane, do not forget to check out dental events to join in. One of those events is the Dental Update 2021 Conference by the Queensland Dental Group, where six leading experts will talk about the latest patient management approaches, materials, and techniques. You also have another event in Brisbane which is the ADIA Queensland Show that happened in 2019. If you are a doctor in Brisbane who wants to check out the different suppliers and manufacturers of dental products for oral health experts, that event is perfect. 

At some point, you might need to know about the cost of denture implants in Brisbane. You will never know when to get denture implants, so it would be best to learn more about it. With the many dental clinics situated in Brisbane, it might become difficult to look for the right one that is worth your money. 

What Is a Dental Implant?

Usually, you would go to a dentist to have a broken tooth repaired or to take out a badly damaged tooth. And when you have missing teeth, you would usually get dentures. However, it can be tiring to wear dentures because you need to maintain them at all times. You will have to take them out of your mouth, which can be a tedious thing to do. 

Instead of dentures, your dentist in Brisbane may convince you to get denture implants. It is a surgical attachment set into the jawbone and permitted to fuse with the bone after a few months. The denture implant serves as a replacement for the root of the absent tooth. You can practically say that it is almost like getting a new set of teeth, but one that suits your entire needs. 

Why Should You Get a Denture Implant?

If you have missing teeth from the root down, dentists will highly recommend you to get denture implants since it is the closest thing to achieving natural teeth. No one can ever tell that you have denture implants because of how it blends perfectly with your other teeth. You should know that the success rate for dental implants is at 98%, reassuring for anyone who will be getting them for the first time.

Understandable Dental Implant Costs

Anyone would want a cheaper alternative due to the cost of denture implants in Brisbane. However, you should note that cheap denture implants are never a good thing because there is a big chance that the dentist is uncertified. There were many instances when patients in Brisbane would go to a shady dentist because they offer low priced denture implants, and they would come out with even more damaged teeth. 

You should learn that denture implant costs in Brisbane will always be a bit expensive because of the difficulty and unique methods used to do the surgery. Usually, the price for a single dental implant would roughly be between $3,000 to $5,000. Their years of experience deserve higher compensation, so you should never go for dentists that offer unbelievably low prices. 

Get back your perfect smile in no time by getting denture implants! And also, ensure that you choose the best dental clinic in Brisbane for the procedure to go smoothly.

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